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Weiss didn't know how the voice was able to read her mind, and she was still in shock that he was able to. She knew what was going to happen if she didn't do what he said, and she wasn't willing to risk it.

Weiss, true to her word as a Schnee, sat on Yang's lap and began commencing her dirty deed. She bobbed her rump up and down off of Yang's lap with her face ablaze the entire time this was happening. Her hand's were on her knee's and she let herself smack on Yang's lap in a rhythmic beat.

Yang was biting her lower lip, trying to contain the fit of laughter that was escaping the sides for mouth and building up in the back of her throat. The feeling of Weiss

Blake Was in shock and wondering why the hell Weiss would so she she could up. Weiss Wasn't the most fun of the group and always tried to steer clear of anything related to the sorts. Seeing her give a lapdance to her partner though... Was new. Quite the learning experience of Weiss Schnee.

Ruby wasn't sure what was going on, but didn't exactly know what to say on the matter. She never knew her own partner was so bold when it came to keeping promises... As a matter of fact she didn't know why Weiss was acting like this. Seein her bounce up and down off of her sister was something very new.

Weiss went on and on. Slapping herself on her blond teammate who almost wanted to give her ass a slap just to piss her off. She wanted to, but she didn't think it would have been nice to do it infront of her sister...

After a few seconds of the sound of flesh slapping throughout the room, Weiss immediately got off of Yang and sat next to her with her arms crossed and face aflame.

"Whose turn is it?" Weiss asked rudely as Yang raise her hand and took it with enthusiasm.

"Then there was 8." Yang said as she flipped the page... "By the way Weiss, you butt is so cold. You should try wearing bloomers."

Weiss snarled at her like a rabid cur.

Chapter 8- A Yanging good time

Yang laughed a bit under her breath hearing the chapter's name.

She had a semi-good feeling that maybe this would be the one to look forward to.

'Gross.' Ruby thought to herself as she laid down on a sleeping bag. She was watching as Naruto and Yang were all mushyu and romantic and stuff, it was completely disgusting for her to watch as her sister and her husband acted all... lovey dovey like they were acting. Naruto, doing the impossible, was playing with Yang's hair... her pride and joy that she let nobody ever touch... ever, and she was allowing him to run his fingers and face through her hair as he laid gentle kisses on the back of her neck.

"I'm not even sure with that..." Yang said as she watched herself and Naruto basically touch every square inch of each other like there was no tomorrow. She didn't mind that part since they were married and 4 years into a relationship but still, her hair was the second most important trait about her that she put countless hours into. Touching it like the way he was told Yang how much she trusted him.

Ruby was sitting by, gasping like a fish as she watched her sister not only get french by Naruto... But touch her hair. She knew of course that Naruto and yang have been together for 4 years and were officially married as of recently, but being able to touch her hair like it was his own, was beyond insanity.

In all rights, if Naruto had been some stranger, the stranger would have had their face smashed into the point their body turned inside out. There had been times in the past when Yang got in fights on the playground with other boys and beat every single one of them for touching her hair. One time when a boy stuck gum in her hair, and that boy had two teeth knocked out that day.

That... That had made Ruby gain unconditional respect for Naruto after that moment. He had managed to accomplish the unthinkable in Ruby's book; touched Yang's hair and lived to tell the tale.

The only people that touched THE pride and joy known as Yang's hair was Yang, Ruby, Taiyang, and that was it.

No one else under any circumstances... But it would seem Naruto proved impossible and defied all odds with his incredible luck.

His hands right now we're literally going right through each and every strand of hair that was on Yang's head... And he was still alive with all limbs intact!

Blake and Weiss were having similar feelings after watching Naruto touch Yang's hair without any trace of fear. Was it stupidity? Courage? Both? No. It was the undoubtable fact that she was letting him. That was some of the most trust Yang had ever put into someone.

It was so gross.

"Awwww that's cute. Rubys a little shy." Yang said as she watched her sister turn her eyes away from the screen.

"I just don't like watching you two... Do grown up stuff!" Ruby said a bit loudly, while her sister chuckled deeply at her sister's embarrassment of watching open affection.

"Ruby, people kissing is all right. There's nothing wrong with it... Although this much of it in public is a bit questionable." Weiss said as she watched Naruto and Yang literally French kiss each other like their lives depended on it.

When Naruto had come back from his walk, he had been super affectionate with Yang for some reason. Before, he hadn't been all that overly affectionate with her, yes there was affection, but not this outright blush inducing stuff. Yang wasn't annoyed by it, if anything she simply enjoyed the extra attention he was giving her at the moment. There were times he was super affectionate, and it was normally after he went through some kind of internal conflict with himself.

