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Dark Sector Sekirei

Chapter 02

Asama Miya hadn't expected much to happen in the late ours of the night, going on to the early morning. Example: an Ashikabi and his Sekirei falling from the sky and into her backyard. The young man and girl had been very kind though, apologizing many, many times for the disturbance, but she wouldn't send them away. Not till they were properly cleaned and the injuries the boy sustained from the fall was patched up. She had to admit to herself, it felt like a mother tending to her children. She was disciplined enough though to hide the blush when that thought came to mind. And not shortly after tending to them and letting them go on their way, did they return. And asked for a room to move in to no less! Miya was thrilled to have tenants in her inn, and had accepted their stay. And before any of that she got a call from another tenant; one who was out performing their 'second job' of the night with the un-winged Sekirei. Homura had informed Miya of the approaching Ashikabi, warning her though that he was not by any means normal. He almost mentioned that he wouldn't be hard to miss.

And true to his word, a strange and tall man in an odd near form fitting full body suit was at her door with not one but two Sekirei. Being the Number 01 Sekirei herself, she had control of her senses when it came to the younger ones. The taller one with the torn jacket was by no means a winged Sekirei. If anything it broke her heart knowing that the poor little bird had suffered, and could not be winged by the Ashikabi she stood beside. She admired her willingness to stand by him though, even with an actual winged Sekirei at his other side. A bit younger, and full of innocent energy. How either one ended up in the care of the man with a face etched in a stony scowl was beyond her, but fate and love work in strange ways.

Being traditional she would have made him remove his shoes at the door, as is custom, but considering the boots he wore were in fact part of the… armor?... he wore she allowed it to slide so long as he cleaned them before entering. He did his best, apologizing and promising to make up for any mess he made. His tone was stern but she believed in his words. Before they could speak though, she asked him to wait in the dining room while she put the two girls in the bath to get properly cleaned, and to take their dirty and wet clothes. A short time after doing just that, she returned after leaving a pair of robes for them to change into till their clothes were done. Well, Yashima's clothes. Miya would have to look through her own clothes for Akitsu to wear. The girl had hardly a thing on. And it was hard to pry that dirty and worn jacket from her, forcing Miya to promise not to throw it out in order to calm the Ice Sekirei down.

Now, Miya sat alone with the Ashikabi, the man taking up a proper kneeling position on the opposite side of the table as she poured herself a cup of tea. She had offered him a cup, but he politely refused. Now in the light of the room, she could clearly see his facial features, trying hard to focus on them and not his arm. It didn't seem to bother him and it didn't look to be wounded from her perspective so she didn't ask questions. But back to his face, she could see some Japanese heritage in him. From the sharp edges of his eyes to his hair, though it surprised her that he had a few streaks of gray in them for someone so young. But the English in his blood stood proud with that square jaw of his. His stature a well. Broad shoulders ever dominate with that odd suit he wore. She could read him easily, and at the same time he was a closed book. He stared directly at her, eyes never wandering to where they shouldn't. Miya knew she was attractive, and at times when sweeping the front matt at the door, some men would look with that certain gaze. She would return a gaze of her own though, and they would run in fear. She repressed a giggle at that memory.

He was obviously in fit condition. The suit hid much and revealed more than what it probably should have. A soldier most likely. She doubted that those curves on his arms and chest were padding. That was muscle underneath that odd suit. Had she never known the joys of true love, she probably would find it enticing, much like others she knew if they ever saw him. His hair was long and in dire need of a cut. Proof being that it just looked so uneven. Even teenagers with their strangely styled hair these days kept theirs in better shape. Dark circles hung under his eyes, telling Miya he didn't sleep much. Homura said he was armed when they met yet she didn't see a weapon on him. And there was no place he could hide it. Had she seen it herself she probably would have either told him to relinquish it or leave. Barbaric weapons such as a gun would not be permitted in her household. She would question him later on the subject.

He continued to stare at her. Perhaps she had lingered too long in her observations and gently lifted the cup to her lips, taking a quiet sip. "I'm sure you have some questions," Miya started. He was no child. Well, in comparison to her he would be, but to a normal being he was an adult. Better to treat him as such instead of hiding information from a boy like the one currently sleeping on the floor above. "But please, lets re-introduce ourselves." She bowed slowly. "Asama Miya."

Hayden followed the example so as not to be rude, and bowed in turn. "Hayden Tenno." He had wondered when she would start. She had been staring at him for so long, he felt his skin begin to burn. He couldn't place it but there was an odd aura about her. "And I do have questions, Mrs. Asama."

Miya smiled coyly, hand resting on her lips. "Oh my. How do you know I'm married?"

"The ring."

Miya paused, smile faltering slightly.

"You wear it still, even though I assume you are a widow."

Miya's smile dropped completely, but not so much to seem threatening. More neutral in fact. "Please, Tenno-san, what makes you think I'm a widow?"

"Please," Hayden said with a slight wave of his right hand. "Honorifics are not needed with me. Hayden or Tenno will do."

"Very well, Tenno. My question, please."

"It was when we met at the door and entered your home," he said, glancing to the staircase that lead to the second floor. The girls were just down the hall from the stairs in the bath, something that sounded relaxing to the tired former CIA agent. The bath at least. His mood didn't have room for elicited thoughts. "Your husband wasn't there to greet us, nor is he here with you now."

"He could be away on business."

