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Sealkeeper: He Who Binds

Chapter 167-A "Did You Say Something?"

Patron Release 2022.11.23

A Chūnin's head popped into the Hokage's office, not bothering to step fully through the door and into Asuma's immediate domain. He also didn't bother saying anything at first- there was no need.

A sigh of long-suffering escaped the Godaime, far less satisfying than exhaling after a drag from one of his favored cigarettes. "He's in the village again, isn't he?"

Asuma had taken to assigning more patrols to Konoha's outer wall, ensuring it was staffed with a wide variety of Shinobi from all backgrounds and at all ranks and skill levels. Giving them all the orders to report the coming and goings of Naruto- who was always unannounced because he couldn't be bothered to notify Konoha when he'd be dropping by, assuming he even knew of his visit beforehand- he was sure someone would come to him with news of his arrival one of these days.

So far there'd been no such luck.

He had the cryptography team- because it was a puzzle and they weren't doing much else at the moment- working to find any paterns between his sightings in Konoha- for sneaking into the village somehow he sure didn't make any effort to stay hidden once he was here- and whoever was on patrol. At least it could have given him an idea for what direction Naruto was approaching the village from- one's first guess would be the south gate due to Nami's relevant location but the west gate made more sense if he was going a bit out of his way to stop in after visiting Kagayaku Machi- but there had been absolutely no correlation between who was patrolling any given area and Naruto's presence in Konoha.

If he didn't know better he would go so far as to say the young Daimyo was planning his trips to ensure they were evenly spread between all patrolling Shinobi- and the crypto team was starting to suspect the same- which was unsettling for two reasons;

First, he knew they were trying to track him which meant- or rather confirmed- there was someone he had on the inside. That also meant they probably weren't going to be able to find what they were looking for because their efforts were being actively sabotaged by one of those who was supposed to be looking.

Second, the pattern of not being a pattern- the crypto team claimed that in and of itself was a pattern but it didn't actually seem to tell them anything useful- assumed that Naruto was being sighted each time he was in Konoha. There was a real possibility he was here more frequently and was only letting himself be seen at certain times. If that was true, he could be deliberately revealing himself to ensure he showed up evenly on everyone's watch which was rather uncomfortable because it proved he had knowledge of who was on each patrol and when they were patrolling. Not the sort of information you normally wanted foreign powers to have access to.

Those two major points also assumed he was sneaking in past those patrols to avoid casting doubt on the Konoha Shinobi. Unfortunately for Asuma it was still possible that he was being allowed in without his presence being reported. That implied a large portion of his forces- large enough that he couldn't narrow it down any- were more loyal to a foreign Daimyo than their own Hokage.

That was not the sort of thought that was conducive to restful sleep, not at all.

Regardless of the fact that the usual pool he could draw on for those patrols had been greatly diminished by the deployment of most of his Shinobi to the north-west portion of Hi no Kuni, it was still a significant chunk of Konoha forces to have been subverted. He really didn't like it.

And then, on some days, he had even worse suspicions-

What if it was both?

Could Naruto be sneaking in and utilizing inside knowledge from planted agents to keep him from being able to anticipate visits while simultaneously holding primacy for the loyalty of his own Shinobi?

The young man had mentioned that he had a lot of influence here in Konoha, more than enough to start a civil war that Asuma might not even win- if he did so now, Asuma suddenly realized, he could take over Konoha any time he so choose until matters were settled with Iwa- but could Asuma have really underestimated the influence of the House of Wolves so grossly?

It was almost enough to make one physically ill.

Breaking himself from his contemplations and only vaguely aware of the Chūnin's response- "Hai, Hokage-Sama"- Asuma waved his dismissal.

"Very good, thank you." His attention turned to a corner of his office. "Boar, take a team and find Naruto…..-dono." That, too, nearly made him ill. "I'd like to speak with him about his frequent visits to Konoha and the manners he seems to be disregarding." Which mostly meant he wanted to figure out how the Daimyo kept getting into his village and tell him to stop.

The corner in question was soon filled by one of his ANBU operatives and Asuma had to pinch back another sigh at the sight of dyed hair and the Hitai-ate worn like an eyepatch. He had forgotten- been repressing memories of- that. Perhaps it was not so surprising Naruto was finding his way into Konoha without being noticed by Asuma's Shinobi patrols.

"Sorry, Hokage-Sama, did you say something?"

"Say, I know we sniffed around Hanahime and all to try to pick up Naru-erm, Tsukuyomi's- trail but did we consider checking the rest of his country? Even if he wasn't in Hanahime that still leaves a lot of room for him without having to leave Nami no Kuni." Toru's question brought Yugao out of her thoughts and she looked up from the map she was considering with an expression far from pleased.

"At the moment Hanahime is the only settlement in Nami no Kuni, so unless he decided he wanted to pitch a tent somewhere in the forests he would have been in Hanahime. Rumor also had him leaving by carriage and there's no way they dragged that up through the Yato Pass." She turned back to her map, trying to determine in her half of the team should check out Ta no Kuni and continue into Testu no Kuni as they skirted the Konoha-Iwa conflict at the border of Taki and Hi no Kuni or if they should instead head over to Mizu no Kuni to ensure he wasn't poking around in the ashes of Kirigakure before continuing with their search in Mitsu no Kuni and the other larger minor countries.

Souji's half had already claimed dibs on Kaze no Kuni- Sunagakure specifically- to see if the young Daimyo was taking advantage of their recent misfortunes to establish yet another powerbase a bit further away from his others. Failing to find him there the group would push north on the off chance he and his Wolves had something to do with the current Iwa situation.

That "off-chance" was actually quite a bit more likely for Naruto than for any other group she could think of but as far as Yugao was concerned it just didn't fit with Naruto's style. Naruto was much more inclined to promote internal conflicts and then take advantage of the upset than insite something between two individuals and he especially would be avoiding dragging Hi no Kuni into the mix considering his strange loyalties and the fact that Hi no Kuni and Nami no Kunoi were allies.

