Authors Note: FTDS is one of the best writers I've come to knowing on this sight. It would be a crime not to read at least one of his stories since not only is there an abundance of skill and originality for each and every one, but so many options to choose from when he experiments with so many franchises. Being able to work with him and make a story using his was such an honor. We were all born under a lucky star in order to have a great writers such as fairy tale Dragon Slayer and we got him. I cannot stress enough how lucky we are to have someone as great as him write stories for us.

DISCLAIMER/ I don't own Naruto or RWBY and Reading Naruto the Y was fully written by FTDS and has given me support to use it in a 'READING STORY'.

"Where... Are we?" Came from Ruby Rose, a young 15 year old huntress who was enrolled at Beacon academy. It was her first year and currently she had a lot on her shoulders from grimm populations growing to a orange haired madman wanting to blow up Vale. It had been only seconds after Weiss put up the shield to protect them from the explosion on the train. It seemed to be the only logical plan at the time and the probable answer towards the solution... But then again, solutions aren't always as they seemed.

When Ruby looked to her side she was relieved to see her team was there.

"Uhhh... Someone landed on me." Yang said while rubbing her shoulder. Looking to her side she saw her partner Blake Belladonna, who was rubbing the side of her head. "Blake?"

"Yeah?" She questioned.

"Why's there a TV and a coffee table?" She pointed to the side of the dark room they were currently in. There was no light beside a single invisible ray escaping from the room above them, and below that was a rounded brown table with a single book on it. In front of the table was a massive television with curved edges.

"Where are we even?" Weiss asked.

"I'm glad you asked." A voice said suddenly, making all the girls react simultaneously by ripping their weapons free. The scarred heiress studied towards anything that moved and waited for a few seconds. They were just on a train full of Roman Torchwicks goons who were all armed with guns, axes, chainsaws, and anything else they could get their hands on.

"Who's there?" Ruby asked while making sure Crescent rose was loaded. Being knocked out earlier really scared her. She was now on edge and a bit abrasive to what was going to come.

"No one with a name. But that doesn't matter. On the table in front of you is a book. Open it." The voice said more seriously as the room's temperature slowly began to drop.

"Who are you?" Ruby questioned as the voice said nothing, making Weiss huff.

"We're leaving." Weiss said as the voice chuckled.

"Go ahead and try, you'll probably spend the rest of your life journeying in an empty void looking for an exit that doesn't exist. The only way you'll ever be able to get out of this dimension is if you open that book and start reading out loud. All 4 of you need to take turns between chapters. First will be Ruby, then will be Weiss, next will be Blake, lastly it will be Yang. Sound good?" The voice taunted making the girls all frown.

"Where are you?" Blake asked as her sword itched for an opponent. She knew how certain mind games worked and wasn't about to let her guard down.

"The longer you wait the worse it'll get." The voice said to them.

"Fine, we'll read your diary." Yang said, trying to goad the man jeering them.

"Do I sound like I'm fucking joking with you?" The room became increasingly cold when this came out and Yang felt herself shiver. Goosebumps began to pop up on her skin from the sheer level of ice that began to rub her. "You don't get it do you? I'm in control here. Not you. If I say jump, you say how high. There's no exits for you to leave, there's no planning involved, and there is most certainly not an Ice Cube's chance in hell you'll be leaving until every single solitary sentence in a book is read out loud. Now get your cute little ass on that couch and start reading." Every member on team RWBY had a different thought to that bold statement.

Ruby= Language!

Weiss= What a Creeper.

Blake= Dick.

Yang= Prick.

'Yuup, I'm gonna kick his balls in.' Yang grinned at the challenge and strode over to the table before plopping on the couch and grabbing the large Leather book by the spine and holding it up to her face so she could read the title out loud.

"Na-ru-to the Y... Naruto the Y, huh, strange name." Yang said as she tried to open the book bu found herself unable to. She dug her fingers underneath the front cover but couldn't budge it an inch. "What gives?"

"It's not your turn yet Yang. In order for it to open all 4 of you have to be sitting on the couch at the same time. So Ruby gets the book first. " The strange voice said making team RWBY look at the sofa in front of the 59 inch plasma screen TV.

The remainder of the team then went over to the couch before taking their seats, slowly. Yang slipped the book over to Ruby who held it in her hands gingerly.

She stared at the title for a second, before asking aloud. "Uh, excuse me, Mr. Scary voice?"

"What?" The voice grumbled.

"You haven't seen small dog around have you?" Ruby asked with a worried glance.

"Let me guess? Zwei?" The voice confirmed.

"Yeah that's him!"

"Nope. Haven't seen him."

"How'd you know his name then creeper, tell us that!" Weiss shouted before she felt her mouth get clamped shut. She reached up to touch her mouth but felt nothing there but her skin. She began to panic until her mouth slowly came back and everything returned to normal. She was so scared when that happened.

