Summary: After the death of his God-father and the revelation of the prophecy Harry Potter is once again locked away at his aunt and uncle's while his parents and brother are helping the Order. Being sick and tired of those who try to control his life, Harry sees only one way out and summons a Devil to make a deal.

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"Divide"= talking

"Divide"= thoughts

[Divide]= Albion talking

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Rise of the White Dragon Emperor

Chapter 02 Wrath of Albion

If there was one thing on Harry's mind at the moment it was that he was doomed. It was the day after he met Rias and joined her peerage, and right now they were shopping for clothes. Rias may have been a devil, but she was still a young woman so Rias was still a fan of shopping. One advice Harry could give any guy, never let a female of any race see your wardrobe. When Rias saw Harry's wardrobe she had insisted to go clothe shopping not only for his dress robes, but for an entire new wardrobe. Once they were in Diagon Ally, Rias found out just how terrible the fashion of Wizarding Britain truly was. Once she saw the dress robes, Rias almost dragged Harry out of the ally and into the closest shopping center of Muggle-London.

That was almost three hours ago. In those three hours Harry had found out a more seductive side of Rias when she was trying on some clothes. During lunch Rias explained more about being a devil and the Great-War. She explained that during that war the four great Devil-Kings died and their children took over. Yet two-hundred years ago the Underworld got into a civil war between the Satans and the Anti-Satan faction. The Anti-Satan faction won the war and the four leaders claimed the titles of Lucifer, Leviathan, Asmobious and Beelzebub. Rias also explained about the Pillar-Houses of the Underworld and their ranks.

When Rias was finished Hadrian said "Huh would you look at that. The politics of Wizarding-Britain and the Underworld are almost identical. Wizarding-Britain also has houses that have ranks. They have the Lesser-Houses, Noble-Houses, Lesser and Noble-Houses, Ancient-Houses, Ancient and Noble-Houses and the Most Ancient and Noble-Houses. They also had their Civil wars ironically they are in one right now with the Dark-Lord Voldemort. And let us not forget the fact that the old families still work with marriage-contracts."

Rias almost giggled at the similarities between Wizarding-Britain and the Underworld. Rias still had a question why Hadrian had the Power of Destruction. And so she asked "Hadrian could you tell me why you have the Power of Destruction while it is a known Devil power?"

Hadrian was about to say that had no idea what Rias meant when Albion said [My partner got the power through his ancestor, Ignotus Peverell. The Peverell family are almost a famous as Merlin and Morgana LeFay. Though it seems that they were actually one of the Pillar-Houses of the Underworld. Ignotus married a Muggle woman who he told everything. He also placed a charm of the Power of Destruction that was keyed to the blood of his brothers and himself . The charm would take away the Power of Destruction from anyone who would use it for evil. It is why Tom Riddle doesn't have the Power of Destruction.]

Hadrian who just took a sip from his drink spat it right out when Albion revealed that tiny bit about Tom Riddle. Rias who didn't know that Lord Voldemort was an anagram for Tom Marvolo Riddle raised an eyebrow while Albion chuckled. When Hadrian had recovered he used the Power of Destruction and wrote TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE and swished his hand to rearrange the letters into I AM LORD VOLDEMORT. Rias who now understood Hadrian's reaction just gasped while Hadrian just muttered to himself "Thank Merlin and Morgana for small miracles."

After the lunch Rias dragged Hadrian back into the shops. In the end Rias bought some dresses and some lacey lingerie that she just loved to show off to Hadrian. Hadrian himself bought two tuxedoes with white shirts, black ties, black dress-shoes and black pants. It was after this that Harry and Rias went to Gringgotts Wizarding Bank for an inheritance test for Harry. Harry almost laughed out loud when he saw Rias looking around in amazement. When it was finally their turn Harry bowed to the teller in front of him and asked "I would like to do an inheritance test if Gringgotts has the time of course."

The goblin in front of Harry could only blink in surprise at the respect the boy showed towards their bank. When the goblin finally snapped out of his shock and said "Of course Mr. Potter let me take you to your account manager."

Harry raised an eyebrow as the goblins still called him Mr. Potter. When Rias and Harry entered the office the goblin had led them to, they were introduced to Skullcracker the account manager of the Potter family. Like Harry did before now both Harry and Rias bowed in front the goblin. Skullcracker was impressed by their actions yet he knew they had to be quick with what they were planning to do and so he said "Mr. Potter we at Gringgotts know your father disowned you yet in the eyes of magic you remain part of the Potter family. I know why you are here and what you are so we must be quick." Skullcracker pulled a piece of parchment from under his desk and said "This only needs three drops of your blood and it will show your abilities and the Lordships you can take."

