Four days after the surprise inspection by the slave administration, Nikolai decided that Wilson had earned his reward and let Greg know that it would happen that night after work. Wilson had done his own legwork and found the name of doctor who had turned them in; someone who had often used Greg harshly in the past. And Wilson had watched over Greg, as an equal, for the whole week.

Greg had to agree with the idea. Wilson had appeared out of the blue several times over the week and extracted him from one particularly awkward situation, as well as providing a buffer for him by hanging out in his office when he had free time. Nikolai sent Ms Walker to come up to diagnostics to get him at five p.m. and Greg trailed by behind her at the limits of leash, not looking forward to this at all. Nikolai took the leash from Renee and said goodnight to her and Linda, making sure that no one would be there when Wilson arrived at six.

"Sit down in front of the sofa, Greg," he instructed, going to the mini-fridge to get a bottle of water for him. "Here. Wilson will be here at six. Do you want anything to eat first?"

"No," he said quietly, just taking a sip of water.

"Alright. Here's your video game. Try not to twist yourself up in knots.

At quarter to six, he took the video game back and had Greg strip down, choosing to gag him and put him up on the hanging restraints. It would appeal to Wilson and give Nikolai a chance to see what the man had in mind.

Sure enough, when Wilson arrived, his eyes went wide seeing Greg waiting like that. He swallowed hard and looked around the room to see if any other slave was there. None were, and he looked at Nikolai with a hopeful smile.

"Does this mean I get some time with Greg tonight?"

"It does," Nikolai confirmed. "Your aid with finding out who turned me in for an inspection by slave administration as well as keeping Greg safe have earned you this reward of time alone with him. I have rules for your interaction which I expect you to stick to, not look for a loophole in them. Greg, you are ordered to report to me all of the events of the evening when we go home tonight," he said, looking at Wilson to make sure that Wilson understood that Nikolai would be checking up on him.

"What are the rules?" Wilson asked eagerly.

"One, there will be no injuries by anything that you do tonight. If you break the skin, or do something that will cause deep bruising, you will never get this chance again. Two, you will not use the tabbed leash on him. That is reserved for my use only. You may use the regular leash if you choose. Remember your lessons on how to move with a slave on a leash and take extra care for his impaired mobility. Is that clear?"

"Yes. Yes, it is," Wilson answered seriously. He was sorry not to be able to use the tabbed leash but that was a small thing to give up in this instance.

"This is your reward but keep in mind our talk about what the slave gets out of any interactions," Nikolai reminded him, putting on his suit coat and preparing to leave the office. "You have two hours. I will be back at 8 p.m. to pick him up."

Nikolai stopped in front of Greg, meeting his eyes and nodding, acknowledging Greg's nervousness and fear. "This is good practice for you, if you think of it that way, Greg," he said, directing his gaze up to the ceiling without moving his head. Greg followed his gaze in the same way, found the small security camera head, and nodded. Nikolai would be watching.

With a soothing stroke and a light smack on Greg's ass, Nikolai left the room.

Wilson blew out his breath in a puff and rubbed his hands together with unbridled glee as he slowly walked around Greg. "I've missed having you so much. It's been hard seeing you with him, seeing you every day and not being able to have you, to touch you, to have you touch me. Have you missed me?"

"Not like that," Greg answered with a bit of steel in his town.

Wilson frowned and pouted a bit at that answer. "I didn't treat you badly, you know. I just didn't know how to curb you from getting into trouble. That's why I want to learn from him. You know chairmen don't stay long, three to five years at the most. He probably won't even keep you tagged that long, so I'm learning all of this to get the chance to tag you again. Unless you want someone like that asshole Fletcher to tag you. Do you?"

"No. Definitely not Fletcher," Greg said.

"Then you should try to appreciate my efforts a bit more," Wilson chided, leaning back on the desk to get a good look at him. "I can understand why he uses this. Keeps you fully restrained, doesn't tax your leg, and it's a wonderful view."

Wilson's eyes darkened. "So you don't miss me. I guess I'll have to try to make you remember what was good about us then. Two hours isn't a lot of time, but it's a start anyway."