"Possibly, but no," Hayden stated flatly. "When it comes to a married woman bringing in guests, she tends to mention her husband almost immediately. Usually to let them know he is around, is gone and will return, or that she isn't single. You did none of the above." He looked to the hall from which they had come from. "I did see a few photos though. You both looked happy. I'm sorry for your loss."

Miya had to admit he was good at his own observations. He either did it as a hobby or was trained. During her time with MBI she knew of the security detail that had been allowed on the island. Some were well trained and observant just like Hayden was. But who trained him was the question. His appearance, the clothes, and just this little bit of a conversation told her that he had been part of some armed forces in the past, but given his disheveled appearance now said he was on the run. But from who and for how long was the question. She closed her eyes, her smile returning. "Thank you. You are correct, he has passed on. He died some years ago. I hope you don't find me rude, I don't wish to talk about it."

"Of course," he said with a nod, eyes locking back on to the woman. "I won't pry. We do however have other things to discuss."

"Yes. We do." She took one more sip of her tea and sat it down. "What would you like to know, Tenno?"


"There are some things I'd like to know as well, fufufu."

Hidden away in a room few knew existed, a single solitary figure sat surrounded by various computer screens and electrical instruments. On at least three of those screens she could see Miya with the knew arrival, the man sitting across from her who showed no room for games after the short bit of banter between him and the landlady. A pair of round glasses reflected the light back, hiding her hazel colored eyes. Red hair stretched past the small of her back with twin braided pigtails on either side, all of which pooled onto the pillow she currently sat on as she watched her monitors. With a single twitch of her fingers, one monitor shifted to the outside view, keeping a close lookout for anything that remotely looked like MBI. Another switched over, the view to the bathroom fogged over from steam, but she could still see the blurry movement of creamy skin being washed by the two Sekirei that were in there. The last monitor switched from room to room till it landed on the one with two occupants. The boy and his Sekirei who had arrived earlier. She frowned when she saw there was no hanky-panky going on. Dull in her opinion. That was the taste though for Sekirei No. 02, Matsu.

Looking back to the main screens she watched the landlady and the strange man continue to talk. Well, him asking questions and Miya answering. The stony scowl told the redhead that he wasn't enjoying any of it either. But his expression wasn't what had her attention, though enticing as he did look, she focused on his suit. She could feel the electrical impulses and lining of the suit from her room. It wasn't out of her reach and she was currently zipping through its programing within her mind's eye. Nothing too fancy though. Simple combat suit that helped in aiding the wearer with a few tools that would keep him alive. She was fascinated by its design though. So… alien. Ahead of its time too, if what the software she was looking at told her. Though it could use an update.

In another part of her mind, she was tapping into communication satellites to learn more of the man, digging through MBI databases to see what they found. Which wasn't much mind you. Poor, poor MBI. They were absolutely useless without her.

Matsu picked up where they left off, diving into the CIA files that had been cut off from MBI. Childs play really. She tore through their cheap firewalls as if they were made of tissue paper. Maybe she would be kind enough to send them something of her own design one day, just to apologize. Maybe.

Finding Hayden Tenno's un-inked files was difficult. The man hardly existed outside them. And that made the self proclaimed Wisdom Sekirei frown.

Movement in the bath got her attention, and she looked to see the shape of the younger one finish her hair, and move into the bath to relax in a good soak. The other one, Number 07, remained seated and continued to slowly wash away on her body. Matsu unconsciously wiggled her hips, perverted smirk forming on her lips. But it was short lived when she found the files she was looking for. The printer to the side began to print out her findings, the Sekirei looking at them in worry as she looked over the files through her connection with the online system. Hayden Tenno was a far more dangerous man than what she fantasized about in the short time she spied on him. But than again, he may be the one man who would put a serious dent in the Sekirei-Plan.


Akitsu stared down into the steamy water at her feet, toes wiggling in the water. She had just finished washing her hair, and was soon to join Yashima. The shorter Sekirei sat quietly in the tub after having already cleaned herself and was enjoying the soak. She was humming some tune that Akitsu couldn't identify. Not that she cared really. Her thoughts mostly focused on her Ashikabi, the man currently talking with the landlady of the house. Mostly him though. She was a forethought when Akitsu wanted Hayden there with her to wash her back… and maybe other things. Her expression didn't change but she blushed deeply.

Yashima leaned over the edge of the bath, looking at the still back of Akitsu. "The waters really nice," she said, hoping to strike up a conversation with the older Sekirei. The whole time they walked to the inn, neither one had said a work unless it was to their Ashikabi. And he in turn spoke to them evenly. She continued to call him Tenno-sama even though he asked her not too. Yashima could tell it was for her own enjoyment. She would smile when he groaned in response to her calling him that.

No. 84 couldn't help but let her thoughts linger on her Ashikabi, the mysterious man who came in and rescued her from a fate that would have no doubt been cruel. She won't lie. There was a pull to the Ashikabi who had assaulted her. Her biology giving in under his mere presence. It was in all of them really. The feeling of them nearby, the draw to make the contract. Only when it was for the true destined one that the pull was strongest. The build up of heat. The pounding of the heart, racing as if one had been running for hours without stopping. It would be painful till the pact is made. And that vile Ashikabi nearly had her. She wondered though if some other poor Ashikabi had the misfortune to be winged by him. She was sure that her Ashikabi had wounded him enough that he wouldn't be walking for a while. Thinking back on it, she was sure she heard something break in his body.

