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Shattered World

"Is everything ready?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good." He followed his underling out and into the meeting hall where members of the White Fang were gathered. Their enhanced vision allowed them to clearly see him even in the dark room. "Brothers and sisters... tomorrow will bring about a new future for the faunus."

"No longer will we cower in shadows, exiled to a continent that mocks us to this very day. Menagerie" He spits to show his disgust, "They mock us even now but no more! I promised you that one month was all I would need. We've now reached the third week and all preparations are set."

He strode into the light. "Sienna Khan has led us in these dark times, done what Ghira Belladonna would not but now Sienna has also lost her edge. She has grown too comfortable upon her seat, grown too accustom to her false peace, hiding away on this damnable island!" Adam snarled before calming himself and facing his followers.

"Tomorrow that stops. Tomorrow I will take leadership of the White Fang and lead our people to glory!" He announced earning a round of cheers and whistles. Adam raised his hand and they settled down. "Tomorrow we will gather our troops, polish our weapons and load our rifles. Tomorrow we strike at the heart of our most hated enemy."

The curtain behind him drops showing a map of Atlas "Jacques Schnee-" He growled followed by similar sounds of anger. "Has left himself wide open. The Atlas Army was the only thing stopping the White Fang from destroying the SDC and luckily for us Ironwood has taken his fleets down south to Vale."

"This is our time, our opportunity! We must strike now and strike swiftly and kill the one who would dare oppress countless of our people!" The crowd cheered once more "Will you follow me?"


"Will you fight with me?"


"Will you die with me?"


"Then trust in me, trust that I will lead our people to a new future as the dominant race!"


They continued chanting his name even after he retreated back into his room. A malicious grin spread across his face. "Lieutenant."


"Make sure the ships are fueled. We leave in the morning."

"Of course, High Leader." The man saluted and left leaving a smirking Taurus behind.

"High Leader Taurus..." He chuckles "I like the sound of that."


Naruto was ready to tuck in for the night when he received a message on his scroll. "What now?" He grumbled and gave the text a read. By the time he was finished he could only sigh and continuously tap his head against the wall in irritation. "Son. Of. A. Bitch."

After the fourth tap he quickly typed back a reply. 'Wait until you've arrived at WF HQ, if possible save the Tigress, if not kill the Bull.'

'Not possible, low on chakra. No crystals left.'

'Then get more.'

'No Lien.'

"Fucking, fuck, mother of all the fucks." Naruto began smashing his fist into the wall this time, easily breaking through the solid stone. 'Get the tigress out, I'm sending you two fresh ones.' He typed after settling down.

'You sure?'

'Yes, we'll deal with the Bull later.'

'Got it.' After receiving the last text Naruto quickly made two clones who henged into different people before flashing away, already well aware of what they needed to do.

Naruto closed his eyes and laid his head against the cold stone wall, he could already feel a headache forming. Dammit this is exactly why I didn't want to assassinate her in the first place! Now a stupider, crazier asshole is going to take her place!

He heard a knock on his door but ignored it, content in allowing the cool stone to soothe his head. Another knock. "Go away..." He grumbled pitifully.

Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately the person didn't knock a third time and instead opened the door. "Naruto?"

"Pyrrha." He acknowledged that sweet, kind voice that he had grown so fond of but made not move to turn away from the chilly rock. "Need something?"

The room was pretty dark aside from the dim light coming off the lamp next to his bed but she was still able to easily make out the dent her boyfriend made in the wall. "No, I was simply wondering why someone was banging on my wall." She tried to joke but was only met with silence.

Sighing lightly she walked in and closed the door behind her, making sure it was locked before moving over towards him. Concern openly displayed across her face as she looked at the broken section of wall. "Are you alright?" She knew something like this wouldn't actually hurt him physically but it was easy to see just how tense and stressed out he was.

"Just fuckin' peachy." Naruto instantly regretted the moment the sarcastic rebuttal slipped out. He lifted his head from the indent in the wall and turned towards her "I'm sorry Pyrrha, I didn't mean that I just... it's just always something you know?"

