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Foxtail of Stormclan - Yeah, I'm having a ton of fun doing this. Probably too much, saying that this is a horribly written fanficiton...

19 The Mirage 1! ( Are we going to the Living Mirage to see some magical creatures? )

The next morning StarGleam woke up and HawkFrost was still sleeping next to her. She didn't want to wake him so she left he then and went to look for a bunch of cats to go on patrol. ( Shouldn't be hard...right? )

"JazzSong RedPaw LakePaw ( Didn't she go to Hellclan? ) LaFlamePelt ( Why do I feel like you sent all the non-straight cats on patrol? And when did Flamepaw become a warrior? ) your all going on a patrol to the Windclan border." She said and then she went back to her den to wake HawkGorest ( Now he apparently likes gorse/forests. ) up she had to tell him something. ( You're breaking up? )

"HawkFrost let's get married." ( NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! )She cok him up ( :/ ) and looked at him expectantly as he blinked his amber eyes.

"Oh sweet that's a great idea! he said. ( What he's actually trying to say is that it's an absolutely horrible idea. ) " Should we tell the claN?" ( Mmmm...nah. )

"Yah that's why I was waking you up." ( So basically, he really had no choice originally. Nice... ) She left the den and Hawkfrost was following. "Let All Vats Older To Cath There On Pray Gather Hear Benth The High:edge For A Clan Mettin! ( Quite an interesting clan call there. )

They all gathered even though Millie was upset that Briarpaw had been hurt. (a/n i havent actually red Fading Eches yet but Ive heard that she gets hurt!1!1!1111")

"HawkFrost and I are getting married!" yelld StarPaw happily. ( Everyone booed and started to throw random items at the two. ) Everyone started crapping! ( Or you could do that... ) They were so happy for Gleamstar ( Not. ) they knew she needed a mat. ( Gleamstar...doing yoga? )

"Do you know what we should do?" called out BubPaw and StarGleam didn't want to listen to him because he was stupid (a/n just look at his narem how culd he NOT be stupd!1?1) but she was leader so she decided to hurm him. ( What is it up with her and harming clanmates? ) "What is it BubmFlit" ( Make it quick, I've got an appointment in a few minutes. ) she asked looking at the he cat.

"We should go announce it at the Gathering!" he said and everyone cheered. They all aruged with him. ( Wait. So first you cheer, then you turn on him and start to disagree and agrue? ) So the Thunderclan cats left for the Gathering. But when they got there... they saw... BullStar was dead! ( Darn! Now bulls are going to run rampart since he won't be around to keep them in the bull pen. ) In his place was... FLAMESTAR! ( STARCLAN, HELP US! )


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