Sudden movement and the water shifted told her Akitsu was entering the bath, the buxom No. 07 settling in the other side of the bath, eyes closed as she submerged herself up to her shoulders. Yashima smiled, looking her way, the two remaining silent as they enjoyed the good soak of the bath. The only sound in the room being the slow drip of water from the faucet.




It would drip a few more times till Yashima asked, "So when did Tenno-sama wing you?"

Akitsu flinched slightly. The topic of being winged was still sensitive to her, but Yashima didn't know that. So far only the older Sekirei seemed to understand her mark being on her forehead signified she was… damaged goods. The younger ones like Yashima may not know. "Shortly before you," she answered simply, looking away while she rubbed the bridge of her nose with an index finger. Then she added, "That makes me first."

Yashima then sulked a little in the bath.


"So by now everyone who is taking part in this knows who I am," Hayden asked, index finger and thumb massaging the bridge of his nose. He wanted more details as to what he had gotten himself into, and Miya had been happy enough to give it. Everything Homura said to him was true. Alien super powered men, as few as they are, and women were going to turn the city into a battlefield the second the last Sekirei is winged. And whoever is the last one standing is granted a 'wish'. Hayden had asked her to repeat that part when she had said it the first time, and even when she told him a second time he still found it hard to believe. Hayden was sure she was leaving some key information out. For instance how she was involved and why or how this place was so safe. For a later time of course. Following that he asked for information about who was involved, and she gave a few names that she knew of and had added that by now they were informed of him. "Great."

"Its how Minaka plays his game," Miya said as she finished her second cup. "Though his idea wasn't what it was originally suppose to be."

"You seem to know a lot, ma'am," Hayden said.

"My husband had been part of the research team on the island," she said, smiling as a faint memory of the past crept through the forefront of her mind. She missed the curious look Hayden gave her though. "The plan was suppose to be about protecting the 'sleeping birds', as they were called at the time, till they were mature enough to fend for themselves."

"But now its a combat sport till the last one is standing," Hayden mumbled, a deep scowl forming. "When does it start?"

"The first stage has begun; the release of the Sekirei. When at least 90% of the Sekirei are winged, the second stage begins with the city of Tokyo becoming closed off from the country."

"You're serious?" That was a bit much to swallow. The entire country? MBI had that much power? "Its hard to believe that one city can just cut itself off because of one man."

"You underestimate how much his knowledge and wealth has dug itself into this country, Tenno. The second stage will be the Ashikabi racing to wing the remaining 10%. I hate to say it but combat would be inevitable." She looked to Hayden as he rested his elbow on the table, hand rubbing at his forehead. "Perhaps we should call it a night, Tenno. You look exhausted."

"I wasn't till now," he growled as he rose to his feet. The soft thumps at the stairs drew his attention, and there stood both Yashima and Akitsu; cleaned and wearing bath robes and their hair wrapped in towels. Akitsu looked the same, a blank expression on her face though she looked a bit flush when she looked his way. Yashima was all smile, hands held in front as she looked towards him with just as much red in her cheeks as her fellow Sekirei. "You two look better."

"I feel much better," Yashima said, her eyes never leaving Hayden's figure. Even standing casual as he did he looked, in her words, awesome. Though she noticed the bit of gray in his hair, but that didn't bother her any. It seemed to add something to his look.

"Hm," was Aktisu's only remark, her eyes looking to Hayden then away. She fidgeted slightly, her mind wandering to others things to distract herself from thinking about technically standing naked in front of the man she claimed as her Ashikabi. Her eyes widened as a deeper blush formed upon realizing what she just thought of.

Miya giggled slightly at seeing the two Sekirei reacting to their Ashikabi. It was cute, though Hayden seemed to hold more of a father appeal to them than what the two would like. Yashima did look a bit young for the man. Akitsu looked to be around the proper age or close enough. Though Miya had her rules. She stood and gracefully moved to the girl's side, a hand on either's shoulder. "I will escort them to your room, Tenno. Why don't you go and get cleaned up yourself. I'm sure you'll want to be out of that… suit?" She watched Hayden glance down, left arm rising as he gave himself an inspection before agreeing with her assessment. "Good. I'll have a robe waiting for you when you are done."

"Um!" Yashima called out suddenly, face turning beat red. "I-if you want T-ttttenno-sama, I could help…"

"Me too," Akitsu chimed in, face red in color but neutral as ever. The air seemed to drop in temperature as well.

Hayden's shoulders sagged as he sighed, watching the two Sekirei under his care fidget and blush while Miya stood between them, giggling at his discomfort. "You two just got cleaned up, and more than me probably need a real bed to lay down on." He gave a wave for them to go on. "If you would, ma'am."

"Please, Tenno. Call me Miya." She gently turned the two girls away as they began to sulk. "Come now. You know my rules from when you first arrived. None of 'that' in my inn. The bath is down the hall, Tenno. Please relax while I tend to these two and get them settled in." As Miya guided the two young ones on to their room, she couldn't help but wonder how Matsu was taking all this in. She had a good idea that the 'brain type' Sekirei would have been using her little spy cameras throughout the house to watch and listen in on their conversation. She had no doubts that Matsu had also looked into Hayden Tenno's background. Just from what she was able to discern herself, the man has some form of military background. One that has him on the run. Miya of course wasn't worried. She could handle it easily if things were to get… hectic. Going down the hall, passing two rooms that were currently occupied, she lead the girls into a spacious room for them to use. Considering that there were three of them to stay, she was sure it was going to be cramped. "Well then, lets get you girls settled in."


