Chapter 3

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Dà lì sighs as she runs a hand through her hair, she had taken the O.W.L.'s for her strongest subjects the same as the others did though her brother had taken the ones in his weaker subjects again while Kai had taken the opportunity to takes his N.E.W.T.'s and get them over with. The emerald eyed girl was currently in a ruby red bikini as she relaxes on Steve's private beach. He'd agreed to allow the G-Revs to use his beach, mostly so they may not get caught up in another Five-0 case. Tyson was currently in control and loving how his girlfriend looked in her bikini. Thankfully the rest of the team had agreed to let them have the beach to themselves for a while since their female member had been kidnapped.

The best tag pair in the BBA just gets to be a normal teenaged couple for once, laughing and playing the whole time though by the time the rest of the team arrived they were curled up on the porch napping. Ray and Kai have since become used to scenes like this and know that Tyson nor Takao would ever do anything that their sister didn't like. The pair were still sleeping when Steve arrived back home, " This usual for them? "

" What, sleeping curled up with each other, yes, it is. Especially after Tyson/Takao just recovered from beating Brooklyn and keeping the BBA in charge then thrown in my sister getting kidnapped yet too…" Ray says.

" I guess that does make sense. Apparently today was just a day for them to be with each other. " Steve says.

Hogwarts, Dumbledore's Office:

The aged headmaster frowns as he continues to try and find the missing Potter heiress. The girl had to be found at all costs so he might still be able to mold her to do his bidding. Had he known that Sailor Destiny had been the one to foul up his plans for Dahlia he would have already been plotting her demise. Finding Dahlia had to take top priority, he couldn't even force Sirius to help him as Sirius had claimed the Lordship of the Black family after Arcturus had died. Sirius had taken great pleasure in kicking Bellatrix and Draco off of the family tree and adding Andromeda, her husband, and their daughter onto the family tree. Narcissa he was waiting to talk to and see where she stood with all this blood purity nonsense.

Little Café in London:

Shukumei smirks as she can feel the old goat's frustration and her blue haired companion looks at her, " What has you looking like the cat that ate the canary anyhow and got the cream yet too, Shukumei-chan? "

" Well, I'm feeling the old goat's frustration with not having the GWL under his control though I do still have several other champions for my patron to help out. Think you could do something about Yoh's situation? "

Meiou Nagare(AN: means Currents) rolls her shoulders and looks at Shukumei, " How do you suggest I do that, I can't de-age myself. "

" Who says you can't, you guard the Currents, right now Ebb is guarding the Gates for you, time also has currents, does it not. Yoh needs someone at his side that can help him to actually beat his brother and save us all. Him losing is similar to the Hime losing to Chaos. " Shukumei points out.

Nagare blinks at this comparison and frowns thoughtfully, Yoh had actually been there during the Silver Millennium and she would like to actually have her soulmate back. " I'll have Prince Duo assist me in my age regression, think you could get me set up. I'll need a partner though if I am to be a shaman. "

" You will be a priestess instead, my cousin. This way you can exorcise the spirits Yoh and the others can't deal with in any other way and I know damn well you do have that training. " Shukumei states.

" How should I meet him and when? " Nagare asks.

While the two senshi are plotting they fail to notice a certain reporter for the Daily Prophet spying on them in her animagus form though someone else did notice her. A teen with long brown hair tied back into a braid snaps his hand out and grabs up the bug before conjuring a bug catching jar and tossing her in it. His violet eyes dance merrily and he approaches his two favorite cousins, " Now what are you two plotting. " He places the jar on the table and Shukumei curses under her breath.

" How to help out Asakura Yoh. " Nagare answers.

He grins widely and starts to help them with their plan, after this they would need to figure out how to help out Motomiya Daisuke as well.

