Summary: After the death of his God-father and the revelation of the prophecy Harry Potter is once again locked away at his aunt and uncle's while his parents and brother are helping the Order. Being sick and tired of those who try to control his life, Harry sees only one way out and summons a Devil to make a deal.

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"Divide"= talking

"Divide"= thoughts

[Divide]= Albion talking

A/N: This story is inspired by Squirrel of Shadow and his story Harry Potter and the Crimson Devil, Which I recommend to everyone who read this story. Hogwarts start at thirteen.

Rise of the White Dragon Emperor

Chapter 01 A deal with the Devil

June 15, 2024

Number 4 Private Drive, Little Whining, Surrey, England

It was a couple of minutes before midnight. Harry Potter was currently checking the summoning circle that was on the floor in front of him. In the middle of the circle was the family symbol, in this case a red rose. The rose was surrounded by five ring, three smaller rings and two wider rings that had runic symbols in them. Harry knew that what he was about to do was risky. For if he made one mistake he would still escape his current situation, but it would be a hollow victory since he would be dead. So yeah Harry made sure everything was right, though when he considered how things stood Harry came to the conclusion that it didn't really matter.

Once again Harry was abandoned by his friend and family by the orders of Dumbledore and imprisoned at number 4 Private Drive with his relatives to charge the wards that protected his so-called relatives. Dumbledore made sure that the order members would stop Harry escaping his cage, though Harry doubted that they would help him if his uncle turned on him like last year. The only one who was concerned about him was Nyphadora Tonks the cousin of his late God-father.

The death of his God-father and his father disowning him were the last two nails on the coffin. Harry had enough of his so-called friends and family. He would not wait to be released when he was on the brink of death and he would certainly not follow a meddling old fool who was losing the previous war until a baby of all things stopped the Dark Lord. Harry had already seen where the war was heading and it wasn't pretty. As Harry saw it either he or his brother would be sacrificed to end the war. And Harry would be damned if it were him.

At first Harry got the idea to take his vaults and move far away, but then he realized that it would be futile since the Order of the Phoenix would be on the lookout. And so he called Dobby to his side. It looked like the Order thought that Harry wouldn't use Dobby since he himself was treated as a slave. With the help of Dobby Harry discovered the Supernatural World. This being the world that was the world of Angels, Devils and Fallen-Angels to name a few. Dobby also informed Harry about the summoning ritual he was about to do by giving Harry a book that detailed how to summon a devil, it also explained about the 72 pillar houses of the Underworld. Because of this Harry had chosen to summon a Devil in the service of the House of Gremory. A house that was famous for their family bounds and the treatment of their servants.

Dobby had also expanded his room and had handed Harry more books about the Supernatural World. Dobby had also acquired all the necessary materials that were needed for the ritual. At first Harry was afraid that Mad-Eye Moody would find out what he was doing, but it seemed that the old man was more amused that Harry got one over the headmaster than concerned. Tough he still studied certain texts when Moody was not on guard. And tonight he would change his fate and escape with his belongings and the Cloak of Invisibility that he stole from his brother.

According to the texts the only thing else Harry needed was the blood of the person who did the ritual and it had to be willingly given. With the ritual knife he had been given by Dobby Harry cut in the palm of his left hand and let the blood fall in the right section. When the last of the required amount of blood entered the circle the wound on Harry's hand closed and the circle turned a crimson red color and started to pulse with magical energy.

June 15 2024

Old School building, Kuoh Academy, Kuoh, Japan

On the other side of the planet in Japan was Rias Gremory. Rias was currently reading the marriage contract between herself and one Riser Phenex for what seemed like the thousandth time. The reason for this was because Rias Gremory did not want to marry Riser and was trying to find a way out. The only way she had found was to challenge Riser to a Rating Game and that was out of question for two reasons: One, Rias didn't even have a complete peerage. And two, even if she had a complete peerage Riser still had the regenerative ability of the legendary Phoenix. The terms Rating Game and peerage may seem strange to you, but you see Rias was not a human, but a Devil of the house of Gremory.

Rias was a beautiful young woman who appeared to be in her late teens (she is 18 in this story) with white skin, blue-green eyes and a buxom figure. Her most distinctive feature is her long beautiful crimson hair that reaches down to her thighs, with a single hair strand (known in Japan as ahoge) sticking out from the top. Her hair also had loose bangs covering her forehead and side bangs framing her face. She also wore the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform, which consists of a white long-sleeved, button-down shirt (short sleeves for spring/summer) with a black ribbon on her shirt collar worn under a black shoulder cape and a matching button-down corset, a magenta skirt with white accents, and brown dress shoes over white crew-length socks.

Rias was shaken from her thoughts when the magic circle in the back of the room started glowing with an intensity she had never seen before. Whoever did the summoning was powerful and extremely so. What was even more shocking however was the fact that she herself was being summoned. So with her curiosity piqued Rias stepped in the circle and let it take her to the person who summoned her. When she opened her eyes Rias saw that she was standing in a bedroom which almost made her role her eyes. It was then that she felt that the room was magically expanded. When she turned around Rias let out a gasp as she laid eyes on him. She could actually feel his magical energy although it felt suppressed. Rias could also see that the young man who was maybe a year younger than herself was keeping an eye on the door.

