A Darker Legacy

Same Old Naruto? Arc

Chapter 02 - Genesis


It was a gloomy day in the vast hidden leaf village.

There was no blue sky today but only a rough woolen blanket filled with various shades of grey. Sometimes, in rare places, a chink of light managed to break through the dense clouds, but otherwise it was almost as dark as pre-dawn. The air was humid and smelt of storms but no rain had fallen.

It was quiet outside. Unnaturally so. No birds chirped happily or small rodents scavenged the grounds for food. They all hid away in their small shelters, looking at the darkening skies and protecting themselves against the upcoming cold and vicious storm that would ravage the land.

And then, breaking through the dreaded silence, a single crunching sound echoed through the quiet forest. A single twig crushed under the weight of the two people walking slowly over the dried earth.

The first was one of the tallest men in all of Konoha. He had a wart on the left side of his nose and waist-length, spiky white hair tied back into a pony tail, with two shoulder-length bangs framing his face. There were red lines under his eyes which extended further down his face into his jaw line. He wore a green short shirt kimono and matching pants, under which he wore mesh armor that is visible at his wrists and ankles.

The second figure walked a few steps behind Jiraiya. He had blue eyes and blonde, spiky hair that slightly shadowed his eyes with two bangs framing his face. He wore form fitting orange pants and a grey flak jacket over black clothing. On his right wrist was a single, dark purple, silk ribbon, glistening under the rare beams of light.

"We are almost there. Are you excited to be back home?" Jiraiya asked, looking backwards to his student.

"Home?" Naruto thought bitterly, throwing a side glance at his mentor. "I am." He answered plainly.

Jiraiya frowned at the simple answer but chose to let it slide. His relationship with the blonde was strained during these last months and had bordered on hostility in some situations.

"Jiraiya-sama!" Jiraiya looked to see the eternal guards greeting him with goofy smiles.

"Kotetsu, Izumo good to see you." Jiraiya replied, nodding at the obviously bored shinobi.

"Oh, look who it is? You've grown up, Naruto." Kotetsu said but noticed that Naruto had yet to truly step into the village. The blonde stood inches away from the stone pavement the massive wooden gates of Konoha rested on. "Naruto?" Kotetsu asked.

Naruto for his part could barely restrain his rage at the smiles on the gate keepers. He had thought long and hard about everything he wanted to accomplish, but now that he was back in Konoha, the place where he was molded. Now, all that anger from so long ago was bubbling beneath the surface.

He clenched his fists, burying it all deep inside and silently stepped over the pavement and walked into the village, passing over the gate guards without replying. "Naruto, where are you going? We need to meet with Tsunade." Jiraiya scowled at his student's impoliteness.

"You go." Was the short answer Jiraiya received. "I'll stop by later." The blonde added, walking away. Naruto couldn't face anyone right now. They would be greeting him with those smiles and hugs after so much time. Not knowing what truly happened all those years ago. He wouldn't be able to take it all in and would explode, taking everyone with him.

He had returned to the village with a very clear goal in his mind.

As Naruto walked through the village with no clear destination, whispers reached his ears. He noticed through the corner of his eyes as the civilian population looked at him with narrowed eyes and scoffing expressions. "All the better." Naruto thought with smirk. "Hate, I can take."

And then the blonde bumped into something in the middle of the street. No! Not something. Someone!

"Oh, it's you!"

A sneering voice entered the blonde's ears and his gaze shifted upwards. He looked at the person that stood in front of him. Who was he? He had never seen this person before but he knew the signs easily enough. The lack of active chakra network coupled with disdain plastered across his face. A civilian.

"Yes, little old me." Naruto replied with a smile that stretched a little too much. There was no killing intent being released, no pressure from chakra saturating the air around the duo. It was the eyes. Mirrors of the Soul. Cold, calculating, angry and filled with revenge and bitterness.

The blonde let out an amused chuckle and the civilian had the common sense to swallow drily and take a step back. The civilian's eyes were wide and restless, darting around to the sides wildly, either looking for someone to notice his situation or to make a run a for it. The civilian was obviously too scared to properly reason.

They deserve to die. They all deserved to die.

"NARUTO-KUN!" Naruto was broken from his thoughts when someone launched himself at him, wrapping their arms around his frame.

"Ayame." Naruto murmured fondly.

"You certainly took your time to get back. Come on, sit your ass down." Naruto got no chance to reply as he was physically dragged to one of the ramen stools nearby and forced to sit down. He hadn't even noticed he was close to Ichiraku Ramen.

"Naruto! Good to see you." Teuchi said, his voice carrying a happy tone as he greeted his favorite costumer. "First bowl is own the house."

