Shattered World

Naruto's eyes narrowed as he watched the flickering form of the Tensaigan. The mini-sun's core having become unstable after he annihilated Toneri. "Hinata." His voice carried a grim resolution as he looked at the ominous artificial sun. "Shikamaru and the others are here, I need you to leave with them."

"B-But what about-"

"This thing..." He grimaced as it began flaring violently. "It's about to explode, I can feel the amount of chakra in it, I know you've seen it too. As soon as it pops, we're all done for."

"Then why...?"

"I can stop it from blowing... if only for a few minutes. I started learning the ways of Fuinjutsu after Jiraiya died, I'm certain with my powers as a Sage, I can hold off the explosion long enough for all of you to escape."

"No!" Hinata cried "I- I won't leave here without you! I... I-"

"I know Hinata." He gave her a morose grin "I've know since 'that' day. I didn't understand your feelings... they never made sense to me, I couldn't truly understand what love meant outside of a juvenile infatuation."

"Naruto... I can't, please, don't make me do this!" Tears began streaming down her eyes.

Naruto grinned at her "Hey Hinata," Her full attention was on him, never noticing the clone behind her. "Thank you."

Everything went black for the girl as the clone caught her. The two shared a nod and the clone took off at top-speed back to the the others. "Like hell I'll die before becoming Hokage!"

Sitting in a meditative stance Naruto called upon his full power and that of Hagoromo as well. He began manipulating the massive ball of chakra in ways that would re-direct most of the blast outwards and away from him.

He was beginning to struggle as even though his power was immense he still hadn't completely mastered his True Sage Mode yet. 'Because it's incomplete.'

Naruto blinked his eyes open and noticed that time had stopped and before him stood someone who looked a lot like the Rikudo Sennin but with long hair. "You must be Hamura?"

The elderly Otsutsuki nodded "So you are the one my brother entrusted his world to."

"I'm one of them, yes." Naruto answered.

"No, my brother only chose one. You. The other, he was given a small piece of my chakra that I left with my brother. I hold the true power of Yin." Hamura corrected. "You cannot control your form because you are missing my half. You only have the power of Yang, you can only breathe life but not create it."

"I see." It was like how Kurama wasn't complete until his own Yin half was returned to him. "Hamura... will you lend me some of your power so that my friends can make it out of here alive?"

"You do not seek to use it for yourself, to escape this tomb?" Hamura questioned as he watched the blond carefully.

Naruto shook his head, "While I'd obviously prefer to survive this bomb, if Hinata and the others can make it out safely then that's good enough for me."

"I see." Hamura said lightly "Then i'll trust my elder brother's judgement."

Naruto's left palm connected with Hamura's and suddenly he could feel a massive surge of chakra enter him - it felt strange yet familiar - he felt... complete. Time resumed and the chakra bomb was about to go off.

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" Channeling his newly completed Sage form, glyphs began covering every inch of the ball and just as it was about to blow the seal held strong and absorbed the concussive force of the bomb into itself.

Naruto sighed deeply in relief, feeling more tired than ever before. "Why... am... I... so tired?"

'That is an unfortunate side-effect of my chakra.' Hamura spoke to him once more, though the Sage's voice sounded just as tired as he. 'Enjoy... your... slumber.'

Still sat in his meditative position, Naruto struggled to stay awake but eventually his will alone wasn't enough and he fell into a deep sleep.


Nightmares haunted him. Humans had ripped and broken each other as a species, the peace hadn't lasted long and with him gone the shinobi had hunted themselves into extinction.

Those without chakra shunned the shinobi that survived, blaming them for their war-torn world until eventually all chakra users were extinct and those born with an abundance were killed at birth.

Chakra had returned to the earth and yet peace had only lasted so long. Human nature drove them to create weapons, to protect, to kill, to conquer. War never changed and eventually humanity dwindled to almost nothing, only four kingdoms were left standing at the end.

Only five continents were left, the rest were destroyed and swallowed by the oceans. Monuments to civilizations long since forgotten still stood, their massive crumbling towers that scraped the sky yet nothing inhabited them.

The Great War had ended, humanity had enough. Peace once again stood but for how long? Earth itself could no longer tolerate the plague upon itself known as humanity. Beasts rose from the ashes, darkness given form, creatures of grim.

He could feel it - even from up here - his connection to the Earth was never severed. The corruption of nature, its very chakra was tainted and now it began to fight back. Though humanity, ever resilient found chakra once more. Buried deep within the earth, hidden under the steel and stone tombs lay humanity's hope.

Dust they called it.