Hayden closed the door, not bothering to lock it. The girls seemed disciplined enough not to do anything and he was sure he didn't have to worry about Miya. He looked the room over once, finding what he was going to need. It wasn't just himself that was going to need a scrubbing. Though the suit had its own built in scrubbers to deal with built up dirt and grime, he still needed to change the filter system located along the spine. A mental command sent a signal into the spinal line that latched onto his back, the buckles of his suit unlatching. The spine opened, his back bare to the steamy air. Probing nodes on the inside was pulled from his back, the suit's internal systems shutting off with a click as it was no longer connected to his body. He shrugged out of it, the upper half folding forward and onto the floor. Hayden gave a sigh as his torso took in the air. Pale skin began to bead up from the steam. A short time later, Hayden was completely out of the suit, pale and nude to the world. He removed the glove on his right hand, hesitating for only a second before removing the makeshift wrap around his arm.

The second the tattered and blood stained wrap fell, organic metal was revealed. Odd fissures and lines gave a dim blue glow, but nothing else. He flexed the limb, fingers curling and uncurling.

Hayden wasn't traditional by any means. There was no washing, then getting into the bath. And he needed to relax. But first the suit needed to be cleaned… thoroughly. He sighed as he picked up a scrubber. Obviously it was to be used for a person, but it would do for the time being. Not like he could just toss it into the washer.


Matsu's jaw dropped, cheeto in her hand falling onto her lap as she stared at the screen. When the girls had finished most of the steam had left as well the second the door opened. The hot water had begun to cool off. So the lens of her camera had defogged just enough for her to get a juicy glance at the man beneath the strange suit. And boy did she get a view. The suit had added bulk to the man, but what was beneath it was taught, lean muscle. Pale skin with very pronounced scars., some obviously from bullet wounds, others from anything from a broken piece of glass or knife. A small patch on the left side of his lower back had a burn mark. But what had her attention the most was that of his right arm. That was no scar. That was not burn tissue. It was a silver blue and the elbow seemed a bit boney and sharp. The odd metal carapace stretched up just enough to his right pectoral and at the edge of his neck, easily concealed by the suit he wore.

Immediately she looked to the printouts she made, eyes rapidly scanning through each piece to look for anything that pertained to a deformed arm. But there was nothing. Everything about Hayden Tenno ended at a mission on a Russian island that was caught up in a tropical storm. Reports said everyone on the island had perished. Matsu smelled cover-up. But there was nothing to lead her on to the next clue. Hayden's story simply ends there with no conformation of his death. It was even marked that he was missing in action. She looked back to him on the small stool, meticulously scrubbing at the suit. "I wonder how Miya-sama will take this."


As to her word, a robe with some sleeping attire was waiting for Hayden when he had finished. They were a bit smaller than what he wore, leading him to assume they had once belonged to her husband. She did seem like the type to hold onto such belongings. The robe was good enough to find his arm, however his hand was still exposed.

Quickly hiding it behind his back, Hayden looked to see Miya standing at the end of the hall, hands in front as she smiled kindly in his direction. "Sorry," she said dipping her head slightly. "I haven't seen that robe worn by anyone in a long time. Though it looks a little small on you."

"I'll do my best not to damage it," the former cleaner said, making sure to keep his hand hidden. Miya approached slightly, small steps that seemed light as a feather. "I will repay your hospitality." He quickly added, turning slightly as she passed him.

"So long as you pay your rent at the end of the month."

Hayden followed her slowly. "Rent?"

"Can't very well have you and two little birds out in the city with no roof over your head now can I. Izumo Inn is home to those who need it, but it is not free. And I will not take any money from MBI."

Hayden frowned. It wasn't like he could just go and get a job. He basically didn't exist in the world. If possible he was probably considered dead by the US. He had other methods he could use. Of course none of it was legal, but he hadn't been caught yet. "I'll see what I can do. I may still have some friends who can help me."

"You have friends, Tenno?" Miya asked with a smile. She paused at a door down the hall, leading Hayden to believing this was where he would stay.

Even Hayden found that to be a bit of a stretch. "More like past associates."

The inn keeper nodded, turning and looked to Hayden. "This will be your room. Akitsu and Yashima are already settled in. Didn't take them long to fall asleep."

"I'm not at all surprised. It has been a long night," Hayden added as he reached for the door, opening it slowly. "I know Yashima still has her clothes but Akitsu…"

"I will see what I have on hand. I have to admit, some of my clothing may not be to her tastes… or her size as well." She hid her smile behind her hand, a glint in her eye sent towards Hayden who frowned. "Remember my rules on lewd behavior, Tenno."

"Lewd behavior is the last thing on my mind, Miya."

"I bet it is." She turned, heading towards the stairs. "Sleep well, Tenno."

Hayden sighed when he entered the room, mind racing with thoughts of what he was going to do next. It was probably a minute of lingering at the door, hand on the knob before turning to fully take stock of the room. Closet on the far side, a desk in the corner. In the center of the room the girl slept on three futons. The center was vacant, obviously for him, with the girls lying on either side. His eyes narrowed slightly as he realized they planned it like this. He looked to his arm, flexing his hand for a second before moving to the foot of the futons, his back pressed to the wall as he sat on the floor. He leaned to his right, head resting into the corner for support. This placed him just slightly behind the door. If someone entered, he'd be ready for them. Hayden was a light sleeper so nothing would get past him. Even when two minutes passed, he heard movement in the room, and then pressure on either side of him as Akitsu and Yashima snuggled into him, heads resting against his shoulders. An irritated groan escaped him as he looked to the girls, their eyes closed.