"Thanks." Naruto replied, half-heartedly picking up a pair of chopsticks. He looked at the empty seat to his left. Memories rushed to the front of his mind and he gripped the chopsticks tighter, snapping them in half instantly. He sighed at the mess and picked up another pair. "Teuchi, give me another bowl." The blonde asked.

"Right, two bowls coming right up." Teuchi said. A couple minutes later he was finished. "Here you go. Two bowls of your favorite Ramen." The old man said, placing both bowls in front of the blonde.

Naruto looked with a small smile at the swimming fish cake, the bubbling of the soup and the steam coming from the broth. He absently pushed the second bowl to the front of the empty stool next to him, and let it there. He took a sip, savoring the unique saltiness that only Ichiraku's Ramen seemed to have.

Naruto quickly finished his bowl and moved to drink a glass of water. "Don't forget the other bowl." Teuchi said jokingly. Naruto's eyes shifted to the left where the second bowl of ramen now sat, cold and forgotten. And the stool remained woefully empty.

Naruto clenched his fists in rage, completely forgetting about the glass cup in his right hand. The glass shattered, piercing through the soft flesh of his hand instantly. "Oh my god! Naruto!" Ayame shouted, rushing around the wooden counter. "You're hurt." She exclaimed in horror.

Naruto said nothing and simply plucked out the buried shards of glass like pulling petals from a flower. Small drops of blood fell to the floor before the wound was sealed off by his healing factor. Naruto got up abruptly and turned to leave.

Teuchi was about to ask the blonde if he was alright when his old and tired eyes spotted something he had never expected to see again. A single, dark purple, silk ribbon tied neatly to Naruto's right wrist. "He couldn't have! The Third swore to us that he would never remember!" Teuchi thought in shock.

"Naruto." Teuchi called out, halting the blonde just as he was about to leave. "Do you rememb-"

"Teuchi, Ayame." Naruto interrupted, still facing away from them. His hands gripped the wooden edge of the wall with such strength that the wood frame splintered beneath his fingers. "You two were among the few people that always treated us with kindness." Naruto whispered, looking back at Teuchi's horror-stricken face with glowing blood red eyes. "Let me return the favor. Leave this pathetic village." And with that Naruto was gone.

Teuchi looked at Ayame with sorrowful eyes and stared at the place Naruto had been. He sighed deeply and by the next week, Ichiraku Ramen had been closed with Teuchi and Ayame leaving Konoha forever shortly after.

## With Jiraiya ##

"Jiraiya! How many times have I told you to use the door?" Tsunade asked with her eyes twitching. The sudden rush of air from the open window sent several papers flying. Papers that were previously neatly stacked by her side. By her own hand no less!

Tsunade looked murderous while Jiraiya just looked sheepish and none sorry at all sorry. "Oh Tsunade-Hime! Is this how you treat me after three years? I'm hurt!" Jiraiya wailed, hoping down from the window and placing a hand on his heart crying anime tears.

"Where's the brat?" Tsunade asked, looking over Jiraiya's shoulder and searching for the blonde menace. Then she noticed the darkened expression that came across her teammate's face and fear gripped her heart. "H-he's n-not-"

"He's not dead, you can relax." Jiraiya replied and Tsunade immediately sighed in relief.

"You idiot!" She snarled, chucking an empty bottle of sake at the pervert who skillfully caught it in his hands. He rose the bottle and tipped it over his mouth, letting the last remaining drop to fall on his tongue. "What's wrong with Naruto?" Tsunade asked seriously.

"He's changed." Jiraiya said darkly, turning around to look at the village. "And not for the better."

"What do you mean? Stop being cryptic and explain!" Tsunade snarled, slamming her hand on the table and making her pen bounce slightly.

"It happened suddenly, about a year ago. I don't know what happened but he changed overnight. One day he was the loud, cheerful and obnoxious brat and the next he was cold, withdrawn, detached." Jiraiya explained.

"The Kyuubi –"

"Had nothing to do with it." Jiraiya interrupted. "It's funny really. He had no more Kyuubi outbreaks after that day. He even stopped asking me for training and secluded himself away from me to work on god knows what. Hell! The brat barely speaks to me."

"And you are only telling me this now?" Tsunade raged, standing up so harshly that the chair was pushed and fell backwards to the floor. "Shinobi break. After the crappy childhood he had it's a miracle he hasn't snapped yet or gone into depression."

"I am not depressed but I thank you for acknowledging the, how did you put it? Ah yes! Crappy childhood."