Crystallized chakra that had recollected over thousands of years. They used it to fight back, to cleanse the scourge that had descended upon humanity, never knowing that they themselves were the disease.

Defenses were raised, warriors bred, weapons made. History repeated itself once more.

Naruto's eyes eased open for the first time in a millennium and the moment he did the seal holding back the ancient bomb ruptured, exploding outwards and shattering the moon. Naruto gained a perfect view of Earth, where once blues and greens ruled now the world was covered with a dark tint hanging over it.

'My brother's world has lost itself.'

"We're you the one to wake me, Hamura?" Naruto spoke in a gravely voice, having not spoken in over a thousand years.

'No, Earth is calling for you, she's been crying for so long and finally gave into her despair some time ago.'

"I felt that moment, when the Nature chakra was corrupted. I can feel her deep inside still calling out. Something is exacerbating the problem and it's spiralled out of control." Naruto sighed as he stood, slowly working the kinks out of his body. "It seems as though true peace was never achieved. Is that the curse of humanity?"

'Hagoromo always believed in your kind... I never did. I chose to watch over the tomb up here and silently observe your kind. I was not impressed.'

A deep frown came across Naruto's face as he recalled the nightmares "Neither am I."

'Will you save them or remove the disease once and for all?'

Naruto sighed as he activated his sage mode "I guess i'll give them a last chance."

Hamura looked at the spot where the third True Sage stood. 'We shall see if they deserve it.'


Naruto appeared where he felt the closest concentration of human life. They seemed to be panicking over something. Suddenly a fist sized chunk of the moon pelted the street just up ahead, leaving a decent sized crater.

Turning around and looking at the broken moon he suddenly remembered. "Oh right."

Flashing high above the clouds he focused his power and summoned his Truth-Seeking Balls, sending them out to destroy the larger chunks that entered the atmosphere. The balls zoomed around at speeds invisible to most, de-atomizing anything they touched while Naruto himself focused on the largest piece that was about the size of the Hokage monument.

He aimed his finger at the rock and opened his eyes revealing the Rinnegan. "Shinra Tensei Saidai." (Maximum Heavenly Subjugation)

Starting from the tip, the massive meteorite was destroyed as the immovable force of the Shinra Tensei slammed against it. At the end nothing but a large amount of dust was left which Naruto guided back towards the atmosphere where it was burned away.

"Hmm." Naruto hummed to himself as his truth-seeking balls returned to him, their job done. He phased himself back to the street where he originally landed and willed away his sage mode. Looking around he noticed that people were trying to figure out what had just happened, considering that he was in the upper atmosphere he doubted anyone actually saw him up there.

Walking down the street he noticed a few of those new inventions from his time in a window screen. 'It appears as though that massive meteorite was somehow destroyed by... something?' One of the people, a woman spoke.

'We're still not entirely sure was it was but we're receiving reports that a humanoid being was spotted destroying the meteorites with some sort of ultra-powerful Semblance. Quite frankly I don't care who it was and I'm more grateful that someone like that is here in the first place or Vale would have been completely wiped off the map.' The other reporter, a man said nervously.

'Semblance? Is that what they call their modified chakra manipulation?' Naruto wondered as he continued listening to the report.

'Oh! Oh! We're getting recordings now from those that who were looking at the meteorite as it entered the atmosphere, here you can notice the - I believe its a man suddenly appear in the in the meteorite's path and send out ball-like objects that began decimating the smaller meteorites while he... pointed? He just POINTED AT IT!?' The woman along with the crowd that gathered around him watched at the man coated in golden fire pointed at the meteorite and it started breaking apart. 'How... How is that even possible? How strong is this person?'

'I- I don't believe it... is this real footage? Are we being pranked?' The male reported asked the staff, one of whom came slightly into view.

'No similar videos like this are being sent in from all over, that really just happened, whoever it was destroyed that thing by pointing at it.' One of the producers answered.

The male reported sighed as he leaned back into his chair and placed a hand on his forehead 'Amazing... just simply amazing. Do we know who that is? Maybe one of the top-ranked hunters?'

'No, nobody matches that description. There are few hunters with golden-flame like aura.' The unknown producer answered.

'Well whoever it is, I hope he's watching because I'd like to sincerely thank you on behalf of Vale for saving all of our lives.' The female reporter stated followed by the male who agreed wholeheartedly.

Well I caused the blast when I awoke so I should take responsibility for the aftermath. Naruto thought to himself.

"Holy crap, that was intense." A blonde to his right said as she stared at the TV that kept looping the footage of him blowing up the meteorites. "That shit was epic!"

