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"Sometimes peace is just a prelude to something worse, other times, it is the start of a greater future, and then there are the times when it leads to both." Steven Hill

Mixing Realities
Chapter 3

It wasn't until I woke up in my bed, with sunlight beginning to shine through my curtains, that I realized I had fallen asleep. My arms and legs felt sore. I shook my head as I sat up. Last I remember was watching the Dreemurr family being finally reunited, then nothing. Did I pass out? There was one thought in the back of my mind that I was desperately trying to debunk. But my fear wouldn't let me dismiss it. I looked at my clothes, and instantly felt relief when I saw I was wearing all my clothes from last night, scarf included. Just had to make sure to was real.

I found my computer at the foot of my bed to be dead, having run out of battery in the middle of the night. Maybe that was why I had passed out? My link was severed or something? I gave it little thought as I worked to plug my computer back in, which was hard as my laptop hated to charge. So after many tries of plugging and unplugging the laptop, it finally began to charge, as evident by the small white light on it.

While my computer charged back up, I decided it was time to get something to eat. Leaving the confines of my messy room, I went to the kitchen to find some cereal. Nothing much of importance happened other then me sitting there munching on some bland cereal. When I returned to my room, I found my computer on the start up screen. I immediately put the password in and watched as my computer opened up to the start screen. I was using Windows 8.1 so I had to go to Desktop to find the Undertale icon. Upon clicking on the Undertale icon, I found my self looking at an entirely different intro. The music was the same, but there were no visuals. And then new words appeared on screen.

*Centuries after the monsters wrongful imprisonment, they were freed by a young child by the name of Frisk. Humans having forgot the war, had grown into a better species as a whole, and welcomed the monsters after hearing that they would not harm them. But what will happen next, has yet to be written.

*Would you like to help write their future, Steven? Will you help bring their world a bright future?

Yes No

I know this should be normal to me by now, but it's still weird to have a game on my computer talking to me. I already knew I wanted to help write their future, but my mother would become upset at me for sleeping all day, as it would undoubtedly look like. I was going to worry her, I just knew it. But I am choosing to be selfish and go and help out in their world.

*Your answer has been noted. Hide link device before getting ready to go. Say "Ready" when you are done.

Okay, now that was even more weird then the last one. How did it know what I was thinking? I answered my own question by simply saying, "Magic" and shaking my head, best not to dwell on these things. I lifted up my Mattress, after getting off and closing the laptop, and stuffed it under the bed. I then lied back down and said the magic word. "Ready." Darkness closed in around me.

I opened my eyes to find my self once again, in bed, but not my own. I sat up and looked around, the room looked unfamiliar and old. There wasn't much in the room, just the bed and a nightstand, and dust coated everything, but the bed. It was like no one had been in here in over a decade.

Breathing deeply, I found that the room was at the very least breathable, but it tasted stale. Breathing left the taste of a old house in my mouth. Not wanting to stay in the room any longer, I got out of the bed, and noticed I was still wearing all my clothes, including my shoes. Shrugging I walked across the dusty floor, noticing large paw print shapes in the dust leading to the bed. Someone brought me in here?

Before I could open the door though, someone else did, leaving me face to face with a grinning skeleton in a blue jacket with white fur on the collar. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I let out what could only be described as a high pitched squeal as I stepped back and found my self falling on to the bed.

"Whoa kid! No need to be scared, I'm only bones." The skeleton reassured with a wink, (how does a skeleton wink?!) as I groaned from my compromised position. I sat back up to see a chuckling skeleton. I know it was Sans, but skeletons are still scary when you've never met one before. How did Frisk not freak out when she met Sans? "Anyways, seeing as you're alright, my names Sans." He said, holding out his skeletal hand to me. I was easily a whole head taller then him. He had strange white lights in his eyes, acting as pupils.

I grabbed his hand, somewhat hesitantly, before introducing myself as politely as possible. "I uh, I'm Steven. Nice to meet you Sans." His hand felt strange, but not bad, just, strange.

He pulled me up to my feet muttering with something about humans being clumsy around him, before he led me out of the dusty room. I didn't really know how to react around him. He was funny enough, but I knew he could easily kill me if need be. I had watched the Genocide runs...

We entered the end of a hallway I slowly began to recognize as Home. It confused me as to why I was back at the ruins when the barrier had been broken and I was at New Home. I looked at Sans who was now in front of me leading me through the hallway. He was silent.

"So you may be wondering why you are back here." He suddenly said, but he left no room for me to answer him. "Well the answer to that is simple." He stopped, and I felt my stomach churn. I felt frightened as questions began to flood my mind. Why was I so selfish as to come back here? Is he going to kill me? Where was everyone else?

"You're here because I want to know who you are." He finished, leaving the hall, if possible, even more silent. He was still not looking at me, his back was still to me. I didn't really know what to say, my mind was running too fast to have many coherent thoughts, fear had a firm grip on me. Perhaps repeat my name? Yeah, lets go with that.