Both sannin froze the sudden voice and turned only to the see Naruto leaning against the wall. "How the hell did he enter the room without me even noticing!?" Both Tsunade and Jiraiya thought in surprise while looking at the blonde.


"Hokage-sama." Naruto replied, nodding the at Tsunade.

"Hokage? What happened to baa-chan?" Tsunade thought still in shock looking at the blonde that stood in front of her. He had certainly grown, she'd give him that much but instead of the cheery and loud voice she expected, all she got was a neutral impassive face staring at the two sannin. He didn't look sad or angry. He just there, as if obliged.

"It's good to see you brat." Tsunade said happily, walking around her desk and wrapping her arms around the blonde. She felt him stiffen at the contact and felt like she was hugging a brick wall. "Let me take a good look at you." She said, pulling back and standing at arm's length away. As she sized him up, he looked just about as any teenager. Although his eyes seemed to hold too much conflict.

"I hope you've grown stronger." She said jokingly.

"Ask the pervert." He replied instantly, shifting his attention to the figure by the window. "Although, I don't think he will have much to tell you honestly." Naruto said with a shrug.

"What does he mean by that?" Tsunade asked, turning her attention to Jiraiya. Her old partner was right. Things between sensei and student seemed a bit frosty. What did happen between these two? "No matter." She said before Jiraiya could reply. "I have the perfect person for you to spar."

"Yo!" Kakashi appeared outside of the room and quickly entered through the windows.

"STOP USING THE WINDOWS AS DOORS!" Tsunade yelled, dashing back to her desk to hold the papers in place.

Naruto watched as Tsunade berated his old sensei. "Look at them." Naruto thought, looking as Kakashi bowed deeply in apology but with a faint smile beneath his mask. He clenched his fists silently. "Look at how happy they are."

"Naruto!" Naruto was broken from his thoughts by Tsunade. "Did you hear me?"


"Anyway." Tsunade said, with a tick mark. "I was planning on having you and Sakura against Kakashi tomorrow-"

"Can we do it today? Right now, maybe? I want a few days to settle in and rest properly." Naruto quickly interrupted. He just wanted to get this out of the way. He need both time to calm down and time to do exactly what he came here to do in the village.

"It's good for me." Kakashi said with a shrug. "Meet me at the training ground 3." And with that he disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"Wait!" Tsunade's shout was in vain. "I wonder who is the bloody hokage in this village!" She grumbled in thought. "Sakura's busy right now."

"It's fine. I can fight him alone. You want to see my progress, right?" Naruto half asked, shrugging his shoulders and walking out of the office, heading towards the training grounds.

Tsunade raised an eyebrow at his words and after he left she turned her full attention to Jiraiya. "Did you see that? That is exactly the attitude I had to put up with for the last year." Jiraiya complained.

"What did you do to him?" Tsunade asked with a pointed look.

"Why am I always the one who takes the blame?" Jiraiya said, mopping.

"He's going to face Kakashi alone. How strong is the brat anyway?" Tsunade asked, heading towards the door.

"I don't know." Jiraiya replied simply.

"Want to elaborate?" Tsunade nearly growled. She always had a short fuse but Naruto's sudden change was worrying her. She was in no mood for games.

"I honestly don't know." Jiraiya said, holding his hands in defeat. "I grounded him on the basics for the first few months and conditioned his body with proper exercises and a healthy diet. I also expanded his ninjutsu arsenal with the Oodama Rasengan (Giant Rasengan)."

"That's it?" Tsunade asked in disbelief. She felt like smothering her old partner.

"Hey hey!" Jiraiya said, taking a step back in fear. "I only had two years. The last year he barely spoke to me. How could I even teach him?" He asked reasonably.

"So, you just left a fifteen-year-old teenager alone to train for whole year?" She asked in disbelief.

"I tried! I really tried. But he kept pushing me off and secluding himself away. Most of the times I didn't even know where the brat was." He scowled. "But I'll tell you something I noticed during his training. He's fast." Jiraiya muttered.

"How fast?" She asked, narrowing her eyes in interest.

"Him fast." Jiraiya said, nodding towards the wall to where the portraits of the older hokage's were held. Particularly, towards the portrait of Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage and the Yellow Flash of Konoha.

She froze. He couldn't have reached so far. "It's impossible. Minato's speed was legendary. He was heralded as the fastest shinobi to ever live. It takes years to reach his level, even if Naruto could reach it - and that is a very big if."

"I saw it with my own eyes. There is no way for him to know about the Hiraishin but the kid can move. I can assure you of that." Jiraiya said seriously and Tsunade bit her lip. That kind of progress of unprecedented.

