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Split the Skies Asunder

Story by Kyoka Suigetsu Totsuka


"Don't move," shakily whispered a cloaked man as he edged closer to the side wall of the room. "Don't make a sound."

Trying their best to ignore the severed head of their second-in-command bleeding on the marble floor, the group of men huddled together and did their best to rest against the wall. The lights were flickering on the ceiling as thunder shook the skies, and their fortress of the conference room had never felt more vulnerable. The steel reinforced walls that were surrounding by ten metric tons of concrete meant nothing. Despite the best security money could buy protecting them, all it took was one simple flash of golden light before one of their leaders' head was sliced clean off his neck.

Carefully grasping his inverted cross necklace to keep it from swaying, the leader of the group scooted to the end of the wall, beyond which exposed the room to a large hole made by a bolt of lightning. The smell of charred wood and melting cement was jarring, but the man slowly held his phone beyond the edge of the wall, trying to see their attacker from the reflective surface.

But then there was another flash of yellow.

"AHHH!" suddenly cried the leader, making all his subordinates scurry back to the end of the wall, all shaking.

Blood spilled as the leader's forearm fell to the floor, flooding the room more with blood. The man was close to fainting from the blood loss and pain, and could only cry out in anguish as the large wound pulsated. His inverted cross was soaked in blood as he grasped onto it with his remaining hand, whimpering in between quick breaths.

"I-It's the Kiroi Senko," muttered one of the men hiding along the wall. "How did he find us?"

"Shut up!" demanded another, desperately trying to speak softly.

"Oh, we're all dead!"

"No, not yet." A calm voice echoed through the broken room, sending chills down the spines of those who remain. "I will give all of you one more chance to redeem yourselves." The voice seemed to come from all directions, sneaking from corner to corner at random times, sending the men into a deep and desperate corner. "Tell me where the other bases are."

The leader could barely open his eyes as he spoke, "W-We don't know! I follow orders from the shadows and I have never seen anyone personally!" Tears stung his eyes as he groaned in pain, "Please, believe me! I'm telling the truth!"

"There are over three hundred exorcists gathered here today, and all of them were excommunicated. All except for you, Henry Ventis." Lightning lit the night sky before the voice continued, "I want to know who managed to convince you, a Cardinal of the Church to betray his own Order."

"I don't know!" cried the Cardinal in tears as he groveled on the floor, "I-I was paid in secret from an anonymous investor. All he wanted was for me to organize a gathering for this group of people! I was to arm them with Holy Guns and Bullets! They said they will pay me as soon as all these exorcists leave the country – that's all I know!"

A flash of yellow and all the man behind the leader had their arms sliced off.

Over the cries of terror and pain, the voice continued, "Do not lie to me!"

The leader, Henry was on his knees with his forehead touching the ground. "I'M NOT LYING! I'M NOT LYING!"

"Give me a name."

"I-I don't know their names. They we-were just whispers – please let us g-"

Another flash and this time a rod had pierced through Henry Ventis' foot and into the marble floor. "A NAME! GIVE ME THE NAME!"

"OH FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!" cried the man as loudly as he could as he wished for his own death. "JUST KILL ME!"

Henry cried when he saw another flash, but instead of pain, his very soul shivered when a pair of cold, icy blue eyes stared into his own. The lightning illuminated the room and revealed to everyone the face of the Kiroi Senko, in all his vicious glory. While wearing a layer of strengthened spandex around his whole body, an armor of light carbon fiber covered his chest, forearms and legs. His golden blond hair shined in the lightning as his hand slammed the steel rod deeper into the ground, making the Cardinal let out a silent scream.

"Death is too good a reward for you if you do not tell me the name." A pool of blood had gathered from the severed limbs of the men in the room, and Henry was nearly bathing in it. "NAME!" His demand was aligned with the lightning and thunder as his slammed the steel rod again.

"KHAOS BRIGADE!" The Kiroi Senko halted his hand and Henry sobbed into the blood-soaked floor. "They're called the Khaos Brigade – that's all I know! I don't know any of their names!"