"That's strike one. Your lucky I'm in a good mood otherwise your mouth would have been zipped shut until I said otherwise. Strike two and all your clothes will disappear," at this point all the girls instinctively covered their chests while blushing up a storm.

"YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!" Ruby screamed while wrapping her cloak around her as tightly as possible. If there was one thing she couldn't be it was naked, especially in front of some stranger.

Blake didn't believe it at first. She thought this was all but just an illusion... But she had just seen her teammates mouth vanish in thin air. Who knew what this ghostly form was capable of.

Yang who did look offended, but otherwise a bit irritated. "You've got issues." She pointed out.

"Do tell, and if that doesn't work strike three will make all your hair fall out." The voice warned, making Ruby's, Weiss's, Blake's, and Yang's eyes widen to the size of dinner plates. Yang was especially livid at this statement.

Being nude with someone watching was one thing, but their hair falling out was insane. Yang wasn't about to let something she cared for each and every morning be taken from her in an instant over a story.

Yang stood up with her fists balled and her hair dancing wildly. "If you so much as lay one finger on my hair I'm gonna-

"What? Kick me in the balls?" The voice taunted.

"I'll rip them off and make you eat them." Yang threatened as her hair spun wildly engulfed in flames.

"Sorry to disappoint you then, but you need to remember who's in control here. This is where I am God. If you want to stay here forever then be my guests, I could always use the company. But if you're smart enough and want to leave and all I have to do is read the book. It's that simple. And don't worry, your dog's fine..."

"You really are a creeper." Weiss insulted while fixing her hair.

"And you're a narcissistic racist belligerent girl with nothing better to do than live off her daddy's riches and try to be her sister's equal since she so insecure about her faults. Get a clue Weiss Schnee, not everyone is perfect, and not everyone is who they seem to be." The voice said making Weiss gasp in shock before her face turned red in rage.

"H-how dare you! Do you have any idea who you're speaking to?" She asked while standing up from her seat.

"No but you're going to find out who you're speaking to very quickly, now sit down and relax." The voice said making Weiss I know almost everything about you 4. It's easy to say your a bit famous where I come from. And no I won't be sharing that information with you."

"What's the story about anyway? Whose Naruto?" Blake asked while trying to think of a way to escape.

"Naruto... Is probably one of the most powerful sentient beings that we will ever come to knowing. He's from another sub plane of reality. Or in other words an alternate dimension. This story Is a direct passage from that dimension... That is also part of your world, but a different dimension."

"Uhhh... So that means what?" Ruby asked while a sigh was heard.

"Okay, I'll dumb it down for you, there's a theory that with each universe, another one is created when a change occurs. So think of it this way, when the grimm were created in your world, there was a world where the grimm were never created at all. Get it?"

"That sounds... Kinda boring. I'm glad there wouldn't be any grimm but then there wouldn-" Ruby mentioned.

"Let me finish. With each universe, there is a small difference with each one. No one, not a single soul can reach these dimensions... But there is been ways to look at them instead. There are universes where humans never existed. For your reality there are many changes to the sub-plane. Jaune has a pair of balls for instance, you're all boys instead of girls, Weiss is actually nice for once," Weiss huffed at this, "also one where Ruby has a twin brother or Blake is dating Yang."

"I have a Brother/A brother?!" Both Yang and Ruby shouted simultaneously. While Blake's eyes widened at the last comment. Why would she ever date Yang? Not her. Not in a million years...

Yang looked at Blake slyly before saying. "So... Hows about a-"

"Zip it." Blake cut off.

"Yes, you do, but that is a story for another time. Now back to what I was saying. Naruto is a young man with various gifts and anomalies that are questionable by all data and physics... Truly a god, bigger than me even! This is where he was in your world. A big what if? Now Ruby, if you would." The voice uttered.

Ruby, gulped before opening the first page of the book before she read it aloud.

Chapter 1- Naruto


"FTDS?" Blake questioned. "Is this the name of a hunting team?"

"Nope, try again." The voice said.

"I... Can't think of any." Blake tried to sum up any name linked, but couldn't figure out anyone named FTDS.

"Simple, he's the creator of another universe. Just like I'm the creator of this one." The voice claimed making Yang glare around the room.

"Your universe is kinda creepy, like you." She said before she felt something yank her hair and slap her across the face. Her cheek stung while her scalp felt like it was being torn off. Yang jumped out of the couch before balling her fists up. "Cut it out!" She screamed before seeing no one behind her. Ruby, Weiss, and Blake looked around as well. Trying to figure out how this was happening and how they could beat the invisible force.

"The more you talk the worse it'll get." The voice warned once again.

'Ya'know, a real big boy would come out and sit with us, face to face.' Yang thought while the voice said nothing.

Yang ran a couple fingers through her hair before plopping down on the couch and putting her boots on the coffee table.

Ruby read on.