"You planned this, didn't you?" They said nothing, but both nodded their heads with their eyes still closed. Again his thoughts lingered on how he wished this had happened during his high school years. "In the beds," he said, shifting slightly to stand. The two were quick, moving back into their positions. Hayden still found this extremely weird but there was no point in fighting. He was exhausted with his mind running a million miles a second trying to think of his next move. By this time he would have ran for the nearest ship to take him to Asia, disappear into the wilderness for a while. He'd been doing that for the past twelve years, his former employees only catching up to him when he made a stop in Roanapur five years back. Half the damn area got set on fire when they came after him.

The robe stayed on as he rested back onto the bed, above the sheets. That didn't stop either from snuggling close. And the longer he laid there, their sleeping faces inches from him, their breath tickling across his skin, the more he had to put his mind somewhere else. For starters, who he could make contact with in the city that he could trust, hadn't left in the years he had been gone, and who was still alive. Akitsu and Yashima could handle themselves in the fight, most likely. So he didn't have to worry about them but from Akitsu's actions earlier he was sure they would do they could to protect him.

And Hayden Tenno didn't need protecting.


Miya sat in Matsu's poorly lit room, glancing over the printouts the perverted Sekirei had made. Said Sekirei was currently chewing on a cheeto, her eyes fixed on the woman in front of her. Miya was quiet. It was slightly nerve wracking for Matsu, but she patiently waited for her to finish.

When Miya had finished, she sat the paper down. "This is all you could find?"

"I'm the best, Miya," Matsu boasted, sitting a little straighter. "Out of all the brain-type Sekirei out there, I have the most skill and experience. I dove deep into the United States government's most secret files to find out about that man. MBI's best couldn't do it and they nearly got caught. If they had been caught it would be like the island all over again."

"Except with innocent lives on the line," Miya said as she thought on the safety of the civilians in the city if MBI would come under attack by the US. But would they be so bold? No, it would a like a Cold War to ensure secrecy. And if what she read about Hayden was true, they would send men like him. But not just to deal with MBI and their snooping, but perhaps to come after Hayden. In the past she would remove the threat before it got out of hand. But with the two birds he had winged under his care… could she really do that? "Tenno went out of his way to protect to young women from harm when he didn't have to."

"His government titled him an asset. A tool, Miya. And a highly dangerous one if his records have anything to say about it. He has killed people."

"So did we," Miya said as a matter of fact.

"We were protecting ourselves. Our kind from what they may have had in mind. Probably something similar to whatever happened to him."

"Any different than what Minaka has planned for us?"

Matsu sighed. Hand tapping slightly at a keyboard to her side. "Take a look at this."

Miya looked to the screen only to immediately blush and look away. "Matsu!"

"Trust me, Miya, you need to see this."

Miya noted the seriousness in Matsu's voice. Rare, especially when there was an image of a naked man on the screen. She had agreed to the security cameras long ago, but for only to be used on someone in question. Granted Hayden had landed himself on such a list.

Miya steeled herself and turned, trying to find something to lock onto on the screen that wouldn't divert her eyes to any portion of his body that would drag her thoughts in a perverted direction. Though it was very hard to do so. All thoughts however stopped the second she saw what Matsu wanted her to see. The arm he had kept wrapped and hidden from her view was not human. The entire skin of his right arm was covered or changed into… metal? What exactly had happened to his arm for it to be like that?

The No. 02 Sekirei had caught on to what Miya was thinking. "Whatever happened to him is off the records," Matsu said, freezing the image. A simple gesture with her fingers zoomed the image in. "His last mission had him in a satellite country connected to Russia called Lasria. His target was a man named Robert Mezner. A very severe tropical storm washed over the area though. Records said no one survived."

"And yet Hayden is here with us. How long ago was this?" She looked over to Matsu, the glasses wearing Sekirei biting her lip. "Matsu?"

"It was twelve years ago," Matsu answered, bringing up an image of Hayden from that time, and lining it with an image she took of him inside the house not long ago.

Miya looked at the two images, and aside from the bit of gray forming in Hayden's hair, he hadn't aged a bit. "He doesn't look like he has aged."

"He was twenty-nine when he went to Lasria, Miya. Hayden would be forty-one to this day."

Miya didn't know exactly what to say on the matter. The moment one question is answered, another pops up with seemingly no answer unless she was to get it from the man in question.


Early the next morning a bespectacled dark haired man in a dark blue suit marched down a brightly lit white hall. Behind him following closely was a woman with gray hair with red half-moon glasses. She wore a long light purple outfit similar to a corset that had frills around the neck and under her ample bosom with a belt tied along her waist. A slit ran down the side of her outfit from her thigh. This was one Kakizaki and his Sekirei, Number 22 Kocho. Both currently moved to the door of Hiyamakai Enterprises' CEO, Higa Izumi. Entering the office they see the man sitting at his desk, performing another all nighter without a hint of fatigue. Said man looked like a normal sized young gentleman, adorned in a simple white suit with matching undershirt and tie with short brown hair and dark eyes. He was currently focused on a business contract, reading thoroughly over the 'fine print' as it were when he looked to see the Ashikabi and his Sekirei enter. He gave them a simple bored look before looking back to the paper work before him. "What is it, Kakizaki?"

