Hera's Chosen

Natasha's POV

"We're here. And there are a few people waiting for you." The girl's head jerked up. "Who?" she asked. I grinned. This was going to be amazing. "You'll see." She got up, which woke Luke. She shushed him and began whispering a song I couldn't hear. He calmed down almost immediately. I helped her brush herself off, then we walked out. Her jaw dropped as she saw who was there. "Oh. My. Goodness."

Venessa's POV

We walked out of the jet and my jaw hit the floor. "Oh. My. Goodness." In front of me were the Avengers. The real actual Avengers. I looked behind me and saw Natasha smiling. Then she looked at them and said, "Cap? What are you guys doing here?" His grin faded as he said, "Fury wants to talk to her, and he said we all might need to be here." Now I was confused. Why would all 6 of the Avengers be needed to take me to someone. Apparently, Natasha was thinking the same thing. "Why?" "He wouldn't say." "Great." she muttered. Captian America looked at me and said (yes he talked to me), "Come this way please." Confused, and kind of scared, I followed.

Steve's POV

I didn't like it. Not one bit. This girl was 15, and yet she still held a child that was rumored to be hers like he was her life, which I supposed he was. But worse, now we had to take her into custody to Fury? I hate complaining, but that's what I had done for an hour to Fury. Still, orders were orders. But if this girl was harmed i any way, I would personally smack that pirate!

I led her along with the other Avangers down a hall to the interrogation room. When we got there, I saw Fury sitting behind the desk with the lie detector. "Thank you, Captian. Now you may go." he said. "Sir," I began. "Might I ask-" "No, you may not. Now you and the rest, leave." I bowwed my head. On my way out though, I asked, "Where would you like us to go?" "How about home?" He snapped. I knew where I wasn't wanted and went to tell the others.

Venessa's POV

The man with the eye-path scared me. "Sit." he commanded. I slowly went fowards and sat. "What can I do for you, sir?" I asked. He seemed supprized. I was emmidiately on guard. "Did I do something wrong?" "No, no. It's just that you have better manners than anyone who's ever been in here, exept for maybe Steve." "Who?" "Captian." "Oh." "But that's not why you're here. I just want to ask a few questions about your family." Oh, crap. I could feel a flashback coming on and began to sway. But I held it in check. Or at least tried to. I managed to say, "I'm sorry, Luke." before everything went black.

Fury's POV

I heard her say, "I'm sorry, Luke." before she slumped forward. Luckily, my usual desk was in repair, after the Hulk smashed it, so I was useing a desk that was more like a table, so I could catch the baby. He started to cry, and I said into my comunicater, "If he's not gone, get Banner in here."

...5 Minutes Later...

"PTSD." Banner said. I was not convinced. "Post-tramautic stress disorder? Really? There's nothing for her to be stressed about!" Supprizingly, Widow answered. "Fury, she's been running for more than a year now. And she's suspected for her families murder. There's alot to be stressed about." "How long will she be out?" "About 5 more minutes, I think, sir." "Okay, Banner." Captian raised his hand. "What?" "Sir, shouldn't we stay here, in case this happens again?" I pondered this. I didn't want all of them in there, intimidating her. Besides, Stark would be a handfull. I made up my mind. "Romanova, take the baby. Stark, if you act out even once, our out. Otherwise, you all can stay."

"Thank you, sir." Romanova and Captian said together. "So what did you want her for?" Stark asked. I sighed. If they were going to be here, I would have to tell them. "We have reason to believe that she may be a... super." "WHAT?" They broke into a bunch of "Why didn't you tell me?"s, and "What powers?s, and "Cool!"s. Banner shut them up, saying, "She's waking up! Wait, no! She's-" "AGHHH! NOOO! PLEASE!" She was screaming, shaking. Luke began to cry. "Hold her down!"

Venessa's POV

In my flashback, it was that day. It was satureday, and we were all watching football. Then a man dressed in black burst in. My dad got up, but he was shot. Next my mom. I threw myself infrotn of my siblings, who were screaming. He pushed me out of the way and shot them. "AGHHHHH!NOOOO!" He came towards me, but not with a gun.


8 months and 17 days later, on February 26, 2025, I was in a garage of smeone who was not at home (obviously), giving birth to Luke. He and I barely made it. "AGHHHHHHH!PLEASE!AGHHHHH!"