Noticing that the girl had turned to him as if waiting for some kind of response he simply nodded, not all that excited about something he himself did with minor effort. "Yeah, I guess."

The girl pouted at his lack of enthusiasm "The hell kind of an answer is that? That guy just blew up a meteor by pointing at it!" She exclaimed while emphasizing the last part.

Naruto simply shrugged and began walking away, he was feeling a little hungry after being in a hibernative sealed state for Kami knows how long. Plus he had to go over all of his nightmares or visions of the world over the hundreds of years that he was gone.

Too lost in his own thoughts he didn't notice that the girl had started following him and began talking to himself as he had yet to truly notice her.

"...Are you even listening?" She finally said in a huff while stepping in his path.

Naruto blinked upon seeing the girl once more. "Were you saying something?" He asked after finally noticing her.

Yang gaped as she realised that he really wasn't listening. She was Yang Xiao Long, guys lined up just to talk to her and this... this guy had the nerve to not even pay attention. Noticing that wasn't going to speak up any time soon a part of Naruto really wanted to just walk away and get something to eat but another part of him told him that this girl was important... to what? He wasn't sure.

"Sorry but who are you?" Naruto asked seeing as she still was just looking dumbfounded at him. Focusing on her chakra he was incredibly surprised to notice that it felt like Tsunade's and First and Second's chakra. Could she be a descendant of the Senju?

His eyes subtly roamed her body, she was definitely built like a fighter although beautiful and holding a definite feminine quality there was a strength to her build that spoke of a taijutsu type.

"Uh... Yang. Yang Xiao Long." She answered caught off guard by the question. "Who are you? I haven't seen you around Vale and you're about my age so you should be in my school year."

"Yang... that makes sense." Naruto muttered. Someone with strong life-energy like her who likely descended from Senju would appropriately be named 'Yang'.

"Huh? What's that supposed to mean?" She asked, honestly confused.

"Don't worry about it." Naruto answered as he quickly thought of a plausible reason as to why he might be here. "I'm Naruto by the way, I'm also new around here to answer your question."

"Ah, transferring in for the school year?" Yang asked with a grin.

"Sure." 'Lets go with that.' Naruto thought to himself "Hey, since I'm new here mind pointing me to the closest place to grab a bite? I feel like I haven't eaten in a thousand years." He spoke in a joking tone, though he was the only one in on the joke.

Yang was about to answer before a thought occurred to her and a sly grin crossed her face "Sure follow me."

Narrowing his eyes slightly at her look "No that's fine, I wouldn't want to trouble you. Some directions is fine."

"Oh but I insist, you're new here after all I wouldn't want you to get lost." Her grin was much too similar to Anko's for him not to be wary of it.

"Fine, far be it for me to reject a beautiful girl's company." Naruto said in an even tone. I bet she's trying to get a meal out of me. Too bad she doesn't know that I don't have any money.

"Hehe compliments will get you nowhere." Yang said with a grin before turning back towards the road, her grin darkening a little. This'll teach you to ignore Yang Xiao Long!

They walked next to each other in a pleasant enough silence before Yang spoke up again as she pointed at a building. "That's my favorite restaurant."

"Looks expensive." Naruto noted passively.

"Yeah but its a great place to lady out on a date dontcha think?" Yang pitched in.

"Let me know if you spot a lady for me to ask out around here." Naruto said, ignoring the glare she shot at him as he walked past her. His smile spoke of his amusement but he made sure to hide it when she caught up.

He made sure to open the door for her while giving her a mocking bow "After you m'lady."

"Remind me to punch you in the face later." She remarked with a twitching eye.

"Well that wouldn't be very lady-like now would it?" Now Naruto understood why people enjoyed teasing others so much. After seeing a thousand years of nothing but violence Naruto eventually learned to just not give a fuck anymore and he was thoroughly enjoying it.

Naruto looked around, there seemed to be a few couples out tonight. This did seem like a decent enough place to take a girl out to. They both sat down at an open table and began looking over the menu. No ramen. Dammit.

"Man everything looks good and I really worked up an appetite today." Yang said as she looked over some of her favorites. "I hope you don't mind if I get a few of my faves?"

Naruto simply shrugged "Order whatever you what."

A young man around their age came by after a few minutes to take their order. Yang pretended to be ignorant about the not so subtle looks down her cleavage and Naruto didn't really care in the first place so he said nothing either. "Right I'll take a the steak, medium-rare. Half a rack of ribs on fries and a cola."

The waiter raised an eyebrow but didn't comment on it. "And you sir?"

