Sealkeeper: He Who Binds

Chapter 147-A "Trade"

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"What are you doing here, Orochimaru?" Tsunade questioned. The form of Uchiha Sasuke reeled back as if her question had been some sort of insult.

"What am I doing here?" He repeated back, shaking his head. "I've been here since the beginning, Tsunade-Hime. What are you doing here? Last I heard you were wallowing in self pity or something back at the Senju compound."

He really should have been keeping better tabs on his former teammates and fellow Sannin considering they had both been quite formidable in their prime but with Tsunade seemingly uninterested in the Shinobi lifestyle and Jiraiya's time mostly taken up by his career as an author Orochimaru had somewhat neglected to do so. Mostly he just relied on the usual rumors to remain vaguely aware of their whereabouts.

Standing before him was evidence that his methods were somewhat wanting.

"I work here," She defended her presence, doing her best to cross her arms without spilling her plate. She had...moderate...success. "I was hired by Naruto."

"Well of course." Orochmaru agreed easily enough. "Why would he have anything but the best medic working for him?" It was obvious enough to the man who thought his godson deserved the entire world.

The last Senju raised a single brow. "Then why did you ask what I was doing here?"

"Bah, it makes sense if you were hired by him. You could be here warming his bed for all I knew." His eyes narrowed suspiciously when a slight tinge of red spread over Tsunade's cheeks. Had he missed something while he was away? He had a feeling both that he had and that it had been something spectacular.

Hopefully Naruto would at least tell him about it.

"Get your mind out of the gutter, Orochimaru. You're as bad as Jiraiya."

"Where Naruto is I am," He shrugged. "That makes this palace home. It's perfectly acceptable for me to be talking about that sort of thing here."

"If you've been around Naruto any then you'd know the lower floors here are open to the public for the administrative duties of Nami's civil servants, that's not private."

"I don't care that there are guests in the house, it's still where I live so I'll act as I please. If they don't like it they're free to leave."

"Improper is what it is. These aren't even your guests, they're Naruto's."

That was a good point and Orochimaru found himself frowning. "Well said," He conceded. "I suppose you win that argument. I'll restrict it to the upper floors." Sasuke's face suddenly split into a large grin. "Care to go upstairs to continue this?"

Tsunade and Mikoto both shuddered at the sight. Orochimaru was disturbing enough but it looked even more unsettling on Sasuke's face. None of them had really known him personally after the massacre but there was something inherently wrong about the way his face twisted to accommodate Orochimaru's smile.

"Not particularly," Tsunade grimaced. "But I was going back up anyway and I'm not exactly dressed for going out into Hanahime."

"Excellent!" Sasuke's hands clapped together, his grin never fading. "It's been so long since we had a chance to catch up, you'll have to tell me all about your time with Naruto."

Part of her didn't want to know but - "What is that supposed to mean?"

"I don't know, Tsunade. Should it mean something?"

"On second thought maybe I'd be better off just going into town naked." She wasn't just saying that, either. The last Senju was contemplating it as a possible escape and it should come at little surprise that it was proving to be the more attractive option.

"Now, now, Tsunade." Unfortunately it didn't look like Orochimaru's grin was going anywhere. "If you're gone who will be around to look after Naruto's...needs?" He practically purred that last word, adding suggestion it shouldn't have. Once again the two women were in agreement that it was more than a little disturbing.

Whether that was due to Orochimaru or the current body he was using, however, neither was quite certain.

"I'm sure Shizune could see to them just fine."

"Shizune?" Orochaimaru questioned. "Your...apprentice, was it?" He held Sasuke's chin in his hand and tilted it in thought as he tried to remember some of the details surrounding his old teammates. "...Kato I think it was, right? Dan's….niece?"


"Well she may be a more suitable age to be seeing to Naruto's needs-" And she was still older than Naruto, if Orochimaru remembered correctly, so that seemed to fit his tastes still too. "In that way at least." His suggestive tone continued to send uncomfortable savers down Tsunade and Mikoto's spines. "But what of his medical needs? Should something happen you'll need to be readily available, Tsunade."

"Bah, she's plenty capable." Tsunade dismissed his argument. "Besides, she's his head physician, it's her job to be available, not mine."

That caught both Mikoto and Orochimaru's attention.

"Wait, she's the head physician? Really?"

Tsunade crossed her arms defensively and huffed. "She was hired first. When I was given an offer the position was already filled and she had tenure."

"Tenure?" Mikoto's brow rose. "How long was she working for him?"

"I don't know. A few months? A year? Whatever it was he wasn't willing to replace her as head physician of the Wolves so I was offered a position as her assistant."

Mikoto hardly looked to be satisfied by that answer but Orochimaru seemed barely able to contain his amusement.

"Senju Tsunade….Junior Physician?" Sasuke giggled in the most disturbing of manners. "That's one of the greatest things I've ever heard. It seems the student really does surpass the master, eh Tsunade-Hime?"

"Shut up, that just means I did well choosing and training her. None of your assistants have ever proven to be worth a damn."

Orochimaru stopped mid-giggle, Sasuke's expression returning to something a bit more natural for him. "Kabuto would be quite insulted to hear you say that, I should think, but I can't say you're entirely incorrect." A thoughtful expression settled. "It's probably not too late though…."

Mikoto and Tsunade shared a look. "Maybe you two should go catch up?" Mikoto suggested. "Before he has a chance to put more thought into that?"

"Yeah," Tsunade glumly agreed. "This is probably my responsibility now, isn't it?"

Mikoto nodded.

"Fine." Huffed the Slug Princess. "Come on, Orochimaru, let's go up to Naruto's private library. I'll tell you about Shizune tying Naruto to his bed again and maybe if he isn't too busy he'll even stop by to join us."

That of course caught Orochimaru's attention immediately. "Yes, yes, it would be good to see him aga-" He paused. "Did you say Shizune tied him to his bed again?"

