Some of you may recognise this as it was the original Second Crisis beginning, but here it is as the beginning of Third Crisis! As usual, none of the canon characters are mine, but there are a few OCs floating around and causing trouble, etc. etc. blah blah blah. Enjoy! :D

"Ah, look! He's going to cry!"

"Go away!" Alastor tried to sound threatening or authoritative or something. Anything but scared, his voice trembling as much as his hands. They only laughed at him, doing cruel imitations.

"You're no son of the chief!" Arne taunted. Alastor winced, tucking his hands under his arms to conceal their shaking. Arne's two meathead friends, Rolf and Snorre nodded and chortled harshly in agreement.

Arne shoved Alastor, calling him a stupid fishbone. That stung. It was often joked about of how Hiccup used to be before he united the Vikings and the dragons- he had been a talking fishbone, a nuisance. Alastor used to find those young Hiccup stories funny until some of the old insults had been redirected at him. Hiccup had learnt to laugh them off, but Alastor hadn't. "Not going to fight back, wimp? Why don't you run home and cry to Mummy?" He shoved Alastor again, more force this time.

All three of them were at least twice Alastor's size and weight. While the chief's nine year old son was slight with his mother's blonde hair and his father's striking green eyes, he had inherited neither Astrid's fierce nature nor Hiccup's warped sense of humour or ability to deflect harsh comments fairly easily. His three tormentors were all muscle-bound, pig-nosed idiots with nasty streaks that could easily run loops around Berk. And they didn't smell any better either.

Snorre nudged Arne and muttered something in his ear. Arne gained a wicked grin, his mud brown eyes narrowing into devilish slits. Rolf leaned in to be filled in with whatever plan had come up now. Arne shook his head. "I'll just show you." And he pushed Alastor off the dock and straight into the ice cold water.

Instinct and shock took over; Alastor gasped, water sloshing into his lungs and sending freezing spikes of pain into his brain. He was a weak swimmer as it was and, in his panic, he struggled to right himself underwater. The surface was drifting away, darkness tinging the edges of his vision as his chest seared in demand for air.

Hiccup stormed in, carrying something small wrapped in his fur cloak and dripping water all over Astrid's freshly cleaned floor. Astrid hadn't seen him in such a temper since Snotlout thought it would be a good idea to tell the twins to launch a Zippleback attack on the arena for a 'joke'.

"Daddy!" Aloe beamed, unaware of her father's annoyance. "What's that?" She pointed at the bundle. Hiccup didn't answer, catching his wife's gaze as he climbed the stairs. Astrid ordered Ingrid to finish feeding Toothless and Stormfly and hurried after him.

"What happened?" She demanded as Hiccup set the cloaked bundle on Alastor's bed.

"Those gits pushed him into the water."

"Arne?" Hiccup nodded, his jaw clenching in infuriation. He unwrapped the bundle carefully, revealing an unconscious and soaking wet Alastor. "Where's my axe?" Astrid growled. Hiccup wasn't listening, monitoring his son carefully. He was breathing, albeit shallowly. "How long was he under for?"

"A few minutes. I was trying to sort out Trader Johan's shipment when I couldn't see him anymore and those stupid idiots were laughing."

"I'll get dry clothes." Astrid muttered through gritted teeth. If she caught hold of those bullies…

Ingrid stormed in moments later.

"Who do I need to kill?!" She raged, her dagger in hand. Hiccup was pretty sure he had hidden that from her, but his worry for Alastor outweighed his tempermental daughter wielding her most trusted weapon. "Al!" She may try to kill her little brother sometimes- as all big sisters do- but she would do anything for him. "I'LL GET THEM!"

"Ingrid, no!" Hiccup lunged forward and grabbed her by the arm. For an eleven year old, she was strong and highly stubborn- all from her mother's side. "No!" Hiccup repeated sternly, holding her firmly by the shoulders and looking her square in the eye.

"But, Dad-!"

"I know, I'm not keen on them either. But I'll sort this."

"You said that last time and now look!" Ingrid gestured angrily at her comatose brother with her blade. "If you don't sort them out, I sure as Valhalla will!" And with that, she flounced out, hitting the wall and stomping her feet all the way down the stairs.

"She's so your daughter."

"That's a good thing." Astrid countered, snapping her fingers next to Alastor's ear. He stirred feebly. "Al?" She called softly. The youngster mumbled incoherently. Hiccup noticed Astrid had successfully got him into dry clothes and wrapped up in several blankets to warm him back up. She may doubt herself, but she was a highly efficient mother. "But she's right." She continued. "If you don't sort those brats out this time round, I'm going over there with my axe and Ingrid." Hiccup sighed, passing a hand through his sopping wet hair tiresomely.