"A steak, the same and a cola."

"Alright, your orders should be done in a few minutes." The waiter said before taking one last peak down Yang's shirt before taking off.

"Not very subtle is he?" Naruto said with an amused smile.

"I almost offered to let him take a picture." Yang huffed and crossed her arms.

"So this school, tell me more about it." Naruto began, hopefully she would make assumptions and fill in the blanks for him.

"Oh right!" Yang brightened up "Well Beacon is pretty rad, I've been there a few times to look around but I'm starting this year also."

Naruto hummed "Any annoying rules?"

"Not really." Yang answered with a shake of her head, her golden locks weaving through the air hypnotically. "Technically there's a dress-code but most of the time it's not enforced. Kinda like a 'if you feel like it' sort-of deal."

"Well that's good, I hate uniforms." Naruto then thought of something else "Where exactly is it by the way? I know the general area but the directions were kinda vague."

Yang gave him an odd look before shrugging "It's along the east-end of Vale. There's a ship here that takes you down the river straight to the Beacon docks and the airship too."

"Which way are you going?"

"Airship." Yang answered with a grin. "I love to fly."

"Good to know." Naruto said with the smile. He has a location and a general idea of how the place is run, now for people. "So do you know anyone else that's going there this year?"

"Yeah two big names are starting this year. Weiss Schnee one of the heiresses to the Schnee Dust Company and Pyrrha Nikos the four-time undefeated champion of the Mistral Regional Tournament." She grinned and slammed a fist into one of her open hands. "I can't wait to fight someone like the 'The Invincible Girl' I'll put her name to the test."

Naruto chuckled "You seem fired up."

"Oh you haven't seen me fired up yet blondie." She said while sticking out her tongue playfully.

"Blondie?" Naruto questioned. "You're blonde too, don't give any more fuel to the dumb blonde stereotype."

"Who you calling dumb?" Yang growled.

Naruto laughed and raised his hands in defeat "Calm down there Firebrand before you burn whole the place down."

Yang scowled and crossed her arms "Tsk. Whatever." Luckily for him she spotted the waiter who was bringing over the food and set it down in front of them, once more sneaking a peak at Yang's abundant cleavage.

"So I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I haven't actually signed up to join Beacon yet, I was kinda hoping to just wing it when I got there, what did you to get in?" Naruto asked a began cutting up his steak.

"Well there are a few ways I know. There's a recommendation from one of the teachers, the entrance exam that most people use or a combat test." Yang answered. "I took the test after graduating from Signal last year."

Naruto paused. "Combat test?" This might just be what he was looking for.

"Well for some people that didn't go to a primary school or couldn't pass the entrance exams for whatever reason, there is a combat test that they can sign up for. Essentially you go up against one of the teachers and if they think you're skilled enough to become a hunter then they let you in." Yang answered after she finished chewing her food.

"I'm surprised you didn't pick that option if only to get a good fight out of it." Naruto commented.

Yang shrugged "I wanted to take the combat test but since I had already passed the entry exam they didn't let me. A shame really."

"I'm sure." Naruto said as he began eating his steak.

"So where you from anyway?" Yang asked inquisitively.

Naruto smiled mysteriously "Why don't you try guessing?"

Yang's eyes lit up "Alright. Hmm well you're pretty tan so Atlas is a no. Mistral is a possibility but I'm going to go with Vacuo!"

Naruto grinned "And what makes you think I'm from Vacuo?"

"Well a few things really, like I said a lot of people from Vacuo are pretty tan due to living in the desert. Then there was the fact that you seemed relieved there wasn't really an enforced uniform, I hear that Shade Academy doesn't have one." Yang said as she took another piece of steak into her mouth. "Plush your closhe match the Vacuo shtyle." She said while chewing on the piece of meat.

Considering his past eating habits and having known Choji he wasn't even mildly put off by that. "Good guess." Was all Naruto said as he kept eating, he was almost halfway done with his steak while Yang had somehow already finished her and was starting on the ribs.

"Hehe" Yang grinned triumphantly "So what kind of weapon user are you?"

"Hmm?" Naruto feigned ignorance as he continued eating his steak.

"You know... your weapon? For example I know multiple martial arts styles and combo them with Ember Celica, my shotgun gauntlets." She said while activating her weapon.

Interesting, her bracers become armguards and have tubes that can shoot out projectiles. Deciding to humor he girl he reached behind his back and used his Yin-Yang release to create a pure black blade. "Knives usually." He said as he showed her the weapon.