"Well, not exactly." She corrected herself. "The first time it was her bed."

Orochimaru had no idea how he had missed out on that but he wasn't about to lose out on this chance to catch up now that he was aware of it.

And, maybe, if he figured out the matter of his next body quickly enough next time it would be Naruto tying him down.

Neither woman knew what Orochimaru was thinking but based on the expression on Sasuke's face they really didn't want to.

"What do you mean you've lost a train?!" Yaiji paused in the hallway as a raised voice reached his ears. He had come back to the main office to fix an issue with Bukra's last paycheck- the massive man was not someone you wanted coming after you for the rest of his money and one look at a picture of him had the payroll manager very much in agreement. 'Added to his next check' had very quickly become 'we'll cut a new check immediately for the remainder'. Yaiji thought that had been a pretty wise decision on their part- but what he was hearing was much more interesting.

"Just that, boss. We took it down a few miles to town for drinks after work, paid for the fuel and everything all proper-like. We got back out of the bar 'round two or three in the morn' and we'd only had a bit each, I swear, but the train was gone!"

"Those things are too complicated for just anyone to climb on and drive away you bonehead, didn't you have the engine locked?"

"Course I did! Even removed the breaking lever so they couldn't be undone 'till we returned, that's why I kept the drinks low. There's now way it should have been able to leave- least not all quiet-like! We'd have heard the squeal of brakes from across the valley if anyone had tried."

"So what, you trying to say someone wandered by and picked the damn thing up?"

"Well there was a single set of footprints near the tracks. They followed 'em until where we stopped the train and then walked off towards the docks."

Yaiji couldn't see it but he could feel the glare the supervisor was giving whoever was on the other side of the door with him.

"You seriously expect me to believe someone picked up the train and then just got on a boat with it?! How stupid do you think I am?!"

"I don't know what else to tell you, boss. Ain't no other explanation unless the gods reached down and scooped it up for 'emselves."

It was at that point Yaiji continued on, he'd heard quite enough. Unfortunately for that railworker he was probably more right than he realized- with his first explanation, that is. Yaiji didn't know about any gods but he could think of a man who might pick up their engine and walk away with it.

It would explain why Kari had been the one giving orders when he walked by the train crew earlier but of course no one was about to question the woman who was, without a doubt, Juugo's favorite crew member.

Honestly Yaiji was just surprised she hadn't gone with him, though judging by the scowl she'd been wearing maybe she hadn't known the young man's plan. In that case Juugo had his pity, she was going to tear him a new one when she found him again.

Yaiji was a bit jealous, though, their makeup sex would probably be the stuff of legends.

Lucky bastard.

Kari, in fact, was absolutely fuming. Juugo had been gone from their shared room that morning, all his things packed, and he'd not shown up to work on the tracks. She'd quickly taken charge to ensure they wouldn't miss their deadline but their work on the tracks had been the furthest thing from her mind.

To make things worse Bukra had been shorted nearly three days of work on his check and had been livid. With Juugo's team- led by Kari- and Yaiji's team working on the same project at the moment that had meant even less work had been done that day.

The bear of a man that was Bukra had been about a stripper's thong away from throwing entire rail ties at the team's engine or the architects marking out plots on the hill. Coincidently strippers had been what the man was planning on using that money for. He was not pleased to be denied his favorite form of post-work relaxation and it was only Yaiji taking one of the engines in order to sort things out at the main office that allowed him to settle down.

Still, that had only proved a small distraction from the real issue- where the hell Juugo had gone? She knew he was here just for the trains but she had been very confident she'd provided some very persuasive reasons for him to stay here in Yuki no Kuni.

It looked like next time would need to be just a bit more overt- maybe a leash. He was hers, damnit, and she wasn't about to let him go. As soon as things were settled here she'd be going after him. Unfortunately that was going to have to wait for Yaiji to get back because she had a feeling he would have some idea where Juugo had gone.

That was fine, she still needed to figure out if she was dragging that sweet ass of his back here or if she'd be tying him down somewhere else. She supposed it depended on where he'd run off to, really. Maybe she'd go a bit easier on him if it was somewhere good.

Okay, probably not, but she wouldn't be as mad for quite as long at least. A tropical island and some fruity drinks and she'd only need a few days to forgive him. Sex on the beach, in particular, was sure to cheer her up. Of course, she meant that in more ways than one.

A shiver ran down Juugo's spine as he huddled on the deck of a boat against a massive crate that absolutely was not the latest model of Yuki no Kuni's train. It had cost a bit extra to convince the captain to set off with only half his space filled with cargo and only a few passengers- many of whom had been certain they had a few more days before their departure- but Juugo had seen an opportunity and seized it.

It wasn't that often he even saw one of the better engines, after all, and what were the chances that one of the teams with one would be charged with hauling things his team needed for the track near Doto's future resort? They had hardly been subtle about their plans for the evening and he'd followed them all the way to the next town over after their delivery had been unloaded.

One brand new engine sitting unattended in one of Yuki no Kuni's few port towns.

He'd hardly needed more invitation than that.

Of course he'd had to go back for what few things he had and he'd thought about bringing Kari with him but in the end he figured he could reach out to her after his mission was complete. Maybe he could even get permission to come back and keep working for the railway and they could pretend nothing had happened.

Now, though, he was wondering if he shouldn't have at least left a letter or something.

She was probably pretty pissed off at him at the moment and as hot as angry Kari could be he had a feeling he would probably come to regret that oversight.

Maybe he should make sure to have a gift on him when he saw her again, that probably wouldn't hurt. He just had to figure out what the hell would be enough to turn all that anger into delight. Or, most of the anger, anyway. It would be a shame to get rid of all of it when the sight of her scowl always got his heart racing.

He also knew how she liked to work out that anger- though usually it wasn't directed at him, so maybe this wouldn't be quite the same- and he was always happy to help with that.

…..She wouldn't work out her anger at him with someone else, would she? The thought left him with an uneasy feeling.