Ruby Rose was a pleasant young girl, she believed that she had a really nice life with a really loving family. Her family wasn't complete, she did lose her mother at a young age, and didn't really remember much of her because of that, but she still have a very loving family. She had her father Taiyang Xiao Long, and her genetic half-sister Yang Xiao Long, whom she barely even noticed was only a half-sister with how close they were as sisters. She had her Uncle Qrow, who taught her everything she knew about using her favorite form of weapon.

She had a small family, but it was her family.

Weiss or Blake didn't say anything on the matter of Ruby losing her mother, thinking it was not their place to speak. Weiss thought she should apologize in the future, but now wasn't the best of times.

She was a smaller girl for her age, being only 5'2" in height, which was actually a pretty normal height for a 15 year old girl to be. She had moon pale skin, which was normal considering that her birth home was from Patch, an offshoot island of the Kingdom of Vale, of which she was a registered citizen. She had shorter black hair waved to the left side of her head, with natural red tips to it. She had a normal, if not petite, figure and she showed it off with her clothing. She wore a jet blAck short dress with a corset around her stomach, with red string, and her shirt had long sleeves. The skirt was short, but had red frills hiding everything from view, and around her waist was a black belt with a flaming rose symbol in white attached to it. She had black stockings, with led to black and red combat boots.

On the back of her belt was a red, metal foldable weapon, her Crescent Rose. To finish it all off, she had a red hooded cape over her shoulders, and going down her back.

At this point the TV turned on, and to Ruby's shock, she was standing on the screen. She blinked once. Then again. Finally she bit.

"When did this happen?" She asked since she had never been to that part of Vale before.

"It didn't... Not in your universe." The voice said.

'This is weird." Blake thought.

"It knows my clothes... My family... And me. This is so freaky." Ruby said as she looked back down again.

She was a pleasant young girl, with a weapons fetish, but she was annoyed at the moment.

"HEY! No I don't!" Ruby shouted in denial.

"Yes you do/Yes you do/Yes you do." Blake, Yang, and Weiss said making Ruby pout.

"I REALLY like weapons but that doesn't mean I have a way with them!" Ruby defended.

"Lies!" The voice said out loud suddenly.

Ruby mouthed, "dork", before reemerging her eyes onto the passage.


Her sister, Yang Xiao Long, had complete forgotten to come home last night. She never came home from her date, and because of that, Ruby had been forced to take a long walk to the boat, before she ended up taking another long walk all the way back to their house. She was rightfully annoyed with her sister, and because of that, she going to where she highly suspected Yang would be... and by highly suspected, she meant that she knew without a shadow of a doubt this was where Yang was going to be.

"YANG! Your forgot about me!?" Ruby shouted in anger and hurt.

"Date?" Yang questioned. "Since when was I dating?" Yang looked on her hand and counted. "I've... Never dated anyone."

Blake had to blink at this. If there was someone who she never thought would be in a serious relationship, it would be Yang. She was just too... Odd and rambunctious.

"Again, alternate universe, different universe different shit." The voice said abruptly.

"Language." Ruby corrected, still angry that her sister forgot about her. While she was raised to never swear it didn't mean her family wouldn't.

"I can't really see Yang being with anyone." Weiss said with her eyes closed.

"Neither can I with you dipstick." Yang said.

"Shut the fuck up already!" The voice shouted, shaking the room.

"Language!" Ruby yelled before continuing.

Now all she had to do was knock on the door.

This was part of the reason why she was also nervous, because she was standing in front of the worst apartment complex she had ever seen. The apartment building was run down, and most of the tenants had long since been either killed, run off, or where only there because they had no money to live anywhere else. The door she was about to knock on had writing all over it in paint, words like 'Get out Freak' and 'The Animal's Cage' and other filthy racist phrases were written about the tenant of this room.

Blake visibly shook at this, hearing names and slander similar to that. She had also been to this part of Vale and know of its crimes and dangerous that was littering the streets.

Ruby was hit in the back of the head with a newspaper, thrown by a disrespectful kid who was laughing as he rode away on his bike. This part of Vale was where the lowest of the low lived, where scum and poverty reighed supreme. She had always been warned to NEVER come to this part of Vale alone at night, which was why she did NOT come to this part of the city last night.

Weiss chuckled lightly at this, making Yang smack the back of her head. She looked at Yang with absolute detest in her eyes but said nothing.

Despite this fact, she had been here before... and she knocked on the door and waited for an answer from the people inside.

She heard what sounded like a lot of scratching on the door, and she could hear a man saying something on the other side of the door. She didn't even hear the door unlock, showing she could have just walked in if she wanted to. The door just opened to reveal the person inside of it, standing there tight black boxers with orange flames at the bottom, wearing a black pajama shirt with a red swirling whirlpool symbol on it.

