Chapter 3

June 28, 2017

I could tell Dean was mad "why so you can date that blonde jerk?" I looked at him with annoyance "no I'm tired of you acting like a jealous control freak," with that I walked out of the store and went to get some coffee at Luke's before going home.

After I finished my coffee I walked home, I was stopped several times by people saying how sorry they were after what felt like hours I finally made it home and saw my mom, Paris and Logan sitting on the sofa with all kinds of junk food and they were about to start watching Carrie.

Later that night Paris and I were in our room and she was talking about the Franklin when suddenly she looked at me "I'm sorry about you and Dean," I looked at her with a small smile "I was tired of him always being jealous over every guy that I am friends with and today after the scene he made in front of Luke's was the last straw.

Since Logan had to go to New York to help his father with some stuff with the paper and my mom had to work, Lane, Paris and I hung out of the house and did our homework together and after we did that we watched some random movie when there was a knock on the door so I got up to answer it.

Dean was standing at the door with some yellow sunflowers "I'm sorry about the way I have been acting lately it's just I was scared to lose you again and I let it get in the way so will you please take me back."

I didn't know what to say so I told him I would let him know in the morning, so he left and Lane, Paris and I walked to Luke's to get some food and talk about the Dean thing, later that night Paris and I made dinner for my mom and Logan while we were eating dinner I told my mom about Dean wanting to get back together and the only thing she told me was it's my choice if I want to get back with him or not.

After everyone went to bed I sat outside and wrote a pro and con list I was half way through when Logan sat next to me and handed me a cup of coffee "it looks like the pro is winning," I nodded my head "I think you should give him another chance to see if things would be different." After he said that he went back to bed.

I knew what my choice was all I had to do was wait till the morning I set the alarm for ten and then I went to bed.

When the alarm went off I got up and took a shower and called Dean to meet me at Luke's, I was nervous as I walked to Luke's when I got their Dean was sitting at a table with two cups of coffee "I ordered pancakes for the both of us," I smiled at him "so after you left I started thinking about us and I think that we should give it another chance."

After we finished Dean had to go to work and I went to the bookstore to get a new book that I wanted and I ran into Logan, we walked home and he was telling me about his best friends Collin and Finn and all the crazy things that use to do together at boarding school.

3 months later

Things with Dean and I have been going good he is not as jealous as his use to be but I felt like something was going on with him, one day I got the bus and he wasn't waiting for me so I figured that he was at work so I went to Doose's and I saw him and Lindsay making out, they didn't see me so turned and ran into Logan.

He got my arm and took me outside I had already started crying he hugged me and then we got into his car right when it started raining, he drove to Luke's and got some coffee and a burger with fries and we went home.

I was sitting on the sofa while Logan called my mom "I don't understand what went wrong?" he just looked at me with a sad face " I don't know Ace he is stupid for cheating on you," we looked at each other and we kissed.