A season 8 Castle AU for the Castle Winter Hiatus Ficathon 2015. The story starts during episode 8x05, The Nose, when Castle meets Mia Laszlo and goes AU from there.

The title is French meaning to fix, mend or make amends.

Kate Beckett unlocked the door to the loft with her key, somewhat surprised it still worked. She didn't think she deserved to let herself in, but Alexis had assured her no one would be home, and she did need to collect more of her things. It had been awkward talking to Rick about it, and she wasn't sure he understood it was only temporary. Of course he wouldn't understand, she reprimanded herself, she didn't tell him anything, just that she loved him, and hoped that he would forgive her when it was all over. Part of her knew that if he got even an inkling of what was going on, he would just jump straight in with her, and she couldn't afford that. If nothing else, Rick and his family had to be kept safe. She did not consider the fact that she was also part of his family now.

When she first packed her bag, she did not think it would take this long to chase down LOCSAT, but the past two months had shown her that nothing was going to be easy, and the small weekender bag she had taken then was not going to see her through to the end of this crusade. Privately, she could admit to herself it was a crusade, although she would reprimand anyone else who used that word. It was her fault her AG team was dead, and it was her job to get justice for them. Her personal happiness was secondary to that. Again, she did not consider the fact that her happiness was also her husband's happiness. Kate Beckett was very good at ignoring inconvenient facts and living in denial.

As soon as she stepped inside, she could tell no one was home. The whole loft felt empty, abandoned. It was a weird change from the last time she was here, and she took a few minutes to wander around and re-familiarise herself with the home she walked out of. She knew she could not, or would not have done this if Rick was home, and she briefly wondered where he was. Certainly not at the precinct, as she had come from there. And not at his P.I. office, because she had called there on the way, when Alexis had told her no one was home. Alexis seemed very sure that Rick wouldn't be home, but she didn't give any indications of where he may be, either. Kate knew he wasn't at the office hiding from her (why would he do that, anyway) because the secret room door had been open when she walked in.

The lounge looked the same, cushions artfully arranged on the couch, the TV and gaming consoles dark and dusty. She realised she couldn't see any of the Standby lights on, and went nearer to investigate. All the power boards were turned off. She wandered into Castle's study, and saw that again everything was in its place, his desk clear of his computer, the story board tucked into a corner and powered off. She was starting to get a feeling of unease, and quickened her steps into their – his – bedroom.

What she saw there stole her breath. The bed was made with her favourite comforter, and the layer of dust indicated it had not been slept on in quite some time. The closet opposite was half open, and she could see quite a few gaps where Rick's clothes usually hung. She walked over to the dresser and opened a drawer, the one with all his t-shirts that she used to steal. It was empty. She opened all the drawers, and found them similarly bare. She moved to the bathroom, and checked under the sink. All his toiletries and travel gear were gone.

She staggered backwards out of the bathroom, and when the back of her legs touched the bed, she collapsed onto it. Only then did she notice a plain envelope propped against her bedside lamp, her first name written on the front in his firm hand. She reached for it and tore it open, hoping it would quell the butterflies storming around her stomach. Instead, it sent them into overdrive.