Pyrrha smiled in understanding as she strode up to him and took the silly blonde into her arms. Gently wiping the dust off his forehead. "Are you able to talk about it?"

"Technically." He mumbled.

"Do you want to?" Pyrrha already knew the answer just by looking at him.

Naruto looked away. "Not really."

"Ok." She just held him a bit tighter and stroked his hair soothingly, her cheeks darkening a shade when he nestled himself between her cleavage but she made no move to stop him.

"You're too good to me Pyrrha." His voice came out a little muffled due to its location, the vibrations and heat from his breath deepening her blush.

"Perhaps," She allowed jokingly "but there must be some reason I put up with you. Surely you must have some redeeming qualities?" It was very rare when Pyrrha did the teasing but she did enjoy it from time to time.

There was silence for a moment before Naruto scoffed and raised his head from her chest. "Nope, I'm all around terrible. If I were you I'd dump me and run off with Blake for some sexy girl on girl action."

Pyrrha's gaped at his suggestion, her reaction only furthering his amusement. "Naruto!"

"What?" He asked with a joking grin "Never thought of having a little fun with our other half? I've certainly imagined that scene a few times, especially after everything Yang insinuated that day you two trashed my apartment."

Pyrrha let out an embarrassed laugh and playfully slapped his chest "Stop!" She said giggly.

Naruto scooped her up in his arms and let himself fall on the bed, enjoying the little shriek she let out in surprise followed by more of her beautiful laughter.

A comfortable silence fell over the two as they laid on the bed gazing into their partner's eyes. Pyrrha laid a hand on his whiskered cheek and stroked it softly, her eyes slowly closing as she leaned in to capture his lips.

A few seconds later they separated only enough to be able to gaze in each other's eyes. A small but true smile flickered across his lips "Thanks Pyrrha."

She grinned back, her reply returning to its teasing tone. "Someone has to look out for you. Well in your case it takes two of us."

Naruto laughed. "We're starting to be a bad influence on you."

"Perhaps but I wouldn't trade this for the world." She said, closing her eyes and leaning into his embrace.

Naruto closed his eyes contently, his lips crested into an easy smile. "Not even for a box of Pumpkin Pete's?"


His smile widened. Sorry Pyrrha but you're a thousand years too young to get the last laugh.


Team Nirvana were sitting down for breakfast the following morning. Naruto and Ren were eating peacefully while Nora kept insinuating things that made Pyrrha go red.

"Nora please," Ren pleaded "We're trying to eat."


"Lay off Nora, you're making her blush." Naruto decided to cut in and help his girlfriend out.

"Nuh-uh, she was like that when you two walked in! Together!" Nora retorted.

"Nora!" Pyrrha cried, face burning red as the people around them turned after Nora practically yelled out what she and Naruto did. Not that they actually did anything aside from sleep last night as she wished to wait for the right moment. Foreplay and dry humping not withheld...

Pyrrha blushed once more due to her own thoughts.

Ren knew there was only one way to distract Nora after she got like this. "Nora, I will let you have my pancakes if you drop this discussion."

"Wha discushion?" Nora asked, having already stuffed one of the pancakes into her mouth.

Seeing Nora successfully pacified Pyrrha went back to enjoying her breakfast. "So are we still sticking to the plan?"

Naruto gave a short nod as he finished chewing. "Mhm. You guys focus on winning your matches and the tournament for team Nirvana and I'll deal with any gate crashers."

Looking down at the time on his scroll "Speaking of which it's almost time for me to get going." He quickly scarfed down the last of his food and gave Pyrrha a kiss on the cheek. "Good luck you three."

Following that he quickly walked out of cafeteria and towards the landing zones. The hangars normally ended at 43 but a side hangar was secretly created by none other than himself and his little partner in crime Neo as a means to capture Cinder.

Walking inside he wasn't even mildly surprised or really all that bothered by the pair of lips capturing his own. He could have done without the taste of that cheap lipstick however. Once they parted the shorter girl smiled widely at him "Good morning."