Natasha's POV

"AGHHHHHHH!PLEASE!NOOOOOO!" I was holding Luke, who listened to the screaming girl. He himself was screaming. I felt a tug in my body, in a place so rarely used these days. I felt a tug in my heart and followed my instincts. I stepped towards her. "Let her go!" Relunctantly, they did. She began thrashing. I put Lukes open mouth to her ear. She began to calm. When she was calm enough, I set the baby in her arms. "Romanova, what are you-" "Shush, Fury." When she had hold of him, she stopped moving. Then she began to cry, and stroke his head. "I'm sorry, Luke. I'm sorry." she cried. The boys all looked at me, so I explained. "Mother instincts. She was obviously dreaming of him. The sound of him crying for her snapped her out of it." As I finished speaking, she began to whisper-sing again. "What is she saying?" Stark asked. "Wait, and I'll tell you." I waited until she paused, then began again. It was soft, and slow. I prepared a recorder.

"Mary was 15, Joseph aout 20.

The Holy Spirit was the father, and Mary had a baby.

We have lost everything,

but so did they.

Oh the best people are born,

with the largest burdens to carry.

Mary lost her child,

when Jesus was crucified.

I am like Mary,

too young for you.

You are like Jesus,

but you won't die too.

For you have heard my promises,

though they came with a consequence.

Two last promises,

before you sleep.

I won't loose you,

and God loves you too."

I felt myself tearing up. "Hey, Cap. She's christian." I gave him the recorder so he could listen. He began crying. "Dude, are you crying?" Stark asked. Cap looked at him, totally serious. "Yes." "I wanna listen!" "Listen to what?" I looked around to see Venessa sitting up, cradling Luke while wiping away tears. I was about to answer, when Cap walked up to her. "Jesus bless you, miss." The shock was evident on her face. "I-I sang, didn't I? Crap!"

Steve's POV

Why was she so ashamed? "You calmed down Luke. What's wrong with that?" She pulled back the baby, and honestly, I couldn't blame her. "When I sing, people learn secrets. When they know secrets, they use them against you." She looked pointedly at Fury. He scoweled and said, "Watch it! I still have to question you." Banner said, "Before you do, sir, what triggered her PTSD?" She beat Fury into saying, "Family." She hugged the baby closer to her chest. I felt enraged. "You started with family? What happened to 'name, age, where do you live'?" "Shhh!" she said. I blushed, realizing that I had almost woken the baby. Fury barked back, "I can start anywhere I want!" "Not my family though!" I was supprized. The girl- what was her name? What was in the files? Oh, Venessa. She hadn't showed this much power yet. Fury marched up to her.

"I have full armies and spies everywhere! You do NOT command me." She glared right back. "I had a caring mother. I had a confusing father. I had a sister with claws and teeth like a cat, but still made me smile. I had a brother who was more ADHD than I hear Iron Man is. I had a baby brother who was a redhead and both Irish and Scottish, but was the most adorable smile ever. They're all dead. I have a baby that I have proteted from bears and wolves and mountain lions with rocks and a handmade bow and arrow set. I am a fiesty, irish, scottish, strong, perseverant teenager who will stop at nothing to protect her family, then friends, then self at any cost. I could beat any of your agents- not counting the Avengers- at a fist fight any day. And if you have so many spies, why didn't they find me instead of Miss Black Widow?" She looked smug. We looked scared. No one had ever gone against Fury like that. Fury looked, well, furious. "That's it!" he said, reaching for the child. I immediately knew that was a bad idea.

Venessa's POV

"That's it!" He tried to get Luke, but I stood, gave Luke to Natasha, nd punched him in the face before he ever reached me. "I said any of your agents. That includes you, Pirate." He snarled and turned to Natasha. "Give me the boy." To my relief, she stepped back and said, "What are you going to do with them?" "I'm going to put them both inn cells, of course!" "Wrong answer." She pulled out a gun and shot him. "What are you doing?" we all screamed. "Don't worry, it's just a sedative. Let's go!" "Go?" I asked. "Go where?" Stark tower."

We ran. They put the agents to sleep. I punched alot of people. We finaly made it to the jet, with 25 or so agents after us. "Get in!" Banner yelled. We all got in and flew away.

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