"New information about two Ashikabi has been updated," he said as he approached, smart phone in hand as he brought up the images and names. "One a young man named Sahashi Minato, age 19. The other… Tenno, age unknown. Both were last seen at the Izumo Inn with the Hannya of the North. The boy so far has winged one Sekirei, Number 88 Musubi. This Tenno person has two, Number 07 Akitsu and Number 84 Yashima."

And they are all with the Hannya, thought the CEO. How interesting. "The boy is negligible for the time being. Tenno though. Two Sekirei and one being a single number." He looked to Kakizaki. "What do we know about him? Did MBI give us anything to know about?" Not that they would really willing divulge information about those playing what he called a 'farce'.

"Less than what they normally give. He seemed to not exist till this very night when he claimed Number 07."

Higa leaned in his seat, finger tapping lightly on his desk. "When the chance arrives that he is away from the Hannya, I want to speak with him. Have a surveillance placed and in waiting for the moment he is alone."

"With two Sekirei at his side, that might be a problem." Kakizaki paused, clearing his throat. "And I don't believe he will be easy to apprehend as easily as Number 10's Ashikabi."

"Just make it happen, Kakizaki," ordered Higa as he focused on his work. "Dismissed."

Kakizaki said nothing and turned to leave, his Sekirei following close behind.


Hayden's eyes immediately snapped open and stared up at an unfamiliar ceiling. The pressure of his suit was missing, replaced by the pressure of two other heat sources pressing against him on either side, legs nearly entangled with his while his arms were pinned. On either side of his peripheral vision he could see brown hair and brownish/blonde hair. Light breathing on his left tickled his neck and a humorously cute snoring on his right came to his ears. The last time this happened to him was a drunken night after his twenty second birthday. The girls then though were no where near as attractive.

Gently and slowly prying himself loose, Hayden climbed up from the futon. There was no clock to tell him the time, but with the sunlight pouring into the room he guessed it was still early in the morning. Quietly he collected his suit and made his way for the door, pausing for a second when Yashima stirred. She inched over towards Akitsu, the older Sekirei pulling the younger to her. Both paused and settled. Hayden sighed. After a second he made his way to the door and slid out. The hall was silent. No sign of disturbance of any kind. A trip down the stairs and to the bathroom, Hayden dropped the robe and clothes Miya had given him to begin the arduous task of putting the suit back on. The hardened Technocyte of the suit adhered and bonded to the Technocyte of his arm. The nodes reacted to the electrical impulses of his body, latching quickly to his spine. The suit came alive, closing shut. Latches and buckles locked down, and pulled taut to form accordingly to his body. The helm folded up and over his head, closing him in darkness for only a second before the HUD came online, the edges of his vision fuzzy with a thin blue glow. He glanced once in the mirror to look at the bone white of his mask before giving a mental command for it open, the leather like material opening like a flower. Lastly, he pulled the one glove he had over his right hand.

Collecting the assorted clothes he was loaned, he opened the door, pausing only to stare and lock eyes with a redhead with glasses. Said redhead stared back with groggy eyes till they finally registered what they were looking at, widening slowly. She then turned, and slowly walked away, going up the stairs and disappearing onto the second floor.

"I see you met Matsu."

Took everything in Hayden to not draw his glaive, the weapon ready to spring from his wrist. Of course doing so would have shredded the clothes he was holding. Looking to the side he saw Miya, looking fresh and ready for the day. "Morning, Miya," he said, holding the clothes out to her. "Thanks again for the robe and such." He noticed though she held another article of clothing, and immediately his eyes widened. His coat. In that brief moment he forgot about his arm!

Miya simply took the clothes, and gently handed Hayden his coat. "Matsu is rather shy, you see. But trust me when she warms up to you, you may not enjoy it." She leaned slightly close. "She's a bit lewd."

Hayden's eyes just looked around the room, slightly confused as to why she wasn't hitting him with a million questions. "Um…" he froze instantly as Miya laid a hand on his forearm, her eyes taking it its surface. "Miya…"

"I believe in time you will feel safe enough to explain, Tenno."

Hayden's jaw tightened slightly, eyes looking to the side and off into distant memories. "I don't think you would like to hear it." She pulled the coat over, buttoning up the front. "I don't think they would like to hear it either."

"You'd be surprised as to what they would accept."

"And that's what worries me as well," he said as he turned and started toward the door. Gentle footsteps could be heard following behind him. "I understand the thought of searching for a person's soulmate but what you told me last night isn't searching; it's a pre-program in their genetic code to find someone and bond to them." He paused at the door, turning to look at her. "What if that person is a monster? What if that person hurts other people, yet they bond to them and would endure whatever treatment that was put on them? You think that its fair?" He looked back to the door.

"If its what their soul calls out to…"

"I don't believe in any of that," Hayden growled. "I don't believe in higher powers. This… thing that the Sekirei are forced to follow is a program made by a mad man." His fist clenched. "I've been used and manipulated in the past, and I'll be damned if I let it happen again." He felt her presence draw closer and turned only to find that woman's eyes burning back into. Hayden felt a bead of sweat form on his temple but he had faced many things in life. Monsters included on that list. And though he felt himself shudder, he held his ground.

"Those girls will not be manipulating you."