"Morning." Naruto nodded back "Whether it's good or not has yet to be determined."

'Oh,' Neo quickly typed, her grin widening into a more sinister look. 'It will most definitely be a good morning.' She took his hand and led him towards the center of the room where a single chair sat. The chair was rather unique however in that it had straps built into the arms and legs that were covered in chakra disrupting seals.

"Not talking today?" He asked. She usually took every opportunity to speak with him whenever they were together even to the point of straining her voice.

'I'm saving my voice for the interrogation. And to monologue at Slutface, murder just isn't as satisfying if you can't rub it in their face a little first.' She typed back with a sweet smile.

"Right..." He decided not to question it and turned his attention back to the chair he made specifically for Cinder.

She could struggle all she wants but even the extreme levels of chakra nature transformation gifted to the maidens won't save her today. 'The virus?' Neo asked.

"Ironwood had his people studying it this entire time, it's mostly harmless at this point and they're only keeping it online as a ploy to lure the White Fang ships in. When it's activated it will only send out a single spam email to everyone on the local network including the incoming ships." Naruto answered, taking a seat on a chair opposite of Cinder's with Neo climbing into his lap soon after.

'Spam? Why?'

"Turns out one of the guys on the engineering team has a dark sense of humor. I saw the ad, it was promoting a parachute sale going on tomorrow." Naruto said with a chuckle. It took Neo a moment to catch on before letting out a tiny giggle of her own.

"When does your match start?" Naruto asked as he gazed forlornly at the chair. Torture was never something he enjoyed. He understood its place and the occasional necessity of it but he simply didn't have the sadistic soul to enjoy intentionally causing pain to someone else.

Neo looked like the ice cream man had come early and it was free ice cream day. Might as well let her enjoy herself while he did the questioning.

'Seventh one. Plenty of time.' She answered dutifully before laying her head in the crook of his neck, breathing in his wonderful smell.

"Good. Have everything ready by then." He ordered before standing from his chair and setting Neo down. "I'm going to finish our last minute preparations."

'Yes master.' She readily complied, only the cute pout on her lips spoke her true feeling on having her private time with Naruto cut short.


Only one more stop before they could begin Operation: Ridinghood. He flashed away and reappeared in a very familiar office. "Everything is ready on our end Ozpin."

"I see." The man replied though his face remained saddened. "It is a shame it must come to this."

"We do what we must." Ironwood spoke as he entered he room. "My people are all prepared for the counter assault. Any unauthorized ship that gets within targeting range will meet their end on our AA guns."

"Glynda?" He turned towards his most trusted teacher who also had been quite busy these past few weeks.

"The huntsmen that answered the call are in place in the surrounding forests. Any grimm that arrive during the commotion will be dealt with swiftly." She replied primly. "Though I would request that James send a few ships as back-up just in case."

"Of course." Ironwood readily complied.

"What about Qrow?" Naruto wondered.

"I've sent Qrow on a special assignment, he will not be joining us for today's events." Ozpin answered. "Are there any more questions?" No one spoke up.

"Then we are ready?" Ozpin asked to which he received three nods. With a sigh Ozpin nodded himself "Begin the operation."


Operation Ridinghood (thus named by Ozpin) would work similar to the fairytale. The Big Bad Wolf thinks it has set the perfect trap on an unsuspecting target by using a disguise only for his target to turn the tables and get the hunter to gut him.

'Ridinghood is a go.'

Naruto quickly sent out the message to his psychotic partner and returned to the colosseum stands. There was some time before his part of the mission started and he wanted to see his team win.

Fifteen minutes later Prof. Port announced the next match, remaining composed and professional even knowing what may transpire today. Something that was commendable.

"Next up is one of our very own Team Nirvana against Team Tangerine of Mistral!" The two teams of three met on the field as the screens spun the roulette to decide the battlefield.

*Ding* One third of the field would be the Forest setting.

*Ding* Another piece would be the Beach setting.

*Ding* The final third stopped on the Desert setting.

