the beginning

lucy sitting lonely in table drinking her milkshake, it had been a month since Lisanna return. her so-called friend

has been ignoring her and they never talk to her ever since Lisanna return, but she still hope that her friend will talk her

again. when was she drinking team Natsu came to her the look on they face telling lucy that team Natsu wants to talk about something important to her

"hey guy what up"?

lucy spoke with excitement

team Natsu was looking at her, Natsu was the first to talk...

"hey lucy, we kind of wondering if you could quit team Natsu", said him

lucy was shocked, Natsu was asking her to quit the team.


lucy ask him

"because we don't need you anymore since Lisanna came back also you pretty weak you could go solo maybe you could gain magical power and save money for your rent," said Natsu

"did he just call me weak"

"was I really a burden to them," she thought her mind

lucy try to keep her emotion in place...

"sure, I don't mind lucy with",

she said with a constraint smile and she walks slowly...

"really, thank lucy" then Natsu called Lisanna and said

"hey Lisanna now you are on our team"

Natsu said with smiling on his face.

lucy keep walking with the constraining smile on her face but deep inside she was hurt, betrayed by her so called friend that calling her a weakling and a burden to them. she keeps walking until arrived at her house and sleep.

next morning

lucy arrive at fairy tail, she was still ignored by everyone like yesterday, she went to the mission table to pick one

she was still thinking which mission jobs she should take.

which one should I take she said to herself, her eye leering to one particular mission

the job description was saying retrieve an ancient artifact from a temple ruins.

"interesting," said lucy, she then give the mission job to Mira jane

"I want this mission," said lucy, Mira jane then approves the mission

"there you go, " said Mirajane

"thank you", lucy said then began her journey to the temple to retrieve the ancient artifact,

but this mission will soon forever changing her destiny.

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