Irena was the first one to come to, cracking one eye open amongst the dust and rubble around her. She didn't want to get up yet – anyone that was after them would surely be waiting for any sign of movement so they could finish the job if necessary.

So she lay there.

Silence was now taking over her senses and she really didn't like silence - she had to do something. But Moira was already one step ahead. "Denver, it's Code Rouge," she was hissing into the small device on her wrist without lifting herself from the floor. Irena turned her head at the speed of lightening once she heard her speak. "Send help right now," Moira continued to whisper as she looked dead into Irena's worried eyes.

"What was that?" Irena muttered once she knew Moira was done.

"I have no idea. Somebody is really not a fan of us," Moira told her as quietly as she could.

"Us specifically? Or whoever they thought had the information?" Irena thought out loud in wonder.

"Irena, there's really no time for that right now. The nutters that this did are probably waiting for any type of movement, we need a plan of some sort so let's focus on the how and when rather than the who and why," Moira told her firmly, knowing that once Irena started thinking of theories, she would not stop until she came to a solid conclusion. Irena knew that too – so she put a lock on it for now. They were still lying flat on the ground, unsure of what to do next.

"Moira," Irena then snapped in a sudden realisation. Moira raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow and frowned at her partner.


"Take the USB out before Denver comes. He really cannot know about this." Moira rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"So when he comes and says 'HEY, who tried to kill you guys and why?' We're gonna say what? 'Oh, we don't know. It was probably a mistake'?" she scoffed.

"That's exactly what we're gonna do," Irena stated as if it were obvious. "Moira, what part of 'top secret: we're not meant to know' are you not understanding here?" Moira opened her mouth to reply but was interrupted by the sudden bang at the door, groaning as the SLATE SWAT team came barging in with their guns pointed all over the place.

"Better now than never boys," Moira called out to them, now assuming it was safe to sit properly as she heaved herself up. Irena did the same, watching the SWAT team look around the place with their guns still raised and 'Slate' branded on their uniforms and helmets in interest. The chief, Thomas, marched over to the girls and held out both of his large gloved hands for either one of them to take. Moira took his hand immediately and jumped to her feet before grabbing her black hat and fixing it back on her head. Irena was a little more cautious with her movements.

"Ladies?" came a voice from the doorway. They both turned around at the sound of the voice they only knew to be Denver. There he stood, in his velvet black coat and his dark grey scarf wrapped around his neck. He looked irritated but mostly concerned, the wrinkles in his forehead deepening. Irena stood up straight and fixed her hair as the SWAT team started to look around her apartment.

"WOAH! Boys, I don't know how I feel about you going through my stuff," she snapped, standing in front of all the papers that were now scattered over the floor.

"What were you two doing?" Denver asked them gravely, slowly walking toward them. Moira raised an eyebrow and stayed quiet but Denver looked directly at her, he knew that there was no point asking Irena but he assumed Moira would somewhat tell the truth. But she didn't even open her mouth. "Really? This is the game we're going to play?"

"It's really not anything major, Denver," Irena lied directly to his face. "I just don't want these big burly men in their dirty boots marching all over my apartment like they own the place." Denver let out a disbelieving 'HA' and bent down to pick one up.

"DENVER. Seriously," Moira stopped him suddenly. Denver looked up in shock and felt his hand snap back to his side. "It's nothing. They're just some old cases that Anderson had dug up."

"Anderson?" Denver repeated. "What was Anderson doing with old cases?"

"It was part of his 'Find Myself' regime," Moira shrugged, running her fingers through her dark fringe that was poking out underneath her hat.

"Well no 'Find Myself' programme would cause Russian bullets to fly through your window," Thomas scoffed before sweeping up the majority of papers near his feet and peering at whatever they said.

"I'm sorry, since when were you even authorised to do that?" Irena yelped, but Moira yanked her arm. The more irritated Irena became, the worse the case would sound. Thomas gulped and shoved the papers under Denver's nose so that he could see. He took them into his own hands and Irena could only watch in horror as his face drained of colour.

"Girls, back to the office, now," was all he demanded coldly. He turned to the SWAT team and did the signal with his finger, which told them to find any evidence and bring it afterwards. The girls had no choice but to comply.

The journey in the car was silent. Not a noise came from either Irena or Moira, they just muted themselves as the black car with tinted windows sped through the night air. But they were silent for two different reasons. Moira was tired, and actually took a nap without a care in the world. But Irena was thinking and could not stop thinking, as much as she wanted to. It wasn't as if she knew what was going on – but she definitely felt something was bigger than she could ever imagine and it scared her. Once the car stopped, the girls knew they were there and they opened both the doors and slid out, opening the building doors with their fingerprints and swiftly walking through. Denver was in front of them and turned his head without even looking at them directly. "Go into the Meeting Room. I'll be in there soon," he told them before snapping his head back round and disappearing down the hallway.