Ingrid completely blanked her father's orders- nothing new- but she couldn't shake her little sister. Aloe Helga-Vera was a sweetheart, bubbly and most often chatty, very giggly. Normally she could shake Ingrid from one of her tempers, but not today. Today was the last straw.

"I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE, ARNE!" Ingrid yelled, smacking the butt of her knife on the door to the Legosons' door. "ARNE!" She kicked the door and then whacked it again. "OPEN THIS DOOR, YOU COWARD!" Arne and his two friends were a few months older than her- they only picked on Alastor as he wouldn't stand up for himself in fear of hurting others.

Ingrid didn't have that problem. "YOU HAVE FIVE SECONDS TO OPEN THIS DOOR OR YOU'LL BE PICKING SPLINTERS FROM YOUR EYES FOR A MONTH!" The door opened then, Arne's stout-legged mother frowning at her.

"What do you want?" Ingrid belatedly concealed her knife behind her back and tried for a sweet smile.

"I just want to talk to Arne."

"He's not here." She answered curtly.

"Yeah?" Ingrid barged past, Aloe squeaking a protest behind her; It's rude to enter someone's house uninvited! Ingrid, wait!

Ingrid rushed up the stairs two at a time and- what did she find?- Arne, sitting on his bed. "Now who's hiding behind their mother?" She lifted her knife.

"What's this?" Arne sneered. "A toothpick? Dearie me, I am in trouble!"


"Ingrid, no!" Aloe tried to get hold of her sister's arm, but there was no stopping a raging hurricane. She lunged forward. Arne yelped and scampered from his bed, darting to the other side of his room. "Ingrid!"

"You're crazy!" Arne wailed, ducking around her as she slashed at his head.

"WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CLUE?!" She snatched at his shirt, catching him in a vice-like grip. "YOU HURT MY BROTHER, I HURT YOU!" Ingrid gave him a very violent shake, silently elated when his usually red face paled. "So you're not completely clueless…" She snarled, twisting the point of her knife into his neck, drawing a small bead of blood.

"Ingrid." She turned her head, glaring at her father with angry blue eyes. He stood calmly in the doorway, her vision of him obscured by a tangle of her wild dark brown hair. Aloe peered from behind his mismatched legs, smiling as if everything was OK. Her blue-green eyes twinkled happily and she curled a strand of blonde hair around her finger. "Put the knife down." Hiccup ordered.

"In a minute." Ingrid turned back to Arne, digging the knife in a little deeper.

"Ingrid." He repeated, his tone firmer.

"He nearly killed Al." She argued, talking slowly like he was stupid. "You want me to just let him go?"

"Yes. I think he understands now, don't you, Arne?" Hiccup's tone held a trace of the anger he had mastered keeping under wraps, implying that if Arne- or any of his little cronies- did anything again, he wouldn't hold Ingrid- or Astrid, for that matter- back. "Arne?" He repeated.


"Good." He stared Ingrid out. She reluctantly lowered her knife. "We're leaving." He told her.

"One last thing." Arne often claimed girls couldn't hit as hard as boys, but that nice big bruise on his face would last quite a while. The smack of the hit and the force behind it floored him.


"Alright, alright." She sheathed her knife, glowering down at Arne. "If you try anything like that again, I swear I will end you. Understand?" He managed to nod weakly, his hand on his injured jaw. Blood spilled over his bottom lip, dripping stoically onto the floor.

"You can't solve everything with violence." Hiccup began on the way back to the Haddock residence.

"I beg to differ." Ingrid replied coolly. Her father sighed. "And don't act like you're annoyed, Dad. You're secretly glad I whopped him one."

"Am I now?"

"Yes, because you'd be lecturing right now if you wasn't." Hiccup massaged his forehead, evading an on-coming or already present headache. And he thought being the chief was difficult- try raising Ingrid.

"Daddy?" Aloe skipped alongside them, holding Hiccup's hand and happily oblivious to their conversation. "Can we go and get those nice flowers for Mummy again?"

"In a bit," he promised, "we've got to get that troublesome sister of yours home first."

"How's Al?" Ingrid asked.

"With luck, he'll come around in the next few days." Hiccup gave her a lopsided smile. "I doubt I could say the same about Arne's face though."

"He so had that coming, Dad, don't deny it." He said nothing, but his smile remained.

I've added a sentence or two, but it's pretty much the same. Thoughts? I've kept the drama for the first chapter because I wanted to :P