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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Chapter 12 ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Eureka! ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

The night had been going well, the Seahawks were up by one touchdown, much to Billy's dismay. When the pizza arrived, Charlie pulled Shayla to help him and took the opportunity to let her in on the secret that Jacob was only fifteen. She had thought maybe he might have been about nineteen or twenty. That had been some sobering news to her. When she was a child, most girls were already married off and with child by fifteen, just like boys. In this day and age, however, that would get you incarcerated.

The game was pretty much over, and there were only eight minutes till the clock ran out. When the good-natured conversation brought up a topic that was swiftly becoming taboo around the Swan and Black families.

"So, what happened to Bella's bedroom?" Billy asked. His eyes never left the television screen.

"Well, there were some straight-line winds last week that hit the old tree and knocked it into the house. Scared Bella to death." Bella, for her part, shot her Dad glance.

"Yeah, I didn't know…" Bella said as her phone let off a chime, and she picked it up looked at the message and replied with a smile. "I didn't know what was happening at first, and then after when I was finally awake enough to realize what had happened, I took care of the problem as best I could." Bella chuckled to herself and sent yet another text, an action she had been doing all night long.

Charlie cut a cautioning gaze at his daughter.

"Well then, we sure are glad you're okay, Bella." She looked up at the copper-skinned man and smiled.

"Thanks, Billy," she said, replying to yet another text message.

"I don't think I have ever seen anyone text that much on the phone." He chuckled. Shayla grinned from around Jacob, who had been giving her his undivided attention.

"That's because Bella has a boyfriend." Shayla grinned like a fox.

Bill chuckled. "Looks like you're going to have to play the shotgun-father card, Charlie," Billy said, and Charlie grinned.

"I talked with the boy, and he seems okay. He's a little old fashioned about relationships, so I don't expect any trouble from him." Bella rolled her eyes.

"I would worry more about Bella jumping his bones than the other way around. He's as stuffy as you are, Charles." Shayla chimed in.

A deep breath, followed by a long drink of beer was Charlie's only response on that subject. Bella, on the other hand, looked at her aunt's grinning face with red cheeks.

"I am not jumping anyone. Edward and I are taking it slow; sex is the farthest thing from our minds," Bella defended, crossing her arms.

Shayla's grin widened, even more, finding a rich vein of material to tease her niece with. The teasing was abruptly halted when Billy spoke up.

"Cullen, Edward Cullen?" He asked incredulously. Jake too seemed to go wide eyes at Bella's statement and just nodded an affirmative. "Charlie you can NOT let her date a Cullen." Every word was spoken with poorly disguised hatred.

"What the hell Bella, really?" Jake turned on her.

"Yes, really. What's the big deal?" Jake and Billy shared a look with each other as the siblings did the same.

"Nothing, but you should stay away from the Cullens." Bella fixed her gaze on her childhood friend. Looking him over, he was shaking, and his hands were clenched so tightly his knuckles were white. Jake was angry, and he stood up and stomped towards the door. "It's kind of hot in here, I need to get some air," he said through gritted teeth. Everyone watched him as he left, everyone but Billy wondering what just happened.

"What's his problem," Bella said as her irritation grew as she fixed Jake with an infuriated stair.

"I think we should go. Jake's just had a long day, but he is right. You really do need to stay away from the Cullens. You would do well to listen to what he said if you know what's good for you."

Charlie stood suddenly and approached Billy. Bella looked like she wanted to punch the wheelchair bound man. Shayla for her part kept quiet and observed. "Billy, I don't know what the hell you have against the Cullens, and frankly I don't care, but I'll be damned if I am going to sit here and let you try and dictate what's best for my daughter."

"Well someone needs to," Billy spat. Charlie clenched his fists and his jaw. Bella calmed down when she saw her father about to lose it. Any parent would be angry at having there parenting is called into question, but to insinuate that they could do better, well, they might as well have just called for war. As angry as Billy was, he had no idea how close he was to dying. Friendship be damned.

"Get out of my house." Charlie's reply was so cold that even Shayla was taken aback, looking from her brother to his best friend. "I don't need you telling my family or me what is permissible and what is not. You are not my daughter's keeper. She can damn well date the Cullen boy if she so wants to or until I say otherwise. Now get out!" He bellowed, his hands shaking slightly.

To Charlie's credit, he held it together as he opened the door and glared at Billy. Leaving no room for further objections from the man. Billy rolled forward, stopping just before the frame of the door. He didn't turn to address Charlie, but it was obvious he was trying to have the last word.

"As a friend, I'm telling you it's a bad idea to let her associate with them." Jake showed up a moment later, now only wearing a pair of cut off sweatpants. His shirt and shoes were now missing. "We'll be watching," Billy said, rolling forward as Jake pushed the chair from behind.