Juuban, Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan:

Tsukino Usagi stares forlornly up at the Moon, what had she done to deserve the way her life was going anyhow. The girls had never understood her until Sailor Saturn was awakened. Hotaru understood her misery, her loneliness. She'd had to give up her dearest friend Naru, was forced into dating Chiba Mamoru because she had been Princess Serenity in her last life and had apparently loved him then. None of her memories even came close to showing her something like that. They'd condemned her for her friendship with Kou Seiya as well. They all thought that her parents loved her, they certainly acted like that whenever the girls were around, it was only when they had her alone that their true colors showed.

Oh, they never hurt her physically, they just verbally and emotionally beat her down all the time. Her only solace was the strange pendant she'd found that had the spirit of a Thunderbird inside of it named Dravenia. Dravenia was her only true friend anymore, everyday her soul called out for someone, anyone to save her from the hell her life had become. Little did she know that she would soon have her prayers answered though not in any expected way. She had long since stopped wearing Mamoru's ring as well.

Divine Realms:

Aphrodite, Psyche, Freya(Norse Love Goddess), Yue-Lao(Chinese Love God), Hathor and Bastet(both Egyptian Love Goddesses) set to work to answer the prayer of Lady Cosmos' soul, to find her proper soulmate and get her out of Juuban. She had suffered enough over the course of two lifetimes and had died three times to save the Earth. If anyone deserved to be happy it was her. They all knew her destiny was not to become the Queen of Crystal Tokyo and they were trying to avoid that fate in this dimension.


Dà lì was enjoying learning how to surf from Kono, wearing a golden bikini this time. Takao was currently in control since he had to keep all the other males away from his girlfriend. He knew Daria could handle them herself but, he'd rather just glare at them and make things that much easier on her. Plus, he loved how white the idiots all turned as he glared them away from his girlfriend. You'd think that the whole damn world would know that Daria was taken but if they did, they just didn't care. It had been a week since they had arrived in the islands and their test results wouldn't be available until the next week so they were sticking around until then. Since the emerald eyed girl learning better by doing she was actually progressing quite far when it came to surfing.

Kono was surprised by how quickly she was learning however Takao wasn't and Kono realized that her student was someone whom learned better by doing so she also quizzes her on her Mundane subjects, the American Magical Government was helping them catch up on their non-magical schooling at the moment, they weren't too far behind actually. This meant that the team may actually be able to take a break from schooling for a little while. They were all getting a year ahead for Mundane schooling at least. However a member of the AMG informs a certain old goat as to where the GWL happened to be and was even now conspiring to get her, at the very least into Magical Britain.

Of course, the guys Bit Beasts would immediately follow after her because none of the guys would take well to her being taken out from under them. Hell, Dà lì would be pissed if that happened again. She was getting sick of being captured and used against the boys though if the Old Goat did get her, well, she was half cat demon for a reason, she would fight him every step of the way. She was a Kon and they did not surrender without a fight.

Takao glares at another guy that was leering at his girlfriend and was internally lamenting to Tyson about the fact that their girlfriend was so damn hot. Tyson commiserates with his twin, their girlfriend happened to have a body girls would kill for and lust after, along with every straight and bi male lusting after her body as well. He was just glad she had chosen him, that they were her chosen mate. As she works on another surfing trick the Granger twins can see that she was having fun. It was rare when Kon Dà lì got to let her guard down and have some good old fashioned fun.


Viktor Krum, Ares, frowns thoughtfully as he looks over the information sent to him by Aphrodite, he needed to decide which targets to go after next though taking out the worst of the sum in Azkaban needed to be a priority. They couldn't allow the likes of the LeStranges to get free and wreak havoc once again. Lucius Malfoy was another one that needed to be eliminated as well. Still, the worst Death Eaters in Azkaban needed to be eliminated as soon as possible. Athena and Artemis, Artemis being the Code Name for Luna Lovegood, were working on a Patronus Shield. A way to keep Dementor Protection on at all times, until they managed that they would deal with Augustus Rook, MacNair, the ones they knew for certain were Death Eaters and within the British Ministry.

Ares was going to bring down the hammer on the Death Eaters, he understood why Athena was acting as she was. Someone needed to take a stand and tell Magical Britain they were no longer going to allow the treatment of the mundane borns to remain as it was.

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