"Its not them. That man Minaka has made it clear that if I don't play, he will hurt them. I won't let that happen but I won't play his game by his rules." He turned to the door, opening it up to step outside. "Please look after them till I return."

"And where are you going?" Miya asked, finding herself growing angry by the second.

"You said I have to have rent," he said looking back over his shoulder. "I'm going to get it."

"It doesn't have to be today," Miya said, a hand reaching for his shoulder. She relaxed her grip, knowing she had the strength to yank him back in. "Those girls need you now. You just disappearing like this will not be good for them, especially after only one night after their winging. And they will feel how you are affected by this plan. Believe in it or not, your souls are tied and bound." She moved closer, turning him to look at her. "You don't strike me as the type to abandon people, Tenno."

"I'm not abandoning them."

"I understand that but just leaving without them knowing may leave that impression. At least wait for them awake first." She released his shoulder, eyes roaming his form before letting out a sigh. "Besides, you shouldn't be walking around during the day looking like that."

Hayden blinked at the sudden turn in conversation and looked down at himself. "What's wrong?"

"For starters you look like a bum," she said as she moved around him again, shutting the door and gently pushing back inside. "You need a haircut and that jacket needs to be burned."

"Its all I have…"

"I will see if I have something of my husbands that will fit but first thing first, your hair."

Unbeknownst the two, a pair of brown eyes was spying from at top of the stairs, a sly smile appearing in the owners face. A rather large bust bounced slightly as the girl moved to the far wall at the end of the hall, knocking lightly. "Matsu," the girl whispered, looking back at the stairs. "Matsu-san, open up!" The girl waited for a second before the secret door opened, the girl dipping in. She moved past the confused Matsu and over to her monitors, taking up the remote and switching over till she caught an image of Miya and Hayden on the screen, seeing them move to the back with Miya taking his coat. "This is so interesting," she said with lick of her lips.

"Uzume-san, what are you doing?" Matsu asked. She looked at the screen Uzume was focused on, seeing Miya return with a chair and a pair of clippers in hand. She watched the two bicker for a moment before Hayden seemed to finally relent and sit in the chair. Matsu dropped down next to Uzume, eyes glued to the screen though she had to brush the No. 10 Sekirei's side ponytail out of her face. "Is she…" but Matsu never finished her question. She silently watched as Miya pulled a towel around Hayden's neck, clipping the ends together with a hair pin. Next with a comb and clippers, began to cut at his long, unruly hair. She flipped one of the other monitors to get a look from another angle, and she could see Hayden's eyes closed, scowl ever present on his face.

"So who is the hunk?" Uzume asked suddenly, a certain glint in her eye. "And why is Miya-san cutting his hair? Besides the obvious that he needed it."

"He's our newest roommate here at the inn, and is the Ashikabi with two Sekirei down the hall."

Uzume finally pulled herself from the screen. "Really? I thought I heard some commotion last night."

"They're not the only ones either," Matsu continued. "Another Ashikabi and his Sekirei are moving in later. They left early this morning to begin packing their belongings."

"What's his story?"

"A ronin with no money basically," Matsu stated flatly. "Cute though."

"And this handsome dog that Miya is taking care of?"

"…possibly a threat?" it was more of a question than anything. Miya seemed to be pretty confident around the man but Matsu was still a bit worried of him.

"Ooo. A bad boy, huh?"

"More like a bad man. He's in his forties."

Uzume was owl eyed at that, looking to Matsu then back to the screen. "No way."



Hayden sat quietly. His eyes were shut as he allowed Miya to tend to his hair, her thin fingers running gently through the strands. She gently pulled his hair taut to get a measure of his hair and length before cutting. She would glance down at him for a second as she worked, her eyes lingering on his arm. She wanted to question on it. What had happened? Who did it? Was it painful? But she knew Hayden would be that kind of man you need to earn his trust before answering. And how he came to be what he was now was no doubt tied to who he was before.

Miya couldn't see Hayden as the type to enjoy short hair. It just didn't suit him. Though no where near as long as it had been, it was a still long enough to cover his ears. At least it was shaping him up to look presentable. She would get it as close to what would be 'cool' in the eyes of the public.

There were moment where she would pause to examine her work, fingers lingering in his hair to help remove the cut or loose strands. She remembered her first time trying to cut Takehito's hair. It was a complete mess. She had done everything she could to fix it but it only got worse. But her husband just smiled and went with it. He knew it would grow back enough for her to try again. She would watch videos online or on TV and see who it was properly done. By her second time she had improved… moderately. And Takehito, bless him, just smiled and accepted it.


Miya blinked away the memories and remembered what she was doing. Her fingers were still running through his hair. "Almost," she answered as she moved the comb through his locks. "Just a bit more and we will be done."

Hayden hummed in acknowledgment and remained still as she snipped away at the uneven ends. He couldn't remember the last time he got a haircut. He'd forgotten how it felt. The relaxing feel of her fingers in his hair, brushing his scalp… he could fall asleep all over again. But this moment allowed him to plan out his next move. Money would be easy. He had his ways of getting it. Especially with the amount of time he's had to learn of his abilities and how to use him. The Technocyte within him gave him more advantages than he had originally thought. He was sure no one knew how far the could have advanced anyone if they survived the initial infection of the virus. The next step after that was gathering information. Miya knew more than what they had spoken about the night prior, so he would have to press her for more. But that in turn would probably rely on him telling her more about him. He needed names. Especially those involved in this game; Minaka at the top of that list of course.