"Good luck to both team!" Oobleck quickly stated "And... begin!"


Tan Moriss, leader of team TNGR stopped his team from rushing in. "You guys saw what happened yesterday. The guys were the distraction while the girls combined their attacks."

"So what's the plan boss?" Goldie asked.

"Rose, you need to take out the guy as quick as you can then come help us deal with Pyrrha Nikos and her teammate." Tan answered.

"Got it." Rose replied.

Tan and Goldie broke off while Rose charged directly at Ren intent of keeping him at mid range with Blackthorn. A spiked whip that also secreted a paralyzing poison which could also shoot out darts also coated in the stuff.

Ren was able to dodge out of her strikes well enough but everytime he tried to disengage to help his team she would quickly block his path. Trying to close the gap was also proving difficult as she kept him at range with her whip and those little needles she shot out of her weapon were starting to become annoying.

While he still had enough aura to cover his body and protect him from the poison they were undoubtedly covered in he wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer at this rate.

Dodging another set of needles he took a moment to step back, only far enough to catch his breath without prompting an attempt to waylay him. "Grayscale." He intoned.

Rose watched in confusion as the guy she was fighting turned a dark gray. At first she thought it was some weird body enhancing semblance until she felt it, a void where he should be, an inherit wrongness that she only ever felt when fighting the Grimm.

At this moment Ren felt nothing. No annoyance, no thrill, no anger and no pity. He had never dipped this far into the black before. He usually kept to the light gray which only removed his negative emotions but as he slipped into the dark gray it began inhibiting and eventually removing his positive emotions as well.

With a calm and intensely focused mind Ren quickly shot towards the girl while she was still stunned by his transformation and was able to easily bob and weave through her panicked swings.

As he reached striking distance she let out a shriek and pulled her whip back, intent on striking him in the back. Ren was unconcerned as he would be able to land his hit first.

With a short slide he got in her guard, reared back his palm and struck out with the speed of lightning directly into her solar plexus. Rose's eyes bulged out, a hacking cough left her mouth as she dropped to the ground.

While one's aura did give them a decent defence against blunt trauma, Ren's family knew how to strike in such a way that they not only hit your body but directly strike at your aura. Unprepared for the unmitigated attack on her person, Rose fell to her knees and began dry heaving in desperate attempts to regain her breath.

Without a sliver of remorse Ren lashed out with a snap kick to her temple for a knockout. While he would feel bad about it later, right now helping his team was far more important.

Meanwhile Pyrrha was doing an excellent job of holding back the other two members of Team TNGR while Nora kept charging up on her own. Without any external sources of lightning Nora had to internally charge herself, a process that took far longer.

Luckily however they were fighting on the portion of the stage that was filled with sand from both the Desert and the Beach biomes. Aside from the coasts Mistral was mostly made of up mountains and forests so people from Mistral generally were unfamiliar with sand or how to fight on it.

Pyrrha however was a world-renown tournament fighter and while she was the undisputed champion in Mistral during her time in Sanctum she did travel to other kingdoms to participate in their tournaments as well.

Learning to fight on sand was just another talent she picked up during her time on the circuit.

Something she was immensely thankful for as she was easily holding off her two assailants while using the terrain to her advantage so she could give Nora the time she needed.

It was at that moment that Ren struck. The only one who actually noticed his entry into the brawl was Pyrrha and even then it was only because she could sense the metal on him entering her magnetic field.

Like the ninja Nora always said he was, Ren's strikes were fast and brutal as he struck Tan from behind. A palm to the ribs followed by a knuckle strike to the kidney dropped the leader of Team TNGR almost instantly.

Pyrrha took the opportunity of Goldie looking away to bash him in the face with her shield and then sweeping his feet out from under him followed by a point-blank rifle shot to the chest.


Ren seeing what was about to happen quickly disengaged. Pyrrha sent to the two boys on the ground a pitying look and said "I'm sorry." before retreating as well. Tan groaned and was able to crawl to his knees and look up in time to see a ball of lightning flying at them. "Oh shi-"


The ball hit the ground between the two members of Team TNGR and exploded outwards finishing them both off. Nora grinned and struck a pose. "Double Kill!"