He would know just how likely it was for Hi no Kuni to end up calling on him which would make it very hard for him to accomplish whatever he was after.

Unless being brought in as Hi no Kuni's ally was the goal or somehow placed him in a better position to accomplish it.

The more she thought about it the more it seemed entirely likely that he did have a hand behind what was currently the largest global conflict she knew about.

That was not comforting.

"That's not quite right." Ikkan spoke up. "There's a small village at the western edges of the Hape Lake, just south of the Pass. Not sure if it even has a name, but it's there, so who knows what other small towns might exist in small clearings dotted around Nami no Kuni."

"Even so, the Pass is the closest thing to a road connecting eastern and western Nami no Kuni and it's rough. It can barely be called a road at all and it's in no way suited for carriages. The only thing you'll see taking it are caravans of pack animals and those aren't too frequent." Those caravans were usually laden with produce from small farms scattered around Nami no Kuni wherever good soil could be found.

It wasn't unreasonable to believe some of the older farms had developed into small towns in their own right, as Ikkan brought up, but they didn't hold the same amenities as a regular town would. Rather, these 'towns' were just the various buildings that had been constructed around the farm for work that supported it and was likely occupied and utilized by the extended families that had first established the farms. You weren't about to find lodging or restaurants available for anyone staying, not even to accommodate would-be traders purchasing produce from those farms for resale back in Hanahime.

Mostly because the caravans of pack animals that did journey to Hanahime with their excess and in search of goods they were unable to produce were made up of farmhands already. No point selling to some outsider for less just so they could sell across the country at a higher rate when they could send out their siblings and cousins with the same cargo to bring back the full value to the farm.

And she very much doubted Naruto had dragged a carriage up through the pass just to go spend some time at one of those farms. It just didn't make any sense.

Not that Naruto's action necessarily made sense while he was doing them, some things he did just ended up working somehow and Yugao couldn't say whether it was actually planned that way or just incredible luck that hadn't quite run out yet.

"They could just cut through the fields up north and then go south from the Tendai Swamp. Sure, there's no road or path but it wouldn't be difficult to get through. They'd almost be to the Hape before they had to even worry about the denser forests.

A fair pont, really, but Yugao was still certain Naruto wasn't currently in Nami no Kuni. Between the rumors in Hanahime and the appearance of "Amaterasu" in Yu no Kuni she knew he had to be up to something and if he was going to these lengths to disguise that fact then he wasn't doing it in his own country. She liked to think she knew him at least well enough to know that much. "I can't see him doing that. I'd believe he's back in Konoha before thinking he'd stayed in a farming community here in Nami."

Ikkan shrugged. He agreed with her, he was just pointing out that it was, in fact, a possibility. It was just that apparently only Toru believed in that possibility.

"Okay, okay, so even if he's not in Nami no Kuni anymore I was just saying we didn't check, you know?" Toru defended himself. "And it was more than that, too. We only checked Hanahime but that doesn't mean we really eliminated Nami for information about where he may be, right?"

Yugao and Ikkan shared a look.

"What do you mean?" Asked the ANBU commander.

"Well, it's just-" Toru paused, hoping his suggestion didn't sound too stupid. "Why didn't we just ask a Wolf where we could find him?"

"Beyond the fact that we've killed some of their siblings?" Yugao asked, brow rising.

"Yeah, beyond that. Maybe if we didn't let them know it was us specifically." That was a really dumb idea, because they were only going to give up that sort of information if they knew these were the ANBU who wanted to help Naruto but the ANBU who wanted to help Naruto were also the ANBU who slew Wolves and weren't going to be well received. Talk about a catch twenty-two. "Or we could say Kakashi sent us or something." He frowned, struck by a new thought.

"Did we…did we ask Kakashi how we could find Naruto?"

Yugao blinked.


Sure, he probably didn't want them to find Naruto because Naruto probably didn't want to be found but Yugao had no intention of allowing Asuma to know anything more than what Naruto approved. She wanted to find Naruto so she could pledge her team to him in person and reassure him that they were at his disposal in Konoha.

It also had the benefit of keeping her and her team away from Asuma and any new orders that might put them at odds with the Wolves before they realized it.

Collecting their regular active salary for providing no results for Konoha- or rather Asuma, as Konoha didn't care what Naruto was up to as Tsukuyomi- was a nice bonus too.

Tsunami had always been a woman satisfied by the simple pleasure of caring for a household. That had started with her father after her mother left them- claiming it was from the constant drinking but he'd been doing that since before the two of them had met from what Tsunami understood and it hadn't seemed to be an issue when they settled down together- and had continued when she stated a family of her own with….Pahui.

That was a name she'd not thought of for a very long time. He hadn't been the greatest of men- sometimes she had been of the opinion that his personal flaws outweighed his virtues- but he had been both loyal and responsible…in his own way. He'd never dallied with any of the women in Nami who had come on to him over the few years they were together and he'd made it his priority to ensure there was food on the table.

That hadn't been too hard, as they had simply lived in her father's house. The lack of rent removed a large burden from the shoulders of the young couple but rather than providing a chance for them to secure an even better future for themselves and their burgeoning family it had provided ample opportunities for Pahui's worst traits to shine forth.

The man had been lazy- exceptionally laidback was a very kind way of putting it but considering he did manage to force himself up enough to bring in some income to the house perhaps it was the least his memory deserved- and a bit of a slob but picking up after him had at least allowed Tsunami to feel needed. Her father wasn't that old that he needed constant attention and care, just someone to ensure he didn't poison himself with his attempts at cooking and to throw a blanket over him when he fell asleep on the couch well into his drink.

Unfortunately that laziness of Pahui's- and, perhaps, his genuine desire to ensure Tsunami and any of their future children would never go hungry as he often had throughout his life- meant he was far more interested in schemes to get rich- or any money, really- quickly and for as little work on his own part as possible.

Whatever was left over from seeing to the household's most basic needs always went into some new venture or, failing that, gambled away in the hopes of recovering his wages. Tsunami was pretty sure he'd never so much as broken even from either of those things.

It was a pity because the man really did mean well he just went about it completely wrong.