When she was certain that she had the boy's attention Rias said "Well this certainly is a surprise. I have never been summoned in the old ways as I thought the leaflets had replaced those a long time ago." It was only after she stopped talking that Rias blinked a couple of times as she realized that had spoken British (accent). It was then that a small smirk graced her lips and she said "My name is Rias Gremory and I have answered your summons, though it is funny that considering the fact I am talking British that I am really far from my own territory. Now what is it that you wish for?"

Harry was still keeping one eye on the door and his other senses for if the Order cam knocking, but still managed to answer "My name is Harry Potter though you may forget my surname as I was a couple of days disowned by my father. As for my wish, well for that I have to tell you a bit of my past for you to understand if that is alright with you?" Rias looked curiously at Harry before she gave a nod.

Harry gave a small smile and began talking "Sixteen years ago the Potter family was attacked by a Dark Wizard named Voldemort. The reason for this was a prophesy that said me or my former brother would be his downfall. Voldemort let James and Lily Potter live while he planned to kill me and my former brother Aiden. Somehow the curse was rebounded and destroyed his body without killing him."

"More than a year ago that same wizard returned from the dead through a dark ritual. While I kept my mouth shut, Aiden told everyone that Voldemort was back. That summer the Ministry ran a smear campaign against the entire Potter family. And while Aiden had the support of his parents, I on the other hand had not. It all came down when I was forced to use the Patronus charm to repel two Dementors. This ended in me being arrested and given a trail for underage magic. After swearing a magical oath that I would speak the truth I was cleared."

Harry took a well needed breath and continued "It became worse when I discovered that the Minister had placed his Undersecretary at Hogwarts. She used a blood-quill during detentions and obvious from the start that she had her sight on me. This resulted in the line "I must not tell lies" being carved permanently in the back of my hand. This year ended when Aiden received a vision through the blood connection he has with Voldemort. It turned out to be a trap and we had to fight our way out. Eventually the Order of the Phoenix arrived and my God-father died during the fight by falling through the Veil of Death. In the end Aiden was named a hero and I was disowned for supposedly causing my God-father's death."

Rias could feel the air growing heavy with magical discharge she also almost gasp when she thought she saw a flicker of crimson red in Harry's eyes the same color as the Power of Destruction to be exact. As far as Rias knew Harry was not related to the House of Bael. What Rias didn't know was that the House of Bael got the Power of Destruction through a marriage between the House of Bael and the House of Peverell. The girl who married into the Bael family had three older brother who were named Antioch, Cadmus and Ignotus Peverell.

Antioch and Cadmus were arrogant and didn't care for those they considered weaker than them. Ignotus on the other hand was gentle and caring. And so when they entered the world of humans Antioch and Cadmus went wild, they tortured, raped and killed for ten long years. At the end of those ten years they met Death, no not the Horseman Death, but the original Grim-Reaper named Death. Death was furious with the Devils and in his blind rage Death gave each an cursed object that would form to their hearts desire. Antioch (who desired power above all else) got a wand that amplified his power exponentially, Cadmus (who desired the female devil who was promised to him in marriage but, who killed herself to escape said marriage) got a stone that could return the dead. And it was with the third brother Ignotus that Death realized that he had made a mistake. Because Ignotus (who was wise enough to see the object for what it truly was and who's only desire was the continuation of his family through true love) got a part of Death's own Invisibility Cloak.

Antioch got killed when he had boasted about his power and left himself unguarded that night. Cadmus was hanged when he had resurrected his former fiancée by the father of a girl he had raped and gotten pregnant. Ignotus got his wish and married a muggle woman who he told his history to. She accepted him and during their time together, Ignotus put a spell on the Power of Destruction (in the line of the three brothers and not the sister). So that only the first born who would use the Power of Destruction for good would be able to keep it and once gone it would never come back. And on the deathbed of his wife he told their son his history and the history of his brothers. And so when Death came to claim his wife, Ignotus gave the cloak to his son and greeted Death as an old friend. Ignotus's granddaughter married into the Potter family and from there it would continue until the birth of Harry James Potter and Aiden Fleamont Potter. With Harry possessing the Power of Destruction.

While Rias didn't know this she did know that Harry was extremely powerful, but one thing still put her on edge. The scar on Harry's forehead radiated Dark magic and so Rias asked "Did that Dark wizard that attacked you former family give you that scar?" Harry blinked and then gave a nod.

Rias smirked and said "That scar holds a soul-fragment otherwise known as a Horcrux. Your wish is to get away from here and start anew am I correct?" Again Harry gave a nod and the smirk on Rias her face got even wider as she said "While I cannot remove the Horcrux right now since it is somehow tied to the wards around this place, I can give you a new start if you join my peerage."

"Swear yourself into service of myself and my family and I shall grant you a new life as a member of my peerage."

