I've read SO many hilarious commentaries on this...thing, that I decided to do my own! Be prepared to lose a few brain cells along the course of this story. I don't own Starkit's Prophecy, nor would want to. All my comments are in italics and bolded.

ALLIANCES ( This isn't how Allegiances is spelled, though it's probably a common mistake. )
ok so like i said this iks my first story be nice plz ( *snorts* That won't happen )

btw ( Looks like we've already got some text-speak in here already!) its set afte rsunset so ( Got the wrong book there miss...plus I don't think sunset is spelled that way )


Leader: Firestar - ginger tom with a flame-colored pelt

Deputy: Brambleclaw - dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Medicine Cat: JayFeather-gray tom


Squirrelflight - dark ginger she-cat with green eyes ( Interesting...she's a senior warrior )

Apprentice, Foxpaw

Dustpelt - dark brown tabby tom

Sandstorm - pale ginger she-cat

Cloudtail - long-haired white tom

Apprentice DaisyPaw - cream long-furred cat from the horseplace ( Just...what? )

Brackenfur - golden brown tabby tom

Sorreltail - tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes

Thornclaw - golden brown tabby tom

Brightheart - white she-cat with ginger patches

Spiderleg - long-limbed black tom with brown underbelly and amber eyes

Whitewing - white she-cat with green eyes

Apprentice, Icepaw

Birchfall - light brown tabby tom

Graystripe - long-haired gray tom

Berrynose - cream-colored tom

Hazeltail - small gray-and-white she-cat

Mousewhisker - gray-and-white tom

Cinderheart - gray tabby she-cat

Poppyfrost - tortoiseshell she-cat

Honeyfern- light brown tabby she-cat

Lionblaze - golden tabby tom

Hollyleaf - black she-cat

FoxHeart-reddish tabby tom (Weren't both Foxheart and Icefire apprentices a few lines before this? )

IceFire-white she cat

ToadRibbit-blackā€”and-white tom ( Wow, that's certintently some impress naming skill there! *heavy sarcasm* )

RoseFlame-dark cream she cat

BriarStorm-dark brown she cat ( I thought she couldn't walk, and had a different name. Amazing attention to the Warrior's series there! )

BumbleFlower-very pale gray tom with black stripes ( VERY manly name there )

BlossomWind-pale brown she cat iwth a dark stripe along her spine ( Nice name, but not correct )


Fox DaisyPaw - cream long-furred cat from the horseplace ( What's up with this name? We've got two cats melded into one! )

FlamePaw-firecolored she cat with one grnee eye one blue eye

LakePaw-bright blue gray she cat with blue eyes

The last 2 r starKits sisters ( Then why were they made apprentices before her? Maybe it was because Starkit would've gotten killed when she was out getting moss if she had become an apprentice at the same time as them! Although I'd be all in favor of that. )

Edited Out: siters ( Wow, she was that much trouble?)

JazzPaw-red she cat with blue eyes and a black tail ( How do they know what jazz IS? )


Ferncloud - pale gray (with darker flecks) she-cat with green eyes mother of Dustpelts kits ( Who ARE...? )

Dawnsparkle-bright tortishell she cat with garguntan blue eye's ( Um...does that mean her eyes take up her whole face, or what? ) mother of Jayfeathers' ktis, formaly of Shadowclan ( Why did she leave? AND THAT'S A FORBIDDEN RELATIONSHIP RIGHT THERE FOLKS! BREAKING TWO RULES OF THE WARRIOR CODE! )


StarKit-graysh-blue-and purple she cat with molting orange eyes ( Scary ) and a white star on her forhaed


Longtail - pale tabby tom with dark black stripes, retired early due to failing sight

Mousefur - small dusky brown she-cat

Weaslepelt-big red tabby he cat with bight yellow eyes (hes Rowanclaw's dad, he came to Thunderclan when Dawn- did0 ( Why did he come also? )

LeafPool-brown tabby she cat ( Since when did she become an elder? Leafpool isn't that old! )


Leader: Blackstar - large white tom with huge jet-black paws

Deputy: Russetfur - dark ginger she-cat

Medicine Cat: Littlecloud - very small tabby tom

Apprentice, Flamepaw (ginger tom)


