Upon arrival at Nikolai's home, Greg was immediately stripped out of his clothing again by a slave who met them at the door. This slave was also naked but had an open robe on that went all the way to the floor. The slave started to lead him away and Greg froze, looking back at Nikolai, fearful about what he might be headed into and wanting to stay with his new master. The slave stopped and said quietly, "Master Nikolai."

Nikolai looked over and took in at once what was happening. "Greg, calm down. Sebastien is going to take you to get cleaned up and show you where you'll sleep. Go with him now."

Greg nodded and followed Sebastien into the hallway and down to a lower floor. "Do you have to use the leash? I'll follow you on my own," Greg asked.

Sebastien stopped and turned to look at Greg, reading him, and then nodded and took the leash off. "See that you do. You can speak and ask questions of me down here. But you should know and be aware that my loyalty lies with Master Nikolai not you, so if you say anything that endangers him, yourself, or me, I will take that to him immediately. Regular questions and conversation don't fall into that category unless he asks me specifically."

"Fair warning," Greg conceded but said nothing more, merely trailing behind Sebastien.

"Here's your room. Mine is next door, that's Maddie's there. She's the cook and laundress. I take care of the house."

"So what's going to happen tonight?" Greg asked as he stepped into the room and looked around. The room was sparsely barren, lights on the wall, a plain twin bed and a hard backed chair. It was luxurious for slave quarters, having a private room. It even had a door although it did not lock. It was more than the cubby hole he had in the diagnostics office and way better than the slave dorms in the hospital basement.

"You're to shower and rejoin the master for the evening. Your clothes will be washed and returned to you by morning. The shower is this way. You should get started. Master will be expecting us back in half an hour."

Greg stepped into the shower and got washed up, letting the hot water steam away the worst of the aches he had. There were some nice thick towels in the room that reminded him of Wilson, but he pushed that thought from his mind. Half an hour later, he followed Sebastien back up to a large den where Nikolai sat at a table with Maddie setting dishes of food down. A separate table with two chairs was off to the side and a quick check of no other chairs convinced Greg that he wasn't getting any dinner tonight.

Nikolai nodded approval that Greg was walking without a leash. "Greg, come here and sit down on the floor," he ordered, pointing at the floor right at his feet. Greg took his position on the floor with resignation because the food really smelled good. He heard the sounds of the food being served and then Maddie and Sebastien settled at their table to eat. Nikolai ate a few bites, his free hand stroking Greg's hair. After a few minutes, he tapped Greg's chin. "Open," he said, holding a fork out with a piece of beef on it. Greg opened his mouth and took the offered food. It was really good and he hummed in approval hoping that wasn't the only bite.

"Maddie, it seems Greg approves of your cooking as much as we do," Nikolai said and Maddie laughed a little and said thank you, Master.

Nikolai kept feeding Greg throughout the meal until he actually was feeling full. A shift of plates happened and soon the fork came back with a thick bite of chocolate cheesecake and Greg was certain he'd gone to heaven. Once the meal was over, Nikolai moved to an armchair in front of the fireplace, having Greg sit at his feet again. He positioned him with his back against the chair and pulled Greg's head back onto his lap so that he was staring up at the ceiling.

"I have a theory about your behavior Greg. Want to hear it?" Nikolai asked, watching as Greg's eyes darted one side to the next, debating whether to answer, and then quietly assented.

"I think that your position as doctor, supervising three fellows and solving challenging cases, makes it difficult for you as a slave. You get mixed messages all day long. One moment you're a slave, the next you're the department head of diagnostics. This is confusing to you and makes it difficult for you to effectively moderate your behavior. So I am going to make sure that you get enough clear blocks of time to be treated as a slave to balance out your time as a doctor."

"But ... I do get treated like a slave," Greg said, frowning as he tried to follow the line of thought. "The guards ... other doctors..."