Maybe that gift needed to be a ring.

…..And a house. How was the housing market over in Nami, anyway? He didn't have that much saved up but maybe Orochimaru would be willing to help him with a loan if Tsukuyomi was pleased with his gift. Stranger things had happened in situations involving the Snake Sage, after all, and Juugo was sure he could find suitable work on the docks to help him pay a mortgage.

…..How was Orochimaru's credit? Better question, who would give Orochimaru a line of credit? Maybe he'd be better off going to Kabuto for help with that.

…..or just directly to Tsukuyomi. Juugo might not have any credit but it wasn't like Tsukuyomi didn't have money to spare. If Jirobu was right about the trains then the Daimyo would probably be in a good enough mood when Juugo asked.


"Actually, it's probably for the best that you're here Tsunade."

"And why's that?"

"Because I was already planning on trying to use your grandfather's cells to make myself a new body. Having a medical professional around is bound to make things go more smoothly."

Tsunade stared at him. "Why on earth would I help you with that?"

"Are you doing anything else?"

"Yes, actually."

"Oh." Sasuke blinked, conveying Orochimaru's surprise. "Huh. Anyway," He shook it off. "If you help me get a better body than...this...I'll even let you join in on my Naruto-time."

Tsunade gagged. "Ew, I did not need that image."

"What on earth are you talking about?" Orochmaru seemed genuinely insulted. "I'll have you know I choose only the best bodies. My last one was absolutely gorgeous and you would not believe what she could do with that tongue of hers." Sasuke's face twisted into something lecherous. "Naruto certainly couldn't, you should have seen the face he made when I-"

"No, no, stop!" Tsunade waved her hands before her as if to ward away Orochimaru's words. "That is more than enough information, thank you!" As Orochimaru was stopped by her interruption something else the man had mentioned caught her attention. "Wait, 'she'?"

"Well of course. I couldn't convince Naruto to sleep with me as a man now, could I?"

She sent him a flat look. "Was that seriously your consideration for your last body?"

"Of course not!" The indignation quickly gave way to a salacious smile. "That was simply an amazing benefit I was more than happy to take advantage of."

"...But it's the focus now."

"Well, yes." Sasuke folded his arms. "I have what I've been after, I intend to make my next body permanent if I can."

"And your permanent body is that of a woman…?"

"Is there a problem with that, Tsunade? I can identify however I please."

"First, that's not 'identifying', you would have a biologically female body." Tsunade rolled her eyes. "Second, there isn't a problem with it, I just didn't realize you wanted to be a woman. You never struck me as the type."

"What, exactly, is the 'type'?" Orochimaru questioned, one brow rising challengingly.

"You know what? Forget I said anything. So you want my help making you a female body and in exchange you're offering me a threesome with you and Naruto. Even assuming Naruto wanted that, why would you think I would?"

"Tsunade." Orochimaru looked into her eyes, completely serious. "You want to." He assured her. "Not only is there the fact that you'll be with Naruto-" and it seemed that as far as Orochimaru was concerned that was more than enough reason for it. "But , like I said, you would not believe the things I can now do with my tongue."

"As tempting as that is," Tsunade returned, flatly. "I think I'll pass. Though if it gets you to stop talking about your plans with Naruto I'll help."

Sasuke shot her a wide grin and clapped his hands in delight. "Excellent, this will make things much easier."

"Yeah, yeah," She grumbled. Just because she agreed doesn't mean she liked it. "Why are you so obsessed with talking about it, anyway?"

Her immediate answer was a pout which, while oddly fitting on the face of one Uchiha Sasuke- disturbingly so, actually- made Tsunade rather uncomfortable. She almost regretted asking.

"I'd partaken in those pleasures a bit when I was younger, of course, but I had been focusing on other things for decades before my last body and being a new gender, well, it was practically new to me. I enjoyed it immensely, you know, but then I had the opportunity to get the Sharingan-" His eyes flashed into crimson pinwheels for a second. "And I went for it. I had rediscovered my sex drive, I'm always around the one who brought it back, my current body is that of a teenage boy-" Tsunade winced at that. Yeah, that probably wasn't helping. "-And Naruto won't even touch me now."

"Well," Orochimaru offered a sheepish smile. "I guess that should have been expected. I might have had some chance even as a boy but Naruto happened to know this body before I got my hands on it so that isn't helping me any."


"But do you know what's worst of all, Tsunade?"

"I have absolutely no idea." She admitted.

"My boobs are gone."

She probably shouldn't have said anything, Tsunade later realized, but in the moment she couldn't help herself.

"Have you tried giving your current body breasts? It probably wouldn't be too hard."

"...Do you think Naruto might be more comfortable with my current body if I did that?"

"I don't know, but I can hardly imagine he would dislike boobs."

"That's a good point," Orochimaru nodded. "...Do you think we could make this body completely female?" He'd considered it before but he wasn't really sure how he would go about doing it. Well, no, not doing it but doing it properly. He didn't just want it to seem female, he wanted it completely female. That was the only way he was going to be able to have more Naruto-time in the near future.

With a sigh Tsunade condemned herself to her fate. "Between the both of us I'm sure we can." She tried to cheer herself up some with a joke. "If we do I guess we'll have to use that on Jiraiya, too. Maybe he'll be so busy looking at himself he'll leave other women alone."

"Exactly!" Orochimaru exclaimed and Tsunade was briefly taken by surprise at the enthusiasm in his words. She quickly had her explanation for it. "I was just saying earlier that we needed to turn him into a woman, then Naruto can have the full set."

"I have no intention of being 'had' and collected, Orochimaru."

The Snake Sage waved off her protest, unconcerned. "You'll come around, Tsunade. Don't worry."

Honestly, she was much more worried that she might. Hopefully Orochimaru didn't go around planting any ideas in Shizune's head or Naruto was going to end up walking into his room to find a trio of Sannin tied to his bed.