"Then you better be careful, Billy Black. You might see something you shouldn't." Charlie didn't give his once old friend a chance to reply as he slammed the door. A picture frame fell to the floor, shattering the glass. When he let go of the doorknob, it was crushed beyond recognition. The two females in the room didn't say anything.

The only sound in the room was that of the forgotten ball game. The crowd on the screen began to cheer, and the announcer came on with his commentary. "What a comeback he's at the 20, the 10. Touchdown."

Charlie pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep, calming breath. "That's it. I'm going to bed. Don't stay up too late Bells. Shayla-Shayla were you planning on staying here?"

"If that's okay, but since Bella has the couch with a busted room I can just drive back to Seattle or get a room." He shook his head.

"No need. You can share my bed; it's big enough. Not like it will be the first time," Charlie said while walking up the stairs. "'Night girls."

ꉂ `o´ )

Jake's knuckles gripped the steering wheel tightly as he and his father drove home.

"I could smell one of them. It was recent too."

"You did good, son," Billy said, clapping Jacob on the shoulder.

Jake weighed his next words. "There's more. I think I imprinted."

Billy's face turned grim as he looked at the face of his son.

"Damn it," he said, shaking his head. Billy knew he had burned a bridge tonight, but if doing so kept his friend alive then it was worth it. Although Jacob imprinting made the situation worse. "We'll figure something out. Maybe you can talk to Bella after school and start slow, that would be the best thing too—"

"Were you in the same room I was? Charlie's sister Shayla." Billy's face paled even more. The redhead was an enigma. Charlie had never mentioned her, but he seemed genuine when he introduced her. The thought that she was there as an agent of the Cullens did cross his mind, but if Jake imprinted… No. A wolf would never imprint on a bloodsucker, so she had to be human.

"We'll figure something out, son." Billy said claping his hang on Jake's shoulder. "One way or another.)


Edward, Carlisle, and Jasper had been waiting in the woods behind Angela Webber's house for the last three hours. Edward was thankful that things turned out as they did. He did not want to upset Bella last week with the knowledge that one of his kind had killed her friend just after he started to have feelings for her, so he had kept the information to himself. After the events at school, it was a moot point.

He pulled out his mobile, smiling as he replied to yet another message Bella had sent him.

After bringing his family up to speed, it was decided that he, Carlisle, and Jasper would check out Angela's house and maybe get to talk to the mysterious vampire that was stalking her. Carlisle hoped for a peaceful confrontation, but if not then Edward and Jasper would do what was needed.

The three were not close enough for any human to see them but we're just in the range that Edward could hear the thoughts of the five people inside the house. The Webber family had finished dinner about an hour ago and were now having family time watching TV together. Their night was as if everything was perfectly fine. There was one time that Angela's brothers got an argument, and Mr. Webber had to break it up. He lectured the two for several minutes, using a few choice words. Angela helped her mother fix dinner, doing her homework off and on as she worked.

Promptly at nine o'clock, Mr. Webber addressed the twins to get ready for bed and was met with only mild protesting from the two. Angela and her mother continued to watch a new program, and Angela typed up her history report. The report wasn't due for another week, and Edward himself had not even started it.

Mr. Webber came back down after tucking the twins in and saying their prayers. It was apparent that Mr. Webber was very devout in his beliefs and often made commentary when the news came on. After the news was over, the three older Webbers also shared in prayer together before heading off to bed.

Angela was now in her room, giving her report one more read through when her phone chimed. She almost jumped to answer it. She spoke in hushed words so as not to wake anyone else up. Edward knew that was not going to happen all the other Webbers were asleep. The conversation was short, and the speaker had just asking Angela to open her window. She was about fifteen minutes away. Finally, it was time.

Edward spoke up then alerting his brother and father. "About fifteen minutes. She asked Angela to open the window."

"Thank you, Edward." The three were quiet after that. There wasn't anything else to say.

It was less than fifteen minutes when the new vampire appeared. The vampress was wearing a bright yellow scarf over a red sari wrap. Like all vampires, she was strikingly beautiful and her red eyes shined brightly under the light of the moon. Her mocha-colored skin added to her exotic appeal. To the human eye, it would have looked like she had appeared out of thin air.

Her red eyes raked over the three of them, and her face never gave anything away until they landed on Jasper. Her right eyebrow raised only slightly. Edward was watching her intently, looking for any sign of ill intent. Her thoughts were of surprise and apprehension. If not for his gift, he would have never known her feelings from her static expression.

She was assessing them, choosing to wait rather than be the first to blink. Her mind was very controlled, focusing only on the present.

What do these three vampires want?

What are they doing here?