Harry took the dagger that was handed to him by the goblin and pricked his finger and let three drops fall on the parchment. The blood turned black and started forming into lines. When it all stopped Harry looked at the parchment and read

Inheritance Test of

Name: Harry Potter

Age: 17

Date of Birth: 31-10-2007

Mother: Lily Potter nèe Evans

Father: James Charles Potter

Species: Low-Classe Devil (reincarnated)


Lord of Pillar-House of Peverell (Power of Destruction)

Lord of Ancient and Noble House of Black (Named by sworn God-Father)

Lord of Ancient and Noble House of Slytherin (by Rite of Conquest)

Lord of Ancient and Noble House of Gryffindor (by Blood)

Lord of Ancient and Noble House of Van Helsing (by Blood)

Primary Heir of Ancient and Noble House of Potter (by Magic)


Power of Destruction


Divine Dividing

Immunity to all venoms and poisons (except supernatural poisons and venoms)

Near immunity to Holy Magic

Possible Multi-Elemental

When Harry was done reading he said "Master goblin I would like to take up my Lordships right now. With the primary being Peverell."

The Goblin pressed a button on his desk and five boxes appeared on the desk. He looked at Harry and said "From left to right, Peverell, Black, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Van Helsing. The first ring you place on your finger will be your primary Lordship."

Harry placed the Peverell ring on his finger first and followed with the others and finally said "I Hadrian Ignotus Peverell hereby lay claim to the Lordships of Peverell, Black, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Van Helsing so I say so mote it be." There was a flash and when Hadrian, Rias and Skullcracker looked at the test they saw that the name had changed from Harry James Potter to Hadrian Ignotus Peverell. Hadrian smirked and whispered "Well father life can be cruel wouldn't you agree?"

Hadrian was of a mind to disown James and Aiden from the Houses he was now the head of, but Rias told him to think of it as a Chess game and that he shouldn't use all his pieces at once. And so Hadrian decided to play the waiting game and let them come to him while he had created the playing field. With the inheritance test done the goblins gave Hadrian the folders about his finances and properties. And so Hadrian and Rias returned to 4 Private Drive (Rias had sent the Dursley family on a trip) for the last time before Hadrian left for Japan.

Around four o'clock Hadrian (dressed in his black tuxedo with crimson lining) left for Greengrass Manor. When he arrived, Hadrian was greeted by something that made his (and Albion's blood boil. It would seem that the Malfoy's were also at Greengrass Manor as Harry saw Daphne being confronted by a blond ferret named Draco Malfoy. Harry put himself under the Cloak of Invisibility (he had taken it with him just in case) and walked towards a wall to eavesdrop on the conversation. Draco who thankfully stayed oblivious drawled to Daphne "If I were you I would already start getting used to spreading your legs for me Greengrass since my father is now negotiating with yours for a Marriage-Contract with the marriage taking place at the end of summer."

Daphne was certainly not impressed with Draco as she showed by saying with such a chilled voice one would think that there was a blizzard going on "I would rather die than that I spread my legs for you Malfoy."

Hadrian who was around the corner saw Malfoy's face go red in anger when he heard Albion chuckle in his mind. Hadrian also heard a door being opened so he took out The Invisibility Cloak and covered himself with it. Not a minute later Draco strutted past him followed by his father Lucius Malfoy. Hadrian who wanted to mess with the Malfoys one last time sent a wandless Tripping Jinx a Lucius. This resulted in the older Malfoy to trip and fall on his son.

Somehow they ended up as a sushi roll as the carpet they were on rolled them up for good measure. Hadrian saw the wand of Lucius Malfoy laying on the ground and decided to pick it up and switch it with a stick that he transfigured to look like the wand of Lucius. After the Malfoys were gone, Hadrian revealed himself to Daphne and embraced her. Hadrian could always read Daphne very well and when he looked at his girlfriend, he knew that she had to tell him something very important. As he looked Daphne in the eyes Hadrian asked "Do you want to take a walk in the gardens?"

Daphne smiled at him and said "That would be best for what I have to tell you." With that Hadrian took Daphne's hand and led her into the gardens behind Greengrass Manor. After they were sure no-one saw them, Daphne looked at Hadrian and said "What I have to tell you is very important so please don't freak out when I tell you okay?"

Hadrian smiled gently at her and said "Well that makes two of us, but please go ahead."