The promises of easy wealth had eventually lured her first husband onto a merchant vessel where he was promised a handsome cut of what was to be a very lucrative sale for his help aboard. The catch there was that the proposed journey was absolutely absurd and that's why the owner of the venture was offering so much to tempt sailors to sign on.

With a trade embargo being enforced in the waters between Udon no Kuni and Nagi Island -an attempt to establish dominion over the Kanashii Ocean by some of the lesser countries to increase their global influence- the merchant intended to bring his goods up into the Kaizoku Sea and through the Kasumi Straight into the Hokubu Ocean before going all the way over the globe and back up into the Nanmen Ocean where he could reach Kaze no Kuni's capital to unload his wares and purchase the spices and fine jewelry the land was famous for.

They hadn't even made it into the Kaizoku Sea before they had been beset by Mizu no Kuni pirates who had obviously been tipped off about the poorly defended merchant vessel freshly stocked with goods and enough supplies to see them around the world.

Pahui had jumped overboard in an attempt to save his life and with them being moderately close it wasn't entirely out of the realm of possibility that he may have been able to make it back. Perhaps not all the way to Nami but possibly to any one of the small islands dotting the eastern coast of Hi no Kuni.

Unfortunately her Pahui did not know how to swim.

It might have been humorous if it hadn't also been so sad and foolish. She'd tried for weeks to convince him of how poor an idea it had been but his argument had always been "I know I can't swim, Tsunami, hence the boat."

The only reason she even knew was because the captain had been able to swim and had, in fact, made it all the way back to Nami. What was probably more impressive was that he'd had the good foresight to both grab some of the more water-resistant- and expensive- goods and managed to swim all the way back to Nami while bogged down with it all.

If Tsunami hadn't been so distraught by the news of Pahui's death she would have had the good sense to look towards the captain for her next husband. The man was strong, charming, and had a good head on his shoulders. Unfortunately by the time Tsunami had come to terms with the death of her first husband and her new status as a widow the captain in question had taken off to sell his gains and find another ship to serve upon.

If he'd ever been back to Nami Tsunami certainly hadn't seen him.

Of course, then had come Kaiza and that whole mess but she'd had Inari to look after both before and after his coming. With her son now growing from a boy into a young man she had begun to fear she wouldn't have much of a household to look over anymore and didn't know what she would do with herself.

The answer to that had come in the form of Nami's newest Daimyo- If there was nothing for her to do caring for her own household then she could just step in and care for a different household and by the gods had the Imperial House of Wolves needed care. Despite being fully grown men and women they came across as a group of children which was more than a little ironic considering their leader, the Daimyo of Nami no Kuni, was closer to being a child than any of them and was the one who seemed to possess the most maturity.

Better than the fact that they acted like children- and, sometimes, like simple-minded wild animals- was the simple fact that there were so many of them. It wasn't just a household filled with children who needed to be cared for, it was a large household of children who needed to be looked after. That had taken some adjustment but she had been given command of a dozen servants- indefinitely indentured as they might be- to aid her in this task and they, in turn, became part of the household Tsunami was caring for.

There was something deeply satisfying in knowing that she, a simple housewife and widow twice over, was capable of running the palace of a Daimyo just as well as she'd been able to keep her own home in order.

As far as she was concerned she'd found her calling and she enjoyed it very much. The fact that she was being compensated- and quite handsomely at that- didn't hurt at all, either. She could only wonder how much better things would have turned out if young Tsukuyomi had taken over back when Puhai had still been alive. The thought was quickly dismissed. The man hadn't been equipped to be a stay at home husband- well, rather, not a stay at home father- and she wasn't sure she would do quite so well here if she didn't have the experience of running her own household and raising Inari with only minimal assistance from her father.

And speaking of Inari-

Tsunami looked up from her place in the kitchen where she was going through the planned weekly meals with the palace's head chef- a young man from Mitsu no Kuni the Wolves had tracked down and hired- and glanced over to the small group that had formed in the..lobby…of the palace.

With the palace opened to the public on the lower floors to provide space for the various departments and public servants working towards a better Nami there was a large, open space immediately past the entrance to allow small congregations and act as a meeting point between those same public servants and the people of Nami they served. From there the groups would normally depart, guided to specific offices dealing with whatever matters they'd come to attend to. In this case, the group her son was a part of had nowhere to go.

Two young men and a young woman stood beside him, their eyes not quite devoid of their youth but already far too hard for their ages. Years under Gato had seen to that. Still, that might serve them if they intended to become Shinobi and she knew all four of them were currently enrolled in Nami's- or, rather, Hanahime's- new Shinobi academy. She didn't know how long it would take as the academy was less structured than those of established hidden villages- a result of accepting more students at different ages to make up for the lower population they had to draw from, no doubt- but she couldn't imagine them being trained for more than a few years.

After all, major villages trained their Shinobi aspirants for three years before allowing them into the field for further development and many minor villages usually settled for two or less. The new academy here in Hanahime would fall into the latter category at the moment- there was no doubt there- but even if they did see fit to spend a full three years training them, well, that wasn't all that long at all.

Her gaze moved from her son and his classmates to the rest of the group, four of the servants who served here in the palace. It was a little surprising to see Itana among them, especially because she seemed rather upbeat and cheerful at the moment. Usually the young woman was surly and miserable, going about her chores with as little care and effort as she could to consider the task 'done'- even if it was rather poorly at that. Here, however, talking to the future Shinobi of Nami no Kuni she actually looked to be enjoying herself.

'She's not a bad looking young woman normally,' Tsunami idly admitted as she took in the scene. 'But when she's like this Itana really is rather pretty.'

Perhaps that's why her son had found himself in her company. He was a little young still but he was starting to get to that age where he would begin noticing women and even the most unattractive servant girl in Tsukuyomi's palace could only be called plain if you wanted to be overly critical about appearances.