"Then let's go watch the battle. If you say is true, then Kakashi will have much more than he bargained for." Tsunade said, walking out the door with her cloak billowing behind her.

Jiraiya spared a glance at Minato's portrait before sighing and walking out.

## Training Grounds 3 ##

Unsurprisingly, Naruto was the first one to arrive at the training grounds. He stepped into the middle of the grounds and was assaulted with memories from his old bell test when his memories were still sealed, and he was a charge head on loud mouth. He scoffed and stepped away, heading towards the stone monument that stood a minute away.

Seconds later he stood in front of the Memorial Stone. His eyes hungrily read through the hundreds of names carved into the smooth stone until they landed on one in particular.

Hyuuga Hinata

"I miss you so much." Naruto said softly, running his hands over the name. "My memories of you are so far away but my feelings have not changed. I swear that they will pay for what they have done to both of us. I – " Naruto paused, stepping back and shaking his head.

"No." He said fiercely. "We will have our revenge, together!"

"Yare yare! I did not expect to find you of all people here."

Naruto froze as Kakashi's voice echoed through the clearing. His turned his head slightly to see Kakashi lazily entering the grounds. "Good." Naruto thought in relief. He was far away. He hadn't heard his words or promises. The blonde said nothing as Kakashi stopped next to him and both stared at the Memorial Stone in silence.

"Kakashi-sensei." Naruto called out softly. "Do you think it was worth it?" He asked, looking at stone monument with sadness. Hundreds of shinobi laid down their lives, and for what? Some petty village with jealous and narrow-minded people.

Kakashi hummed, looking at his old student in both surprise and confusion. So, Naruto had matured during his three-year trip. He pondered momentarily before replying "You would not be here if not for every single name in there. Or this village."

"What they did, the sacrifices they made were to protect the village, our home - our family. Doubting that is to throw away their efforts and bring shame to their memory." Kakashi replied, stepping away and walking towards the training grounds just as Tsunade and Jiraiya arrived.

"This village did not deserve any of you." Naruto thought, looking at all the names in the stone. "Senju Hashirama, I wonder what you would say about what your village has become?" He pondered walking away. It didn't matter in the end. Nothing mattered. His choices were set in stone already.

He passed by Kakashi just as Tsunade and Jiraiya took their places nearby, close to the edge of the training grounds to watch the battle. Naruto's stance was relaxed, emotionless, his breathing was calm and even, the only movement was his hair fluttering in the breeze. Deep blue eyes stared at the masked jounin.

"Such aura." Kakashi thought with a chuckle. "You have grown, Naruto." He said out loud, with an eye smile. "I guess I'll be needing it this time." Kakashi said, lifting his headband and revealing his single, blood red eye.

"That won't be enough this time." Naruto replied swiftly.

"We will see." Kakashi said with an eye smile. "Like before, come at me with the intent to kill." He said seriously. "Alright. Ready?" Kakashi asked, bending his knees and preparing for the battle.


And then Naruto charged forward. But unlike three years ago, he was in Kakashi's face in the blink of eye.

Kakashi's sharingan eye widened in utter surprise at the burst of speed and he could only instinctively jerk backwards. But it wasn't enough. His single sharingan caught sight of a purple blur as a kunai in the blonde's right hand slashed at him, detaching his head from his shoulders in a single clean swipe.

Kakashi exploded in smoke and Naruto chuckled when he heard a small crunching noise in the trees. It appeared that the original Kakashi was also surprised.

"I told you." Jiraiya said smugly.

"Unbelievable." Tsunade said, watching as Naruto dispatched Kakashi's shadow clone with a single strike. Theoretically, it shouldn't have been possible at all. Charging head on against a sharingan user was pretty much pointless as they would see you coming, not matter how fast you were.

Kakashi stepped out of the trees, turning to face Naruto head on. Although if one were to look closely at the masked jounin, one would a slightly different posture. Kakashi, it seemed, was now taking Naruto seriously. Kakashi took a deep breath just as his hands blurred together.

"Katon - Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Great Fireball technique)"

"A straight attack?" Naruto thought in doubt, crouching just as the towering ball of fire approached. But then he sensed something. He backflipped just as a pair of hands burst from the ground, trying to snare his feet.

"Alright. Let's show him a little bit." Naruto thought with grin taking a deep breath and forming a single bird hand seal.

"Fuuton - Daitoppa (Great Breakthrough)"

A massive burst of wind exploded from Naruto's position and charged against the incoming fireball, effectively dispersing the enemy attack instantly and dispelling Kakashi's clone in the process. The fire was snuffed out as the wind rushed the original Kakashi who was once more stupefied.

