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Mixing Realities
Chapter 1

I looked down at the screen of my computer which held the figures of Frisk and Asriel standing in front of a yellow flower patch. I was playing Undertale, but I didn't really feel like I was playing it. Before I had obtained the game, I had watched spoilers for it and found out many secrets to the game. I got the game, for reasons, I myself, did not fully understand.

When I played through the game, I felt a sort of pain in my chest. I knew this feeling all too well as I've felt it playing other games. It was the pain of not being able to fully express my feelings. I guess this is what it feels like to be helpless to change something.

I tried to stay with Toriel, but to no avail, the game would not allow me to. I laughed at Sans jokes, "hung out" with Papyrus, cooked (not really) with Undyne, and worked with Alphys, danced with Mettaton, and so much more. I did everything I could to try and make a better ending, despite me knowing it was impossible. And when I got to Asgore and saw that I would get what is known as the neutral ending, I tried everything I could to stop it from happening, determined to only get the True Pacifist ending so I could reach Asriel.

Finally, after many attempts too keep it from happening, I conceded defeat and worked to fight Asgore. Despite knowing what was going to happen, it didn't change how it felt when I had to fight him. I wanted to scream in frustration, to yell at Asgore myself and tell him to stop. But I knew that wouldn't work. So after many more attempts, I defeated him, though it felt more like I was the one who lost. I spared him, only to watch in sadness as he was killed in front of me. Flowey crashed the game. I booted it back up and fought him, pain in my heart.

I knew it was all just a game, but it sure as heck did not feel like one to me! I won after a long battle, spared him, never once actually being mad at him, and then watched the rest of the ending unfold. I rebooted the game like Flowey suggested, and went on a "date" with Alphys. I then went to the Alphys' lab and did all I had to do. Finally, I was on my way to the ending I desired.

Later, I watched the ridiculous unfold in front of me as everyone showed up to stop Asgore and me. I smiled at their shenanigans glad that they were having so much fun. And then came the final battle against Asriel. I no longer felt that I was playing, and instead felt like I was watching someone else save everyone.

I beat Asriel, feeling a intense urge to cry as I urged Frisk to comfort him, wanting to do the same myself. As he left, I willed myself to let my feelings out as it physical hurt to hold them back. I cried as Asriel left.

When Frisk awoke to see everyone around them, I smiled a little, and urged them to to talk to their friends. After that I led them to the beginning of the ruins where I knew Asriel had gone. I allowed Frisk to talk to those they passed as I halfheartedly urged them forward, until at last we arrived.

I urged frisk to talk to him until I was now where I am now. I knew the game could not allow me to save Asriel and I knew how people made stories where Frisk gave up their soul to save him. But I saw Frisk as I saw everyone else in the game. I saw them all as actually living creatures with feelings.

I laughed lightly at my own idiocy. They were all part of a game, but I couldn't think of them that way. I didn't want Frisk to give up their soul to save Asriel, I wanted them both to go see the outside world. I wanted them to both live the way they wanted.

"Why can't I just give up my soul and save you Asriel?" I asked quietly, holding out my hand to the computer screen, foolishly believing I had any say in the matter. I had planned from the very beginning to never actually beat the game. I had only planned to get to this point and do nothing else.

I mentally scolded myself for my earlier question. That was selfish of me to say. I had a loving family who would sorely miss me if I was gone. I couldn't just up and die on them. I hung my head in dejection.

"There really is nothing I can do, is there, Asriel?" I asked him sadly, knowing full well he wouldn't and couldn't answer me. I felt tears start to well up again and start to fall onto my lap as I stared at the computer on my bed. "I guess I'm a crybaby too Asriel..." I mutter, feeling completely hopeless.

"I don't care if this is just a game, I just want to save you..." I cry quietly, perfectly fine with not moving ever again.

But you can save him.

I didn't move, I knew it was just a part of one of the many fantasies of mine. But I wanted so badly for them to be real. I played along with it.

You just have to leave this place behind.

I chuckle bitterly, how could I leave behind my family? That's just selfish.