No, it really wasn't surprising that Inari's attention might be caught by some of the girls here and the two boys beside him- likely friends, though he hadn't brought them over to the house the last few times she was there for dinner- would be here for the same reason. That didn't necessarily explain the young woman with them- she didn't exactly seem put out by being there- but perhaps even if she'd been dragged over by her male friends she was still able to enjoy conversing with the servants.

It may not have been what they were supposed to be doing but considering how poorly this particular group usually was at it that wasn't a huge loss and at the very least they were…attending to guests of the palace?

That was a bit of a stretch there, really, but that was okay.

Tsunami smiled and turned back to her work.

It was good to know Inari was coming to embrace the idea of Tsukuyomi's Nami enough to start visiting the palace and it was very nice to see that some of the girls seemed to be taking a shine to him and his friends.

She wondered if Tsukuyomi would be agreeable to release one of them from his service if Inari wanted to marry them in the future.

Then again, just because they would be married didn't mean the girl couldn't keep working, even if it was subpar. She'd have to see about fixing that if any of them were to end up marrying her boy.

Boar slunk back into the Hokage's office and resumed his post without a word.

Slowly setting his pen back on the desk, Asuma reached up to the bridge of his nose and valiantly attempted to fight off the headache he knew was coming. He spent nearly a minute doing so in vain before surrendering with a sigh.

"He's gone again, isn't he?"

"Hai, Hokage-Sama. I couldn't find him."

Asuma didn't know if he actually believed that but there was nothing to be done about it either way. He'd inherited this…mess- or, at least, most of it- and he would be stuck with it until he could pawn the position off to someone else. There had been no luck on that front so far, as if everyone already knew what he hadn't when his father had forced the hat onto his head.

Perhaps they'd seen him and everything he'd had to deal with already and decided it wasn't worth it. That was likely.

And to think, he used to be laid back and unworried about anything more than if Kurenai would join him out for dinner. Asuma frowned.

Come to think of it, he hadn't seen Kurenai in a while. That wasn't entirely strange considering he was always busy with his duties as Hokage but one of those duties was granting missions to his Shinobi teams and he hadn't seen hers in quite some time. He tried to think of reasons she wouldn't be taking her team on missions and the only one to come to mind was the Chūnin exams but Konoha had already pulled its teams from that because of Iwa's aggressions.

Could she be trying to keep them off the field so they wouldn't run the risk of encountering hostile Iwa Shinobi? That was certainly plausible, he supposed.

Was there anything else?

…..Mitarashi had retired, hadn't she? He could have sworn Ibiki mentioned something along those lines because it had struck him as very strange until he remembered how close Anko was to Naruto. Granted, that was strange in and of itself but it was Anko so it came with the territory. The retirement had come right before the promised departure of the Wolves, too, a coincidence that fit entirely too neatly for him to believe it. Obviously his second-best interrogator had run off with Tsukuyomi and his dogs, Asuma actually found himself slightly grateful that, at the very least, it hadn't been his best interrogator.

Silver linings and all that.

Still, of all the friends Kurenai had she was probably closest to Anko so maybe Kurenai was off visiting her?

Asuma's frown deepened into a proper scowl. If Kurenai was off visiting Anko who had gone off with Naruto….gods be damned, one of his Jōnin was probably, at this moment, in the presence of the young Daimyo he had a team of ANBU trying to track down. On that note, the team of ANBU consisted of Yugao, who had also been close to Naruto at some point and was friends with Anko and Kurenai. And, in that same vein, wasn't their other friend- the last of their group- Inuzuka Hana who had been out of the village on clan business for a suspiciously long time?

He had the strangest feeling that the Inuzuka heiress was likewise involved with Tsukuyomi in some way. What were the chances he would manage to sway all four of them to his side?

And how in the hell hadn't he noticed it before?

There were some days Asuma really, really hated being Hokage.

Jirobo didn't hear much in his little corner of the world and that was just fine with him. He had work to do as one of Orochimaru's Overseers and the rest of the world's problems weren't any of his concern.

Still, with agents out searching for long lost relics or rumors of them he did hear some things and with Iwa and Konoha having issues so close to Ta no Kuni he was not oblivious to the fact that they were, well, having issues.

As long as it didn't spill into Ta no Kuni- and, even then, so long as it didn't reach any of the Oto bases or disrupt their operations- he couldn't really bring himself to care. There was, however, something he did need to keep an eye on.

Konoha represented Hi no Kuni which, as he was very much aware, was allied with Nami no Kuni and anything involving Nami no Kuni was, in fact, very much of note to the man who had been instructed to find gifts suitable for Orochimaru's beloved prince.

If Hi no Kuni was involved then Nami no Kuni might be involved and that meant, on some level, that Tsukuyomi, the Daimyo of Nami no Kuni, would become involved. That was a matter of no small concern, which was why Jirobo found himself packing up the results of one of his side projects.

It had taken quite some time to make- even with all of Kimimaro's help- but the gifts he'd prepared in case his agents ran into more dead ends would find itself being sent out before Orochimaru started asking about the lack of tangible progress.

He allowed his thumb to brush over the smooth bone of the armor, marveling at how Kimimaro had managed to completely remove the porous nature and increase its strength to absurd levels all without increasing its density. Really, it shouldn't have been possible.

And while it may not have been an ancient artifact as Orochimaru would prefer, Jirobo couldn't help but be satisfied with the results he'd managed to achieve. He really was quite good at coming up with suitable gifts, wasn't he?

Sealkeeper: He Who Binds

Chapter 167-B "Desperately Clinging"

Patron Release 2022.11.29

After a string of rapid 'successes', it really shouldn't have surprised Orochimaru that his progress reduced to a mere trickle but it was irritating all the same. Calling forth and combining spirits had become a rather straightforward ordeal that he- and a designated team that had formed by surviving these experiments thus far, the closest thing he had to experts on the matter- could set about doing with hardly a thought.

Unfortunately that's where his streak had ended.

The souls he summoned and even the artificial souls he made- well, not really made but he did combine the 'living' souls of people into a 'greater' soul. Or, he assumed he did? He still wasn't really clear on that. It should have been greater than the sum of its parts but who really knew how much of each soul may have been consumed or otherwise lost during the process? Certainly not Orochimaru, he was more concerned with trying to determine the nature of an artificial soul before he went through the trouble of making it.- all spoke some language he hadn't the time to bother figuring out yet and they didn't seem especially bright.