The look on his face would probably be worth finding herself in that situation but she didn't exactly intend to figure that out first hand.

Could be a worthwhile reason to learn the Kage Bunshin, though. She'd think about it.

"I don't see why you're going in the first place." Mai frowned. "Having a hidden base there is fine, but you're still keeping most of the Wolves here at the moment. It doesn't make any sense."

"I'm going to be gone so Iroh becomes nervous. He'll turn that frustration on Asuma and the two of them will have a bit of friction while they sort out the mess with Kaze no Kuni. Should give us some more breathing room in the meantime." Naruto explained easily.

"Unless you're planning to then assassinate one of them I don't see the point, they won't turn on eachother."

"Not easily," Naruto corrected. "But that's not my intention. I just want things to be a bit bumpy for them until we're fully set up in Yu no Kuni. Divert their attention, yes? I'd like the Wolves to go back into the shadows as much as we can, it's safer that way."

Mai rolled her eyes and made no effort to hide it. "The safest would be to put the Wolves in a position of power where others are too worried about the consequences of their actions to act out against us. Hiding is just going to make them look harder for us and Wolves out in the field will seem isolated and vulnerable."

Sai and Hana continued to sit quietly, watching as Naruto and Mai went back and forth. The meeting was supposed to be about the running of Nami while Naruto was off personally overseeing the Yu no Kuni base's construction but Mai had questioned why that was even necessary.

"If we're out of sight and they're distracted by keeping an eye on eachother then we won't be targeted."

"By them," was her counter. "Others will still be on the lookout for us."

He paused at that and, after a few seconds nodded to concede her point. "Yes, I can see where you're coming from with that." He continued. "Still, I think it would be for the best if I were to slip away from the spotlight for a bit. Most of the focus for the Wolves is on me anyway, let's see how the world responds to me being gone. Maybe they'll grow bold, maybe without sight of me they'll take the house of Wolves less seriously."

"What is that supposed to accomplish?! We don't get anything useful from that!"

Naruto only offered a shrug and it occurred to the rooms other occupants that there was something that could be gleaned from this. Whatever it was, though, Naruto hardly seemed interested in sharing that information with them. Sai and Hana had uneasy feelings about that but knew it wasn't their place to question. They could leave it at that.

Mai, however, had a much worse feeling about it and it was her place to question. In fact, that was arguably her most important duty.

Of course, Naruto had a trump card.

"Can you trust me, Mai?" Hana and Sai shared a look. This argument was as good as over.

"Of course I can." She crossed her arms, insulted he'd asked but more than that she was distracted by thoughts of times when she hadn't trusted him and, worse, of the times he had trusted her only to be let down.

"Then trust me. I'm going to Yu no Kuni for a bit to oversee construction. I'll be leaving Nami no Kuni and the Wolves in the hands of you three." He briefly met the eyes of Hana and Sai. "I know they'll be well seen to."

"Of course, Naruto." Sai reassured him. "We're more than capable of taking care of Nami and the Wolves."

Naruto smiled. "I know."

Something about it but no one there could say exactly what was wrong.

"I'll be heading out in the next few days, just as soon as I sort out some of our….guests."

"By which you mean the myriad of strange people you draw to yourself, right?" Teased Hana softly.

"Careful," Sai pointed out. "Technically you're one of them."

She considered it for a second, head tilting, before she shrugged. "Well maybe we aren't that strange, then."

"Orochimaru is currently in the library wearing the body of Uchiha Sasuke and talking to Senju Tsunade." Naruto pointed out. He'd been avoiding it for that reason. Orochimaru was still pretty clingy, if he went in there without a deadline he'd never be able to get away. Unfortunately there wasn't exactly anything else he needed to see to at the moment.


"That's not too bad." Sai shrugged. "Naruto's currently funding his sister's girlfriend in a mission for a village he reduced to ash. That's strange."

Hana hummed in agreement.

"One of his children is a Biju and he's been in a relationship with two others." Mai added, deadpan. "That's the strange thing."

"What is this?" Asked Naruto. "A competition?"

"Well, you'd win." Pointed out Hana.

Sai and Mai nodded in agreement.

"That's because you're only using examples that relate to me."

The other three shared a look before Sai- amused- explained it. "Well, nothing we have can even come close to any of those."

"...That's fair." After a second he decided that if he couldn't beat them he might as well join them and opted to contribute himself. "I gave a half-snake half-woman daughter of a living deity the task of taking over a country for me just so I wouldn't have to deal with her."

Again the three shared a look before Hana raised her arms in surrender. "Alright, you definitely win. You are, without a doubt, the strangest of us all."

Naruto smiled back, this one much more genuine than his earlier attempt. "And that's how I attracted all of you to me."

"When you put it like that it almost sounds like you're doing it on purpose." Mai commented, one brow rising in silent question.

"I have no idea what you could be implying, Mai. It's just my natural charm." She gave a snort of amusement, shaking her head.

"Sure it is. At least take some of them with you, will you? It will make our job easier."

"I'll consider it." He promised. "But I only have so much room at the moment. I'll bring over some of the others as I can."

"Better than nothing." Hana grinned. "Can I cast my vote for Orochimaru and Anko? Having those two out of the palace will reduce the chaos by some million percent or more."

"Again, I'll consider it."

"Mikoto came back recently. I don't want to have to deal with her mopping about and getting into fights with Hana while you're gone." Was Sai's comment.

"Hey, that was once." Hana scowled. "And that was after she just showed up calling herself his mother when no one knew who the hell she was. You can't blame me for that."

"No one's blaming you for anything." Mai cut in. "My own vote is probably for the Akatsuki members, though. You can include Mikoto if you like but I'd feel better if the Mad Bomber wasn't in Nami."

That was a fair point but Hana spun it another way. "Do you like the idea of him in a small bunker with Naruto any more?"

Mai grimaced. "Nevermind. Maybe it's best that he stay here for the time being."