Rias saw the obvious hesitance on Harry's and decided to put some of his doubt to ease. "There are a few perks you need to be aware of: First you will be treated well, second you have a chance to attend school elsewhere, third you can learn about magic and the world be it mundane, magical or supernatural, fourth while I cannot help you with the Horcrux at this time I promise to help you in the future and finally your headmaster and former family will have no further say in your life."

The perks that were named where glorious in Harry's eyes yet he could not shake off his wariness and so he asked "If I were to except you offer, what will happen afterwards?" Harry looked Rias in the eye and saw her smirk and nod in approval at his wariness. It seemed Rias was pleased by the fact that he wasn't rushing into things without checking.

And indeed Rias was pleased that Harry was checking all the facts and said "Joining my Peerage will make you a devil, thus the authority Dumbledore and the Potters have over you will be gone. Also I will see to it that you are safe as your wellbeing will be important to me. Also when you are not doing any task I might ask of you what you do with your free time is yours to decide. Your possessions shall remain yours only and in time you may regain your freedom and start your own peerage. To regain your freedom you will have to be promoted to High-Class devil while you start as a Low-Class."

After this was said Rias pointed to Harry's scar and said "And while I cannot do anything at this time, once the wards have fallen I shall remove the Horcrux from behind your scar and use it to summon all the other fragments. I can then banish the fragment to torment as it will slowly tear that Dark wizard apart this will happen physically, mentally and magically."

And again Rias saw the Power of Destruction inside Harry's eyes. Helping him catch up on his mundane education should be not that hard, Enrolling him in the second year of Kuoh Academy would be easy and she had a feeling that Harry would get along quite well with the other peerage members.

Harry looked Rias in the eyes before he said "I accept. So how will you turn me into a devil?"

In answer Rias pulled out the case that contained her evil pieces and opened it as she said "These are my remaining Evil-pieces. With these I can turn anyone or anything into a devil as long as their power isn't too great."

Rias blinked as she realized that she hadn't explained the Evil-Pieces to Harry and so she said "The Rook-Piece is for those that have a great endurance and physical defense, the Bishop-Piece is for those who have a great affinity for magic, the Knight-Piece is for those who are good a sword fighting and with great speed and reflexes, The Queen-Piece is for those who have a combination of the three others and finally the Pawn-Pieces is actually for everyone and it can use Promotion to gain that stats of the other four."

Harry took a closer look at the pawn pieces and said "Then as a thankyou gift I will mutate your pawn pieces so you can have the maximum peerage members. Before I do anything I have to say this, once I use this spell I am breaking the law so we have to move quickly afterwards."

Rias gave a confused nod and Harry pulled out his wand before he said "Mutatione Interioris Promotionem! I changed them to Mutation-Pieces with an effect that will boost that persons highest qualities. For example has a person high magic affinity their bonus will be Bishop, but does a person have two or more high qualities like Speed, Magic and Endurance their bonus will be Queen. The pawn-pieces still have their Promotion ability so you could say they will have a double Promotion."

Rias was speechless. Here was a boy a year younger than herself who had just singlehandedly changed the entire Rating-Game. Not only that, but he made sure that she would have a peerage of fifteen excluding herself. And so remembering what Harry said, Rias grabbed a Pawn-Piece and said "In the name of myself, Rias Gremory, I order you Harry James Potter to be reborn and serve me as my first Pawn and a member of my peerage." The Pawn-Piece sunk into Harry's chest before the two seals that were already weakened and not tied to the blood-wards were shattered which resulted in a magical backlash that shattered all the windows in the house and forced Rias to close her eyes.

As she opened her eyes, Rias gasped as she saw Harry enveloped with the crimson-red aura of the Power of Destruction and as she looked at his eyes Rias saw that they had also turned to crimson though she could still vaguely see the emerald-green. What shocked her even more were the two white dragon wings with blue crystal like membrane that could only be the sacred gear Divine Dividing. Rias was broken from her thoughts as she heard a voice coming from the wing say

[Thank you Rias Gremory for freeing me. I am the power that is known as the White Dragon Emperor otherwise known as the Vanishing Dragon named Albion. After the night Voldemort Attacked my partners former family, I was sealed away together with the Power of Destruction by Dumbledore.]

Rias gave a nod and asked "So what do we do now?" Harry who had returned back to normal said "First I have to write someone if that is alright with you and after that I go with you."

Rias gave a nod and said "You can write this person just be careful what you tell this person." Before Harry could answer a regal looking owl flew into the room and handed a letter to harry before flying away.

Once Harry opened the letter he read,

Dear Harry,

I hope this letter finds you well. You are hereby invited for dinner tomorrow by my father. I also have to tell you something before dinner that cannot be said in a letter so please come early and be dressed as a Lord.

With love,


Harry looked at Rias and said "Well change of plans that friend I wanted to write just wrote me that I am invited to dinner tomorrow. And I have to dress as a Lord so we will have to go shopping I guess." The resulting smile he got from Rias made Harry think that he went straight to hell. Talking about irony.

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