"A wind attack beating fire? I guess he has plenty of chakra to spare." Kakashi thought, rushing through a quick replacement to smoothly evade the large wide attack area of Naruto's wind Jutsu. Kakashi appeared near the trees and crouched behind the foliage.

"Shinobi lessons number 1." Kakashi's eyes widened as a faint voice whispered his ear.


Kakashi swiftly turned around, rising an arm to block a vicious kick. Kakashi gripped Naruto's leg and spun, launching Naruto into tree, but he only back flipped midair and landed gracefully mid-way up the tree.

Both shinobi rushed each other once more. Student and sensei clashed fists, streams of blue chakra swirled around them. Each clash came with a resounding bang. Mere seconds into the physical battle, Naruto overcommitted into a punch, putting the blonde slightly off balance and only someone as experienced as Kakashi would notice it.

Kakashi easily diverted the punch, making Naruto stumble forward ever so slightly. Kakashi's fist shot forward, blurring towards the exposed jaw of the blonde in what would be a strike enough to daze Naruto and give Kakashi the upper hand.

Time seemed to slow down as the fist approached and at the last second, Naruto smirked and ducked under the offending arm. Naruto quickly rose, grabbing Kakashi's exposed arm and twisting it behind the jounin's back, effectively trapping Kakashi in an arm lock.

"Nicely done. You fainted the stumble." Kakashi commented as both shinobi fought for control, even with Naruto in an advantage position. "However!" Kakashi quickly jumped and twisted midair, releasing himself from the arm lock and retaliating with a powerful kick.

Naruto crossed both arms in a x formation to block the strike but was pushed backwards, his feet dragging through the moist dirt. Suddenly, a clone of Kakashi shot from the ground right before the blonde. Kakashi looped his arm behind Naruto's armpit and used the neck as hold.

Naruto struggled briefly with both arms locked while the original Kakashi ran forward with a kunai at hand. The blonde ducked slightly, pushing backwards as he placed a foot behind the Kakashi clone and grabbed his remaining leg, effectively picking up his restrainer, just before slamming the clone into the ground, dispelling it.

Naruto rolled on the ground as Kakashi slammed his knee on where would have been Naruto's chest. The earth cracked, sending chunks of moist dirt flying about. Naruto regained his footing, picking up a single kunai and throwing straight at the kneeling jounin.

Kakashi's sharingan tracked the blade and easily evaded it but not before noticing a faint but still discernible layer of chakra. The jounin narrowed his eyes even further at the dangerous humming sound it made as it zipped past his head and sliced its way through several trees before disappearing in the distance.

"I thought we agreed on Taijutsu." Kakashi said, narrowing his at the shrugging blonde. He had just evaded a wind chakra enhanced blade.

"Shinobi lie, Kakashi-sensei." Naruto said, just before he exploded in smoke.

"Yare yare." Kakashi said, running his hand through his hair. "I guess it can't be helped. Shinobi lessons number 2." Kakashi said, narrowing his eyes at the moving bushes.

"Ninjutsu!" Just as Kakashi said those words, Naruto jumped out of a bushed and charged at the jounin with his right hand extended. Kakashi heard the familiar swirling sound as chakra filled Naruto's right hand, and soon enough he was face to face with a glowing ball of pure silvery chakra.

"Silver chakra?" Kakashi thought in surprise, sidestepping the charge. He grabbed Naruto's outstretched hand before twisting his arm at an awkward angle. There was a loud cracking sound as bones splintered and Naruto disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Kakashi braced himself as several more Naruto's burst from the foliage, all aiming rasegans at the jounin. And yet, the jounin skillfully evaded the strikes. "If I could use my eyes this would have been over long ago." Naruto thought to himself, considering that he couldn't use his eyes so openly. Not against another Sharingan. Even with a genjutsu to hide them, Kakashi would see right through it.

Kakashi side stepped once more using the blonde as leverage and jumped, his hands blurring through hand seals. "Katon - Ryuka no Jutsu (Fire Dragon Technique)" A stream of glowing red fire shaped like dragon erupted from his mouth. The entire clearing grounds were set ablaze and Kakashi spotted several bursts of smokes in the midst of the flames.

"I really need to expand my elemental repertoire." The blonde thought, hiding in the bushes with a glowing pair of blood red eyes. With a smile, the red glow faded into ocean blue and he disappeared just as the fire consumed all of his clones.

"You're getting tired, Kakashi-sensei." Naruto commented as he released another burst of wind, forcing the jounin to skid through the ground.