Daphne took a deep breath and whispered so low that if Hadrian wasn't a Devil he would probably not have heard it "I am pregnant."

No-one said a word, not Daphne, not Albion and not Hadrian. After a minute of this Hadrian asked "Are you absolutely sure and when did that happen?"

Daphne blinked at Hadrian and said in a low voice "Yes I am sure Harry I did the charm ten times and they all were positive. As for your second question, It probably happened the night after Sirius's death."

Hadrian had difficulty not to show any emotions as he didn't know if he should be happy, sad and scared. Hadrian took a deep breath and said "For the news I have, I think you should sit down for a moment." Daphne did as she was asked and sat down. As Hadrian sat down next to her he said "Please don't freak out from what I am about to tell you as I will explain everything. Okay?" Daphne not knowing what to think just nodded.

Hadrian took another deep breath and said "I am a Devil and the wielder of the Sacred Gear Devine Dividing."

Daphne's response was a terrifying glare as she snarled "You better explain everything to me Potter." And so the next hour and a half was spent by Hadrian explaining everything to Daphne, from the disownment by James Potter all the way till the rebirth of Hadrian as a Devil, till the revelation that Hadrian had both Devil and Arch-Angel Blood in his veins. At the end Hadrian let the Wings of Divine Dividing appear so that Daphne could ask Albion some questions. They were interrupted by a House-Elf that was sent by Daphne's father with the message that dinner was almost ready.

As they entered the dining room the two teenagers saw Lord Greengrass standing in front of the dining table with Daphne's younger sister named Astoria next to him. As Hadrian faced Daphne's father, he shook Lord Greengrass's hand and said "It is a honor to meet you sir."

Lord Greengrass smiled and said "Believe me Mr. Potter the pleasure is mine."

As the two let go it was Albion that said in Hadrian's mind [Be weary partner, something doesn't feel right about him. As your former teacher would say Constant Vigilance.] Hadrian gave a mental nod and sat down next to Daphne and across from her father. As dinner progressed, Daphne kept having pain in her stomach. While Hadrian kept an eye on her, he could feel Albion becoming more restless as time passed. It all came to an end however when during the main course, Daphne stood abruptly thereby knocking her chair to the ground. As she made her way to the door to go to a bathroom, Daphne collapsed and landed on her hand and knees as she vomited a lot of blood on the ground. As Hadrian and Astoria made their way to Daphne and tried to support her, Lord Greengrass stood and said with a cold voice "Did you honestly think that I would accept a bastard as my heir? And to top it all of a bastard conceived by a filthy Half-Blood." As Astoria looked between Daphne and her father, Hadrian waved his hand over Daphne's stomach which made a pink and blue glow appear that was constantly changing to black.

As understanding slowly sat in, Hadrian snarled "What have you done?"

Lord Greengrass raised an eyebrow and said "All I have done was solving the little problem that you and my daughter created, but nothing that a bottle of Abortion Potion can solve. You see Daphne must be pure for her marriage to Heir Malfoy. Of course that would mean…" The rest what Lord Greengrass wanted to say was interrupted as around Hadrian a flame like aura sprung to life that was made completely of the Power of Destruction. Lord Greengrass could only gasp as he felt the magical power of the aura crash against him. And as he Looked at Hadrian, Lord Greengrass again gasped as instead of Emerald-Green eyes he was looking in two furious Crimson eyes that looked quite draconic to him.

Around the same time, Private Drive 4

After Hadrian had left for Greengrass Manor, Rias Gremory was left to her own devices. Which meant looking around the place that her (in her mind) cute and very helpful Pawn had been forced to call home before she made him a Devil. This eventually lead Rias to the one thing that Hadrian wanted to keep hidden even from Daphne, The Cupboard Under the Stairs. As she opened the door, the first thing she saw were the words Harry's Room that were written on the back wall. The next thing that she noticed, was so terrible that Rias teared up and had to cover the moth with both hands to keep her from making a noise. For lying in the back right corner was a small bloodied mattress.