The boy stood at over 5'11" in height, and looked to be around 17 years old with a lot of muscle tone on his athletic body. He had tanned skin, showing he was not a native of Vale, instead, his tan skin suggested that he was born in the Kingdom of Vacuo. He scratched his stomach, showing a 6-pack underneath his shirt, and he yawned, showing sharper than normal canines. He had BRIGHT blond hair, short and messy, and bright, sky blue eyes.

On each of his cheeks were 3 thin whisker marks, and coming out of the back of his body, right at the end of his spine, was a long and fluffy, 5 foot long, fox tail in the color orange with a white tip to it. It waved against the floor in a lazy way, and the older teen looked down at Ruby with lazy eyes.

This was Naruto Uzumaki, one of the few Faunus that were open with their heritage in Vale.

His image appeared on the screen slowly, and it was met with mixed reactions. Ruby didn't do much other than look at his whisker marks, thinking it made him appear more animal like. Although the tail, was a bit of a dead giveaway.

Blake scrutinized the man before her, not only feeling her face heat up a bit, but also feeling a small twinge in her nose. She kept on staring, specifically his tail, arms, legs, neck, and finally face. She would admit he was quite a looker. Not to mention an open free minded Faunus. That took some serious courage.

Weiss simply turned her head to the side, not being used to seeing a half naked teen on the screen. Even for a Faunus there were still images she couldn't keep.

Yang licked her lips with anticipation. "So... This is Naruto? I like what I'm seeing." She said while imagining rubbing the abs with her fingers.

"I can't disagree either." Blake muttered while her face was a tad bit pink.

Ruby then shook her thoughts before reading some more.

"Eh? Red, what are you doing here at night?" Naruto asked with a yawn, and Ruby waved to him with an awkward smile on her face.

"It is morning, actually... is Yang inside?" Ruby asked, and she corrected him. Naruto leaned down and picked up, by the scruff of the neck, a red fox, before he tossed it back into the house. Ruby looked down at the floor of the apartment, and she could never get over the fact that he didn't have just ONE pet. He had over 3 different pets, the first was his pet fox, which was named Kurama, though she didn't know why he chose that name.

"A fox? Where would he get a fox?' Yang asked since fox's weren't plentiful in Vale. She had never seen one live before but knew of them.

Ruby looked back at the book.

The second was a dog of the Boxer breed, a brown and large dog with dark brown and white spots over it's body... and it was named Peggy. The last was a lazy black cat, sitting on a bed of dirty clothes, not even looking at her, named Blake.

"Don't tell me... Yang and Naruto? A pair?" Weiss questioned while Yang shook her head and smiled.

"Looks like Yang-1, Ruby, Weiss, and Blake-0." She said since she had yet to see any of her team members with anyone.

"Don't... Even go there." Blake wanted with slitted eyes before wondering. "Is there any reason why his cat has my name?" She questioned making the other members wonder too.

Ruby went back to reading, wanting to know the answer as well.

"She is still asleep, wanna come in?" Naruto asked as he kicked away, not in the mean way, Peggy when she tried to run at Ruby. Boxers were a tough breed of dog, and most dog owners knew that you could push an animal away with your foot without hurting them. Naruto's kick wasn't abuse, and it wasn't hard enough to hurt Peggy, it was more like pushing than kicking.

"I can wait outside, I don't want to be pushy." Ruby said with a shy tone to her voice. Naruto, despite his cute and fluffy tail, was still a rather intimidating guy. He had sharp canines that you really noticed, and slit shaped pupils that stared into your soul, with whisker marks that gave him a wild aura, along with unkempt hair and a well toned body.

It didn't help he lived in the literal worst part of town.

"Pushy? Red, Yang is your sister, get inside. It isn't safe outside." Naruto said as he pulled her into the apartment, and she almost tripped over Kurama as the excited young kit pawed at her boots.

Weiss wasn't always a cold cynical belligerent person. No. She did have one weakness, one particular weakness that many people can relate to. And that was to cute things. When she got first glimpse of Kurama, the small Fox with an overly large fluffy tail, small beady eyes, a small snout, and those large ears on the top of its head, she did what's her team had only seen her do once when she had first met Ruby's dog Zwei.

"OHHHH Isn't he just a cutey patootie!" Weiss gushed while being absolutely captivated by the foxes features. Small furry things just made her feel happy. Yang felt her hand reaching toward her pocket to take out her scroll and videotape Weiss acting this way, but stopped when ruby was about to continue her reading.

She almost gushed, before she looked at the state of the inside of the apartment. She had never been inside before, but the floor was littered with trash, clothes both clean and dirty, cups of empty instant ramen... the apartment wasn't even big. Just by entering it, she was in the living room, which was most of the apartment... it had a couch with a pull out bed, a door that led to the bathroom, and a small kitchen attached to the living room.

"This place is a dump." Ruby said when getting a first look inside Naruto's apartment. Yang looked at her sister.