Considering a major point to this was to provide a suitable assistant for Naruto, well, that was more or less failure no matter how Orochimaru looked at it. There didn't seem to be any sort of correlation between who was being used in the processes and the nature of the spirit he created nor could he figure out if the origin of a specific relic made a difference to the spirit tied to it. So far they seemed to be entirely random and he'd yet to reach a combination that was suitable.

If he had to teach the damn thing how to properly speak then so be it, but he wasn't going through the trouble unless everything else about it was perfect.

At least he could recycle the artificial souls into payment for the Shinigami to drag the relic spirits into spare bodies of his choosing. He'd taken to having a stockpile of mostly featureless bodies- mannequins, more or less, though they were fully functional- just so he didn't have to keep putting actual effort into deciding what they looked like or, worse, sacrifice one of his own carefully chosen bodies.

He'd run through enough of those already, damnit. His only remaining bodies were safely stored back in Hanahime which he was rather glad he'd done. Those were his favorites, after all, though he'd only left them behind so that Naruto could take a look at them and pick out which ones he preferred.

His first foray back into a woman was not going to be in a body Naruto wasn't attracted to, that would be an absolute disaster.

Speaking of which…..

Getting into one of those new bodies sounded much more enticing than yet another blind stab at summoning a suitable assistant for Naruto. He still needed to figure out a way to slay a god but he was actually starting to build up a rather good working relationship with the Shinigami- as strange as it was to imagine- even if that bitch was still wearing one of his bodies. He supposed he could just count that as progress towards a solution to remove Aū if his beloved prince ever needed it and if that meant he was free to return to Nami to pick a new body, well, that was good enough for him.

With any luck there would at least be a Naruto clone somewhere near that he could steal away to get the opinion of.

And to break in the new body, of course.

It probably shouldn't have surprised Naruto so much to learn that a majority of the Hyūga clan- or what remained of it, anyway- had never left Konoha let alone Hi no Kuni. In fact, there was an almost disturbing number of them who hadn't so much as left the walls of the clan compound.

So it also shouldn't have come at a surprise that when Hinata and Akishi mentioned that the glory of Aū needed to be spread to every corner of the world- so that his light could be felt everywhere- that the faithful Hyūga had been determined to become the messengers.

On one hand that was rather convenient because it would facilitate a much more rapid spreading of Aū's doctrine- which, he realized, he still didn't actually know- and reduced his own future workload.

And on the other hand they had reduced his workload. Massively. To the point that, once again, he had no work. One of these days he would manage to keep his projects to himself because every time he brought in helpers they stole it from him.


But just because they seemed to have absolutely no qualms with stealing his work didn't mean he could bring himself to deny them the opportunity by stealing it back. He couldn't do that to them, even if the Hyūga weren't actually his children. When it came down to it, Hinata was his and the Hyūga were her flock. He wasn't about to go around damaging his little lamb's things.

Of course, that left Naruto with the problem of needing to figure out what the fuck to do with himself now that he- once again- had a surplus of free time. Oh, they would still need him to dedicate temples at some point and that's something they couldn't steal from him- probably- but he was expecting the rest of the world to take much longer to convert than the Hyūga clan. They had already been a fanatical cult and proved to be a poor yardstick by which to measure how well the modern world would accept the words of Aū.

He pointedly ignored the entire existence of Oni no Kuni or, more specifically, the High-Priestess he'd already converted to worshiping Aū and caring for his first temple since his light had been lost to the mortal world. He also ignored the fact that everyone who worked under the priestess and her faithful subjects- which was at least the population of her palace/shrine/temple/town thing that pretty much served as Oni no Kuni's capital city- had also happily taken up this new faith.

So, until the Hyūga were sent out by Akishi- when she was satisfied they would be capable of properly spreading word of Aū's glory- and managed to convert enough people to necessitate a new temple- and, of course, until that new temple was built so he could consecrate it by Aū's light and dedicate it to his name- Naruto was left with nothing to do.

Which was why he'd decided to return to Yu no Kuni. With Mai currently there and heading the Imperial House of Wolves- even if she didn't realize that position was permanent as far as he was concerned- it was essentially the hub for the Wolves and everything related to them. If he was going to find a project to commit his attention to- at least until that was stolen from him, too- it would be here.


And, failing that, he could also just go visit Mikoto. That would keep him occupied for a very long time- quite possibly the rest of his life because she was likely to end up killing him.

But by the gods, what a way to go.

Or maybe 'By Aū'? Was that more proper as Aū's High-Priest or was that an inappropriate usage of the deity's name so he should be avoiding it? You would think at some point someone might stop to fill their High-Priest in on how he should be behaving as Aū's chosen but no one had seen fit to as of yet.

He could always ask Aū himself, he supposed, but maybe he should come up with a list of questions first so he could get it all out of the way with a single conversation. It would give him something to do for an afternoon if nothing else. He'd have to make sure to be ready and able to record all the answers, too, so he had some sort of holy text.

Mostly just so he had something to reference when he couldn't remember what the hell Aū had told him but it would probably help the Hyūga in their newest, self-appointed- stolen- task.

He didn't actually know if that was true. Religion was the area of expertise of Hinata….and Shion, now, he supposed. Getting the two of them in contact with each other should be a rather large priority because that trio- as he had to include Akishi for things of this nature, obviously- was going to be the backbone of Aū's new- restored?- faith.

Sect? Order? Religion? Bah, who was he kidding, there was no way in hell this wasn't going to be another cult. Something about him seemed to draw the damn things in.

Whatever it was, he was just the pretty face. He'd leave the rest to them.

Not that he had much choice.

