2:00 pm, River Person's Cab

"It's a pretty rainy day, ain't it?" the cab driver idly chats to the lone passenger, who is clad in a blue and purple-striped sweater and blue jeans

"mmhmm" the passenger replies, staring out the window, watching the wet landscape zoom by

"Hehe, not much of a talker are ya?" the driver continues, not minding being the only conversationalist in the cab "So, you got a name?"

"… Frisk." the passenger finally tells their name, staring at the rearview mirror (and in turn, the driver) before turning back towards the window

"Frisk eh? That's an… interesting name." the cab driver contemplates the name in their mind before asking "I don't mean t' be rude, but are you a boy or a girl? You can never tell with names…"

"…" Frisk just stares at the rearview mirror, not wanting to answer the driver

"Ah, yer one of 'em people who don't care fer names such as 'girl' or 'boy', aren'tcha? No worries, pal, I'm one in th' same. I don't give a damn what people call me!" The cab driver chuckles to themselves, before turning back to the passenger "Where did ya say we were going? I can never remember these rural town names."

"Hmm. I have the name around here somewhere" Frisk digs around in their backpack before finding the town map they were given "Hmmm…. 'New Home'? What a weird name…"

"New Home? Wow that's a strange one. Must've been what the founding mayor called it. Speaking of, who's the new mayor there?.. Eh, I can't remember" The cab driver trails off, leaving a comfortable silence

"So," The driver starts again "Any reason you're moving to this place? I mean, it's not the center of attention or anything. Plus, it's a weird time to be moving anywhere these days"

"Eh" Frisk shrugs their shoulders "Guess I just needed a change of scenery. It's my first time living on my own too, so I'm pretty nervous" Frisk confesses, adding a sheepish grin

"Izzat so? You look like an independent person… Oop, entering a tunnel, better turn the lights on"

"Thanks for the compliment. My surrogate mother recommended this town to me. Said the mayor used to be one of her… 'aquaintances', whatever that means. Don't bother asking, she won't tell me either"

"Surrogate? Did something happen to yer- Well, I shouldn't press, I know people don't like me budging into their personal lives. I believe after the end of this tunnel, we'll be seein' New Home shortly." The cab driver comments as they exit the tunnel "Huh, looks like there's not a cloud in th' sky 'round here. Meh, weirder things have happened"

"Well that's nice. I didn't bring an umbrella anyways."

"Alright, we're coming up on New Home now… Say… Are you expectin' a welcome party when you arrive?" The cab driver asks

"No? Well at least it'll be easier to know everyone when I meet them all at once" Frisk comments as they spy a neatly dressed goat-boy addressing the rest of the crowd "Well, here's my stop, thanks for the ride" Frisk compliments as they hand the cab fare to the driver

"Thanks buddy, good luck out there. Also, a little phrase I like to tell my passengers: 'Beware of the man who speaks in hands'"

"What? What does that mean?" Frisk asks, bewildered and slightly off-put by the cab driver's 'words of wisdom'

"Hehehe… I think some things are better left unknown…" the cab driver warns ominously before closing the cab door and speeding off

"Strange. Well, here's my 'New Home'. Let's get used to it…" Frisk says to themselves, heading towards the crowd of people who are supposedly welcoming them