Wilson went into the bathroom, washing his hands and brought a bottle of hand lotion he'd found back out with him. Talking all about his day at work, he proceeded to apply lotion to Greg's entire body, slowly, and sensually, taking his time over his lined back from previous whippings and his damaged leg as well. Greg couldn't help but be aroused by the treatment and Wilson took great delight in his reaction.

"See? You do miss me. You shouldn't lie to me like that," he chided, giving him a few strong strokes before flicking the tip with his thumb and finger, eliciting a surprised grunt and hiss of pain. "Mmm. Nice. I've always liked to see you struggle, but you know that don't you? You're smart, you've figured it out. What I can't figure it, is if you know that and don't like it, why do you keep struggling? Why not just give in and let it happen? But you never do. You always struggle. So, I think you must secretly enjoy it too, and are just too stubborn to admit it," Wilson grinned, pulling off his belt and moving to the side.

For twenty minutes, he strapped Greg, carefully, keeping to the rules of not bruising him or breaking the skin, but Greg's skin was hot and red from his waist to his calves before it was over, and stinging from the lotion that had gone on first. Finally Wilson lowered him down and released him from the overhead ring but left his hands cuffed together.

"I think you know what I want you to do," Wilson said, catching him under the chin and tipping his head while pushing down on one shoulder.

Yes, Greg knew exactly what Wilson wanted now and he wondered how much time he had before Nikolai came back for him. He followed the pressure and knelt down in front of Wilson, obediently taking his cock into his mouth and giving him a thorough blow job.

As he stood panting, eyes blown wide and covered in sweat from his orgasm, Wilson considered what to do next. He still had forty minutes. Hmm. Nikolai had talked about the slave getting something out of interactions too. Well, Greg had always been very responsive. Maybe a return of the favor, he wondered, looking down at where Greg knelt before him, eyes down and his erection exposed.

Wilson reached down and took hold of Greg's arm. "Stand up," he told him, giving him some leverage to help him do that. He hooked him back to the overhead ring and raised him up again.

"You are so good at blowjobs. I'll never get tired of feeling your mouth on me. Seeing you swallow my cum down," he crooned, stroking Greg's sides, pinching his ass cheeks, and then fondling his balls. "I think it's time I tasted you, don't you think?" he asked.

Greg, met his eyes, startled. They had never done this before. It had always been about satisfying Wilson. That was known. Comfortable. This wasn't. He shook his head.

"No, sir, it's not deserved," he said, hoping to deflect him back into his own needs.

"I'll be the judge of that," Wilson said smugly. "And I'll have my taste no matter what you say. Might as well enjoy it, Greg."

Wilson pulled a chair over and leaned forward, grabbing him by his ass and holding him in place, squeezing his cheeks, as he began to suck on him, teasing his balls by mouthing them and little nips of his teeth for a bit then doing the same on his cock. Greg tipped his head back and tried to just let it happen, since he couldn't do anything to stop it, but Wilson's handling was rough and insistent and he was now used to a more teasing touch from Nikolai. After a bit of this attention, Wilson was becoming impatient, and Greg just wanted this to end. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine this was Nikolai but that didn't work then he decided to think about Jonus. He had been a bit rougher than Nikolai but able to easily get him off. That might work, he thought, and pulled the scene to the front of his mind, went over every detail in his memory and at last felt Wilson hum with approval when his body began to really respond. Finally, he shuddered and bucked in Wilson's hands and then hung limply in his bonds, just happy it was finally over.

Wilson sat back and looked up at Greg, frowning when he just looked relieved instead of pleased or even aroused.

"Took you a long time. Did I do it wrong or something?" he snapped angrily.

Greg looked at him warily. "No. No you didn't. I'm sorry."

"Funny, I thought he was going to teach you that you are a slave. You were acting so much different, so much better. But your still that same defiant, non-compliant slave you've always been. What is he giving you to convince you to go along with his program? Food? Liquor? What?" Wilson demanded harshly.

The door opened suddenly and Nikolai came back into the room. "That's enough, Dr Wilson," he ordered, coming over to drop Greg down and release him from his bonds. "Go into the bathroom. Clean up and get dressed. We'll leave shortly."

Greg fled to the bathroom, leaning against the closed door and shaking in fear about what kind of a fuss Wilson could raise now.