Come to think of it, maybe he needed to get the three of them their own headquarters from which they could manage this. Oni no Kuni did have a temple already and was the site of Aū's first workings in the mortal world in centuries- actually, it was Numa no Kuni where he first worked but it was all in the general vicinity and they weren't about to build a temple in fucking Numa.- so that could probably be considered 'holy land' or some such nonsense. It was a good argument for making it their base of operations, even if the new priests ….clergy …missionaries ….-maybe Akishi knew what they should be called, he'd ask her later-…called Konoha home.

Hmm, that was a good point, actually. Moving Hinata to Oni no Kuni would be absolutely no problem at all. It would be practically effortless for all parties involved. Moving what amounted to the majority of the Hyūga clan from Konoha and into another country entirely? One separated from Tsuchi no Kuni- who was currently at odds with Hi no Kuni for whatever reason, maybe he needed to look into that more- only by Kuma no Kuni? Yeah, that was going to be a bit trickier.

By a lot.

He supposed he didn't have to move all the Hyūga but it would be bad for morale if he just stole away Hinata entirely and moving her back and forth was a little more complicated than scooping her up and taking her to Oni permanently.

…If Shion had a seal and he taught Hinata the Kage-Bunshin, though, that really wouldn't be an issue.

Or, if he really wanted to stretch things into the absurd, he could always have Orochimaru make Hinata a new body and they could use Orochimaru's transfer technique- he didn't actually know if it had a name, now that he thought about it- to move one of those same Kage Bunshin into the body on a permanent basis. Then either one of the Hinata could be placed in Oni to help with the, well, let's face it, to help with the cult. It wouldn't matter which one, either, because they would both be Hinata.

There was a good argument for leaving the original in Konoha so they didn't spook her clan but if Orochimaru could whip up a Hinata body that somehow seemed more divine- not that he knew what that would actually entail besides, perhaps, glowing faintly- they could use it to show Aū's favor with Hinata and the Hyūga for their efforts. That could very well be worth the effort he'd be having other people go through.

He'd propose the idea to Omaru when he next saw her- he was pretty sure she was still somewhere in Yu no Kuni, unless she had wandered off somewhere- and get her opinion. He might not even need to bother Orochimaru if you ignored the fact that Omaru was an Orochimaru.

Maybe giving Hinata another body was a bad idea, things were already far too complicated with just normal clones and the existing doubles which, now that he considered it, were also technically clones.

Sometimes he wished he'd never started playing around with that Kinjutsu and, to be perfectly fair, that really should have been a given considering it was a Kinjutsu. These things were typically labeled as forbidden for a reason, playing around with them was a really bad idea and, as he knew very well by now, could result in all sorts of unforeseen complications.

Gods….or Aū- same thing in a way, wasn't it?- knew he'd discovered that fact first hand.

It had proven useful at times, though, so he couldn't honestly claim he regretted it learning and experimenting with the Kage-Bunshin even if he should have known better.

Either way, he should probably get a second- third, forth, and fifth- opinion before making a second Hinata or doubling anyone else for that matter. He quickly made a mental note to ensure Orochimaru understood that Mikoto was never to be duplicated, the world- or at least Naruto- could only handle the existence of one succubus at a time.

It might not be a bad idea to place that restriction on Anko, too, now that he thought about it. One Anko caused enough trouble but two Anko? Unless Mikoto was keeping them busy- and it would take two, possibly three Anko to be able to match that absolute monster of a sex goddess- then there was no estimating the amount of trouble they could cause together.

It was just a horrible idea overall.

Except in the bedroom.

…..Damnit, now he was seriously considering allowing Orochimaru to make another Anko. Twin Mitarashi sisters? He knew it was a bad idea but by Mikoto- because she had to be some sort of lust goddess- it was a tempting thought.

He needed to find something to distract himself from actually considering this before he ended up going through with it. He was just fortunate he hadn't run into Omaru, Mikoto, or Anko yet.

It was a bit strange but he was in Yu no Kuni's palace. It was a big place and for all he knew the three of them were in his outpost up north. That's where he'd planned on going after Konoha- Not actually having anything to do had been the reason to be away from the Hyūga compound, he was really only out of Konoha because he knew Asuma would be looking for him again and he enjoyed tweaking the man's nose whenever he spied the opportunity- but Mai had been quite resolute in her declaration that if she was staying in a palace than the Daimyo of Nami no Kuni was going to be staying in a palace.

Fair enough, but he hadn't seen her in two days either.

Why was this place so huge?

And why the hell did he even bother having that outpost made? With how little time he'd used it- which was made exponentially worse by the fact that he had intended or it to become the primary base of operations for the Wolves- he probably would have been better off just pitching a tent on the beach and waiting until Akishi had taken control of the country.

He thought about it for a second and then shrugged. He was sure he could come up with reasons but as it stood the outpost had- and still was- keeping some of the Wolves busy and out of trouble. That was reason enough as far as he was concerned.

Naruto froze. An absolutely terrible idea crashed through his mind like a bolt of lightning and the echoes of thunder it left in its wake were the sweet chimes of enlightenment.

Only this was far from inner peace. No, this was a horrible, terrible, absolutely awful idea that never should have seen the light of day. But now it was here and he couldn't rid himself of it.

Orochimaru could make any sort of body fairly quickly. His Wolves were all ANBU trained. Naruto, Orochimaru, Temari, Mai, Anko, Kakashi, and a host of others knew the Kage-Bunshin already.

What, exactly, was stopping them from duplicating all the Wolves and creating a fully trained army of ANBU operatives in absolute peak physical condition?

He needed to find someone to talk him out of this now.

Unfortunately, he had a feeling that anyone who he brought this idea to was only going to end up encouraging him more.

He was right.

Orochimaru took a deep breath as he reached Hanahime, filling his- well, Sasuke's- lungs with a mixture of salty air and spicy aromas from nearby restaurants. He didn't particularly enjoy either, more partial to the damp air of the underground and, well, actually he did enjoy more salty foods, so that wasn't entirely correct. Still, he wasn't here to enjoy the scent.

Stepping from the dirt leading into the surrounding forests and onto the paved roads of Hanahime- hadn't these been dirt at some point? He couldn't remember when that had changed but considering he spent a majority of his time either in his commandeered warehouse or in NAruto's palace maybe that wasn't so surprising.- he did his best to weave his way through the evening traffic.