"Ruby, some people don't have a lot of money." She said before Weiss huffed.

"Some people should know proper manners, I mean look at this place. All of the garbage on the floor. Disgusting!" Weiss said when looking at the number of ramen cups on the floor. She was beginning to lose count.

There was her sister, sleeping on the couch peacefully, like she wasn't inside of a messy apartment that looked like it could come down at any moment.

Yang was a bit weirded out at the fact she was not only reading a story about her and her sister, but also seeing a doppelganger of herself on the screen but not having a single memory of every doing this.

"If dad heard or saw this, he'd have a cow. Qrow too even." Ruby muttered. Her family, however little it was, was VERY protective. Yang being around boys would have driven Taiyang to take his daughter away, far away from any of them.

"Uncle Qrow's a womanizer, and dad needs to let me loose rubes. I can't be chained down forever." Yang said as Weiss nudged to Ruby to keep reading.

'It doesn't look safe inside either.' Ruby thought to herself, and she almost jumped out of shock when a mouse ran out of the pile of clothes on the floor and towards a hole in the wall. Blake, the cat, jumped on top of the mouse and snatched it up with his jaws, before killing the mouse and licking it, to strip it of fur before devouring it. She had to look away from that.

"Gross." Ruby said while Blake's bow twitched. Mice were just... SO CAPTIVATING TO WATCH WHEN RUNNING. There were just certain urges she couldn't let go of. From being addicted to fish, milk, and small laser pointers, she couldn't take her eyes off of the mouse running...

Yang saw this before saying. "Is there something you'd like to share with us Blake?" She asked while Blake had the urge to flip her off.

"Gross, heheheh, good job Blake... Peggy! Stop drinking from the toilet!" Naruto said as he grabbed a rubber ball and threw it at his dog, pegging her in the hip just hard enough to get her to stop drinking out of the toilet in the bathroom.

"Ewww." Ruby said to herself as she readjusted the heavy book on her lap.

Peggy jumped after the bouncing ball, forgetting about the toilet in the excitement of seeing the ball. She soon caught the ball and started to squeek in in her mouth, while Kurama jumped up onto the bed/couch and looked up at Naruto with an expecting look in his eyes.

Yang had the pillow over her head, but long, light golden blond hair over 3 feet long and a naturally wavy appearance, was peeking out from under the pillow and sprawled out all over the bed. Naruto grabbed her by the shoulder, before he shoved her right off of the bed and onto the floor with a none to graceful show of forth.

Weiss and Blake both laughed while Ruby and Yang looked sourly at the book.

"What kind of gentlemen shoves a classy lady off a bed, especially while she's sleeping?" Yang asked dramatically while Weiss snickered.

"When was there ever mention of a 'Classy lady', because I fail to see one." Weiss made fun of Yang as Ruby ignored the bickering, wanting to read through the chapter and get her dog back.

"Ah! Where under attack! Battle stations, battle stations!" A flailing set of limbs moved around as the girl inside of the blankets only got herself even more tangled up. Naruto grabbed the bottom of the bed, before he pushed it into the couch, before placing the pillows back on it, turning it from a bed into a couch again. The tangled up blanket on the floor seemed to groan, before a slim hand came out of the blankets and started to pull them apart from her body.

"Real mature and modest, who other than Yang?" Weiss said making Yang crack her knuckles. She wasn't some daisy who needed to be taken care of or make sure she was all gifted up. Yang was someone who felt there wasn't a real need for manners or charm. If you had a good face, body, and mind, you were all good.

"If it's possible, is there a bathroom?" Blake asked while knowing she had an idea of escape.

"When the chapter ends, you may leave to your business..." The voice said as Ruby placed her finger under the sentence.

Yang Xiao Long, a very attractive girl of 17 years old. Without even standing, you could tell that her height was 5'8" and she had a body many girls would kill for. She had a slim, hourglass figure, with a tiny waist, but not only great hips, but a large bust when compared to other girls, easily in the DD or above. She had on one of his orange shirts, with a pair of black boxers with flames on the bottom... his boxers, and that was his dress shirt. She had pale, but not moon pale, skin and a perfect complexion, with lilac colored eyes... her body was super toned, in the feminine way, that showed she worked out... and she had a nice butt as well.

"Thanks for pointing that out, I think my butt is nice as well." Yang said as she shook it a little. If there were a something she was more proud of then her hips, breasts, and legs, it was her ass. She would often catch a pair of eyes every now and then eyeing it.

"I didn't write this so don't even go there." The voice said. "FTDS made this universe up, not me, and in my opinion Blake's got a better ass."

Blake seethed in her seat, visibly uncomfortable about the direct attention her dairy air was getting.

"Then who wrote all of this? This book, who?" Weiss asked with a sour frown.

"That's none of your concern." The voice said. "Ruby, please continue."

"Yang! You forgot about me you jerk!" Ruby shouted out childishly, and Naruto rolled his eyes, while Yang smiled and waved to her sister.

