Title: My Forged Kingdom Hearts Family

Author: navyninja87

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Disney owns Descendants, Voltage Inc owns My Forged Wedding and Square Enix owns Kingdom Hearts. I own Lilliana.

Inspiration: Hints about a new character for My Forged Wedding.

Summary: Jay and Lilliana celebrate Christmas and something special.

Author's Note. This is dedicated to KitKat on KHinsider. Without her reviews, I probably would have abandoned My Forged Kingdom Hearts Wedding altogether and this wouldn't have been written.

Part One:

Lilliana groaned. The girls roped her into playing Secret Santa this year and by some accident, she got Jay. She and Jay recently solidified their relationship amidst acceptance and amusement from Jay's friends so she wasn't too sure what to get him. Talking to Jafar wouldn't help because one, the villain was still miffed that they hoodwinked him about their marriage when they visited the Isle of the Lost and two, he didn't know Jay all too well. She could talk to the other villain kids but then wouldn't be sure that they could keep a secret.

He needed new Tourney shoes badly. She was always afraid that he would sprain one or both of his ankles the way he used them. Jay called her a worrywart but she couldn't help it. She loved him. Taking a swig of mint tea to settle her stomach, she continued looking. A knock on the door sounded and she hoped that Jay wasn't at the door.

Thankfully, it was Carlos. "Hey, I was wondering if you could help me with Jane's present. I've never been a boyfriend before." She motioned for him to come in and then ran to the bathroom. Minutes passed as she knelt at the toilet. Suddenly, someone pulled her long hair back into a ponytail and rubbed her back. When she was finished, she looked up and saw Carlos looking at her with concern. "How long?" He asked.

"Six weeks." She replied. Carlos nodded thoughtfully.

"Have you taken a pregnancy test?" he asked. Lilliana shook her head. If she was pregnant, she couldn't be too sure that Jay would want the baby. Jay didn't know how to be a good father, being the son of an infamous villain.

"No." she verbally confirmed.

"Do you have a kit? I could go buy you one if you don't." he offered. Lilliana shook her head as she pulled one out of the cabinet.

"Mal gave me one as a birthday prank last month." She clarified. Carlos laughed.

"Actually, that was Evie's prank, not Mal's. Mal didn't think it was funny to give you that for your birthday." He clarified when she raised an eyebrow at his laughter.

"Thanks. I'll just get Evie the same thing for her birthday then." She cheekily replied. Carlos laughed.

"You know, if you're not careful, the Royals might think you are one of us." He joked.

"Jay's rubbed off on me too much. Let me brush my teeth and then I'll help you with Jane's present." Carlos shook his head.

"Take your time. I'm not in a rush." Carlos said.

"Is that your way of saying take the test before you drive me crazy?" Lilliana asked.

"Yup." Carlos confirmed with a grin before walking out of the bathroom and shutting the door. Lilliana sighed and took the test. While it was processing, she brushed her teeth. It was torture to wait while she thoroughly brushed her teeth but when she was finished, so was the test. A pink positive sign appeared. She gulped. How would Jay take the test results? A short rap on the door jolted her out of her thoughts. "Lilliana, are you okay?" Carlos asked.

"I'm fine, Carlos. It's positive." She answered. "Now let me help you." In the end with her guidance, Carlos chose a simple but very pretty Sapphire necklace to compliment Jane's blue eyes. Lilliana chose the shoes for Jay along with a dark red beanie and red ponytail holders for dressier events. The party was in a few days. She could make it until then.