"How dare you?" Nikolai demanded of Wilson in a cold fury. "How dare you insinuate that your failure to arouse him adequately is his fault, or mine? I knew you were untrained in correct handling of slaves but I thought that you had enough ability to give an adequate blowjob."

"He never had a problem getting off before you came along and tagged him!" Wilson accused.
"Is that so? That casts your ability into further doubt. He is not a slab of meat. Your own personal blowup doll. If you wanted him to respond quickly, you should have made certain that what you were doing was arousing him and changed your technique if it was not. I warned you to keep in mind our lessons and you blatantly disregarded it!"

"I did not! I thought about what you said, about the slave getting something out of it too, that's why I gave him the blowjob."

"And yet when he gave the only rejection he can give to a free man, that he didn't deserve that kind of reward, you made it all about you again and what you wanted, so much so that you ignored every signal his body was giving you," Nikolai snapped back.

"Get out, Dr Wilson. You'd better hope your clumsy handling tonight hasn't set back his training at all. Forget about an apprenticeship. I cannot teach you. I will not teach you," he said resolutely.

Wilson stammered and backpedaled for a moment then his eyes hardened. "Fine. I'm tired of being treated like an idiot by you anyway. Don't call me to rescue him, or check on him, or get him lunch either. I'm done too. Sooner or later he'll be mine again. I can wait."

With that he stormed out, and Greg slid to the floor against the door of the bathroom, heart pounding in fear of what Wilson might do, whether his chance to go to the Brotherhood was lost in this moment, and cursing himself for not being able to let go and fake it with Wilson.

Nikolai swore at the unexpected turn of events and went to the bathroom door only to find it wasn't locked but wouldn't open.

"Greg, move away from the door and let me in," he called out. "Come on. Just slide away far enough for me to open the door."

After a moment, he could hear him shuffling around and was able to open the door. He came in and knelt down on the floor in front of Greg.

"He's gone now and he won't be having anything else to do with you," Nikolai said trying to calm him down.

"You don't know him. He's going to blow this whole thing apart. It's over," Greg responded dully, certain of his fate to remain here at PPTH and eventually fall under Wilson's tag again. And this time Wilson wouldn't even try to be coaxing and friendly.

"He's certainly going to try, but I am not going to let him. And you are not going to give up. I've kept my word to you, haven't I?"


"Then trust me on this Greg. Come on," Nikolai said, getting to his feet and helping Greg to his. "Get cleaned up and dressed. I'm going to make some phone calls. We'll need help from Tobias, Jonus, and Ellis on this."

By the time Greg was dressed, the Brotherhood had been alerted. Tobias insisted that Nikolai come to his estate with his entire household at once, so that they could make plans tonight before Wilson had a chance to do more than seethe. By ten p.m. they were all welcomed into Tobias' home and led to the den where Tobias waited with Jonus and Ellis, as well as Aristide.

"Come in, all of you. Aristide, hot tea for everyone. Sit down," Tobias said, gesturing to the seats. Sebastien and Maddie sat on the chairs after a glance to be certain that was what Tobias was offering, but Greg collapsed on the floor at Nikolai's feet. Tobias looked at him with alarm but said nothing to draw attention to him. Aristide handed out the cups of tea, then spread a blanket over Greg's shoulders and took his own seat.

"We will do everything we can to block Wilson from acting in vengeance," Tobias assured Nikolai. "Jonus and Ellis are looking into his life, to see what we can use to blackmail him into silence if needed. We are also gathering the funds to make an offer to purchase Greg. You should be prepared to resign shortly after this happens, Nikolai."

Greg looked up at that. "I thought I had to prove I could handle it to have a chance to get purchased," he said hoarsely.

"Yes, that's correct. And normally we would require more proof before making an offer but given the efforts you made last weekend, the state you are in, and the danger Wilson poses, we decided while waiting for you all to arrive that we had the proof we needed," Tobias explained. "Drink your tea and relax."

Greg sipped his tea, unable to even pay attention to what they were planning, though he dearly wanted to. The only thing he could focus on was that they were serious, that they were going to make a purchase offer. He had a chance, if they could contain Wilson. They wanted him. Not just for his medical skills. They actually wanted him, they wanted to keep him safe. That felt so alien and so strange that he finally fell asleep against Nikolai's legs, with his master's hand carding his hair softly, trusting them to find a path out of this mess.