"Then again," Hana continued. "We did want a palace for Naruto to return to, right?"

"...Do you think we could trade him to someone else?" Sai asked.

"Who would we trade him to and who would we trade him for?" Asked Naruto, genuinely curious who Sai had in mind.

"I hear Ame has an angel, we could try for her."

"Isn't she a member of Akatsuki?" Mai asked.

"Well, yeah, but she'd probably be better than Deidara."

Hana smacked him on the back of the head. "Then why the hell would they trade her for him?"

"Oh, yeah, that's a good point." Sai frowned. "Maybe if we throw in Sasori and...Kisame?" He suggested hopefully.

"They would have to be an idiot to accept that sort of trade, who would want to have those three?"

Sai shrugged. "They made them members of the Akatsuki in the first place."

That was a really good point, actually. "Huh, we might be able to pull it off then." Hana sounded surprised at her own words.

"I could always give them to Kiri, I hear they're in need of strong Shinobi these days."

Three sets of eyes turned to stare at their Daimyo.

"Are you trying to kill the Mizukage by giving her an aneurysm? I think there are easier ways than constantly doing things that make no sense." Sai would just send a team of Wolves but he also wasn't the Daimyo.

"I think he just enjoys messing with them." Hana offered. "Though I think he could probably get a better hobby."

"Or he wants to trade them for his sister's girlfriend for some reason." Was Mai's input.

"Revenge?" Asked Sai.

"Influence, probably." Mai shook her head. Hana rolled her eyes.

"Neither of you have any imagination. It's obviously in order to continue the Uzumaki line."

They stared at her and then-

"Actually, that's not completely unreasonable. They're both women. If they wanted a child they would need a donor and Naruto does have Uzumaki blood." Sai pondered it over. "That would make it an Uzumaki child and then Naruko and her girlfriend could raise it in the Konoha clan compound…."

Mai also added to the idea "Or Naruto could keep it as his heir and use it for more influence over Konoha."

"Why would he need an heir? He's got a ton of lovers already, one of them is bound to get pregnant eventually." Contributed Hana.

Naruto cleared his throat before anyone could answer that, drawing the attention back to himself.

"I was suggesting it because there's no village for Deidara to destroy there seeing as I already reduced it to ash myself." Three sheepish smiles were offered as he offered a much more reasonable explanation. "And I would thank you to refrain from speculation about whom I may decide to have children with."

"...So you would consider knocking up your sister's girlfriend?" Hana saw his lack of refusal as a confirmation.

"...I will leave Anko here and let her know it was because of you."

She shook her head furiously. "No, no. I'll be good."

In Naruto's palace there were few threats as effective as the Anko threat. Naruto felt absolutely no shame taking full advantage of it.

Sealkeeper: He Who Binds

Chapter 147-B "Seals on Civilians"

Patron Release 2021.11.07

"Naruto?" Kakashi blinked from above the cover of his book. Unless he was mistaken the Daimyo of Nami no Kuni had just walked into his apartment with several grocery bags as if he wasn't supposed to be out of the country at the moment.

Then again, that little fact hadn't exactly stopped him from visiting the Uzumaki compound when he had been invited for dinner. Kakashi still didn't know how he had managed that and he really didn't intend to ask.

Yet, anyway.

"Kakashi." Naruto returned with a nod, setting his bags on Kakashi's kitchen table. "Take your shirt off."

Kakashi blinked again. "Wha-" he paused, re-thought his question, and then shrugged. "Okay." Slipping a bookmark between the pages he set it down and quickly brought his shirt over his head.

"Good, good. Sit." Naruto turned his attention to the contents of his bags and Kakashi gave another shrug.

Using his hips to push himself away from the kitchen counter he had been leaning against while waiting for his coffee- the real reason he was always late but he refused to repair or replace the ancient machine- he draped his shirt over the back of a chair and took a seat.

"Should I ask what any of this is for?"

"You could." Naruto didn't offer anything else and Kakashi only hummed, deciding not to push for anything more.

With silence only interrupted by the rustling of the plastic bags Naruto eventually withdrew the things he needed and set them out for use. Kakashi felt one of his brows rising.

"A seal?"


A chain pulled Kakashi's chair away from the table to give Naruto better access and another was busy mixing the ink while Naruto was focused on readying a new brush. Kakashi made immediate note of the fact that the usual wrappings that covered Sealkeeper had been removed.

"Chest, shoulder, arm, or back?"

"How big is it going to be?"

Naruto shrugged. "How big do you want it?"

Ignoring the fact that he didn't even know what it was, Kakashi considered it for a moment. "The chest, I guess. If we could keep it about the size of a closed fist or so…." He trailed off.

"Yeah, should be doable." As soon as he said that Kaakshi felt the cold ink make contact with his skin. He was pretty familiar with Fuinjutsu himself- a consequence of being the student of Namikaze Minato and possessing the Sharingan- and he did his best to hide his amusement when Naruto painted a basic logic gate on his left pectoral.

He knew it wouldn't stay that way, of course, but he still found it pretty funny.

It only made whatever the end result was going to be more impressive. His Sensei really had been a genius.

The ink hadn't even had a chance to dry before Naruto's right hand pressed against it, Sealkeeper glowing fiercely.

Technically the logic gate he had used wasn't an actual seal, simply an element of one but in the end it was still Fuinjutsu and the Sealkeeper was more than equipped to deal with it. The ink shifted and writhed under his touch, animated by the Chakra flowing through it, and following the directions of Sealkeeper it was quickly arranged to fulfil Naruto's desires.

It didn't have to form the actual seal, Sealkeeper was able to modify the function of an existing seal without changing its appearance at all- which led to a lot of confusion when Rusty and Clicky looked over his work for Inoichi's prosthetics- and even this Fuinjutsu element would have sufficed but Naruto was at least kind enough not to leave that on Kakashi's chest permanently.