Are they here to harm my Daana?

Finally finishing on the puzzle of their golden eyes. Edward watched as Carlisle took one step forward with his hands raised.

"We don't mean you any harm. My name is Carlisle Cullen. This is Edward and Jasper," he said, gesturing to the two of them. "May I have your name?"

"No," was her fierce reply.

Carlisle appraised the seemingly young vampress. She was very commanding when she spoke and had an air of superiority about her. "We maintain a residence near here, and I was hoping that we might go there and talk." Her eyes were drilling a hole into Carlisle.

"We are talking now are we not?" Came the sultry female voice.

Carlisle grimaced. "Well yes we are, I just thought it might be more comfortable at my home rather than here in the forest."

"No. We have made an appointment, and We will not keep my Daana waiting." Edward assumed that Daana was a term she used to refer to Angela. She still hadn't moved an inch from her spot.

"Yes, may I assume that your Daana is the young Angela Webber. That is why we are here." Her eyes narrowed at Carlisle's last comment, and her mind became abuzz with activity. "We would like to know your intentions with Angela. This is our territory, and we do not allow for the hunting of humans. I hope you are not planning on harming her because that is something we cannot allow."

Her face turned into a scowl, and for a brief moment, Edward saw something in her mind, and he blinked.

"Your insinuations are tiring. No harm will come to Angela. I will see to that, not you."

Edward blinked again. He listened to what Carlisle and Jasper thought of her proclamation. Then he noticed that she was gone. Not only that, but they were not in the forest anymore. He began to look around, his eyes and mind racing to understand how they were now on a beach. The sound of waves and the taste of salty air assaulted him. Edward looked down at the sand, still trying to understand what happened. Jasper and Carlisle were doing the same thing but differently.

Jasper was thinking defensively, his body primed for an attack at any moment.

Carlisle was just stunned, and he looked at Edward, hoping he had seen something that the two of them did not.

"What in the hell just happened?" asked the southern vampire.

"I'm not sure. Edward?" Carlisle asked, looking to his eldest son.

"I don't know. One minute we were talking to her and the next we are here. Wherever here is." Edward soon realized something was wrong. He reached to his back pocket and cursed. "My phone and wallet are gone." The rest of his family follow suit, also coming up with empty pockets.

"There's lights in the distance. Let's find out where we are and then we can figure out what to do and what happened," Jasper strategized. The irritation he was feeling was felt by the others.

The three set off at a moderate vampire pace. Edward would listen for any signs of humans and alert them if he heard anything. The beach tapered off as they got closer to the town, and as luck would have it, the road ran along the beach. The lights of a Seven-Eleven just across the road.

"I think it would be better if only one of us went in. We don't want to give the attendant a heart attack. I'll find out and be right back." A minute after Carlisle entered, he was coming right back out and chanting a mantra in his head.

"So?" The two brothers asked at the same time.

"Were in Eureka."

"Eureka?" Jasper asked incredulously.

Carlisle shook his head trying to puzzle out exactly what happened. "California. We're in Eureka, California."

"How the, what the hell did that red-eyed hussy do? Edward, what did you see in her head?" Jasper's southern drawl was getting heavier as his irritation escalated.

"Nothing. I mean the usual stuff, but not anything that made me think she could teleport us to Eureka, California!" Carlisle huffed to get their attention.

"I'm not exactly sure what she did, but I don't think she teleported us or anything like that. There was a clock behind the counter, it's 4:48 AM. I think she has the power to compel people. She must have manipulated us to come all the way here. I'm guessing we ran all the way. If she could do this to three seasoned vampires, what might she be doing to poor Angela?"

Edward didn't need to be a mind reader to know what the other two were thinking. If she had made them run hundreds of miles away and not even know it. That power she had was dangerous, and maybe that was why Angela was so taken with her. There was a sinking feeling in Edwards's stomach because he knew that with a power like that, the situation would get worse before it got better. If it got better, he thought.


About Seven Hours Earlier...

Angela was sitting at her desk making the last edits to her research paper when she heard a noise behind her, and she spun around, right hand raised in the air. The hand dropped in an instant, and a smile graced her face. She didn't fear the person now standing in her room.

"I thought something might have come up." Angela smiled and turned to closed her laptop before refocusing her attention on the red-eyed girl who was now sitting only a few feet away on the edge of the bed.

"There was an impromptu meeting that had to be attended too. It is nothing to worry over. So do tell, how was your day?" Angela's smile fell.