Naruto face-palmed. "Dammit Nora."

"At least she's got style." Yang said with a teasing grin.

"Please don't encourage her." He pleaded.

"They did very well." Weiss complimented as she politely clapped for his team while Ruby cheered as loudly as she could. "Our match will be coming up soon, shall we go prepare?" She asked her teammates.

"Might as well." Blake answered as she stood from her seat, sending a concerned look Naruto's way. "Be safe."

Naruto replied with a reassuring smile. Soon he was left alone with Ruby "Well Red, I'll catch you later."

"Will... will you be ok?" She asked with a hint of fear in her voice.

Naruto patted her on the head and smirked roguishly. "I'll be fine Ruby. Hold down the fort for me?"

"Mm." Ruby nodded and he smiled a little more widely before making his exit. The youngest trainee bit her lip in worry, almost wishing that Blake had never dropped the information of a possible invasion on them last night.

Blake did say that the higher ups and Naruto had set up defenses and counter-attack plans but the possibility that Vale could be attacked was still very real and she was just glad that her team convinced her to sit out the next fights in case she needed to help the defences.

Taking a moment to calm herself she reached behind her and the cold steel of Crescent Rose did more to reassure her than anything else. She stroked her weapon fondly and felt the anxiety leave her. "I'm sure everything will be fine and if not, well then at least I've got you here with me."

A few of the people around her gave the girl odd looks as she talked to her weapon before setting it on her lap and began stroking it like it a cat. Weird was the common thought amongst them.


Neo was sat on her temporary bed humming to herself while she sharpened the tip of her umbrella when the door suddenly opened and Cinder entered in her combat outfit.

Bandages, jacket, pants and fingerless gloves. Neo allowed the corner of her lips to raise slightly as she thought about how those bandages would come in handy later on after they tort-err... wait no, yeah, torture her for information. She definitely meant torture.

Without even sparing her another glance Neo went back to sharpening her stabby bits. They needed to be nice and sharp for when she introduced them to Slutface's whore mouth. "Neo. Is everything ready?"


"Good. Our match is up next, while it doesn't exactly matter if we win or loose, I'd rather you not throw the fight." Cinder said to her to disciples that were also in the room.

"Of course, Cinder!" She's like a puppy, a proper bitch ready to please her master. Neo thought to herself, not even remotely aware of the irony in her thoughts. I wonder if she licks her like a good little doggy too?

"Yeah sure," Mercury said uncaringly "I doubt we'd be able to even lose on purpose against these guys."

Neo wasn't entirely sure how to feel about Mercury, he usually left her alone and after learning his lesson about touching her ice cream he never did it again. Sometimes he even brought her some.

He was rather irrelevant in the grand scheme of things but if he lived past today she wouldn't really mind. Unlike Slutface, Merc never really did anything deserving death in her mind. He kind of just did whatever because he had nothing better to do. She could respect that.

"That's us." Neo was too caught up in her own thoughts for the past few minutes that she had missed them being called for their match-up. Mercury put away his tools and stretched a bit. "Alright, let's kick some ass!"

"We're up against that second year team from Beacon." Emerald said as they left the room.

"The one with the bunny girl and the rich bitch?" Mercury asked.

"That's the one." Emerald confirmed. "Said rich bitch will be competing along with the two guys."

"Doesn't sound too tough." Merc said casually as they left the room.

"Yeah they shouldn't be much of a challenge." Emerald agreed.

Neo kept quiet as always as they walked along. After this little warm-up she needed to go prepare the 'get-away vehicle' aka illusioning the interrogation room to look like the inside of a bullhead where Cinder would very kindly strap herself into the trap chair.

So lost in her own day dreams of killing off Whoremouth and her master that Neo hadn't noticed they had reached the stadium until the announcements began. Even still she barely paid attention to the so-called match.