And if the girls were going to get involved he needed to know the full extent of their powers and abilities. Yashima he knew nothing about except that she was strong. Carrying that hammer around would require some serious strength yet she wielded it with ease. Akitsu he had a better grasp of what she could do from watching her fight. His skills in using ice based abilities were limited in comparison to her. At the most when he inherence ice element powers he could freeze things with a touch. She can freely manipulate ice with a thought or a wave of her hand. She most likely could be a good deterrent against that one Sekirei, Homura, should he get in the way again.

"There," Miya said, removed the hair covered towel. She watched Hayden blink a few times as she brushed aside some loose hair from his face and shoulders. "Much better, Tenno. You look more appealing to the eyes now. Sure to turn some heads," she added coyly with a smile.

"Not my intention," Hayden remarked. As he turned to Miya, she again brushed away some hair on his chest and shoulders. "Not to sound pushy, but you mentioned something about a jacket?"

"Of course. Just one moment."

Hayden followed after her, stopping just at the main hall. She drifted off to another part of the inn to claim him a coat. Looking down at his suit, he hoped the coat would be big enough to hide his armor. Perhaps it would be a good idea to invest in a pair of clothes. Enough to carry in a bag.

He shook his head. He was already making plans to run, when he couldn't. Well he could run if he wanted but could he really leave these girls to the fate that Minaka had planned for them? And what of the others who were involved?

Miya returned, a long coat in hand. "Here we are," she said with that same smile she carried with her seemingly at all times. "It was the biggest coat he had. I think my husband had said something about it being a gift and not wanting to get rid of it, though it was a little big."

Taking the coat, Hayden examined it before sliding it on. There was no collar or pockets, except one on the inside. It was a dark gray, near black in color. Inside felt like silk with a sturdy outside to resist harsh weather. Definitely not cheap. "I'll take good care of it," Hayden said.

Miya was still smiling, though her thoughts seemed to have drifted elsewhere when seeing him wearing the coat. "Please do."

At that moment there was a knock at the door. Hayden turned sharply, but Miya was already moving past him and onward. "Do relax, Tenno," she said.

Miya made sure she was clean of any hair on her clothes and smoothed any wrinkles. Opening the door, she was happy to see the young man from the prior night and his Sekirei charge. The young ronin Sahashi Minato stood smiling at the door, a nervous look about him. His black hair was a bit of a mess, but most of the youth of his generation had their hair in that manner. His dark eyes sparkled with anticipation to move in to his new home. He was dressed accordingly for the cold morning. Next to him stood his Sekirei, the bubbly Musubi. The self proclaimed 'Fist Type' Sekirei sported a large smile as she carried a very large bag on her back that seemed to be a bit too large for the door frame. Minato seemed to notice her line of sight and smiled sheepishly. No doubt feel somewhat emasculated due to being unable to lift the large amount of belongings while Musubi looked to have no problem. Though he did carry a large bag of his own at his side but it was hardly half the size the one Musubi carried.

"Ara, welcome," Miya said greeting the two. "I've been expecting you." She eyed their bags and looked back to Hayden. "Tenno, would you be a dear…" her smile faltered ever so slightly, eye twitching when she saw the older gentleman had disappeared.

To Be Continued…

That took a minute, but considering what I'm juggling at the moment it should come as no surprise. Remember you all who are willing to read my little fic, this will be a very slow update when in comparison to my other works. My Gundam fics kinda come first place in my attention.

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Fast-forward to the present and with Operation Overdrive reactivating and tapping into the Morphing Grid, the power coin is awoken to the present descendant of Tom Oliver. My idea of the current holder though would be in his early to mid twenties. Staying out of the limelight he uses the power of the Green Ranger to deal with smalltime crooks, keeping to the dark and wearing a cloak to hide his identity.

Now I think of the Morphing Grid as a living thing, similar to the Lantern Batteries for the Green Lanterns, and as such has a will of its own that spans time and space. So feeling the impending doom that has befallen the ME universe countless times, and feeling for once there is a chance to change things for the better, the Morphing Grid takes and transports the new Green Ranger into the ME universe to help in stopping the approaching threat.

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Plot: Our OC would be angry at Hollows. Why? Why else would he? Family killed before him by Hollows. No one believes him when he says he sees monsters (Hollows) and ghosts. You can imagine what would happen to a child who sees things that no one else does. Mental hospitals, orphanages. Its pretty damn rough. Later when he's older, (for reasons I haven't considered till I started writing this) he gets some of his parents belongings, including some clothes, namely a jacket his dad wore. Putting his dad's clothes on effects and awakens his Fullbring powers. (May be more involved, not fleshing it out.) Noticing this power he uses it to fight the 'monsters'. Getting stronger and faster, he pushes himself harder till he fights one that is different from the rest. Wounding it as it begins to do what he thinks is 'tearing a hole in space and time' he chases after it and kills it midway. (Again fleshing out will take some work.) But somehow through the 'portal' he gets dumped somewhere else. Wild, angry, and not in the mood to deal with perverted devils and ridiculous games he'd shake things up quite a bit. His Fullbring that I came up with he kinda refers to as 'Cloths Make the Man'. The jacket and pants his dad once own turn into armor for him to wear, giving him a bit of a demonic/Hollowfied look, though instead of white bone like armor it would be black. The look was inspired by work from Nihei Tsutomu. Probably know him from his work such as Blame, Biomega, or Knights of Sidonia.

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