"It was okay. I might have inadvertently told everyone about us." Payusha looked distressed until Angela clarified. "Well, while I was at lunch and I was nervous. Right after I spoke with you, my friends started talking about your car asking me questions. It was nice and looked really fancy, but I didn't really have an answer to their questions. Anyway, I was still a little upset about breaking up with Ben. I hated hurting him, but I knew that it would be better to get that over with. So, during that conversation, I let slip that we were dating and that's why I broke up with Ben. To Lauren and Jessica, that was like blood in the water for a shark." Angela's head dropped as she clutched at her knees. It wasn't that she was embarrassed by Payusha, far from it, but small towns and same-sex couples did not usually go over very well. Jessica and Lauren's actions in the gym had made that perfectly clear.

"There was an… incident in gym class," Angela whispered. "Jessica and Lauren decided to make a point that I was now involved with another girl. They got the whole class to wait outside while I went to change. That was when I called you, and I was so upset. I'm sorry I know you had things to do today."

"Daana,do not worry on my account. It was a joy to speak with you. The second call could have been better, but please do not worry. Call me whenever you like with no fear of reprisal. As got the two no doubt dreadful girls, Laura and Jessica, I would say if you would like them… reprimanded. But only after three days I know your heart is too kind for such a thing."

"Thank you."

"It is not you that should be thanking anyone. It is Jessica and Lauren who should be thanking you for their lives," Payusha finished with a hiss. Angela paled slightly. Seeing her distress, Payusha added, "So how did you get home today? Did you ride with your friend Bella?"

Angela seemed to light up as she nodded and her face paled.

"Yes and no. Until I met you it never really clicked." Angela paused, mulling over her next words. Payusha had warned Angela how dangerous her kind could be and that she should be very conscious if she ever met any other than Payusha. So when she sat down at the lunch table, the realization of what Edward Cullen was had hit her full on. His eyes were different, yes, but the rest of the puzzle fell into place in that instant. And not just him, his whole family and now he was dating Bella, one of her best, and now maybe only friend.

"There is a family here in town, a doctor and his wife. They have five children who are all adopted. I never would have associated them as vampires until I met you."

"Yes, the Cullens." Payusha drew in a breath. "We have met their leader, and two others of his coven. A blonde and a copper-haired, Jasper and Edward respectively. They are unique. Their eyes are striking, not red as others of our kind. I do not think we have anything to worry about as we did not speak long, but we came to an understanding. I stressed the fact that I did not wish to keep you waiting," she finished with a grin, batting her eyelashes at Angela.

Angela didn't take the bait, however, as she seemed to be worried.


"It's just, Bella. She and Edward are dating now, and I'm worried. What if Edward is going to kill her?" The vampire pouted her lips as she mulled over Angela's fears. It was possible. Some vampires liked to play with their food. That was not Payusha's way of doing things as she was strictly business and it seemed cruel to her. She was not human any longer, but she could appreciate the lives of humans. She was once human, so the least she could do was be humane to her meal. "She was the only one that stood by me when Lauren and Jessica were being so mean. I know vampires have to eat too, but I just couldn't live with myself if I let Bella get hurt."

"You have such a kind heart. Then we must be careful, for now, I do not think Edward would do anything it would be to public. He would wait until they are alone and not in a town like this to make it seem as if it were an accident. What is the saying, you never defecate where you eat?"

"Eeww," Angela said as she scrunched up her face, but it swiftly morphed into a silly smile and giggle at her vampire. "But I get your meaning."

"Yes, yes good. For now, find out what you can, but be mindful of these Cullens. This Edward in particular. He has a power." Angela cocked her head to the side. Payusha continued, expecting the question, "Some vampires have gifts after their change. The leader Carlisle does not have a power, but the other two do. The copper-haired one, Edward seems to be able to read surface thoughts of a person while the blonde is able to influence a person's emotions."

Now Angela looked horrified.

"Oh no. I tend to recite incantations in my head when I'm in class. Like practicing without the effect. What must he think of me? There is no way he could understand the language I'm speaking, but I must sound crazy to him." Payusha just chuckled at Angela as she seemed to miss the bigger issue. Then it really settled in. "Oh my. He'll know what I'm thinking and if I think about you and what we talked about. He might hurt Bella." Payusha's hand tightened in Angela's.

"Yes, he might. More of a worry to me is he might hurt you to get to me. I will do what I can to help your friend, but we must tread cautiously. With someone that can read our thoughts, we must be covert with our actions." Angela stood swiftly, a bright smile bursting across her face. As she moved across the room, Payusha's eyes followed her, curious about what had excited her.

"Then let's make it harder for him to hear what's being said." Angela began to dig through her dresser until finally, she produced two strips of leather. In the center of the straps were several colorful beads that clicked as she held them up. "I made these a few years ago at bible camp. They're not fancy, but they'll do the trick." Angela was now grinning from ear to ear. "Do you want the one with green or the one with red beads?"


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