Kakashi immediately turned around to block a vicious kick, courtesy of a random clone. Kakashi's wince was the least of his worries as the clone glowed a bright color before exploding loudly, rocking the trees and ground with the force of the blast. Kakashi crossed his arms in front of his face to withstand the blast.

"Now that you know how to fight properly, you can easily be overwhelming with all your clones and ridiculous chakra pool." Kakashi replied with an eye smile.

"You haven't seen anything yet, Kakashi-sensei. I have finally discovered my powers during my training trip." Naruto said, with a grin that was downright terrifying and put Kakashi on edge. "Something locked in my blood has finally surfaced." Naruto said, stopping the middle of the clearing.

Kakashi bent his knees and trained his eyes on the blonde. His sharingan eyes narrowed as the blonde's chakra seemed to thicken around his chest. "Something's coming." Kakashi thought but was completely unprepared when several chains as dark as night burst from Naruto's back and charged with blitzing speeds at the jounin.

"HOLY ****" Kakashi thought, turning around and jumping into the forest, using the thick trees as cover against the chains as they obliterated everything in between Naruto and his target.

## With Tsunade & Jiraiya ##

"He's really good. He's holding his own against Kakashi." Tsunade said in mild disbelief just as Jiraiya openly gawked at his godson's apparent skill.

"He was nowhere this level the last time we trained, and he certainly had no knowledge of his elemental affinity." Jiraiya said, narrowing his eyes as Kakashi and Naruto traded blow for blow. The blonde was giving just as he was receiving, more even, if the winces Kakashi sometimes showed we anything to go by.


Both sannin turned around just as Sakura came running into the clearing. She arrived near the pair, breathing deeply. "I came as soon as I could."

"You're too late, Sakura. Now I want to see how this plays out." Tsunade said, reverting her attention to the fight between sensei and student.

"But Naruto can't beat Kakashi-sensei alone." Sakura protested.

"Take a look for yourself, pinkie." Jiraiya muttered. Sakura ignored the color comment and turned to watch the fight. Her jaw proceeded to drop when the only thing she saw were blurs and sparks as metal clashed.

And then Naruto used his chains.

"It can't be!" Jiraiya said in shock, watching as Kakashi struggled to evade the dangerous sealing chains. Chains powerful enough to restrain even the strongest of all bijuus, the Mighty Kyuubi.

"Kushina's Adamantine Sealing Chains." Tsunade whispered in disbelief. "So that's how Naruto has been restraining the Kyuubi. No wonder Jiraiya said he never had any more outbreaks in control."

"Kushina's chains?" Sakura asked her master. "Is it some kind of bloodline?"

Tsunade looked at her student and realized that she had spoken without thinking. She sighed and chose to tell Sakura a brief history. "Adamantine Sealing Chains. It was a special ability only people of the Uzumaki Clan could use. It was not exactly a bloodline per say as not everyone from the clan could use them, and it had no apparent hereditary traits. Most people speculate it had to do with the Uzumaki's special chakra and vast chakra pools."

"Some Uzumaki could thicken their chakra to the point of creating a physical interaction. They usually used this ability in the forms of chains. They had special powers, like the ability of seal a target's chakra while wrapped around them. Not to mention they are durable, to the point of being able to restrain a bijuu completely." Tsunade said while shaking her head in disbelief and turned to watch the fight once more.

"Still the most unpredictable ninja of all." Tsunade thought with a chuckle.

## With Naruto & Kakashi ##

"You're finished, Kakashi-sensei." Naruto said, as he gave chase to the jounin until they reached an open clearing with nowhere for the jounin to hide behind. "How about one final clash?" The blonde asked, retracting his chains and holding out his right arm with a familiar silver swirl on it.

"I guess I have no choice." Kakashi sighed, holding out his arm as well but this time, instead of a swirl, loud chirping sounds echoed through the clearing. And in the trees not so far away, a pair of glowing blood red eyes watched Kakashi's technique hungrily.

Both shinobi eyed each other before running forward, both arms stretched in what would be one final clash of powerful abilities. Just as both jutsus were about to clash, Naruto smiled and exploded in smoke. Kakashi's eyes widened as his Raikiri pierced the cloud of smoke.

In the midst of the distraction and confusion, Naruto burst from the ground just beneath the charging Kakashi. He grabbed Kakashi's Raikiri arm, diverting it away as he twisted the jounin, placing him between the ground and Naruto. Naruto finished the movement by bringing his right arm down, but this one carrying a brightly glowing sphere of silver chakra.