"I-I'm S-Steven a-and-"

"Stop." He interrupted, effectively shutting me up. He turned And I could only see darkness in his eye sockets. "I don't want to hear your excuses. You're the one whose been resetting the world over and over again, haven't you?" His voice was dark, harsh, and unforgiving.

I wasn't going to let this fear control me, I needed to tell Sans the truth, that much was obvious. But I didn't understand his statement. I never once reset the game in my world, so why would there be resets? And why did he think I was causing them? How would he even know that?

I took a few deep breaths to calm myself as he watched me with his dark sockets. "I haven't caused any resets Sans, and clearly you already know I'm not supposed to be here." I replied, my voice shaking slightly as I spoke. I wanted to say more but he cut me off once again.

"Oh? Is that so?" He asked, and I felt a sort of pressure on my body. "Then how else would you,who has never been in a single one of the many timelines, know exactly what I'm talking about? And thanks for telling me that you're not supposed to be here, it'll make this much easier."

I didn't even get to ask what he was talking about before I was slammed into the nearby wall with near bone crushing force. My body erupted in pain as I let a yelp of pain. I'd never felt so much pain in my entire life. I didn't get to even fall to the ground and cry, before I was thrown down the hall. Everything hurt so much, I wanted it to stop. I noticed the stairs to the basement next to me as I felt adrenaline surge, numbing the pain.

The fight or flight instinct weighed heavily on the flight instinct, so I did just that, I ran. I dashed down the stairs, glad or the adrenaline, I ran down the long hall. Hoping against all hope that he would give up on me. I came to the turn and dove down, it, feeling as though he was right behind me. The world spun I hit the ground, before I noticed that the area was no longer full of the purple color of the ruins. I was now on a bridge and down below it was magma. The heat was as intense as the first time I'd walked through Hotland.

"Trying to run?" I heard from behind me. I didn't look as I quickly got back to my feet and dashed across the bridge. The bridge gave out from under as I reached the end of it. I put my self into a roll, recovered quickly and kept running. I saw Alphys's Lab and ran even harder. Maybe the door would be open and I could hide? I doubted I could run from Sans.

I thought that it was extremely odd for Sans to be acting this way, especially to someone he just met. But I kept running, hoping against hope that I would be okay. As I approached the doors, they opened, allowing me to dive in. The door closed behind me as I searched frantically for a place to hide. Settling Alphys's "bathroom" I jumped in and pushed the first button I saw, which just so happened to be the basement level. As the elevator went down in levels my adrenaline began to fall and my pain increased.

By the time the elevator reached its destination, I was on the ground crying. My mind had gone making it hard for my to have any coherent thoughts. All I could think was how selfish it had been of me to leave me family like that. Now I was going to die and I wouldn't even be able to say goodbye. I opened my eyes again expecting to see darkness, but found myself in my room. I silenced my cries and held my breath. Why was I home?

The pain was bearable at this point, but it still hurt enough to bring forth silent tears. I looked down at my body to see my clothes were fine, but I could feel still feel pain. I tore off my shirt and found bruises on my sides. I got up, and held back a yelp as the pain spiked, before making my way to the bathroom near my room. No one was there to see me luckily. Locking myself in the bathroom, I assessed my injuries as best as possible.

I looked a my back through the mirror and nearly cried as I saw a bright red streak running down it. I was bleeding, and I needed to take care of it. I saw the shower to my right and made a split second decision. I tore off the remainder of my clothes and got in. I hissed quietly as I felt the warm water on my injuries. I knew it would hurt, but I needed to make sure I stayed clean so my back wound didn't get infected. Once I wash away all that I could, I got one of the red towels from under the sink to dry my self off. Careful to not brush over the back wound, I dried off.

I put my pants back on, having left my shirt in my room, and headed over to my parents room, knowing they had a first aid kit. I noticed my mother was not in there and immediately deduced she was out on errands. Finding the kit under their bathroom sink, their room had its own bathroom, I looked through it until I found the ace bandages. I took the roll and began wrapping it snugly around my torso and chest. I kept checking in the mirror to see if I was covering up the wound until, it was finally done.

Satisfied with my work, and ignoring the pain of wound I put the first aid kit back in it's place and headed back to my room. I quickly stuffed my shirt back on, not wanting anyone the see the bandages. I let out a sigh of relief knowing that the worse was over. I took out my computer from under my bed and was just about to open it when someone knocked on my door.

"Come in!" I said, as I put the computer down. In came my sister Elayne, she wasn't much younger then me, being 15 at the moment, but looking at her you'd think she was a young adult. Her current hair style was short on her left side but long on her other. The end of the long side was dyed green, which contrasted nicely with her black clothing. She was currently wearing a black Adidas jacket and black leggings.

"Hey Steven, I just wanted ask if you wanted anything to eat." She said, looking at me expectantly.

I thought about my wound briefly and decided that it would be a good idea to get something to eat. "Sure!" I relied, giving her a smile to show my gratitude.

"Cool, you stay here and I'll bring something up." And with that, she was gone. This was most certainly different though, usually I was the one that brought her food. Oh well.