"Hey Ruby... wait, you shouldn't be here at night." Yang told her sister, while Naruto offered her a hand and helped her stand up.

"You forgot me! How could you!" Ruby acted as she attempted to slap Yang but leaned back. Weiss grabbed the book out of Ruby's lap before slamming it on the table to seetle them both down. Both girls stopped before Ruby took the book back and kept reading.

"Actually, turns out it is morning, we slept until... 11:40 AM." Naruto informed Yang as he looked at the frog clock he had hanging from the wall, though the glass on the front of it was cracked.

He barely had anything that wasn't broken.

"See." Yang gestured to the living spaces Naruto had.

"By any chance did he ever consider getting a job?" Weiss asked while Blake said.

"Getting work in Vale as a Faunus is near impossible." Blake said since before she could remember, every one in the White Fang was jobless.

"No, the Schnee company has recutible places where we hire anyone." Weiss answered.

"Places where Faunus are put to work in mines. Yes, I know." Blake said making Weiss growl.

"That's a lie." Weiss accused while Ruby cleared her throat.

"Huh... what... how did we...?" Yang fumbled with her words as she tried to remember what time they actually fell asleep last night.

"Yang, you were suppose to pick me up and take me home last night." Ruby complained to her sister, and Yang did look sorry, before she elbowed Naruto in the stomach with a teasing grin on her face.

"Yeah, sorry about that, I'll pick you up on time next time... cross my heart." Yang said as she animated her words, but crossing her heart with her fingers. Ruby seemed satisfied with that, while Naruto saw Kurama worm his way out of the couch cushions, having been pushed into the couch with the bed.

"Whoops, sorry bud." Naruto said as he rubbed his pet on the head, and all seemed to be forgiven.

"All of these pets must be hard to take care of." Weiss pointed out.

"I'm not really much of a cat person, no offense." Blake took obvious offense. "I'm not much of a boxer fan either, but where did he get a fox? I've never seen one in those parts of Vale. Anywhere even." Yang asked as Kurama wagged it's tail on the screen.

"What were you two even doing last night?" Ruby asked with a pout on her face.

"Naruto... lost his job, so we went out to get a few to drink." Yang said as she looked at Naruto, who shook his fist at the ceiling in an overdramatic way.

"Ooooookay, so jobs out the window." Yang said. "I wonder what got him fired."

"Being a faunus maybe?" Blake pointed out just as Ruby read the next line.

"Racism!" Naruto shouted out, but he wasn't overly hurt by losing his job. Sure, it was annoying, but he had other ways to make money... that he desperately needed. Yang looked around for her clothes, which were scattered around on the floor... everywhere. She even folded them into a nice pile before going to bed, but now they were everywhere thanks to Peggy, the only one who messed with clothes. Blake just slept on clothes, while Kurama would hide underneath pillows like they were his own fort.

Yang did punch Naruto playfully in the thigh while she bent over and picked up her top.

"Dork, it isn't racism if you punch a customer in the face." Yang told him with a glint in her eye.

"Told ya." Blake answered.

"HA~! That's what I call service with a smile!" Yang said making Blake chuckle a bit. Ruby was a bit shocked that Naruto would deliberately attack someone without so much as thinking of the consequences. Was he stupid or something?

"How did get away with it though? Punching a customer, just because of what they said seems a bit... Extreme and immature." Weiss said.

"So... He's jobless, lives in a dump, dating my sister, and has 3 pets. How is he so powerful?" Ruby asked herself.

"You'll find out... Just read." The voice ordered Ruby.

"I punch a RACIST customer in the face." Naruto told her with confidence in his tone. Ruby felt more uncomfy with how easy the two of them were able to talk about racism in such a joking way.

"Good." Blake said as she crossed her arms. She enjoyed it when racist people got what they deserved. It was all Karma to her...

"Uh... yeah?" Ruby said lowly, her voice not really registering with either Yang or Naruto. Yang was almost down picking up her clothes, all she needed to do was find her panties and she would be done. Naruto was helping her look, and while he helped her look she started to get dressed. Yang used to wear different clothing than what she did now, but after Naruto, the two of them had a theme of outfit they wore.

"Yang... Why are you sleeping naked? In someone else's house?" Ruby asked with a growing blush on her face. Yang shrugged before thinking of something pegging at her mind.

"Maybe it says how long we've been dating." She mentioned.

"What doe have to do with being na-naked?!" Ruby asked out loud making Weiss face palm in disbelief.

'Dust she is so dull.' Weiss thought as Ruby shook her head along with the blush. Her fingers were a bit shaky but otherwise fine.