'It's like he's trying to forget about me..' Blake thought as she sat there, feeling an unpleasant feeling deep within her souls that continued to grow the longer she saw Naruto lock lips with Yang.

The sight of that was making her boil inside. The rage was beginning to quell up to unthinkable proportions.

"Hey, don't feel sad." Yang soothed her. "Maybe we can talk about it. You and the other me."

"Maybe." Blake said along.

Weird, like he was trying to prove he had feelings for her to himself as well.

'That didn't help at all.' Blake thought dimly.

"Stop, that tickles." Yang said with a slight smile on her face, and she playfully elbowed Naruto in the best. He was kissing the super ticklish parts of her neck now, the parts right on the right side, almost touching her shoulder. Naruto had his arms placed firmly around her with a sly smile on his face.

Weiss tried, but she herself was feeling a dark feeling within her. She wouldn't admit it... But she was a little jealous at this. Not Naruto or Yang, but all lovey dovey stuff they were commending themselves in.

People were avoiding looking at them.

Naruto was using Yang's hair to hide himself, all of the students were placed in a single room. That meant that Blake would be here, and he didn't want to see Blake. There was a reason she caused so much conflict in him. Kushina adored Blake, she really did, which was why Naruto still had an overabundance of love for her. He did love her, which hurt him, but Kushina couldn't control how she still loved Blake.

"So there's a dispute in who's in love with whom?" Weiss asked out loud while Yang watched without saying a word. She was hoping to whatever ruler to this world that there would be a sex scene.

She wanted it, she needed it.

Minato was disgusted with Blake though, the unneeded violence that the White Fang represented and the trouble they had caused Naruto growing up... When Naruto was first formed, he had formed in the shape of a child so that he could be given the chance to grow older like a normal human. The fusion ability, while meant for battle, had a semi-limited amount of age control.

Blake flinched at that remark. Having the father of your past lover be angry with you is almost like having Crumpling up a piece of paper. No matter how many times you try to flatten it and make it perfect, it would never be the same. And right about now, her relationship with Naruto, or her clone self in the other universe, would never be romantic in any sense of the word.

"So... What would happen if I had Naruto's kid, and his parents decided to split?" Yang asked as Ruby thought for a moment.

"Maybe one would be two and and two would be-" she didn't finish as Weiss slammed her forehead on the table.

"Please... Don't even try to do math now." She muttered just barely through the wood.

Kushina and Minato decided what age he appeared as when they fused, and he grew older from that point.

"Wow, that's pretty... Cool." Yang said, feeling a little sympathy at that. Naruto didn't age naturally like everyone else would. Which in her opinion was pretty sad. She hoped that he would age along with her and they could live out their lives together.

Otherwise, she would grow old and pass while he was still alone... Which was a fate worse than death in her opinion. Then Naruto would outlive his children, and so on with each and every generation to come.

"Can you wear something besides your boxers?" Ruby asked Naruto, and Yang snorted at her. She was wearing Naruto's pajamas, the loose shirt and her own booty shorts. There was nothing for Naruto to wear at the moment, anyway, he was never the shy type about his body. If he wore boxers to sleep, that was completely normal for him to do. Of course, normally he also wore a shirt as well with it.

Team RWBY would admit Naruto was an above average male with a superb physique, even Weiss let ehr eyes travel along Naruto's nearly shown form.

Ruby couldn't help but stare at Naruto's... Pecs.

"See something you like?" Yang said while Ruby jumped up a bit.

"No!" She said while crossing her legs and folding her hands together.

"You're blushing!" Yang pointed out. Truth be told Ruby to tell her face was a bit red, so she turned it to the side and tried to point it in an opposite direction and hope her sister would call her bluff.

"No I'm not." Ruby defended herself. Which wasn't exactly the best excuse.

"Your skins lighter than mine, and your cheeks are red. Face it rubes, you've got the hots for my BF." Yang said making Ruby shake her head. Hearing that from her sister only made it worse.

"Your wrong and I don't like boys!" Ruby said quickly.

"Liar." Weiss said. "Your nostrils flare up when you lie... Also your face is scarlet."

Even Weiss could tell Ruby was acting a bit different at the sight of a nearly naked boy.

Which was odd to her.

Sun, who never really seemed to cover his bare chest, walked around Beacon almost everyday like that and she had never acted strangely towards him.

It could be said right about now, that Ruby Rose was indifferent on her sexuality. But what can be stated in the bold truth that is today, is that she was probably one of the worst liars in all of Remnant.