After very little waiting, my sister appeared again with a bowl of French Onion Soup. To which a accepted gratefully and began eating. She came by after I finished and took my bowl. I thanked her as she left and finally got back to the computer. Opening it up yielded nothing but a black screen, that is, until words appeared on it.

*Your body is still in danger, Steven. Please prepare for transfer...

Transfer? I don't even get the choice?

*If either one of your bodies are killed, the other will die as well. You have 10 seconds to get ready... 9...

Seeing I had no choice in the matter, I quickly closed the computer and shoved it under the mattress before making it look like I had gone back to sleep. When I opened my eyes, I found myself looking out of the elevator from before and into the face of the last person I ever expected to see.

"I'm sorry, I don't understand sign language." I said, holding back from saying his name. In front of me was a skeleton in a black robe of sorts and a cracked skull. He was trying in vain to sign to me with skeletal hands which held holes in their centers. In front of me was W.D. Gaster.

"Don't worry, I can translate." Said a chilling voice behind me. I looked behind me from my position on the ground to find Sans smiling his eerie smile. His left eye socket blazed a blue color, but he made no moves to attack me. "He's asking who you are and why your SOUL is still in one piece, which is something I'd like to know as well."

I looked between the two, terror holding me still, as I tried to figure out what to say. What do you say when you, yourself, don't know the answer? I hoped they could believe me.

"I d-don't know." I told them, working to keep my words together before venturing further. "Why wouldn't m-my SOUL be i-in one piece?"

"You don't remember, kid?" Sans said, his voice still chilling. "You tore you own SOUL in half to save the prince."

At those words, I did remember, and I answered to the best of my abilities. "I think my SOUL regenerated itself..." I realized how ludicrous it sounded, especially in a world where SOULs did not regenerate like mine. But I told them what I knew, in the hopes that they would realize I'm harmless... For the most part. Gaster began using sign language again, I really should have taken the time to learn that!

"'How would you prove it to us' he asked. Better hope you have an answer, kid." Sans translated, leaving me worried. The only way I think I could show them that I could regenerate my SOUL was to hurt it, again. I felt tears rise to my eyes, I didn't want to do that again! It hurt enough the first time! I've had enough of pain. Why couldn't they just believe me and let me go!

"I-I don't want t-to d-do that again." I stammered, more afraid of the pain from purposely hurting my SOUL again then I was of them. "Can't you just b-believe me i-instead?"

"Sorry kid, but I guess I'll have to do the honors." He said before my SOUL was pulled out of me. I tried to get my SOUL away from him, but he wasn't having any of it. I felt pain rip through my body as a blue bone ripped through my SOUL, tearing off part of it. I couldn't help it, I screamed, and then, nothing. I blacked out.

I stared at the toy knife in my hands, which I had used to kill so many. I loathed this weapon more then anything. I loathed myself. I had worked so hard for so long. And now I had finally caved. I'll play this game, but I won't succumb to it.

I tore my vision away to look through the caverns, to see the dust that coated so much of it. I felt powerful, and I hated it.

No one remembered me, my family was nothing more then a far off memory. I had died long ago to them, and they were undoubtedly dead as well. My world didn't move with the resets. I was only sixteen!

With out a yell of frustration, I began my genocide again. If I was going to do this, no one would be spared. Not a single SOUL...

I gasped as I awoke to find myself on a bed. One look around the room would tell you that it looked; bare. And new? There was a window, but it was covered with blinds. I tried to recall my dream, but all that came up was a blank. What was it about? And why did it unsettle me so much?

I groaned as I got out of the bed, I felt sore all over. Making my way to the window, I looked for a way to pull the blinds up. I had never been to good with figuring out how to raise blinds, so I decided in the end, to just look through the cracks between the blinds. I wasn't prepared for what I saw.

Outside, I could see trees, foliage, and a hill leading up to what I believed to be a mountain. It was beautiful. Everything looked so, alive! I wanted feel what it felt like out there! I rushed out the door, finding a hallway and stairs leading down. I instantly ran down them feeling ecstatic to get outside. I roamed the downstairs, not taking any of it in as I saw what I was looking for, the front door.

Rushing outside, I was immediately greeted with the sight of a neighborhood. The roads between each house were made of dirt and each house was different in it's own right. I payed it little mind as I ran around what I new to be a mansion of a house, to come to the edge of a forest that led up the mountain behind it.

It was then that I finally let myself calm down and actually feel. It was so warm! I could feel the sun send down its heavenly rays of warmth from the cloudless sky. The wind that blew through the area was calming, peaceful. There were flowers that dotted the grassy ground, leaving a truly beautiful sight.

I had seen some beautiful things in my life, but this was something that truly stuck me to the core. I had always wanted to see something like this, to see a world so full of life, so ready for a bright future. I was filled with HOPE!

I don't know how long I stood there, just enjoying the peace, but eventually I heard I sound behind me. I looked around to find Asriel and Frisk, they stared at me with straight faces. It was unnerving.

"Come on in, Steven." Frisk said, her voice holding an edge to it. "We all have to talk."

"About?" I asked. I already knew the answer, but I was hoping I was wrong.


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