We all know what this is by now.

Chapter 19 The New Love

A/N: Stupid falmes! ur all satinsit1s! StarKesus ( Stop comparing Starkit/Starpaw/Gleamstar to Jesus! And now you're blending the two together? ) is ur saver y cant u just eccept that. Also im not a torll!1 ppl tell me Im ver petty!

Btw Jazz are you happy wih the last chpaetr? i no im promised u I wood mack you depduey

gasped! ( Uh...what? ) 'What are you doing here FireStar" she

said. ( Good question. I thought it was Flamestar, not Firestar who was now leader. )

"I took over ShaderClan" ( Where everyone wears amazing shutter shades. ) he said happily. "I went to their territory and they fondu ( Where's the fondu? I'm hungry. ) me there. The told me that Blackstar was dead he was so depressed when you became leader that he mocitted swisscide." ( I'm sorry, but he died from going to too many cities while mooing and eating Swiss cheese. )

"OMIJISH BUT THAT'S A SIN" SAID StarGleam. ( Don't ever come to Wisconsin then! We have lots of cheese here. )

"I know right." said Firestar "but he was so sad you wound't be his meat." ( Did Blackstar resort to cannibalism then? First he wanted her to be his mat, and now his meat. What's next? )

GleamStar was sad for a moment. But then she remembered her and Hawkfrost-kun ( Don't be surprised if he attacks you with Swiss cheese. ) were getting married! ( Flamethrower please? ) And she was happy again. ( Respect for Blackstar at all? None? Okay, I'll stop asking. )

She run towards the HighOka a;; ( Interesting name... ) the cats were catching her as she passed. ( So that the marriage could never happen. ) They wondered why she was even more radiant then usual today. ( She's glowing? I'd run. Wait...IT'S A BOMB! ) It was

because she is happy. HawkFirst ( He was the first cat ever to catch a hawk and fly. ) thought.

"Cast of all clans!" ( This whole this has been a movie? Good. ) she yowled. "I have an announcement!" ( That you'll leave us alone? )

"What is it leader" they all said. ( Even though she's only the leader of Thunderclan. )

"HawkFrost and me…are getting… MARRIED!" ( Everyone pulled out their flamethrowers that I gave them at this announcement. )

The cats cheered in saw and happy! ( In saw and happy? ) Some of them where sad they never got to be StarGleam's ( Yes! She's stepped down! ) mate ( Be happy that you weren't, because the threat of a flamethrower would be following you. ) but they were happy anyways because they loved her and knew what was best.

"Let the marriage begin" ( Did Purdy say this? I can defiantly see him saying this then falling asleep again. )

But before the marriage could happen ( A cougar attacked? ) … there was a nose! ( I hope there's noses, all cats have them as far as I know. ) "I WANT HER TO BE MY MATE" said a vice from Abobe! ( Flashplayer! A sub-type of Adobe Flashplayer, but for cats. )

"Starclan?" sad GleamStar? ( The author is questioning if Gleamstar should actually say this. XD )

"No." said the vice. ( president. What's he doing here? ) "its…THE DAK FOREST!" ( Okay, so we have the Dak, Fark, Sark, and Dark Forest's now, all for evil cats. Goes to show how popular it is these days. )

And then there were clouds!1111 ( Starclan/The Dak Forest disproves of this marriage. ) It stared to rain! ( Keep on staring rain, and prevent this marriage. ) And..lighting stroked! ( There's gently lightning? Weird... ) it hit StarGleam!

It hurt. ( Whoa, it's the discovery that's going to chance their entire existence! )

AND GLEAMSTAR COULD FELL HERSELF DID!11!111!1! ( Could Fell Herself Did...sounds like Yoda. Did she fall of the tree? )


SHE woke up. She was in the dark frost ( Is dark frost black? ) she remembered. It was black around. ( Technically, it is not pitch black in the Dark Forest...or whatever you want to call it. ) "Blackstar" she said wanderin if he'd wanted to see was BlackStar a bad cat she wandered she didn't know if he would go to the Fark Forest! ( So confused by that sentence... )

She saw a shape in the dirtence. ( Dirtence = Dirt that is is the distance. ) "BackStar?" she said. ( Was he all back? ) "It's me StarGleam

Then the cat torned around. ( Was there blue pixel blocks underneath the ground? ) It was… ASSFyR! ( Just look at the first part of that name...XD )

Ashfur looked at her. "Giggle" he said ( I'd be creeped out. ) "Gleamstar… you're beautiful….like Squirrelflight…i want u…to be….my mate?" ( Officially creeped out. )

"NO9999999999999 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" said Gleam. ( The official way to say NO, and the shortened name for Gleamstar.

He looked sad. ( Okay. ) "What do you mean" he said. ( Is he completely blind to emotions and plain, shouted out words? )

And then… was BROKENSTAR? ( Yeah, I was pretty sure that he went to the Dark Forest. )

Anyone else think that sentence sounded like Yoda?

Au revoir, mes amis!