"Yes, but those are short moments, easily broken by the appearance of your team and having a case to work on. And let's be honest, a few crude encounters with a guard or a blow job given to a doctor who's getting his jollies doesn't really amount to the reality of things. So I've decided to make sure that your status is clear in your mind."

"Oh yeah, because wearing a collar, having to give blow jobs to anyone who wants one and getting whipped isn't enough to tell me that I'm a slave," Greg said sarcastically.

"Apparently not," Nikolai said, "judging from your records and your tone of voice. You get too much time alone living in the diagnostics office. No more."

Nikolai stood up and drew Greg up to his feet. "So we'll start right now. Stand still." Nikolai proceeded to run his hands over Greg's entire body, including the scar on his thigh before hefting his balls and rolling them in his hands. Greg shifted on his feet uncomfortably. He hated being handled and taken; he preferred to give a mind blowing blow job and get away as quickly as possible, but that wasn't going to happen this time. Nikolai didn't do anything to stop him from fidgeting until Greg actually stepped away.

"I said stand still," Nikolai ordered, taking hold of his neck and pressing on the pressure points that threatened to render him unconscious if he used more pressure. Greg hoped he would but Nikolai knew what he was doing. He kept his hold and walked Greg over to another part of the room where he pushed a button, dropping a bar from the ceiling. "Take hold of the bar," he ordered and Greg reached up and took hold. It was fairly low, letting him stand normally and put his hands just above the level of his head. "Now hang on to it and don't let go."

Nikolai resumed touching Greg, arousing him with expertise despite Greg's best efforts to think of other things to forestall his reaction. Greg heard Nikolai open his pants and lube his own cock then set it against Greg's ass. "You are mine now, Greg," he said as he inexorably pushed himself inside until his balls hit Greg's ass. "I'm going to make sure that you know that and remember that each and every day." Nikolai started thrusting, deep but slow, hitting Greg's prostate with the barest nudge while he continued to tease at his head and balls with his fingers. Soon Greg was beside himself with arousal, despite his wishes not to be. He clung to the bar with a death grip and moaned out his frustration.

"You're ready for more now?" Nikolai asked quietly, his voice husky with arousal as well. Greg couldn't form any words, just nodded and moaned, trying to push back against Nikolai. "That's it, take all of me that you can," Nikolai encouraged, thrusting forward to meet Greg's backward movement, striking his prostate full on. The stimulation robbed sight from Greg and even thought, as he matched his movements to his master's thrusts and was taken over the edge into a long, shuddering orgasm.

Nikolai held onto Greg and eased him to the floor after he came, going to get a warm bowl of soapy water. He cleaned himself first, then knelt down and cleaned Greg up as well. Leaving Greg where he lay for the moment, he moved around to a drawer and withdrew a large dildo on a harness. Greg let out a whine when he saw it and shook his head slightly.

"No isn't an option, Greg," Nikolai said quietly, stroking his slave's head calmly. "This will help you remember. It's a replica of my own cock, so you'll continue to feel me with you. Roll over." Greg rolled over onto his side and pulled up his knees, as Nikolai lubed and inserted the dildo, then strapped it into place, closing it with a small lock in the back.

"If you need to have a bowel movement, go to Sebastien and he will see to it. Now you've had a long day. Go to bed. You'll be going into work with me tomorrow."

He helped Greg to his feet and got his cane for him. Greg felt completely stuffed with the dildo in and he walked carefully and slowly back to his room, lying down on his bed and letting his tears fall at having been thoroughly undone by this treatment. Sometime later that night he felt his bowels cramping. He lay still a long time, trying to calm it, but finally he got up and went to knock on Sebastien's door. Sebastien came to the door and nodded, bringing a key and unlocking the harness. Sebastien washed it off and got it lubed up while Greg went to the restroom and when he had finished, Greg leaned resignedly over the end of the bed and Sebastien slid the dildo back into place, relocking the harness.