"Can we please just keep reading?" Ruby asked while her voice sounded a bit higher.

Case and point.

"Can you not write in that... what are you doing?" Yang asked as she and Naruto disconnected, with Naruto laying back and watching the conversation go down.

"Nothing really, just doing stuff... and the thing... Okay, I'm writing to people at Signal." Ruby admitted with a pout. She didn't want to say it in front of Naruto, she felt kind of uncomfortable around him sometimes. It was like he was a real, but wasn't a real, person at the same time and that vibe creeped her out. He was just so perfect, yet wasn't perfect... he was so filled with contradictions that she didn't know what was Naruto, and what wasn't Naruto.

Not to mention that giant fluffy fox tail that was currently wrapping around Yang's waist affectionatelly.

She wanted to pet it so bad!

"Pet it then, he won't bite... You that is." Yang said to Ruby who looked at her oddly. "Me on the other hand, I might have a few love marks all over." She gushed while spreading her arms down her sides towards her hips.

"I don't want to... He's a bit scary." Ruby said, ignoring Yang's teasing.

"You were just staring at him you liar." Blake said to Ruby without even looking at her.

"Stop calling me a liar!" Ruby said more broadly.

"Did your voice just crack? Now that's a definite sign of lying!" Yang pointed at Ruby who stuck her tongue out at her.

"Signal... Oh yeah, the school you went to." Naruto commented, to both of them. Yang had gone to Signal too, just like Ruby, but she had actually graduated it before coming to Beacon. Ruby had never officially finished her classes at Signal, so of course she would have had friends she didn't get to say goodbye to.

He never needed to go to places like that, because he had the combined experience of a professional Hunstman and Huntress inside of him.

He was a "Natural" fighter so to speak.

"Yeah, and I left my friends behind there... I don't know anyone here besides you two and-" Ruby started, before Yang cut her off.

"-and we are all over each other? Ruby, you need to get better at talking to people. You are a nice young lady and-" Yang started, before Naruto snorted at the way she was talking.

"I swear you talk like an old lady sometimes. You say things like bee's knees and nice young lady. Is my lady secretely an old lady?" Naruto asked her, and she punched him in the biscept for the comment. She had the deepest red blush, not that red, that he had seen on her in awhile for being called out on that. Yes, she did have a tendency to say things that an older generation person would say... but... she had no excuse, she just talked like an older person.

"He did not just call me an old lady." Yang said with a bit of fire to her tone.

"He did... And I can't help but agree with him. You do talk like an old lady sometimes... With Ruby." Weiss said while Yang scoffed at her.

"It's how our mom spoke to us all the time... I guess I just picked it up." Yang said to her.

"And the dirty talk?" Blake asked.

"A little from my dad and uncle." Yang admitted... From her perspective.

"Back to me?" Ruby asked, and both of the married couple looked at her.

"My advice to you is this... Make one friend that you really enjoy and grow close, and more friends will come naturally." Yang stated to her little sister, while Naruto nodded for the most part. He had to agree with her, a single friend went a long way when you thought about it.

'They do...' Ruby thought, remembering all the friends she had made since attending beacon. Jaune, Penny, Pyrrha, Weiss, Blake... And she didn't know weather to call teacher's friends so she didn't.

Either way, Naruto was 100% correct in that statement.

"That, or get married... ow!?" Naruto said as he rubbed his actually hurting arm when Yang gave him a good lick for that comment.

'Ruby getting married? The only thing I see her marrying is her weapon.' Weiss thought dryly.

"This is Ruby we are talking about, she doesn't know anything about romance." Yang stated with dull eyes to match her dull tone. Naruto gave her a look, before he punched her in the shoulder, and she returned the look to him.

"So... Ruby's never eyed a boy before?" Weiss asked Yang.

"Unless the boy was a deadly weapon then yes." Yang said.

"Hey!" Ruby shouted.

"Or there was this one time I caught her kissi-" Before you was going to say another thing, her sister managed to clamp a hand over her mouth.

"Suchsillystoriesaren'tmeantforsomepeople..." Ruby pushed it out nearly in one sentence in a very high tone.

She punched him in the shoulder, and he punched her back in the shoulder.

"A little bit of foreplay never hurt." Yang said as she saw herself and Naruto punch each other like they were siblings...



She meant in a way that sounded like they had been together for a long time. Like an old married couple.

"You know what this means." Naruto told her with narrowed eyes, and Yang nodded her head as she stood up. He stood up as well, and the two of them gave each other glares for the most brief of moments.

"Uhhh. What're' you two doing?" Ruby asked, not at all feeling right watching the two have similar glares at each other.