So boring. She didn't even get to kill her opponent. How pointless. At least she got to stab a few holes into that weird red guy, she might have even given him a few more scars to add to his collection. That was nice of me. Good deed done for the day.

"Winners Team ENME of Haven!"

Oh good. Neo thought with a demure smile on her lips. Now the real fun begins.


"We'll be approaching Vale in under an hour." The pilot said over the voice channel.

"Excellent, as soon as it's in view activate the virus. We'll fly right over their walls. Our target is Beacon." Roman addressed all of the bullheads. "Remember this is a smash and dash. Get in, fuck shit up and get out."

He received affirmatives and settled himself into his seat once more. The uneasy feeling only increasing even more as they came ever closer to the city. At least they would only be flying over the school and dropping the Grimm then flying back out.

So why did he feel like this was a terrible idea?

"No fuck this." He got back up and went to the cockpit. "Hey pilot."


"I just got new orders from up top. We're to pull back from the full invasion force, back of the pack. We've got a different target. Send out the word, tell that Lieutenant guy he's in charge of the main assault."

"Yes, sir!"

With a nod Roman went back to his seat with a frown. I've had too much experience dealing with shady shit and bad deals to not trust my gut and he's telling me to fucking dip right now.


"So that's the High Leader?"


"Doesn't look like much does she?"


Sienna's ear twitched as she regained consciousness before springing into action and swiping at the nearest figure. Her hand was stopped cold by the firm grasp on her wrist.

"Imma need ya to calm yer shit Lady." The main clone who had stopped her attack spoke. This one was henged to look like Kiba.

"Troublesome." The other one was the hunched over and lazy genius Shikamaru who at some point grew sloth ears.

"Who are you?!" She hissed, her fangs coming out on display.

Kiba growled showing his own canines. "We just saved yer life bitch, show a little gratitude would ya?"

Shikamaru sighed "Calm down Kiba." Turning to the former leader he addressed her with the same lackadaisical attitude. "So any idea why the psycho tried to kill you off?"

Sienna narrowed her eyes and wrenched her wrist out of Kiba's grip. "No. I don't."

"Really? You had no idea that even your inner guard was plotting against you? Wow how clueless can you be?" Kiba mocked.

"Kiba." Shika warned. "So what happens now Khan? Do you have any followers to plan a counter-assault or are you just going to let Taurus win?"

Struck by the reality of the matter all she could do was ball her hands in anger, her nails digging into her palms until they bled but she cared little about that at the moment. "I... don't. No one I can trust at least."

The Shika clone made a gesture at the Kiba one. "Tch. Fine. Yo, listen up, our Boss has an offer for you. Our people will take care of yer little problem and re-instate you but you'll be put under certain, eh, guidelines from now on."

Sienna scoffed "And become this guy's puppet? Never."

"Well we could always just kill ya right now and I could take yer place." The Kiba clone said with a smirk "High Leader Kiba. I kinda like the sound of that, what do you think Shika?"

"Better than Taurus at least. Not by much though." Shika replied.


Shika turned back to the former high leader "So that's pretty much your options Khan, join us or die. Troublesome I know but orders are orders."

Sienna could only scowl in frustration. First she was betrayed by the very people she sacrificed everything for and now she would either bow to the will of another or die. "In the end nothing changed..." She whispered to herself. "Death or bondage. Dammit."


"FIND THEM!" Taurus roared causing his forces to scramble out of the throne room. "Captain!"


"I want every faunus on our side searching for those traitors and I want them dead! Do you hear me? DEAD!" Taurus ordered.

"At once sir!" The man replied before also making a quick retreat.

Adam seethed as he sat upon new newly conquested throne. "Dammit. It word gets out about the coup then the commoners will turn against me." In his anger he crushed part of his armrest.

Today was supposed to be his day of victory only for two traitors to steal it away from him! The moment those two were found Adam would personally make them pay for embarrassing him and threatening everything he'd worked for. "Them. Khan... Blake. All of them will pay."

His day of triumph was spent alone in a dark throne room with only his anger and the torches to keep him company.

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