The next morning, Sebastien came into the room to wake Greg up and bring his clothes in to him. "Get dressed and come up to the dining room, Master Nikolai is waiting for you," he said, disappearing again and Greg realized with dismay that he would be wearing the dildo during the day. He pulled on his clothes and shoes and made his way up to the dining room where Nikolai was seated and got laboriously to his knees at his master's feet.

Nikolai didn't speak to him though he did flash him a smile of approval that eased Greg's frayed nerves. Maddie carried in breakfast and left again and a moment later a bowl of scrambled eggs was held in front of him with a couple of wedges of toast sticking up from one edge. Greg took the bowl and ate in silence, using his fingers since no utensil had been provided. When he finished, Nikolai wiped his hands clean with a wet cloth and handed him a cup of coffee, while he made some early morning phone calls. Soon Nikolai rose to his feet, motioned Greg to stand as well, snapping on a leash once he was stable.

"I have some errands to run this morning before going into the office and you will accompany me. I will not start you out gagged and shackled but whether that remains true depends on your ability to behave and remain silent. Come," Nikolai said, leading him out and putting him into the back seat of the car. Greg endured an hour and a half worth of errands that morning, requiring him to get in and out of the car several times and moving the dildo within him, getting him aroused as it hit just the right spot. They went to the dry cleaner, the bank, the post office, a barber shop where Nikolai got his hair cut and left Greg kneeling by the door, the leash clipped to a ring over his head. Finally, they arrived at the hospital and after signing in and getting his messages, Nikolai led Greg to his office.

"Sit down on the sofa," he ordered as he removed the leash from Greg's collar. "You're going to be putting together a proposal for an investors meeting today. Linda will bring you the finished copies. You need to collate and bind them, then put together a folder for each investor with these items in each folder," he said, putting a box on the floor at Greg's feet, containing printed nametags, pens and a small notepad along with pocket folders. "One nametag on the top right outer corner, the other left inside for the investor to wear in the meeting."

Greg nodded, clearly less than enthused with the activity.

"If you don't want to do this, you can spend the day like you did yesterday," Nikolai said as he walked over to his desk and sat down.

"No," Greg said quickly, shaking his head. "No, Master Nikolai. I'll put the proposals together."

"Good. And no messages of your own, should you recognize any of the names, hear?" Nikolai said, smirking at Greg's momentary panic and adamant no.

Linda brought in the boxes of copies and, much to Greg's dismay; the proposal was forty pages long with over 100 investors invited. Greg sighed and started to carefully lay out each pile of copies along the edge of the coffee table and second sofa to start collating them. By lunchtime he still had about a third of the collating left to do, as he had interspersed it with getting the folders set up to break the monotony every time he started to pull things out of order. Nikolai ordered in a sandwich, chips and drink for him from the cafeteria.

"I have a lunch meeting, so I will be going out," Nikolai said as he set Greg's food down on a side table. "Go ahead and eat. Use the restroom. I'll be securing you while I'm gone. When I return, you'll finish this task up. The meeting is at 6pm and I want all of this ready ahead of time."

Nikolai made a few calls while Greg ate his food and used the bathroom. When he was finished, Nikolai put the wrist cuffs on him and secured him as he had been the day before, winched just off the floor but without the bit gag.

"Resist the temptation to kick the furniture today. I excused that behavior yesterday; I won't excuse it today. You now know what to expect in this situation. Linda will keep watch over you while I am gone. If you truly have a need, call for her and she will come. Do NOT misuse that privilege. I will return in about an hour and a half."