"I know what this means." Yang agreed with him, and she looked out the room. There, on the far corner of the room she spotted the perfect location.

"What? What does this mean?" Blake asked in slight worry. She hoped Yang and Naruto weren't gonna...

The bathroom.

-they were gonna!

"Oh shit." Weiss muttered with widening eyes. She knew now where this was going...

Yang felt her cheeks nearly split and her hands crunch in her palms... She had been waiting for this.

"They have to go to the bathroom, but why together?" Ruby asked as she broke Yang out of her shock...

She just realized her sister was in the same room. This was probably going to raise a lot of questions, not to mention ones directed to their father when they got the time.

She wasn't up to being near Ruby... But at the same time she didn't care.

She was both embarrassed... And okay at the same time.

Yang just leaned back and said to Ruby. "Whatever happens after this... Just let it. Okay?"

Ruby didn't seem to understand and said. "Uhhh... Okay?"

"You, me, bathroom, now." Naruto told her with a glint in his eye. Yang nodded as she grabbed his hand, grin in place. She literally dragged him towards the bathroom, stepping over several people and attracting a lot of attention to them. Even the yellow eyes of a certain jealous cat were looking at them with extremely conflicting anger and jealousy in her eyes, as well as... arousal.

"Do you wanna join? Plenty of room." Yang said to Blake who didn't say anything nor do anything. She just watched the screen with a glare so fierce it could split diamonds down the center.

A male and female going to the bathroom together could only mean one thing.

'A nice round bout.' Yang thought.

"Yeah, they use the restroom, wash their hands, and leave." Ruby said as all the members of Team RWBY palmed their faces.

Sometimes her innocence was going to be the death of her in most cases... It was only a matter of time before reality came around the corner and hit her like a truck.

"Not in this case Ruby." Weiss said.

"How is this any different?" She asked.

"Just... Wait and see." Weiss said while sounding a bit strained.

They went right into the girl's bathroom, before they kicked out an unlucky girl that looked like she didn't know what was going on... and the girl that they had kicked out just happened to be the same girl that Ruby had pretty much made an enemy... Weiss Schnee. The girl heard the sound of the bathroom door locking, and the room was silent for a moment as they just looked at what was happening.

'Thank god I wasn't in there... I might have died... But hey! What gives them the right to force me out like that?' Weiss looked at the screen bitterly.

There was no way right.

People wouldn't just outright have bathroom sex next to a room full of people, teens who wouldn't be able to sleep all night with the knowledge that somebody was having sex so close to them.

Ruby nearly fell back as her mouth opened, her eyes became white, and her face matched her cloak.

Her sister was about to have sex with Naruto... RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER!

"Hey! I was brushing my teeth, you fowl minded sex fiends!" Weiss shouted as she banged on the door with her fist. She had foam at the edges of her mouth still.


Ruby shoved her fingers in her ears right then and there.

The sound that came from Yang was so foreign to her... she didn't know whether to be worried or scared. Or both.

Blake simply crossed her arms and looked off to the side, her face beginning to go red when she imagined Naruto standing over a kneeling Yang, really pounding himself into her.

Weiss... Simply watched the screen without care, but looked uncomfortable since she was basically listening to a porn of Yang. She knew what was going to happen and everything between Yang and Naruto was up to this point.

Yang popped a cherry in her mouth after finding a jar in the back of the fridge.

The room went silent when they heard the loud feminine shout of pleasure coming from the bathroom. Everyone's eyes started to widen, and Ruby covered her ears with her pillow and wrapped herself up in the sleeping bag. She didn't want to hear this, she didn't need to hear this, but she was going to if she didn't prevent it somehow from reaching her ears. She wanted to avoid this at any costs.

Blake blushed, knowing exactly what that blonde slut, Blake didn't like her for stealing the man who by all means should be married to her by this point, was going through right about now.

'Tell me about it.' Blake thought to herself and other self.

Ruby thought the worst was over... She could still hear banging and crashing, although the moaning had stopped for just a few seconds...

"Oh god!"

Then again, she's been wrong before.

"I can still hear it!" Ruby shouted as she heard her sister scream in ecstasy.

The sounds of LOUD banging could be heard, and the bathroom door was shaking at this point. Vibrations could be felt in the feet of everyone simply by how hard whatever was happening in their was hitting the wall... or ground. Suddenly, no man was able to stand up straight, and females were simply wide eyed.

Blake didn't take her eyes off of the corner of the room, nor did she try to take in the sounds resonating all around her.

"Damnit yes!"