Just as the sphere was about to make contact with Kakashi unprotected chest, he stopped. "I win, Kakashi-sensei." Naruto said, with his rasengan hovering the jounin's vest. Kakashi just eyed the blonde warily. That move was a finisher. He had no escape and if Naruto's hadn't stopped, he would have easily been killed.


Naruto shifted his attention to the approaching Tsunade followed shortly by Jiraiya and Sakura. "Impressive. Very impressive." Tsunade stressed. "Almost too impressive to believe." She said, narrowing her eyes at the blonde who shrugged his shoulders.

"I guess I finally grew into my abilities." The blonde with a shrug and held his hand down, pulling Kakashi up.

"That or the pervert did a decent job in the early stages." Tsunade said, throwing a side glance at her partner who was mopping in the sidelines. "Alright, brat. You earned yourself a few days. Get some rest and meet with Kakashi and Sakura in one week's time."

"So, Team 7 is back in action?" Kakashi asked with an eye smile.

"Yes!" Sakura cheered. "Now the only thing missing is getting Sasuke-kun back." She whispered looking at Naruto in expectation.

"Fuck the Uchiha." Naruto wanted to reply out loud but he settled for a grunt.

"Hey, Naruto? Want to go eat some ramen and catch up?" Sakura asked.

"Maybe later." The blonde replied and walked away getting surprised reactions from everyone.

"What happened to you?" That was the collective thought of everyone watching Naruto walk away.

## Later that day ##

Naruto sat cross-legged in the middle of his dark living room. No lights were turned on, and the only light was the occasional thunder in the sky. The blonde suspected it would rain soon enough but it didn't matter. He had waited so long for this moment.

He took a deep breath and looked over the clock the hung on the wall.

1:30 AM

Naruto's eyes glowed a bright red and started spinning just as the space around him started to swirl until the blonde vanished from his house.

Naruto appeared in the rooftop of Konoha's Hospital with a clear objective set in his mind. He was about to infiltrate some of the more restricted areas of the building. The blonde used the cover of the night to bypass the perimeter guards. The Anbu stationed outside clearly looked bored and not even particularly attentive to his surroundings.

Normally it would have been hard to sneak inside when there are guards at the doors, but Naruto could slip through walls. Once inside the hospital building, the would have to be more careful. Hospitals never closed. There was always someone passing by.

And so, Naruto calmly and quietly moved between rooms. Searching room to room, floor to floor until he arrived at precisely where he wanted to. From what he could gather, the staff that actually knew of this place commonly called it the Fridge. Its real name was long and complicated.

It was the place where every single blood sample of every shinobi that ever served Konoha was stored, well, at least since its inception all the while to when Tsunade revolutionized Konoha's entire medical system.

Naruto picked inside the main access room and noticed that while there were no guards inside, it seemed one doctor was there, working in the access terminal. "Perfect." Naruto thought, sliding through the wall and sneaking behind the doctor. Naruto quickly turned him around and forcing the surprised doctor to stare right into his eyes.

The doctor's eyes became drowsy and Naruto took a step back, allowing him to regain his composure. "I would like to run a search." Naruto asked calmly. The medic didn't even acknowledge the blonde and simply walked to the main terminal.

"Name?" The medic asked in a dull voice.

"Hyuuga Hinata." Naruto replied softly.

"Date of birth?"

"December the 27th"

"We will be together soon." Naruto thought with a smile. He could bring her back, his new eyes allowed him such feats easily. He only needed something from her body. A piece of hair or a small drop of blood. His had scoured his apartment trying to find something, but it appeared that the 3rd hokage had been thorough.

"No match."

Naruto froze as the words left the medic's mouth. It couldn't be, the bank stored blood samples from every shinobi. Even if Hinata hadn't been a registered shinobi back then, clan's heirs were expected to become shinobi no matter what, and as such they were registered here at birth.

"Search again!" Naruto said.

"No match."

"AGAIN!" He commanded.

"No match."

Naruto rushed the terminal, grabbing the medic by his clothes and pulling him from the terminal. The blonde inserted the information one more time. Two more times. Three more times. And every single time the answer came back the same.


The blonde screamed in rage as hate consumed his entire being. He slammed his fists on the plastic keyboard over and over and over again, until pieces of it flew through the air and the terminal flickered briefly before shutting down.

Sarutobi Hiruzen, it seemed, had erased every proof of Hinata's existence. There was no birth certificate, no medical records, no blood samples. Nothing. As if she had never existed in the first place.

Naruto was filled with despair. He had to bring her back. He had to! He couldn't go on without her. Not without his Hinata, his queen. Rage filled him once more and with glowing eyes, he swirled away from the Hospital and landed somewhere in the middle of Konoha, at the entrance of some house.