They will be alright.

I doubted that. My family's had enough hardships for the past two years, I wasn't going to subject them to losing another family member. I wasn't going to allow my Mother to lose another son.

Then live two lives.

Two lives? How would that work?

Switch between this world and that world.

Switching between worlds... I guess that would work, but how would this save him?

Give him half of your soul, your soul is strong enough.

Alright, but how would I get there and back? Wouldn't there be a price to pay?

I will pay the price with my own broken soul.

Now I was starting to question this. I was still talking to myself right?

No, you know me as Chara.

I snapped my head up and looked at the game in front of me, nothing had changed. But then why did it feel like I was actually talking to someone with my head?

I'm a spirit, you know that.

"Chara?" I spoke aloud, wondering if my mind was playing tricks on me again.

No need to speak, I can hear your thoughts just fine, at least, your conscious thoughts.

I calmed myself down. If you're real, how would I know. And why would you want to help him? I thought you wanted to kill everything?

Just trust me in saying that I'm real. And why wouldn't I want to help my brother? I did this to him, I have to make up for it some how. But I can only save him with your help.

I willed myself to believe her, hoping it to actually be real. "So how would this work?" I mutter, hating having to use thoughts to communicate.

I will make a copy of you in their world and then you will "will" your soul to split in two and give one half to Asriel. You might want to wear some better clothes though. Lay down on your bed when your ready.

"Alright, but what about you?" I ask, genuinely worried about him.

My soul will stop wandering and I'll finally be at peace.

As much as I wanted to argue, I knew that would be pointless. So instead I got up out of my bed and dressed myself in my favorite clothing. I put on my green long sleeve shirt and then my striped gray T shirt over it. I then slipped on some blue jeans and grabbed my black knitted scarf and wrapped it around my neck. Finally I tugged on my black Adidas socks and shoes, and looked myself over in the mirror. I gave my sixteen year old self one last look over and then lied down on my bed. "I'm ready." I said, determined do this.

Thank you. My vision went black. Save my brother for me.

I felt like I was falling as the world around me came into view. A small circular light was above me and it was quickly getting smaller. Before I could question it, I felt myself hit something soft and springy and heard heard a yelp of surprise. Felt fine on all accounts, so I pulled myself up into a sitting potion to look around. I saw pillars seemingly holding up what looked like a cave roof, as well as that I was sitting on what looked like a bed of golden flowers.

"A-are you alright?"

I looked behind me and gasped in surprise. In front of me was a white and fluffy looking goat boy wearing a striped green shirt. To his left was a feminine looking human with a blue striped shirt and a tan complexion. They both had looks of both surprise and concern. They both look to be around twelve years old. Before me was Frisk and Asriel, and I had literally just dropped in on them.

"Mister?" They both asked simultaneously. I smiled and stood up, finding myself to be almost twice their size.

"Yeah, I'm alright," I answered, feeling a feeling I had yet to identify start to bubble up. "My name is Steven. And I'm here to save you Asriel."

I ignored what they said after that, closed my eyes, and focused instead on splitting myself in half. I willed everything that I was, to split in half. And it hurt. I could hear what sounded like shouts of surprise as the pain got worse. I imagined a heart being split in half and imagined that heart to be my soul. The pain had escalated to near unbearable levels. I felt someone grab my hand, but ignored it. And then, clear as night and day, a sharp crack cut through the air and I felt the pain become unimaginable.

I opened my eyes to find two pieces of a mint green heart floating in front of me and two shocked children. I smiled despite the pain, knowing I had to do one last thing before I could allow myself to black out. I grabbed one piece a pushed it towards Asriel and then pushed the other towards my chest. The one I pushed towards Ariel turned white and become whole again before melting into Asriel's chest. The one I pushed toward myself did not becoming whole again, but simply merged with me.

I smiled at both of their shock expressions before everything went black.

I hope you all liked this! I got inspiration from multiple different stories and decided to make this. The next chapter will probably come out soon. But before I go to work on that, I want to Recommend that you guys/girls read "Sweat Dreams" by Eltyr.