Weiss made an inaudible noise in the back of her throat. It was going to come out as a 'squeak' in surprise from the sheer volume in Yang's voice, but she managed to keep it down. Since she was being taken more than likely from behind at the pounding sounding in the room like a cannon was going off, it just came off as crazy to her.

She would really need to steer clear whenever Yang got a boyfriend and they got to 4th base.

The sound of glass shattering, and wood being completely smashed echoed through the silence room. It sounded like a mirror and stall had just been destroyed, like shattered and crushed. Just how hard were they going in there, and what could they possibly be doing that could cause the sounds of destruction to be heard. Lights shattering could be heard when a loud female squeal of pleasure shattered glass and lightbulbs in the room.

Weiss's eyes became as large as dinner plates by this point. Blake was now staring at the scene once the glass broke and the wood inside the bathrooms foundation was being shredded.

And Ruby...

She couldn't do anything but sit on the opposite end of the couch with her hand's wrapped around her knees.

Yang looked a bit angry at the fact they were only watching everyone around and outside of the bathroom door instead of the magic that was taking place. She felt like she was being cheated out of her hard earned time.

"Oh well, beggars can't be choosers." Yang said as she popped another cheery in her mouth.

Even the windows of the ballroom shattered from the strength of the pleasure scream.

'Damn, wish I had an UNRATED version. I'd kiss whoever gave me that.' Yang thought.

"Holy shit that is hot." A random male was able to when the souns of banging only grew that much louder. Wild lights that looked like flames could be seen from underneath the bottom of the door, and everyone wondered what was on fire in the bathroom.

Blake looked down at her bosom, before looking at Yang's chest.

She could outdo her any-time-any-day.


"Oh my explosive orgasm!"

Ruby wasn't making much of an effort of leaving, but was frozen solid on the couch at the way her sister sounded.

She hadn't ever heard her sister speak, or in a lack of better terms, SOUND like this...

She learned that sex really changed you.

Be it good or bad.

'Lucky bitch won't be walking straight tomorrow.' Blake thought to herself with a frown on her face. She also knew the joys of wold as fuck Naruto sex, and how it could go from romantic to mind blowing in seconds. Yang was most likely getting the full treatment at the moment, something she wanted right about now.

"Full...(Gulp) Treatment?" Blake asked as her eyes became as large as saucers and the blush begin to grow from the center of a face and spread on words.

If she remembered correctly, she and Naruto had already made love in the past when they were in the White Fang. She began to wonder how it was for her first time...

Was sitting a problem afterwards, or did she walk with a limp, or how long did this go on?

These questions swept through her mind like water going down the drain.

Soon a blood dribble ran down her nose like a faucet.

*Bang Bang Bang*

'Hope it'll hurt like a bitch in the morning.' Blake thought with so much negativity towards Yang as she wiped her nose that it would have attracted an entire forest full of Grimm by now.

Suddenly, it sounded like somebody wAs being plowed right into a wall with the force of sledgehammer. Now even the females were jealous of what was going on, because it honestly sounded like the blone chick had found somebody that was a keeper. The loud sounds of somebody just giving it to her with the force of a damn freight train was intoxicating all on its own.

'This is not happening, not happening!' Ruby thought to herself as she rocked herself, trying to block out all noise.

Yang looked at her sister before she herself felt... Shameful. Surprising, right? It's because before all this, Ruby wasn't that into, or by all means, interested in anything sexual/romantic/affectionate whatsoever... Now she had gotten a firsthand experience at what it was like by watching it.

Ruby was no longer... Pure.

Mentally that is.

At least it would end soon.

How much stamina could two people possible have?

End of Chapter 8

"From my perspective, a lot." Yang said as she looked at her teammates less than enthusiastic responses towards the latest chapter they had just read.

Most of them know by now that Yang was more than anything to troubleshoot when it came to anything physical. But hearing her in action with someone else inside of a bathroom proved to them that they should really consider reinforcing their beds just in case she brought a friend over in the future...

Their room might be obliterated if that has ever happened!

"You... Have no shame when it comes to relationships. Or self-control." Blake accused Yang who scoffed at her in return.

"What's the big deal? We're a married couple with raging hormones. It's only normal." Yang brushed off as Weiss disapproved of her notion.

"You destroyed the bathroom for dust sake!" Weiss shouted while Yang shrugged her shoulders.

"I'm never going in a public restroom again... That could happen!" Ruby said as she began shivering at the thought of walking in on a couple doing that sort of thing in a bathroom. All she knew now is that if there is ever a time place when she was near a bathroom and she was beginning to hear something related to a wild bowl inside of a china shop, she would run for the hills and never look back.

"Now... Let the games begin!" The voice said.