Yang wore a collared cream top with a DEEP V that showed off most of her breasts, with a black shirt on underneath it to keep a bit of her breasts from showing. Over the top of her cream colored top was a small, very small, jacket that only covered the top part of her back, with elbow length sleeves with golden cuffs, and a raised up black collar, and a strap going over her collarbone. She had on black leather gloves, no fingetips, and over those she had shrunken down yellow gauntlets. She had a black miniskirt, with a purple hip cape on the left side, and her thighs showed, with a black stripe going down from the skirt and connecting to thigh high black socks, that went down into black combat boots with multiple buckles... and she had a purple gem necklace on around her neck.

Around her waist was a black belt, with an ammo pouch connected to it.

She wore no bra, period... ever... and Naruto picked up black biker shorts that Yang used to replace panties apparently, before she slid them on under her miniskirt.

"That so indecent!" Weiss shouted while Yang nearly fell out of her spot.

"What is?" Yang asked while scratching the back of her head.

"You. Don't. Wear. A. Bra?" Weiss said while pointing accusing at Yang. "Have you have no shame?"

"Uhhh... Nope. I just don't see there being a reason to." Yang then crossed her arms to gesture how much more free her assets were.

"Your disgusting to me." Weiss said, making Yang stand up and look her right in the eye.

"So what makes you so special? In fact why do you even wear a bra. You've got nothing to support there so why bother?" Yang asked back before Weiss gasped and covered her chest.

"Okay... That was a bit rough." The voice said making Ruby roll her eyes.

"Naruto, I'm stealing a Soda." Yang told Naruto as she went over to his fridge, and opened it up to reveal... how empty it was with the exception of a few sodas. She grabbed an orange colored one, before popping the cap and taking a drink from it.

Ruby, Weiss, and Blake looked at Yang with the same deadpan looks at how she could just be so undemeeaning in someone else's home. Yang shrugged her shoulder before saying.

"What, he didn't seem to care at all." Yang said.

While she did that, Naruto got finished getting dressed into his normal outfit as well, that had a matching theme to Yang's outfit.

He wore a black shirt with a higher neck to it, and like Yang's clothes it clung tightly to his body, and was tied up with red strings going up the right side. The shirt had no sleeves, but it didn't need them because over it Naruto had a very similar small jacket to Yang. His jacket was orange though, and it only covered a small bit of his chest, the top part of his back, and had a up collar that flared out, as well as long sleeved that went to his wrists. Going over his collarbone was a red string to keep the jacket tight, like Yang's strap did for her. Over his jacket though, he had a red chest plate with the same swirl from earlier on it.

He had metal forearm guards, and he wore fingerless black gloves with metal plates over the tops of his hands. On his left arm was a small green pouch, strapped to his biscep.

He had a metal plated belt going arounds his waist, the plates connected by red strings, and they were connected to a green belt that went goinf over his outer thighs. There were green straps with green gun holsters on his legs, each holster having in them simple pistols, each holding five bullets, with the holsters strapped to his legs. Underneath that, he wore orange pants, and they were tucked into his shin high, black, combat shoes with open toes, and metal plating over the shins.

"That's so cool!" Ruby said as she looked at all the gear he was wearing.

Over is back, he carried a small brown pack, with a leather strap going over his chest.

Their outfits were actually very similar, with a matching basic theme, even if some of the colors were different, and the clothes changed to fit their genders.

"It's weird... You don't think this guy, Naruto, could be related to you?" Blake questioned.

"I don't see the comparisons." Yang said, obviously ignoring Blake's claims.

"Not an orange soda." Naruto told her without looking at what she had grabbed, and she continued to drink the soda anyway.

"You were saying?" Blake asked Yang about the drink she swiped who again, didn't really show much consideration at her actions.

"So... are... like you to doing something...?" Ruby asked as she tried to get used to being in somebody elses home. Naruto grabbed a large bag of dog food, which all of his pets ate, before he poured it into three seperate bowls.

"Yeah, we were just going to be packing some stuff up today, and moving Kurama, Peggy, and Blake to out house." Yang told Ruby, who blinked in surprise.

"Huh?" Ruby said in surprise, not expecting that one. Sure, their dad had once suggested that Naruto might as well move in, because he came around pretty often, but she was like... 30% sure he was kidding around. Her parent was pretty weird, so it was hard to tell when he was serious or not.

"Holy crap!" Yang shouted as she punched a hand in the air in victory. "Dad you're the greatest!" Hearing that her dad being so open with a boy, A BOY, was like hearing all Grimm had gone extinct.

"Wow..." Ruby said since her father, and quoting, 'Would never let a solitary soul take away his babies.'

Weiss grumbled at this. Not at all caring that her father would more than likely castrate any boy that wasn't good enough.

"Don't worry Red, I'm not going to be moving into your place." Naruto said as he reached down and yanked the ball from Peggy's mouth, before he threw it into the kitchen.

"Awwww..." Yang said in an over-the-top-dramatic manner.

