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This takes place in an Alternate Universe, or AU for short, in the Full Moon High Universe, which will play out in history to come.


Full Moon Knights

Chapter 1: Clown Girl's Wake-Up Call

Gotham City

Late At Night

Abandoned Night Club

In an abandoned nightclub, hanging in chains upside down in a tank full of piranha fish, was the Batman. However, he wasn't the focus of the story, as it was centered on a very scared individual backing up to a window lookout display. She was a young woman of twenty-five, athletic figure, preferably a gymnastic, wearing a red and black skin tight clown girl outfit, complete with a jester hood cap, and black mask, as well as white frills around the neck and wrists. Her face was painted white with the black mask, but it did little to hide the fear on her blue eyes. She was Harley Quinn, formerly Dr. Harleen Quinzel; the psychiatrist who had fallen blindly in love with the psychotic monstrous criminal mastermind: the Joker.

And right now… she was starting to regret it.

For at that moment, quietly walking towards her, furiously silent beyond his own madness, was a man of possible thirties or forties, dressed in a snazzy purple suit, a flower butane ire on the left side of his jacket, purple gloves, fancy dress shoes, and a nice slicked greenish black hairstyle. Though his skin was bleached all the way to white, with his yellow and red piercing eyes, and yellowish-white teeth. This was the Joker, Harley's main squeeze, and the worst criminal that ever plagued Gotham; a man that would spread fear and madness to everyone, all in the name for a laugh.

But right now… he was just miffed off.

After a botched up job to rub out Commissioner Gordon, Joker had spent many a times to come up with an original plan to off the Batman. Harley, being her lovey-dovey self, made the suggestion of just shooting him, but Joker broke in anger as well as being insulted, stating that he wanted to off him with something to reflect his genius than something as cliché as that. For that, he tossed out Harley on the street. But it blew his ego and anger even more when he found out that Harley was so close to killing Batman off. Even worse, when trying to reason with him, she explained the whole 'joke' to him like that, hoping to see her genius as a result of working with him.

But all he was right now, was just PO'ed… and wanting to get rid of her.

Harley scared more than anything now, pulled a stuffed swordfish from the wall to find something to defend herself with. And now, she was holding it in front of her defensively, while she tried to reason with him. which wasn't going so well.

"N-Now calm down, Puddin'," Harley reasoned with him, the fear shaking into her voice.

But the Joker wasn't playing around, as he slowly edged closer to her, his fingers twitching with whatever he was going to do to her.

"You've forgotten what I told you a long time ago," he seethed with every breath every step he took to walk to her. "One of the painful truths of comedy, I learned myself." He menacingly advanced on her, and then grabbed the fish from her, as he seethed out, "You always take shots… FROM FOLKS WHO JUST DON'T GET THE JOKE!"

And with those last words escaping him like a bullet, what he did next almost felt like a bullet. Joker forcefully jabbed the tail end of the swordfish into Harley's gut, pushing her hard into the window. Before she could even process anything, she crashed through the glass, creating a deafening shatter. Her heart nearly leapt out of her throat, as she began free-falling from the building.

A shower of glass, and little bits of blood rained over the alleyway, as the frightened and heart-shattered Harley fell down. She opened her mouth to scream, but all that came out was silence, as the shock of the whole situation kept playing through her head, causing her whole body to paralyze.


The Joker looked down at the fallen Harley, as he finally but calmly spewed out, "And don't call me 'Puddin'." And then turned around to release the Batman.

There, lying on a pile of broken bottles, boxes, and trash bags, Harley's body lay there sprawled in a heap. Her costume had been torn in places, rich crimson blood flowed freely from the many cuts and lacerations covering her body. Her hat had been torn allowing her golden dirty blonde hair to freely be about, as well as her makeup be all runny. A trickle of blood escaped from the edge of the right on her mouth. But she didn't know what hurt worse, the force of her own weight slamming against the cold hard ground despite the cushioning she had, leaving her with broken bones and possibly fatal interanal beedling… or the realization of the cold hard truth: the Batman was right.

He tried to convince her the Joker was using her, but she wouldn't listen. The lies he told her of the abusive father and/or runaway mother. His words all spoke truth, but she didn't listen; she just wanted to escape the harshness of the world and be with someone who could give her joy. The impact of the truth didn't hurt as bad as the impact on the ground.

A tear escaped her eye, as she slowly but surely awoke from this three-year delusion. "My fault…" she weakly told herself, as she managed to speak, despite the pain, "I didn't… I didn't get the joke…"

But at that moment, memories of her childhood popped into her head. like some kind of drug was giving her happy memories for her as the Light would soon take her to wherever she was going. Memories of her as a child, being happy with a friend of hers. A young boy her age with shaggy black hair, brown eyes covered with glasses. The two actually seemed to have happy days, sad days, and days when the two were alone together with each other's company in the cold world around them.

"Peter?" she questioned the memories coming back. They seemed to make her smile again, as she turned to look up at the bright full moon that broke through the gloom and darkness of Gotham's skies. "It's been… ten years… nice to know the last thing I see… is you… "

Her vision became blurry and full of shadows… but the last thing she saw, was a tall figure covered in shadows, with pointy ears and red piercing eyes. "The Bat… figures…" And then, everything went black.

Gotham General

An Ambulance was finishing for the day, putting a wheeled gurney at bay as they went for a cup of coffee. The two female orderlies were about to walk in. Until they heard a huge thud sound, and something swift rush off afterward. Once they whipped around, they saw nothing or anything that even gave it a trace of anything that was there. All… except a woman on the gurney laid down bleeding. They rushed over there, immediately recognizing her as Harley Quinn, but didn't care to mind, as she was in need of medical attention.

As they wheeled her in, one of them diagnosed the injuries, "Harley Quinn, Age 25, appears to have suffered severe injuries." Harley moaned a little, but in pain due to the fall, as they deduced, "Possibly thrown out of a window, lacerations bleeding, possibly internal…" but then the forensic orderly noticed a peculiar bite mark on her shoulder. "Subject has also been bitten; possibly a wild animal or hungry dog. Inspect for rabies."

Outside on a high roof overlooking the hospital, the same pointy eared figured looked from a ledge, seeing that Harley had been wheeled in. The figure then stood up… on hind dog legs, and had a dog-like tail, whooshing in the wind. Once he saw that Quinn had been escorted in for treatment, he turned around, and disappeared in the shadows, with only the Full Moon shining down to illuminate the spot the figure stood moments ago.

Whatever this creature had done, it was now entangled into the life of Harleen Quinzel… and his as well.

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