Yang looked severely underwhelmed "That's it?" she asked as she inspected the dagger in her hand. It was light and durable considering she was trying to crack the handle using only her grip. Even though she said that she was actually pretty impressed with it. "What's it made of?"

Naruto smiled smugly as he took the blade back and before her eyes it elongated into a tanto then curved into a sickle before the blade made a full circle into a chakram. "Like I said 'Usually knives' this little dagger of mine can turn into any weapon I want."

Yang's eyes widened as the small dagger cycled through the various forms "Woah, you gotta tell me what that metal is!"

Naruto smirked as he put the dagger away "It's not metal."

"Then what is it!?" Yang demanded.

Naruto paused as he chewed on one of the last pieces of steak. "Semblance."

"Huh?" Yang was momentarily confused before her mind caught up "You mean you make those?"

Naruto nodded as he popped another piece of steak into his mouth. Somehow - he wasn't entirely sure when - Yang had already finished the ribs and half the fries. "I call my semblance Onmyouton."

"On - Oninimy - On my niny - Omyonton?" Yang struggled to even pronounce the word.

"Onmyouton, it's an ancient way of saying Yin-Yang Release." Naruto explained.

"Oh! Why didn't you just say that?" Yang huffed at his questioning look "I study martial arts, of course I know what Yin and Yang is. It's balance, everything light has darkness and everything dark has light."

Naruto frowned slightly but shrugged "Close enough."

"Is that not what you meant?"

"For me Yin and Yang function much differently. Yin creates form out of nothing and Yang breathes life into it or makes it real so to speak. Yin is the ideal, Yang is the reality." Naruto explained. "I use Yin to envision what I want then Yang to make it real."

"That doesn't fit with the whole Yin and Yang thing though." She protested.

"Which is why I call in Onmyouton so no one knows what it even means."

Yang shrugged "Whatever." She then sadly noticed that she was now out of fries.

"Done?" Naruto asked as he pointed at her empty plates.

"Nope!" Yang said cheerfully, "Now it's desert time!"

'Well I'm not paying for it.' "I'll pass but go ahead and order some if you want it."

"Will do!" Yang announced, waving over the waiter as she had already knew what she wanted. "I'll have a slice of strawberry cake, a chocolate eclair, two lemon tarts and a vanilla shake!"

The waiter gave Naruto a look, the blonde himself simply shrugged. "And for you, sir?"

"I'm good thanks." Naruto said with a pleasant smile before turning back Yang with a raised eyebrow once the man left, "Bit of a sweet tooth?"

Yang grinned widely "Just a bit."

Naruto looked out the window into the nighttime scenery, it was rather serene. Times like this reminded him of the lul after the fourth war, when the fighting was finally done and peace fell over Konoha once more. As his gaze reached the moon, a small part of him thought that it looked better this way.

"Looks kinda cool doesn't it?" Her voice drew him from his thought but he didn't look away from his old prison.

"Yes, I was just thinking that I might like the moon better this way. The old moon was pretty boring, this one has some flair." Naruto said with a smirk as his eyes glanced over at Yang.

She giggled, it was a nice sound. "I guess it does." Naruto could have sworn that Yang blushed for a moment when their eyes met but considering that it was gone the next moment he possibly imagined it as some trick of the light.

"So..." Yang started then paused as she couldn't think of anything to say "Crazy weather huh?"

"Well hopefully meteor showers aren't too common in this part of the continent." Naruto drawled. "Oh look, a distraction."

Yang glanced at where he was pointing and noticed that the waiter was coming back with her deserts. "Oh good!"

Naruto was far less interested in watching Yang eat than he was in revising everything he had learned thus far. I think I'd be able to pass myself off easily enough. Though I'll need to gather more information on dust and find out if it works the same as Chakra in its crystallized or powdered form.

He glanced over at the blonde girl who seemed to be babbling on about something or other, his subconscious doing the occasional 'Sures' and 'Yeahs' for him. Looks like she's done with her desert. I haven't seen anyone eat like that since Choji.

Yang's phone beeped and she read the message on it. "Welp, thanks for the meal but I gotta run."

Naruto smiled and crossed his arms as he watched her stand up."What do you mean 'thanks for the meal'? I don't have any money."

"Huh? Then how are you going to pay for everything?" She suddenly got a bad feeling.

"Oh I'm not paying for it, she is." Naruto said as he pointed behind her.

Yang turned around with an inquisitive look only to meet her own reflection. Her eyes widened and turned back only to find that Naruto was already gone. She began seeing red, quite literally.


Naruto chuckled as he walked down the street about a block away from the restaurant. "Thanks for the meal Yang."