Nikolai left his office, turning off the lights and leaving Greg hanging there in the semi-dark. Greg was frustrated at being left like this although it was stretching out the kinks in his back that he'd gotten by being bent over the papers all day. At least he knew he'd be released fairly quickly today since the proposals still needed to be finished. He couldn't figure out what Nikolai was doing though and that bothered him. Part of it was obvious; reminding him of the basic training he'd received when he became a slave. But once he was back in his department, day after tomorrow, he couldn't see how this was going to change much of anything. Except keep him from getting used by every guard on a break, he thought with a nod. He also wanted to know what discipline Nikolai had in mind. It was better just to know what it was, go through it once, and then it wasn't such a big threat. But, he supposed, that was probably why Nikolai didn't tell him what he was planning; to keep it a mysterious threat. That meant it probably wasn't anywhere near as bad as he was imagining in his mind. That thought led him straight into temptation and he toyed with the leg of the chair just at the limits of what he could reach, trying to decide whether to risk it or not. Finally, he decided not to push it quite yet and sighed, wishing Nikolai would come back.

Right on time, Nikolai returned to his office, flipping on the lights as Greg closed his eyes against the glare at first. "You chose to obey me. Very well done indeed," Nikolai said with a smile of approval as he came around in front of Greg. He lowered Greg to the floor and released him from the cuffs. "Get yourself something to drink from the fridge and finish the proposals for me."

"Yes, Master Nikolai," Greg answered quietly, making his way over to the fridge and pulling out a bottle of juice though he stopped and turned to his master, holding up the bottle for his approval. Nikolai nodded and Greg took the juice over to the sofa, finishing it off and setting the bottle aside before he went back to work on the proposals. Greg finished up the proposals around five pm and loaded them back into the boxes just as Linda came in with a cart to take them to the conference room. He lifted the boxes onto the cart for her as Nikolai read over the agenda that she had brought for him to approve.

"This is good. Get copies for all the principal speakers," Nikolai said coming over to hand it back to Linda. He clipped the leash onto Greg's collar and secured the other end to the trolley. "Greg will go with you to the conference room and help get these folders laid out on the entry table in alphabetical order for the investors. Bring him back down here when you're finished."

"Of course, Mr. Airsid," Linda said with a brisk nod. "Come Greg. You push the trolley," she said holding open the office door. Greg nodded and obediently pushed the cart out of the office, waiting while she ran the agenda copies then riding up the elevator with her to the conference hall. She released the leash from the trolley and he lifted up the boxes, starting to lay out the folders on the table. To his surprise, she helped him do the sorting and they were done in only a few minutes. Then she held the leash and walked beside him back down to Nikolai's office.

While they'd been gone, Nikolai had taken a shower and changed into the suit he'd picked up from the dry cleaner that day. Greg raised his eyebrows appreciatively at the figure he cut.

"You approve?" Nikolai asked with a smirk as he noticed Greg's look.

"Armani is always in style," Greg answered.

"My thoughts exactly. You'll be staying here during the meeting."

Greg's eyes darted involuntarily toward the winch on the ceiling.

"Yes, exactly right. Again, I urge you to resist the temptation to knock over the furniture or anything off my desk. Linda will not be here, so I'll close the blinds and lock the door. You'll be on your own for the duration of the meeting. Strip down," Nikolai ordered.

Greg toed off his shoes, trying to figure out what was going on now. "Master Nikolai?"

"Yes, Greg?"

"Did I do something wrong?" Greg asked, hating how pathetic he sounded at that moment.

"Nothing at all. You've done very well today. But I can't take you into the meeting with me. Remember that I said you'd spend three full days as a slave only? I don't have a cage to secure you in and so I choose to do so with these bonds. I know you can bear them without harm after yesterday. You need to know that I will take measures to ensure your safety in that you are not able to wander or get into trouble anywhere while I'm gone. And I know that if someone comes in to you, they have violated my specific orders and private office and will be fired. Now stand up and come over here."

Greg finished pulling off his clothes, folding them and setting them aside on a chair before stepping up to Nikolai. Nikolai put on the cuffs then raised him up with the winch. "I'll be back as soon as I can, but it's likely to be two or three hours," he said, before pulling the blinds closed and turning off the lights. The door closed and Greg was alone, this time truly alone.