A majority of the city was active at all hours- a benefit of being a major shipping hub of the world- but evenings seemed to bring out everybody. Aspiring students from the new Shinobi academy were released from class, housewives finished their daily tasks, the fishing vessels had already long returned from their morning outings and had not only offloaded their haul but prepared for tomorrow, and as many stores began closing their workers joined the nightlife.

It was probably good for Hanahime's economy to have whatever money was made during her peoples' day immediately spread throughout the city again- especially when it also meant visiting vessels and their crews plus whatever merchant caravans may have stopped in would be doing the same- but Orochimaru had never really liked people and unfortunately the physique of Uchiha Sasuke was…less than intimidating.

Not surprising, the boy was like twelve.

Orochimaru paused midstep, his face scrunching up in thought. Twelve? No, that wasn't right at all, was it? Sasuke was the same age as Naruto and Orochimaru was pretty sure Naruto wasn't twelve.

….How old was Naruto, anyway?

For some strange reason Orochimaru couldn't seem to remember. He didn't know if it was because he could honestly say he had no idea what day of the week it was let alone the month- time was insignificant when one was on the cusp of perfect immortality, after all- or because he had never really known Naruto's age.

He'd heard of Naruto before he'd graduated the academy, yes, but Naruto was also brilliant so how long did he really spend there? He had no doubt that like Itachi and Kakashi before him Naruto could have been fully trained very young but Kushina hadn't even let him start until…eight? That sounded right. And he'd also been doing things with the Wolves during his time at the academy- had he been using it as a cover for his activities? Clever boy- so maybe he had taken the regular time for his education.

But that only put him at eleven or twelve which was obviously wrong because he'd left the academy ages ago. Probably. He was really going to have to ask him when he found either Naruto or one of his clones- Orochimaru wasn't picky, he just wanted his Naruto-time at this point- but he also had to wonder if Naruto even knew how long it had been.

There was a rather large chance that even Naruto didn't know how old he was, considering all the other things he was trying to keep track of.

In that case, he might have to reach out to either Naruko or Kushina. They should both know considering Kushina had birthed him and Naruko was his twin sister. As long as she knew her own age they could figure out Naruto's by adding a minute or two. Or however long it had been between them. What was the usual age difference between twins? Orochimaru had never given birth at all, let alone to twins, and it had never come up in any of his research or experiments.

And, really, he supposed it wasn't actually important in the end. So long as he knew within a day how old Naruto was, well, that's all he was really wondering.

Wait, no, he'd been wondering about Sasuke's age, hadn't he? Naruto was obviously more important but Orochimaru didn't actually need to know Naruto's age. Besides, the boy had always been much more mature than his age would ever suggest.

Now that he thought about it, Naruto often seemed much, much older but there were also times that he seemed terribly young. Acting childish or mature was one thing, but the lack of consistency was a bit odd sometimes. Or, it should be. He was usually mature and at times seemed absolutely ancient, so maybe that was his normal and he had bouts of childishness.

But why did he feel so terribly old? As if centuries had weighed down upon his shoulders despite his youthful appearance. There was something more there, something that teased upon the edges of his thoughts and pulled away every time the tongue of his mind attempted to verbalize it. Something was wrong.

A passerby gently nudged Orochimaru's shoulder as they brushed passed hurriedly and the thought was lost entirely.

Where was- oh, yes, Sasuke's body was so small and unimpressive, it was no real wonder people weren't parting before him. It helped- when no, it was a rather large annoyance on his part considering people weren't doing what he wanted them to- that the people here had no idea who he actually was. If they were aware Yashagorō Orochimaru walked among them he had no doubt they would scatter in fright. That would have been satisfying though he doubted Naruto would appreciate a riot in his capital.

….It was his capital, wasn't it? It was the capital of Nami no Kuni without a doubt but didn't Naruto have control over Yu no Kuni these days too? And even if he didn't, he'd wanted that outpost in northern Yu no Kuni to serve as a main base going forward. Wouldn't that be the capital or had that idea been scrapped in favor of a palace in Yu no Kuni's capital? Would that make Yu no Kuni's capital a capital twice over? For both Yu no Kuni and for the Imperial House of Wolves? Orochimaru wasn't quite sure that was even a thing.

Ignoring that idea, even if the people here didn't know who he was, one of his normal bodies would at least have them moving out of the way.


Okay, his original body probably would. His most recent bodies- excluding this one, naturally, and including his future bodies- would probably just have everyone stopping to admire them which wouldn't really help him cut through the crowds at all.

Would be flattering, though.

Frowning at the mass of bodies enjoying the early evening, Orochimaru shook his head and leapt onto a nearby building. Hanahime had far more people than it was really equipped to handle- though no one seemed to mind, which made no sense to the Snake Sannin- but fortunately its Shinobi populace was made entirely of Wolves and a few Oto Shinobi he had lent to Naruto which meant the rooftops were fairly unoccupied and those who were atop the buildings would recognize him.

He made much better time above the crowds, though he made note to just head south through the forests the next time he needed to reach Naruto's palace. At least then he'd just have to make sure not to pass too closely to Gato's old mansion in case the Fire Daimyo was utilizing it and his guards got jumpy. They were no threat but Naruto didn't need him to be upsetting his guests.

The buildings didn't go all the way to the palace but fortunately the crowds thinned significantly as he drew away from the main roads of Hanahime.

Unfortunately once he reached the palace there was no sign of Naruto, clone or otherwise.

"Sorry, Orochimaru-Sama," Tsunami apologized. "But there hasn't been any Naruto here for…quite some time." She shifted uncomfortably as she said it and Orochimaru found that he couldn't be too upset with the woman. She was obviously feeling Naruto's absence nearly as keenly as Orochimaru was.

"I was hoping for at least a clone," Orochimaru frowned. "I thought he'd at least leave one here to look after…his people."

They were both very much aware that Orochmaru didn't mean the people of Nami with his words. Tsunami flushed.