It only took a few seconds but Naruto's hand remained for nearly a minute as he waited for the ink to dry before removing his hand. Fuinjutsu ink dried quickly for more practical use in the field but it also relied on the presence of Chakra to help anchor it in the meantime and any seals used in the field were likely to be used in the near future. They weren't intended to last.

With his hand out of the way Naruto examined the familiar spiral that had resulted from the Shinigami's touch. It looked right and felt right but it wasn't quite done yet.

Above him Kakashi also peered down.

"...Is that what I think it is?"


"...You do know that forming that should either require the Shinigami or the use of a suicidal contract, right?"


Kakashi shrugged yet again. So long as Naruto was aware of how impossible this should have been Kakashi supposed there was nothing else to it. "So you probably need me to send some Chakra to it to tie it to me?"

Kakashi had not missed the fact that the seal wasn't active at all- something that should be impossible as even the most simple of seals required the barest amounts of chakra to be contained within them so they could be activated later. It's what differentiated seals from any other scribbles.- so it stood to reason Naruto wanted it done before activating it for…. whatever it was he was doing.

"Yeah, just a bit." Naruto's hand hovered over Kakashi's chest, ready to disable the seal on the off chance Sealkeeper- or, more likely, Naruto himself- had made a mistake. "We just need to make sure it ties into your Chakra system properly."

That made Kakashi hesitate. "Erm….what are you tying into my Chakra system?"

"It's just a passthrough," Naruto waved him off. "To ensure there's always Chakra running through it. We don't need it failing because it wasn't able to draw enough Chakra to stabilize the space-time manipulation over such a distance at some point."

"...Of course, wouldn't want that." At some point, Kakashi mused, maybe he really should ask just what the hell they were doing.

….Nah. Where was the fun in that?

Directing his chakra towards the seal Kakashi wasn't surprised when he felt it momentarily pulled from his control to make contact with the seal. Just as soon as it seemed to go into the seal, however, it also seemed to come right back out, rejoining with the rest of the Chakra naturally circulating his body.

And nothing else happened.

"So….is it working?"

"I should hope not."

Both of Kakashi's brows rose. "Then what was the-"

"It's inert by intention." Explained Naruto. "It's only purpose is to tie an existing seal to your physical location."

"Okay." Kakashi nodded. "And what's the purpose of-" He was interrupted by a brief cloud of smoke and a cry of 'Beloved!'. By the time it had cleared Naruto was lying on his kitchen floor with a Biju very happily snuggling into his chest.

"...I'm just going to assume that means it worked."

A seal that launched women was certainly very strange, even in Kakashi's opinion, but he couldn't exactly say he disapproved.

"...Say, they aren't going to be appearing in my shirt while I'm wearing it, are they?"

"It's unlikely."

"That's not a "no"."

"You're absolutely right."

Reaching behind him Kakashi retrieved his shirt from the chair and stared at it for a moment. Was it worth taking the chance or was he just better off going shirtless from now on?

"...I should have had you put it on my arm."

Going sleeveless would have been a much easier decision to make.

"Uh, Hokage-Sama?" A Chunin popped her head into Asuma's office, taking a moment to make sure she wasn't interrupting anything too important. Other than the academy budget he was reviewing there wasn't anything- or anyone- else of import being seen to at the moment.


"Um, it's, uh…" She tried for a second to come up with a good way to present the information but failing to do so gave up and spit it out plainly. "Genin Uzumaki was seen in the markets."

"He was-" Asuma paused and took a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down. "When was he seen?"

"Uh, maybe twenty minutes ago now?" She seemed to shrug behind the door she continued to use for cover. "Jaiyo saw him and went to report it to Maika at the gates and he flagged down Yomishi but his squad was busy so they sent for Toki but he'd had some bad fish yesterday so he asked me if I could bring it to your attention for him.

One deep breath. Two deep breaths. Three deep breaths.

How in the actual fuck had they lasted this many years?

"Why didn't Jaiyo simply report it directly to me?"

"I think he wanted to see if Genin Naruto had been checked in at the gate." That made some sense, especially considering that in such a case the gate should have already sent someone to inform him. No point having two of them bring the same thing to his attention.

Of course, he could have been informed and then sent Jaiyo to see if the gate had seen Genin Uzumaki enter.

Asuma had a suspicious feeling that they had not.

"I see. And the gate, did they have any news on Genin Naruto's arrival?"

"No, Hokage-Sama. They said they hadn't seen him."

So either they were lying for Naruto or the Genin was able to slip past Konoha security whenever he so pleased. Neither was a good thing though he wasn't completely sure which answer he would prefer.

"And where is Genin Naruto now?" Maybe he should just ask the young man how he kept slipping into Konoha. He wasn't guaranteed to get an answer from him but he might. It was probably worth the effort of asking, if nothing else.

"Erm, I, uh, I don't know. Jaiyo went back to report it, he didn't have anyone else to keep an eye on him. I passed through the market on my way here but didn't see him."

Asuma's fingers tapped irritably against the wood of his desk. Did anyone but him understand just how big of a deal Naruto's presence in Konoha could be? While technically still a Konoha Shinobi- only because he never had signed those forms in the end and Asuma hadn't set about discharging him dishonorably in case they needed him in the future- he was the Daimyo of a foreign country and the leader of Hi no Kuni's Imperial House of Wolves before anything else.

He had to wonder if all the Shinobi who were seeing him out and about Konoha still just saw him as a Konoha Genin, though if that was the case Asuma was partially at fault.

Maybe the information that Naruto was Tsukuyomi could have been better disseminated but Asuma really hadn't wanted to admit that one of his Genin had managed to take over and run a country under his nose. It really wasn't a good look for a Kage.

He would need to aid the information in spreading, or perhaps just leave that decision up to Gai when he finally convinced the man to take the hat. Apparently it would be unyouthful for him to do so before all his students were Chunin and he needed to prove his Youthfulness again after having lost Hyuuga Neji.