With a snap of his fingers, thunder shook the earth and could heard miles away, and it was loud enough to knock Henry Ventis and his men unconscious instantly. Standing to his full height, he turned and hovered through the air and out the large hole he blasted open with lightning. Letting the rain wash away the blood on his body, he stared down at the barren field outside of the fortress that was soaked with blood, and littered with over three hundred dead exorcists.

Tapping his ear, a small white magic communication circle activated, "Michael-sama, we were right." With a sigh, he combed his hands through his hair, "It is the Khaos Brigade."

"Lord, how unfortunate." A gentle and divine voice came from the other side of the call, "It is as we expected."

"Do we still not know what this group is? They are directly connected to the last five secret gatherings we have uncovered."

The Archangel Michael answered, "It appears that they are a group that has been active for a short time. All we know right now is that they are secretly amassing forces, but we cannot confirm or even assume their purpose. Rest assured, Naruto-kun, Heaven and the Church have begun a thorough investigation on this. I am hopeful that we will find something soon."

"I understand, Michael-sama."

The leader of Heaven gave a soft sigh, "Thank you for your hard work, Naruto-kun." Michael looked down from Heaven and could see the slaughter, "I'm sorry that you have to carry out such missions so often." Before Naruto could interrupt, Michael spoke on, "I'm afraid that we've become a burden to you."

Naruto closed his eyes, "Please don't say that, Michael-niisan." Using the informal suffix for his leader, he continued, "I am only doing my job."

"Well, no matter. I am formally asking you to take a break, Naruto-kun." Michael knew Naruto would try to fight it, so he kept talking. "This is not up for discussion. You have been active consecutively for the past five years; I should have order you to take a break years ago." Naruto sighed and remained silent. "The Brave Saints System is nearly complete, so until the time I convert you into an Angel, you should leave all your current work to others. I'm sure Griselda can pick up where you left off; if she can't, I'll have Ewald or Vasco advise her."

"Okay, Michael-niisan."

"Use this time and relax, Naruto-kun. There should still be a few months before the Brave Saints System can be fully functional, so go on and take a long vacation. I give you permission to go anywhere in the world." Michael chuckled, "You can even come up to Heaven and see the house Gabriel and I had built for you."

Naruto smiled, "I'll leave that surprise for when I'm an Angel, Nii-san."

"You're choice. It's doesn't matter to me as long as you relax and take a break." The Archangel smiled, "Goodbye for now, little brother."


Ending the call with his surrogate brother, Naruto sighed and turned to face his victims. He closed his eyes and bowed, "May you all rest in peace." With a flash of yellow, Naruto, along with Henry Ventis and his men, vanished into the night.

Vatican City – Gabriel Apartments

After dropping off the traitorous Cardinal and his men into the dungeons, the Kiroi Senko teleported back to his personal home in Vatican City. It was a small and humble apartment, rustic and clean in the middle of a collection of housing named after the Angel Gabriel, or Naruto's Gabriel-neechan. It had been many years since Naruto had moved into the building – he was only eleven years old at the time – and it finally felt like a home.

"Well that was fast; you've only left a few hours ago." As usual, his legal guardian and foster mother knew the instant he got home. "How was your mission, kid?"

Griselda Quarta, one of the most powerful exorcists under the Church, smiled as she stood at her ward's doorstep. Even at the age of thirty-five she didn't look a day over twenty-five. Wearing the traditional garb of a nun, she was the prime example of a female exorcist – beautiful, confident and powerful.

"It was as we expected," he said calmly as he shrugged off his armor and spandex, leaving him in a pair of boxers. "Henry Ventis was bought off and was tasked to arm a large group of rouge exorcists with weapons" Stretching his built and muscular body, he sat down on his couch, "The name Khaos Brigade came up again." Pulling on a shirt, he sighed, "I don't know who these people are, but it is certain that they will make a move soon."