"Did he just say the Meeting Room?" Moira asked tiredly, skidding to a halt.

"Yeah he really did," Irena muttered.

The Meeting Room was were their division of SLATE met to have discussions and tactic plans…not where they usually got in trouble. Moira walked a few more steps and turned to the right of her, right outside of the Meeting Room door. She opened it and stepped through with Irena right behind her – but they were shocked to see who they saw. Sitting there was the rest of their team – Sam Anderson, Alexandra Luther and Kara Graham. Anderson looked extremely tired and was almost asleep. Alexandra was a beautiful girl with light caramel complexion, large chocolate eyes and loose curls in her hair. She was wearing what looked like a onesie and was sipping a mug of strong coffee with less than any enthusiasm. Kara was just wild. She had a strong jaw, clear blue eyes and untamed dark blonde hair cascading her face. She was near to insane – at least that's what the others assumed. They all looked up as the girls walked in.

"Oh. There they are, the reason I ain't getting any sleep tonight," Alexandra drawled as she continued to sip from her mug. Irena rolled her eyes and leaned against the wall with her arms folded. Moira just took a seat next to Anderson with a sigh. "What did you two do?"

"We tried to solve the Anderson case," Moira muttered, glancing up at Irena. Sam let out a tired laugh and slumped further into his chair.

"Even after I said not to do it?" he guessed. Alexandra raised an eyebrow and pushed her coffee away from her.

"What Anderson case?" she frowned.

"The one that you tried to solve before," Sam informed her without thinking. He immediately saw his mistake and winced, slumping even lower. Irena's head snapped up and Moira turned to face Alexandra.

"You tried to solve the case too?" Moira hissed. Alexandra's cheeks flushed and she carefully avoided all eye contact.

"I mean…didn't we all try? I assumed that we would all find it and-"

"Why am I the last one to have it? How does that even work?!" Irena spluttered, more concerned that she didn't find the case sooner.

"I got it FROM Alexandra," Sam admitted to them, leading their eyes to grow even wider than they were before.

"Thanks Anders. Always loyal," Alexandra mumbled, rolling her eyes.

"And where did you get it from?" Moira prompted her swiftly. Alexandra nudged her head in the direction of Kara who sat there in the black hoodie she owned, no expression on her face at all. Irena's mouth dropped, alongside Anderson's and Moira's. Kara blinked at them blankly.

"What?" she muttered.

"Kara, you had this information? You sourced it?" Moira double checked.

"I did."

"When…why…what?" For once, Irena was genuinely speechless.

"So for all we know, this thing might not even be a real case," Moira concluded as she leaned back in her chair in defeat.

"Well we nearly got shot for it, of course it was a real case," Irena reminded her quickly. That's when the others really looked surprised. Even Kara's thick eyebrows shot up at the news.

"They tried to shoot you too?!" Anderson yelped. "That's what they did to Kara."

"What?" Irena blinked.

"Shot me in the shoulder as soon as I opened one of the files," Kara informed them blandly as her face fell back again. "Came straight through my window. So I took the USB out before the SWAT team came and I gave the whole thing to Alexandra. I didn't want it anymore – still don't."

"Did they try and shoot you as well then?" Moira quizzed Alexandra, who was already shaking her head.

"Nah, course they didn't. Kara warned me about the file already so I wasn't gonna try and open that. I tried to find where the USB came from. I'm an action girl, I don't care about going on the computer and finding files. Send me out on the actual field, right?" she told them all quietly. Moria and Irena nodded, waiting for her to carry on. "Well I couldn't figure out where to begin, so I gave it to Mr Tech over there, otherwise known as Anderson to see if he could track it. Obviously I warned him about the whole folder gun situation first."

"Which I then had and didn't even have a chance to really decode anything until Irena over there came over and took it from me," Anderson finished the story. Moira rolled her eyes and slapped her hands over her face.

"Oh, yeah! Which you happened to give to me WITHOUT THE WARNING OF BULLETS FLYING THROUGH MY WINDOW ANDERSON!" Irena shouted, slamming her hands on the table in front of her.

"If you had stayed home instead of feeling the need to get involved I wouldn't have HAD TO!" Sam exclaimed back.

"So are we ever gonna find out what's happened?" Alexandra interrupted them before it really kicked off.

"Yes," came Denver's voice from the doorway. They all turned to stare at him. He had a look of sorrow and regret plastered all over him. "Yes you are."

A/N: Massive chapter for you there. I wonder if you could get the little clue about who the parents of the rest of their division are? It's kinda all based around crime anyway. Hope you enjoyed this chapter, looking forward to delving into the proper juicy bits of this story! – J x