Naruto laughed at Peggy when she stumbled going from carpet to tile, but the dog recovered and got the ball... before squeeking could be heard from the kitchen... Peggy didn't do fetch. When she got the ball, she played with it. If you took it from her, she wouldn't try and stop you, but she didn't bring the ball back.

"You two are getting married!?" Ruby shouted as she jumped away from them, and Yang snorted, while Naruto let out a short laugh.

"..." Came from Weiss.

"..." Came from Blake.

"..." Came from Yang.

"Huh?" Ruby said as she thought she read the line wrong. Her gray eyes skimmed over the paragraph again and again, reading it over and over to her team members who were really inches away from the same sentence, thinking they had heard it wrong. But to their surprise and astonishment, it was right there in black and white. As plain as day.

"This... Isn't what I wanted. I'm a thrill seeker. I don't have time to be strapped down." Yang said while thinking this wasn't her. She didn't really know much from Naruto and wasn't at all ready to take that kind of step... Not yet at least.

Yang casted that thought out of her mind, thinking it was a fib.

"You guys are way too young to get married anyway." Weiss said dismissively.

"Thanks mom..." Yang muttered.

"Like I have the money to buy a ring, or do anything fancy like that. I just got accepted into Beacon, and Taiyang said I can leave my animals over at your place." Naruto said as Kurama jumped on top of his tail and just sat there in happiness... before he seemed to sink into Naruto's fir and vanished from sight. Yang looked at the tail for a second, before she looked at Naruto's face, then back to the tail.

It was SO fluffy that you could hide things in it.

"That is so useful, just to put anything in your tail without losing it." Yang said as she remembered times she had tried to sneak stuff without being caught like make-up, candy, magazines, or other stuff. But being able to hide an entire animal in your tail was expert in sneak in her opinion.

"Wait... just got accepted into Beacon?" Weiss asked indiscreetly. "When does this take place?" She asked aloud. They were near the end of the year with the Vytal festival just a few weeks away. This must have taken place all that time ago before initiation... Meaning that none of them had known eachother.

"This is before the initiation." Blake pointed out.

Ruby nodded, albeit shocked too, but kept on reading.

"So... wait, you had a job!?" Ruby shouted out in surprise, if Naruto had a job, then why the hell did he live in such horrible conditions.

"Wording on HAD." Yang pointed out with Weiss and Blake nodding.

"It was a night job, but... yeah, not anymore. Anyway, I am heading off to Beacon soon. I just passed the tests to get in, I am surprised that going to a training school isn't a requirement." Naruto said as he grabbed some animal collars from the floor and jimmied them around. The animals all took the bait and ran over to Naruto, and he put the collars on them all without a fuss.

"Yeah, you and me, kicking ass together at Beacon." Yang said as she punched him in the arm, and he punched her back. The two of them stared at each other, before she punched him again, and he punched her back.


Their eyes narrowed.

"Uh-oh." Ruby thought as Yang grinned. Ruby knew her sister like the back of her hand. When someone stood up to hr like that, there was bound to be a fight. Fair or dirty.

When Yang looked at her own face on the screen, and her supposed boyfriend, the pure rivalry shooting between the two, she knew she had come across a heartthrob. 1 in a million. Someone that she could be herself around. Someone... Like her in a way. Naruto was just like her. Blunt, kind, dismissive to over-exaggerating things, and overall a hottie like her.

She had really hit the jackpot!

"A fighter whose not afraid... I'm totally in love." She said while Weiss and Blake looked away, or didn't have a single thing to say.

"Hey, hey, hey! Can you give me a ride to the dust shop Yang!?" Ruby asked to prevent the two of them from starting an all out brawl with each other. She saw Naruto's hand itching to go for his gun, and Yang had already activated her gauntlets. The two of them deactivated their weapons, before Yang gave Ruby a thumbs up.

"Dang it, we could have had a spar and then bump uglies in the shower for make up." Yang said making Ruby tilt her head in confusion, while Blake and Weiss had steam coming from their ears. Yang was just so BLUNT and straightforward that it could drive someone to drink for crying out loud.

Ruby ignored that before reading on.

"Sure thing, let us just finish up here." Yang said as she went over towards some small boxes that were placed in the corner.

They had a busy day today.


"And to think, they're dating but almost got into a fist fight... How does that even work?" Weiss asked herself out loud while Blake said.

"Love works in mysterious ways, not really hard to understand." Weiss looked at Ruby before gesturing her to hand the book over. Blake looked back up to the ceiling before asking again to use the restroom and look for a way of escaping.

Weiss found the book held in front of her before she took it, carefully that is, and tuned the page to the next chapter. Yang scooted closer to Weiss before pressing the side of her face practically inches from the TV. Not waiting to see the excitement that was about to unfold before them.

'If there is one more sex joke I'm going to scream...' She thought dimly to herself.

Authors Note: So tell me, was it good or was it bad? If so then tell me and reviews and what I did right and what can be improved, civilly that is.