Oakfur - small brown tom

Apprentice, Tigerpaw (dark brown tabby tom)

Rowanclaw - ginger tom

Smokefoot - black tom

Apprentice, Owlpaw (light brown tabby tom)

Ivytail - black, white and tortoiseshell she-cat

Apprentice, Dawnpaw (cream-furred she-cat)

Toadfoot - dark brown tom

Crowfrost - black-and-white tom

Apprentice, Olivepaw (tortoiseshell she-cat)

Kinkfur - tabby she-cat, with long fur that sticks out at all angles

Ratscar - brown tom with long scar across his back

Apprentice, Shrewpaw (gray she-cat with black feet)

Snaketail - dark brown tabby tom with striped tail

Apprentice, Scorchpaw (dark gray tom)

Whitewater - white she-cat with long fur, blind in one eye

Apprentice, Redpaw (mottled brown and ginger tom)

Tawnypelt - tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Flamewind- flame color tabby tom with green eye's

Tigerclaw-huge dark brown tabby tom with long claw's and amber eys

DawnFeather-cream tabby she cat (shes a different cant then the one in tC ok?) ( Okay... )

OlivePaw-bright brown she cat ( How can a cat be BRIGHT BROWN? )


Snowbird - pure white she-cat


Cedarheart - dark gray tom

Tallpoppy - long-legged light brown she-cat


Leader: Onestar - brown tabby tom

Deputy: Ashfoot - gray she-cat

Medicine Cat: Barkface - short-tailed brown tom

Apprentice, Kestrelpaw (mottled gray tom)


Tornear - tabby tom

Crowfeather - dark gray tom

Owlwhisker - light brown tabby tom

Whitetail - small white she-cat

Nightcloud - black she-cat

Gorsetail - very pale gray-and-white cat with blue eyes

Weaselfur - ginger tom with white paws

Harespring - brown-and-white tom

Leaftail - dark tabby tom, amber eyes

Apprentice, Thistlepaw (long-haired white tom)

Dewspots - spotted gray she-cat

Apprentice, Sedgepaw (light brown tabby she-cat)

Willowclaw - gray she-cat

Apprentice, Swallowpaw (dark gray she-cat)

Antpelt - brown tom with one black ear

Emberfoot - gray tom with two dark paws

Apprentice, Sunpaw (tortoiseshell she-cat with large white mark on her forehead)

Heathertail - light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Breezepelt - black tom with amber eyes


Morningflower - very old tortoiseshell queen

Webfoot - dark gray tabby tom


Leader: Leopardstar - unusually spotted golden tabby she-cat

Deputy: Mistyfoot - gray she-cat with blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Mothwing - dappled golden she-cat

Apprentice, Willowshine (gray tabby she-cat)


Blackclaw - smoky-black tom

Voletooth - small brown tabby tom

Apprentice, Minnowpaw (dark gray she-cat)

Reedwhisker - black tom

Mosspelt - tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentice, Pebblepaw (mottled gray tom)

Beechfur - light brown tom

Rippletail - dark gray tabby tom

Apprentice, Mallowpaw (light brown tabby tom)

Graymist - pale gray tabby

Dawnflower - pale gray she-cat

Dapplenose - mottled gray she-cat

Pouncetail - ginger-and-white tom

Mintfur - light gray tabby tom

Apprentice, Nettlepaw (dark brown tabby tom)

Otterheart - dark brown she-cat

Apprentice, Sneezepaw (gray-and-white tom) ( Everyone else must be so jealous of his name! )

Pinefur - very short-haired tabby she-cat

Apprentice, Robinpaw (tortoiseshell-and-white tom)

Rainstorm - mottled gray-blue tom

Duskfur - brown tabby she-cat

Apprentice, Copperpaw (dark ginger she-cat)


Icewing - white cat with green eyes, mother of Beetlekit, Pricklekit, Petalkit, and Grasskit


Heavystep - thickset tabby tom

Swallowtail - dark tabby she-cat

Stonestream - gray tom ( Seems like quite a few had a description like this. )

We've gotten past the Allegiances! Time for the first real chapter of this thing. Hope you didn't lose any brain cells reading this list of allegiances.

Au revoir, mes amis!