The blonde's trembling hand stopped inches away from the wooden door at the sudden voice. Rain poured from the sky. His clothes were wet and clung uncomfortably to his skin, his hair was dripping with water. And in the darkness of the night, only a pair of glowing blood red eyes lit the dark doorway.

Water ran down his face. He raised a single hand to clean his face. Was he even crying? It didn't matter in the end. His hand reached once more for the handle but he stopped once more when giggling sounds echoed from the other end of the wooden door. The blonde could hear people talking and laughter from the other side.

"If you go through this, there is no turning back." Kurama whispered from the deep recess of his mind.

"Why do you even care?" Naruto replied bitterly in his mind. "We both knew it would come to this."

"I could not care less about the villagers." Kurama muttered and receded back to the confines of Naruto's mind, his opinion already given.

"I l-lo-" Hinata's soft voice faltered, her breath leaving her one final time as she ultimately stopped struggling in the cold floor and died.

"W-wake up." Naruto remembered saying, having dragged himself to her and gently shaking her.

"P-please w-wake up."

He remembered asking…hoping…begging…and in the end staring at pair of dull, empty and dead eyes.

Anger surged through him and his right foot shot forward, slamming against the wooden door. The lock shattered instantly and the door was forced open, crashing against the walls with a loud sound. And with that, Naruto ran inside with a pair of glowing eyes and hate bubbling inside.

Nobuo was a simple man. He was not rich, intelligent or particularly skilled in anything. He did not live a life of danger like the shinobi, and from the earlier stages of his life he settled for mediocrity. His parents had died in his early adulthood but he managed on his own.

He worked hard and had finally managed to gather enough money to open his own small restaurant. It wasn't anything fancy, just 10 tables serving daily meals. He liked cooking and it was there, eventually, that he met the woman who would later on become his wife, Amaterasu.

Sometimes business was slow and both Nobuo and Amaterasu struggled with the bills, but in the end, it enabled them to rise a daughter. Harumi, who carried the same light blonde hair of her mother, and chocolate eyes of her father.

Business had boomed two years down the line and they had moved to a bigger house, one large enough to rise a family. Nobuo loved cooking for his wife and beautiful daughter. And in the end of the day, everything he endured at his restaurant, all the mayhem of serving meals, a few complaining customers. It was worth it.

He had a happy life and loved hearing his little girl laughing at the dinner table and telling them all about her adventures at school.

And then the door of their house exploded and someone charged inside.

First came the silence of surprise, as the family looked at the doorway, and then came the screams and they got quickly rose from the table. Amaterasu quickly grabbed little Harumi and turned to run away while Nobuo instinctually grabbed the knife from the table and took his stance against the attacker.

Naruto easily disarmed him, the knife falling to the ground and skidding to the corner. His right arm shot to Nobuo's neck as he lifted him and slammed him into the wall. Nobuo coughed and struggled to breathe as he tried to push the attacker away. And it was only then that he had finally recognized the man and his eyes widened in fear.

"So..." Naruto muttered. "You do remember that night, don't you?" Naruto asked coldly, tightening his hold slightly making Nobuo choke.

"G-get away from him!"

Naruto turned his head to see the man's wife pointing the fallen knife at him, while keeping little Harumi hidden behind her. She was shaking from fear, with tears running down her face. Naruto noticed from the corner of his eyes that Nobuo was waving his arms down, clearly trying to tell her to run away.

"GET AWAY!" She screamed and ran at him in desperation.

Naruto ducked under her attack and retaliated with a kick to her stomach. She coughed hard and was sent tumbling over the floor and until she hit the wall and slid to the floor unconscious.

Naruto turned his attention to Nobuo. "You deserve to die. You all deserve to die." Naruto said, picking a kunai from his pouch and pinning Nobuo to the wall through his shoulder. The man screamed as the blade tore through his flesh but Naruto clamped his hand over his mouth.

"W-wake up."

"P-please w-wake up."

Naruto's eyes widened and he froze, as he turned around and watched as Harumi, their daughter he assumed, cried and shook her mother, trying to awake her. "Plhumhm" Naruto turned his attention back to the man and removed his hand.

"P-Please." Nobuo begged, breathing deeply and gulping as he tried to bury the pain. "I-I h-have a family."

Naruto stopped and for a moment the Nobuo had a sparkle of hope. That spark was instantly snuffed out by Naruto's words.

"So did I…"

Screams tore through the house and minutes later Naruto walked out, with his hands drenched in blood, and in the darkness of the night and the pouring rain, he wept.

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