The temple

Lucy began to journey into the temple, it was dark inside the place, and she could not see anything it was pitch black and total darkness." it dark inside this place" Lucy said in her mind, she pull a match in her pocket and began brightening a lamp that she brought from outside the temple. After brightening the lamp, it was easy for her now to move in the place.

"I better get moving" Lucy spoke, with the lamp in hand she began moving. She walks passed through the hallway .as she moving, she was amazed at the structured that existed within the temple, beautiful carved statue and strange mysterious runes fill the temple. She looks at a statue and said, "who are these people; I never see them in any Fiore history book".

The statue looks so alien to her, she never sees statues like this in her lives, the long horn, demonic face with sharp teeth and a robe, Another statue wearing a black mask and look like a heavy armor. She also inspects some of the strange mysterious runes that carved into the wall and she couldn't decipher the Rune and began to frustrate. Lucy said in her mind "I wish levy is here with me" but she then shakes her head and said, "I shouldn't think about them, they probably still happy partying around".

After finish inspecting the Rune she began moving again to the hallway,she enters a lucy enters it she saw a tomb and next to the tomb was an altar, in the altar was her prize possession the artifact.

lucy began moving to the altar to take the artifact, as she began the move toward the altar she began to hear a whispering voice to her alluring and seducing her to take the artifact

"take it"

she tries to shake her head and calm herself try to believe the voice are only her imagination. as she began moving closer to the artifact,the whispering voice once again urging her to take artifact the voice tries to convince her.

"the power shall be your"

she finally reaches the altar and moves close to taking the artifacts,she begins to have doubt to take the artifact with her but the voice was able to convince her to take it.

"you will never be weak again"

lucy mind seems to stop after hearing that word, the very same word that Natsu spoke to her,he was calling her a weakling

a burden to him and the team.

her anger surges after recalling that word "weak".

"how dare them calling me a weak,"everything around lucy starts to levitate,she unintentional was awakening a power that more ancient than ether nano

after that, lucy began to calm down and relax, she grabs and inspects the artifact and after that, she put it in the bag.

unbeknownst to her,she has been watch by the spirit that dwelled within the temple,

"such anger",the spirit thought to himself.

"the dark side is strong with this one ,perhaps he should appear in front of this young lady

as lucy began to move away from the altar, a spirit appears in front her and talk.

"it has been a long time seen I have a visitor"

the spirit spoke

lucy was tense and cautiously asked

who the hell are you? lucy spoke

the spirit chuckled and spoke

I have many names but you can call me ...

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