The Chosen of Hera

Venessa's POV

I was running again. I had just 'apprehended' 6 boxes of strawberries, 2 cases of water bottles, and a pack of M'n'Ms. I could hear the police sirense behind me, and the sobbing of the child in my arms. His name was Luke. He was mine.

Ok, before we go any further into this, let me explain a few things. My name is Venessa. I'm 15, short for my age, with red-brown hair. I was going through a rough time, so of course I was a mental catastrophy. I still have flashbacks and nightmares sometimes.

Luke is my child. He was currently 6 months old. That's how long I had been running. He has deep brown hair and lightning blue eyes.

So anyway, I was running. Where to? North-east. I was going to loose the cops in the Appalachian mountains. Or so I hoped. I ran into the woods, which meant the cops had to stop to get out of their cars and trying to find my trail.

Natasha Romanova's POV

"Romanova!" Fury bellowed. Why did he always bellow? "Here, sir." I said. "I've got a mission for you. Only you. You may take Barton if absolutely neccessary." I caught the file he threw to me. I was supprized it was so small, only one page. I shot him a quizzical expression. He explained,"No super powers that we know of, no past criminal reccord, although susspected of her family's murders." Great, I thought, A mad woman. "I'm on it, sir." I said. "Bring her here peacefully, Romanova. I don't want a child hurt until we know more." "A child?" "In the file." And with that he left.

I opened the file and was supprized. "Name: Venessa Rose McCowlan Age:15 Family:Belle (Mother) deceased,33. Arnold (Father) deceased,36. Elain (sister, younger) deceased,13. Daniel (Brother, younger) deceased,10. Brandon (Brother, younger.) deceased,6. ? (Suspected son) app. 6 months. Address:N/A Record: Suspected murder of family on 6/9/24. Robbery of many stores and houses. Note: No valuable items stolen. Last spotted:Cleveland, Tennessee on 12/12/24." "Whoa." I whispered. I gathered my wits and ran to get a jet.

Venessa's POV

I was sitting by a creek, gathering water in my fancy new filter, when I heard a plane or a jet pass by over head. I grabbed Luke and hid. To my horror, the jet landed about 30 yards away, and a lady with fiery red hair dressed in all black walked out. She had a gun, and a knife and who knew what else. I tried to back away, but I stepped on a twig. Great, a super cliche give-away. The woman turned in my direction, and began to call out, "Venessa? Venessa McCowlan, come out. I won't hurt you or the baby." How did she know about Luke? I panicked and began backing awy, but it's the woods. There are logs everywhere! So of course I tripped over one and fell on my back. Luke began to cry, and the woman began walking our way. So I did the most sensible thing; I ran.

Natasha's POV

I heard a baby crying, so I walked fowards, all the while saying, "It will be okay, I just want to talk." But everything went downhill when I saw a girl get up and run. "Wait!" I yelled. I knew I wouldn't catch her this way, so I shimmied up the nearest tree and began tree hopping like a monkey. I got ahead of her and looked down, waiting. She ran up, out of breath. "Shh. Shh, Luke. It will be okay. I won't let them take you." I heard her tell the child. So that was it! She was afraid I was here for the baby! She stopped and looked back. That was when I jumped down in front- well, behind her now. She swivveled around and gasped. I held my hands out, showing I was unarmed. Okay, so that wasn't true, but I had to do something. "I just want to talk." I said. She was short, with dark brown hair, her face was smudged with mud, her hair full of twigs and leaves. She pulled the baby back. "Who are you?" She asked. She sounded more confident than she looked. "I'm Natasha." Why did I give my real identity? I saw her begin to run and said, "I'm not herre for the baby." That stopped her. "Y-Yo-Your not?" "No. Like I said, I want to talk." I saw her ponder this. I played another card. "Are you hungry?" She steeled up. "No." I took a breath and played my last card. "He looks hungry." She glanced at the child. He was still crying. "Fine." She finally relented. "But if you harm him, I will kill you." The venom in her voice supprized me. I held back the retort that was forming in my head, and said instead, "Back to the jet, then." "If it's all the same to you, I'll stay outside." I was a little anxcious. I needed to get her in the jet. "Okay."

Venessa's POV

The woman seemed safe enough. Besides, she was right. We both were hungry. When we got back to the jet, I grabbed my backpacks, which I had dropped when I ran. "Right this way." she said, gessturing into the jet. I was nervous. What if it was a trick? But that ended when I smelled- "Pizza!" I practically ran into the jet. I grabbed a piece and began to wolf it down before I remembered the woman. "Oh," I was so embarassed. " you mind?" She grinned. "Go ahead. It's for you." she said. I ate 5 slices before Luke reminded me that he was hungry, too. I blushed. "Do you... uh... do you have a... um... more private place?" This time she laughed. "I'll go outside." Once she was gone, I began to feed him. When I was done, I called her back in. "Hey, uh, Miss. You can come back in!"

She came back in. "Hey, I was wondering if you would come with me. There are a few people who want to talk to you. I promise neither you or the baby will be hurt. You will have somewhere safe to sleep, and proper food." I was scared, but I tried not to show it. I had gotten really good at that. "Somewhere safe? Luke will be safe?"

Natasha's POV

"Somewhere safe? Luke will be safe?" She was in a dazed, absentmindedly burping the baby. "That's his name? Luke?" I asked. She was still lost in thought. "Venessa! That's his name? Luke is name?" I saw her go stiff. "How do you know my name? Why should I trust you?" I knew if I didn't do something quick, I would loose her.

"Venessa, have you heard about the attack on New York? With the aliens?" I saw her slowly nod her head. Then it seemed to dawn on her. "You-Your one of them. An avenger." "Yep. I'm-" "No! Let me guess. Black Widow?" I saw something in her eyes I hadn't seen before. Hope. She actually hopes I'm an avenger! "You got it right." She was about to say something, but Luke chose that moment to puke over her shoulder. "Ugh! Luke! Can you bring me my bag? Thanks." She pulled out a towel and a water bottle and began cleaning herself and the child up. "The answer, miss," she said as she looked up. "Is yes."

...line break (1 hour and 30 minutes later)...

When we arrived, someone unexpected was waiting for us. "Oh no." I whispered. Venessa was asleep, so I woke her. "We're here. And there are a few people waiting for you.

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