Asuma still had no idea what the hell had happened to the Hyuuga prodigy but he had a feeling Naruto was somehow involved. Everything that happened around Konoha somehow seemed to have that young man's fingerprints on it.

It would be impressive if it wasn't so godsdamned frustrating.

"...Tell me, do you understand why I've ordered any information about his visits to be brought directly to my attention?"

While he hadn't necessarily spread the information he also hadn't tried to hide the fact that Naruto was Tsukuyomi. Hell, the last time he stopped in Konoha Asuma had readily referred to his group as Nami no Kuni's royal family. That had hardly been subtle.

"Because he's associated with the Wolves?"

He pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep, calming breath.

"Genin Naruto is the leader of the Imperial House of Wolves. He's the Daimyo of Nami no Kuni. He's a foreign dignitary of a group known for causing mass chaos and who has recently reduced Kirigakure no Sato to ash."


"Yes, 'oh'." He took another calming breath. "Go gather up some others and try to find him. If you do, please send him here so I can...speak with him." At this rate he was going to be working on paperwork one day and just casually informed that an army of Wolves was out wandering Konoha and no one knew when they had arrived or how they got into the village.

Damnit, Gai. Just take the damn hat.

Who was always going to be in Hanahime? Naruto pondered that question as he wandered the upper floor of his palace. The Wolves were out, naturally, because any one of them might be assigned a task that took them away from the city which defeated the whole purpose.

Shizune and her team, likewise, could be moved anywhere considering they were still- technically- the medical team. They would need to be placed wherever the House of Wolves had the greatest need of them.

Mikoto was still needed for matters concerning Akatsuki- assuming she hadn't been figured out by now- and the other members of Akatsuki here in Nami Naruto didn't really trust enough for something so important.

Orochimaru came and went rather frequently while Temari and Gaara were ineligible because they needed to be able to use the seal.

Rasa was the new Namikage- Kage was a title reserved for the five major countries but with him being the former Kazekage and with Kaze no Kuni in the process of being annexed by Hi no Kuni Naruto had decided to use it regardless. Who was going to stop him, anyway?- so he should be in Hanahime for most of the time but even Kage occasionally had to leave their villages for diplomatic duties.

How frequently would that actually end up being, though? All of Nami no Kuni's 'Shinobi' were still academy students. The Wolves weren't actually Nami Shinobi at all. In fact, if anything, they were closer to being Hi no Kuni Shinobi both due to their origins and the fact that they were members of a House in Hi no Kuni's Imperial Court.

He didn't have many other options, though. Sai, while the commander of the Wolves here in Nami was still, in the end, a Wolf. Chances are he too may be moved in the future.

Hana was governess, though, and that tied her specifically to the country rather than any of the people within it. She was also quite trustworthy, so there were no worries there. The only potential issue presented itself in the possibility that one day she might return to Konoha to take over the Inuzuka clan from her mother.

He'd heard something about the Inuzuka present here in Nami- those who had accompanied Hana originally- more or less forming their own branch of the clan, though, so there was still a chance that she would remain here to oversee them and her brother would eventually rise to headship over the main clan over in Konoha. Hana seemed to genuinely enjoy her position here so even if she did leave Naruto figured he'd probably get plenty of warning so it's not like he wouldn't have the chance to come back and choose someone else.

Yes, Hana seemed to be a much better choice than Rasa.

...but what about Tsunami? The woman had spent her entire life in Nami, her family was here in Nami, and she was being employed in his Hanahime palace. The chances of her going anywhere else seemed very slim indeed.

So who did he choose?

….Why did he have to choose?

Both were trustworthy. Both were currently where he needed them.

Only Hana really had Chakra, now that he thought about it, but if he marked both then the distance angle was already covered by Hana's seal so Tsunami's shouldn't have any risk of collapsing and, even if it did, he'd still have the one tied to Hana so it wouldn't be an issue.

The seal was inert, anyway, just a marker for them to exit out of from the existing seal so it wouldn't- shouldn't- cause any harm.

And while he said only Hana had Chakra that wasn't entirely true. Everyone had Chakra, it was just that most people didn't have much and weren't trained in utilizing it. He was fairly confident- especially after his success with Kakashi- that he could just tie it into her Chakra System during the process.

After all, why not have more options when it came to utilizing the strange behavior of Kage-Bunshin through his seal?

He paused in the hallway that contained the private rooms of his closest supporters and had to refrain from hitting his head against the wall. There were literally no drawbacks- practical, anyway. Karura popping in wherever she pleased whenever it pleased her could potentially cause some issue but that was of a completely separate nature- so why the hell shouldn't he just slap them on whoever he could?

Well, beyond having to keep track of which one was tied by which seal, he supposed, so marking all the Wolves was probably a bad idea- and it would make tracking down members of his family nigh impossible- but he could certainly reserve the marks for the more distinct members of his pack. Sai, Mai, his High-Captains, Akunaki who should be out hunting somewhere with Sakura and the others, hell he could even place one on Mikoto, Orochimaru, and Tsume in case he ever needed to reach them quickly.

…..Temari already had a seal, didn't she?

He'd been so caught up in allowing the entire 'family'- and a strange one it was, at that- to be able to use it that he had completely forgotten that she bore one everyone else could currently use. And seeing as she was able to use it, everyone else he connected should be able to use it too.

Yes, he should definitely be careful about who he gave them out to in that case, he didn't need all the Wolves running amok in his head. But at the same time that made a very good case for his medical team to be tied in. He could hardly think of a better use of the seal than being able to summon a Kage-Bunshin of a medic right to your location. The medic- being a Kage-Bunshin- was at no real risk regardless of the situation and could provide immediate aid.

And if his High-Captains were able to do that out in the field when their teams were injured...

Abruptly Naruto spun on his heel and marched back down the hallway. He suddenly had quite a few people he needed to track down and remove the shirts of.

"Tsunami, take off your shirt."