"All we can do now is to pinpoint their location, but it won't be easy." Griselda smirked and crossed her arms, "But either way, it's not your business right now." Naruto looked up at his surrogate mother with confusion, "Gabriel-sama contacted me and told me about your vacation." She laughed at the disgruntled look on her foster son's face, "This is long overdue if you ask me. You've been in the field more than another operative, and while I understand why we need you so much out there, you are still a kid." Flicking Naruto on the forehead, Griselda smiled before ruffling his hair, "Try to live your age, boy."

Naruto sighed, "I'll try, Oba-chan."

Griselda frowned and sat down next to the young man. "Maybe you should visit Heaven for a while and take your mind off things." Griselda knew better than most that having a young boy slaughtering hundreds of people at a time would take a toll on his mind. Regardless of the psychological training and examination followed up by the Vatican, some wounds take time to heal.

"I don't know, maybe."

"Senpai, you're back!" Standing at the door of Naruto's apartment was Xenovia Quarta, the foster daughter and ward of Griselda and little sister of Naruto. "Congratulations. This must be some kind of new record, Senpai." Dressed only in a blue tank top and sweatpants and with her holy sword, Excalibur Destruction on her back, she ran into the apartment. "How did the mission go?"

"Pretty good," muttered Naruto as he eyed the sword, "What are you doing with that?"

Xenovia gave a confident smirk, "Irina and I just got assigned to a mission and we got permission to use our Excalibur swords."

"Really, both you and Irina-chan?" Xenovia nodded with a smile, then it clicked for Naruto, "Hey, this is about the Holy Swords stolen be the Fallen Angels, isn't it?"

Griselda nodded, "Yes, Xenovia and Irina and a separate team of exorcists will be handling this."

"That's it?" asked Naruto as he stood up, "We don't know what class of Fallen Angels are responsible for this. What if it's a Cadre Class or-"

"Don't worry, Senpai!" Xenovia shook her head at her brother's protectiveness, "We've all trained for this and we're ready." Griselda nodded along as Xenovia continued, "The team of exorcists are already on their way; Irina and I will fly to Japan in the morning."


"Yes," added their foster mother, "We have traced the missing Excalibur Blades to Japan, in a place called Kuoh Town." Griselda gave Naruto a look, "And before you say anything, I was going to tell you. But despite your connection to that place, this is only an A-ranked mission, so it's under your pay-grade. And Irina Shidou also originates from there so she will know the town. "

Xenovia looked confused, "What's going on?"

"Kuoh Town is also my hometown, Xenovia-chan." Naruto nodded at the shocked look on his sister's face and sat down, "But why would the Fallen Angels go there? From what I know, Kuoh is now under the watch of the Gremory Family. Do you think the Fallen Angels are working with the Devils?"

Griselda shook her head, "Nothing has been suggested yet, but that is definitely one factor we will be monitoring. One of Xenovia and Irina's duties is to contact the local Devil and ask for their neutrality. If they refuse or suggest otherwise, then we will reevaluate the mission." Before Naruto could say anything, she shot him a look, "But either way, you are on vacation by the orders of Michael-sama and Gabriel-sama, so until further notice, your mission is to relax and to recuperate."

Xenovia smiled at her brother, "Don't worry, Senpai, Irina and I can take care of this."

"Fine, fine."

"Good," nodded Griselda as she patted the top of his head, "Now get some sleep and think about your vacation – keep in mind that training in the Vatican doesn't count."

"Yes, I understand." Naruto smiled at his sister, "And be careful, Xenovia-chan."

The girl playfully punched Naruto's arm, "Of course."

Before they closed the door, Griselda shot Naruto another look, "Sleep, now."

With a small sigh, Naruto teleported into his bathroom and jumped into the shower, letting the hot water sooth his aching muscles. Those exorcists may have been weak and powerless against him, but cutting all of them down in under a minute took a toll from his arms. A vacation could really be a good idea in Naruto's mind, and he just figured out a place he could go.

'Hmm, I guess a visit home is long overdue.'

The End

Well, this is the official rewrite of Thunderous Music. Highschool DxD is getting real good and I'm hooked all over again. Of course, this story, just like the old one, has one of my personal favorite pairings. You all know me, I'm a fluff loving romantic, so if you enjoy fluffy scenes, keep following this story. XD