Paris and Logan in Stars Hallow

December 3rd 2015

[Rory is in her Junior year of high school, then Paris and Logan move to Stars Hallow.]

Rory p.o.v

I was sitting on my bed when my mom walked in "so I talked to my friend Shira Huntzburger who asked me if I can take in her son Logan for the schoolyear she said he is getting in trouble."so for the following week we actually cleaned.

When I got to school Paris ran to me "so my parents are leaving the country for a couple of months and they said I need to find someone to live with till they get back and the only person I could think of was you and your mom." I just nodded my head and went to class.

When I got home Dean was sitting on the steps "why is your mom cleaning?" I looked away " her friends son is moving in with us for the year."

Later when Dean went home my mom and I were sitting on the sofa "mom Paris wants to know if it would be okay if she moved in with us for a year?" she just nodded her head, so I got up I called Paris and told her yes.

My mom and I moved my room around since Paris and I would be sharing the room while Logan got the other room.

Paris moved in first then a week later Logan and things arived, I will admit he was kinda cute he had blonde hair and brown eyes and was a Senior at Chilton.

One day Logan,Paris,Lane and I were watching a movie when Dean showed up, " umm Rory who is that guy?" I gave him A confused look " I told you that my mom's friend was moving in with us." he looked mad "are you sleeping with him?"

I gave him a look "are you serious why would I cheat on you?" he turned around and left.

Since Dean and I had that argument the other day I hadn't seen him since then but now Logan and I are hanging out more and he would take me to school since Paris had her own car.

One night Paris and I were sitting in our room "so what is going on with you and Logan I noticed since Dean and you had that fight the other day you and Logan have been spending a lot of time together."

After that she went to bed and I stayed up thinking about Logan and what was going on with us I will admit that I have a little crush on him, just then a car pulled up and I got up to see who it was and it was Logan with a girl and they went to his room.

The next morning we were sitting down eatting breakfast when Logan and his friend walked out of his room,since Logan left to drop off his lady friend I had to take the bus and when I got there I saw Dean standing there with coffee from luke's "I'm sorry that I got jelous about that blonde prick."

I didn't have time to reply since my bus pulled up.