The woman in question blinked in surprise as she turned to the voice in the doorway, a basket of freshly folded laundry held to her chest. Naruto was there but he wasn't looking at her. Instead he closed the door and moved towards a dresser where he laid out an armful of materials she couldn't begin to guess the purpose of.

"My shirt, Tsukuyomi-Sama?"

"Your shirt," He continued, still not looking over to her.

It was an awfully forward request and now that she considered it he had never been the one to initiate anything between the two of them. Maybe this was just how he normally went about it? Still, there was a remaining issue.

"I'm not wearing a shirt, Tsukuyomi-Sama."

Now he did turn around, brow already raised in question, and he quickly realized his mistake. "Oh, your dress then." Naruto tilted his head to the side for a second in thought. "Or just pull it down, I suppose. Whatever's easier."

"...Does it not need to be all the way off?" She questioned. Well, no, of course not, it was a dress. It didn't even really need to be pulled down but she had never been dressed at all during the other times. Maybe he was just in a hurry?

"Not particularly." He shrugged. "But if it's easier for you to just take it off go for it."

"O-okay." Setting the basket of laundry next to the bed she pulled her dress over her head and held it uncertainly.

"Perfect." The young Daimyo turned back to the items he had set on the dresser. "Chest or back?"


"Chest or back?" He repeated as he faced her again, a brush in one hand. For the hurry he seemed to be in the brush seemed like an odd sort of choice to incorporate but she felt her face flush as she fought back the ideas of what he might be planning to use it for. She didn't see any rope but maybe….

"Tsunami?" His voice broke her from her daydreams. "Chest or back?".

"...My back...?" It was an answer and a question but Naruto didn't seem concerned with that detail.

"Alright, lie down." She did as instructed, lying down on the bed and waiting. His brow rose again. "I thought you said 'back'? We can do your chest instead."

"No, no. Back is fine." It was better this way because when she turned over to lie on her stomach the comforter did an excellent job hiding the burning red of her face. Of course, now she couldn't see what he was doing so she was slightly surprised when she felt him settle above her hips. A second later his slender fingers had undone the clasp on her bra and lightly traced over her upper back.

"Up near the neck? No, maybe the shoulders….." He muttered. His fingers trailed down her spine and she felt herself shiver. "Lower spine would probably work but if I go too low…." The fingers stopped near her tailbone. "...Need a bit of extra space for storage as a backup….no, I don't, no one else is ever going to need to examine it...but what if they do?"

Fingers drummed against her skin as he thought.

"It really could be as small or as large as we please…" His fingers returned to just above her hips. "That would probably look pretty good, that's a plus, but is it appropriate?"

An interesting thing to wonder when his employee was lying half naked on a bed beneath him.

"...Definitely in the middle." That part, at least, he had figured out. He liked the symmetry it would provide. Maybe he should get someone else's opinion, that would provide something more for him to go off of.

"...Are you more likely to expose your upper or lower back in an outfit?" He didn't need to see her face to know it had probably twisted up in confusion, her voice conveyed that well enough.


"If you were to wear an outfit that exposed part of your back would it be the upper or lower portion? Backless dress or a top that stopped mid-back, that sort of thing."

"...Uh, probably the upper portion, I guess."

"Great." He paused. "Now would you want that exposed part of your back to have anything on it?"

"...Are you putting something on my back?"

He blinked, not that she could see it. "Well, yes."

"And you want to know where to put it?"

"Also yes."

She sighed into the bed, her eyes rolling with an almost fond exasperation. "Then why didn't you just ask where I wanted it in the first place?"

"Didn't I?"

"Asking 'front or back' hardly lets me know what you really want to know."

She felt his weight shift slightly and assumed he had probably shrugged. "It was enough for Katsuri."

"Katsuri is one of your Wolves, Tsuikuyomi-Sama. She thinks like you do."

"...That's a fair point." He set the communication issue aside. "So where would you like it?"

His fingers were still idly trailing over her lower spine and Tsunami certainly didn't mind but it did influence her decision. "Lower back, right where your fingers are." He paused at that- much to her displeasure- to take note of what his hand had been doing. She could have sworn she felt his brow raise.

"That's a bit low, are you sure?" That 'lower back' was probably more accurately described as her 'waist' and Anko would probably just say it was the woman's rear. Not in those words, of course, but the idea was the same.

"It's fine," She assured him. A moment later she realized she didn't even know what he was putting there or why. "...It is fine, isn't it?"

"Oh, yeah, I can put it anywhere."

"Then why did you ask about my chest or back?"

She felt him shrug again. "I thought it might be a bit strange to be telling people to take off their pants. Figured they might get the wrong idea."

Tsunami was very glad the bed hid her face from Naruto but with how hot it was burning he could probably still see the glow anyway.

"...Yeah, w- wouldn't want that."

He hummed in agreement and a second later something cold and wet tickled her skin. Unfortunately it wasn't nearly as nice as his fingers had been though she shivered all the same. Just for a different reason.

"Do try to hold still. I'm keeping it simple but even Sealkeeper's going to struggle if I only give it a scribble to work with." She had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.


"It's fine. I'm just about...done." His weight shifted as he put away the brush. "It's going to feel warm for a second and then we can make sure it works."

Before she could even think to ask what that meant his hand was dressed against the wet ink and a surge of warmth seeped into her skin. Starting at her lower back, it quickly traveled up her spine to fill her chest and further up her neck until her head seemed to spin in a world of fuzzy heat.

Naruto said something, his voice simultaneously very close and a million miles away but it was deep and reverberated through her entire being. Despite that, she wasn't actually sure what he'd said. Something about a Chakra, whatever that was, and soon even that word escaped her.

There was another voice, though, and that one she could hear just fine.

"Ah, there you are!" It sounded excited. "Shujin is going to be so pleased."

"Come on, then." There was a strange tug, as if someone was pulling her by the hand. "I'll show you around."

The world around Tsunami vanished-

But she was hardly in a state to notice.

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