Before Rias could investigate further, her Power of Destruction reacted to an outside influence as her hands were suddenly enveloped by said power. As she looked at her connection with her Peerage, Rias soon discovered that something was wrong with her newest member a lot of power was coming from his location. And so without a second thought, Rias formed a Teleportation Circle beneath her and disappeared to Greengrass Manor. The scene that met Rias could be described as horrifying and confusing. Just in front of her was a girl around Hadrian's age that was puking blood while a younger girl was trying to help her. What shocked her however was her newest Peerage Member, he was completely enveloped by an aura made from the Power of Destruction and from his back was one Black Bat-like wing and one Silver bird-like wing. Along with the two white/blue dragon wigs from Divine Dividing. Before Rias could ask what happened, two voices echoed each other as they said "[HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU USE AN ABORTION POITION ON MY MATE WHILE SHE IS PREGNANT WITH MY HEIRS! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM YOU LOWLY HUMAN? I AM THE POWER THAT IS KNOWN AS THE WHITE DRAGON EMPEROR ALSO KNOWN AS THE VANISHING DRAGON NAMED ALBION! RIAS GREMORY TAKE THE GREENGRASS SISTERS OUTSIDE NOW FOR THIS PLACE WILL NOT BE STANDING HERE IN A MINUTE!]"

As Hadrian and Albion revealed what Lord Greengrass had done to Daphne, Rias and Astoria both gasped in horror especially when it was revealed that the children were also Albion's heirs. Immediately after the Warning came, Rias teleported both sisters outside. As the three girls arrived outside, Lord Greengrass was blasted through the wall by the explosion that destroyed the entire manor. As the three girls looked at the now destroyed manor they saw Hadrian walk through the inferno while being surrounded by a blue protection shield. Rias could only gasp as she saw purple lighting running across Hadrian, a clear mark when a dragon had entered Outrage Mode. Rias, Daphne and Astoria could only watch as Lord Greengrass and Hadrian faced off against each other, with Lord Greengrass pointing his wand at Hadrian and Hadrian/Albion pointing the palm of his hand towards Lord Greengrass. The wand was already glowing with a sickly green light while in the palm was already a orb of blue draconic energy forming. And at the same time both opponents shouted their attack "Avada Kedavra! "[Dragon Shot]" The first was a thin beam of the same sickly-green energy while the second was so thick that it even ripped open the ground. And as the two beams collided with one another, everyone (besides Rias, Hadrian and Albion) were shocked when the infamous Killing Curse was blasted apart by the Dragon Shot. Lord Greengrass had time to take one step to the left, before the Dragon Shot hit him and completely destroyed the right part of his chest.

Everyone was once again shocked as Hadrian summoned The Sword of Gryffindor and walked towards the fallen Lord Greengrass clearly intend to finish the job. Before Hadrian culd finish the job, Daphne drew everyone's attention as she said "Rias Gremory could you do the same thing to me as you did to Hadrian?" Rias raised an eyebrow and said "You have to understand Ms. Greengrass that becoming part of a Peerage is not a simple act, most of the time it is the price people have to pay for their contract. Though this is extremely rare, people have to have a special ability or Sacred Gear. So please understand when I ask you What makes you so special outside your Wizarding Magic?"

Daphne looked at Hadrian and smirked as she said "How about a demonstration Ms. Gremory? Hadrian could you please pull my father up so that I can say my final words to him?" Everyone including the two devils blinked in confusing at what was said. As Hadrian pulled Lord Greengrass to his feet, Daphne walked over until she was in front of him.

As she looked her father in the eye, Daphne said "There was a reason why my magic was weak when I was born you know. Well you have always been a horrible father to me so I hope you burn in the deepest pits of Hell for what you did today." With that said Daphne formed a Icy-Blue orb between her hands and shot it into the chest of her father. Almost immediately everyone could see the change, Lord Greengrass was turning to ice. Hadrian had already let go, the moment he noticed the change.

And as the former Lord Greengrass was completely turned into ice, Daphne pointed her wand at him and shouted "BOMBARDA MAXIMA!" Daphne poured all her hatred for her father in the strongest version of the Blasting Curse and launched it at the Ice statue. After the explosion nothing remained of the former Lord Greengrass and with that Daphne turned towards Rias and asked as if nothing had happened "Is that special enough?" At which Rias could only nod.

After everything was explained to Astoria, Rias grabbed another pawn that was mutated by Hadrian and placed it against Daphne's chest as she said "In the name of myself, Rias Gremory, I order you Daphne Anna Greengrass to be reborn and serve me as my second Pawn and a member of my peerage."

Hadrian pulled out the wand he stole from Lucius Malfoy and said "Before we leave this demandable country there is only one thing left to do."

With that Hadrian pointed the wand at the shy and shouted "Morsmorde." Which created a Dark Mark that hovered above the ruins of Greengrass manor. And as Rias created another Teleportation Circle that would take all four of them to Japan, Hadrian dropped Lucius's wand so that the Aurors could find it. And with that done the Four people stepped onto the circle and disappeared to Japan.

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