"Well, it would have been nice."

Orochimaru resolved to make another Naruto body to rectify that, one that could remain here in Nami, though he also realized it couldn't actually look like Naruto if the young Daimyo was trying to keep Asuma on his toes wondering where he was and what he was doing. Thumbing his nose at the Hokage? Orochimaru could appreciate that. "I'll try to get a hold of him. There are enough people with his seal on them that it would be easy for him to send a clone. I'm sure we can manage to keep his visits…discreet."

That would give Orochimaru time to create a new body for him, too, but had the benefit of not making Naruto's visits dependent on the body being finished. The best of both worlds, really.

"Ah, I had a question about that, Orochimaru-Sama."


"Anyone with the seal could create a clone through it, yes?"

"Yes, though I doubt they've taught you the Kage-Bunshin. Your Chakra reserves are nowhere near large enough to handle it." Then again, Naruto usually utilized the Chakra of one of the Biju he associated with- what a strange concept that was, too- so perhaps Tsunami could do the same. As he understood it, Karura was very fond of the woman, he was sure the raccoon would assist her.

"No, I didn't intend to use a clone myself. My real question was about those clones." She hesitated for a second before pressing on. "Is it possible for them to impregnate someone? I know they're temporary, so I wasn't quite certain."

Orochimaru blinked. "I…" A frown crossed his face. "I have absolutely no idea." Sasuke's black eyes peered at the woman's stomach, wondering if something had happened. "...Why?"

"Oh, no, nothing yet." Her blush brightened considerably as she moved a hand in a vain attempt to block Orochimaru's gaze from her stomach. "I just wanted to know if it was possible. Kakashi owes me for helping nudge Mikoto's relationship with Naruto from mother to lover so that he was uncontested in his claim as parent and I find myself wanting another child now that Inari is in the academy."

"I don't see the problem there." He thought it was a bit strange because he usually thought of the woman as one of Naruto's lovers but if Naruto didn't want biological children at the moment he guessed it made a certain amount of sense, especially if Kakashi owed her already. "Just have Kakashi stop in to visit for a week or two, that should be plenty of time to make sure it takes."

"Ah, but he's currently acting as the ANBU commander in Konohagakure, or so he tells me. He's using it as an excuse not to come by and…help. So I was thinking if a clone was capable..." She trailed off.

Orochimaru made a mental note that somehow Kakashi, known Wolf conspirator, had been given the position of ANBU Commander, even if it was only temporary.

"I wouldn't think so, normally. If a clone lasted long enough it might, so if he utilized Karura's chakra there would be a good chance of it lasting long enough for the body to have already utilized the genetic material…maybe. The problem is that using Karura's chakra would mean his consciousness would be here, which defeats the purpose of a clone." He didn't add that he had a feeling one of Naruto's clones could probably do it, that young man was always pulling off the impossible for the stupidest things.

"Ah, thank you. I'll just have to come up with something else then."

"You could always ask Naruto to have him cooperate." Orochimaru suggested. "In fact, you should try to reach him through the seal and when you ask also pass on my request for him to visit. I want his opinion on my next body and I'm tired of waiting to get into something more…comfortable.

And it should have been long enough that his technique would consider Sasuke's Sharingan as a part of Orochimaru to copy over to all future hosts.

"I'll try reaching out to him tonight. Thank you again." Tsunami was beaming now, obviously enthused by the thought that Naruto would solve her problems. There were certainly worse gods to place your faith in, Orochimaru mused as she continued deeper into the palace.

There hadn't been enough space in his room to store all the bodies so he'd made somewhere more suited for it.

Naturally it involved a secret underground chamber.

He slipped in with practiced ease and was greeted by a dozen perfect bodies. Well, he thought they were perfect, he really needed to get Naruto's opinion on them though.

Of course, these didn't have anything he actually needed beyond appearance so there really wasn't anything stopping him from jumping from body to body and, additionally, there was nothing to stop him from picking out a body to wear immediately because he could always switch to one Naruto liked more later.

He was glad he had the foresight to give them all his Ten no Juin ahead of time. It also helped that as none of the bodies were "alive" none of them died due to the application. He didn't know why he didn't invest more time into researching souls previously, it made so many things much more convenient.

He pushed the fact that he'd needed Tsunade's help to perfect his body creation process aside as unimportant for the moment. He would have figured it all out eventually given enough time, she'd just…sped things up.

And speaking of Tsunade….

Yes, that body would work just fine. An almost carbon copy of the Slug Sannin stared back at him- or would if her eyes were open- with the only major difference being the obsidian hair that had already been gathered into twin tails. Yes, Tsunade had mentioned twins and Orochimaru could hardly think of a better way to reintroduce himself to Naruto's bed than a three-way with Tsunade.

Sexy Nurse and Sexy Scientist twin sisters? Maybe he'd even pull Shizune into it as his assistant, just to spice things up even more. Or maybe Shizune and Tsunade would be his assistants? That sounded even better.

With a practiced ease he performed the Jutsu and minutes later- after getting his gasping breaths under control- he pushed himself up from the slanted table that was now beneath him. While the technique was easy enough the process of essentially coming back from death never did.

He- she- allowed her hands to momentarily roam her new body, reveling in the sensual curves and perfectly soft skin- soft as a newborn, in fact, considering the body was completely new- and enjoying the fact that she was once again a full-grown adult.

She was interrupted from reacquainting herself with, well, herself when the body of Uchiha Sasuke groaned and Orochimaru found herself actually freezing in surprise. Golden eyes blinked slowly, trying to determine if she was just hearing things, but when he groaned again and weakly attempted to push himself over from his position crumpled on the floor she realized she wasn't imaging anything.

Perhaps she'd never given the boy the credit he deserved; it took more than a little willpower to desperately cling to life for all the months she'd inhabited his body and if his mind was somehow intact- or even mostly intact- after such an ordeal then she would be very impressed indeed.

In the meantime, however, perhaps she should make sure he received medical attention. If he died too soon she'd never get her answers.

And that would just be a shame, wouldn't it?

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