7:20, 40 minutes before the party starts

"Ahh, I feel refreshed!~" Frisk says to themselves as they exit the shower, it being the first time they have had a decent shower in forever. "I still have no clue what to wear to the party… Should I go formal or casual?" They say as they rifle through their belongings, bringing out useful things and placing them on their bedside table. "Oh, right. I brought nothing for clothes but 5 pairs of the same striped shirt and jeans. I swear, my younger self had no fashion sense whatsoever. I guess I thought I was just going to be staying at my house all the time and not going to a PARTY; one for me, too!" Frisk decides to stop thinking about the past and just gets ready

15 minutes later, Frisk heads downstairs and grabs the key under the flowerpot. "Huh, buttercups. Cute idea, Asriel," They think as they admire the flowers before exiting the house (and locking the door).

Dusk has settled on the sleepy countryside town, as Frisk travels towards Grillby's "He said north of Town Hall, right?" Frisk thinks as they pass by Town Hall, which has temporarily closed for the party. They then spy the armless monster walking in the same direction they are, and decide to call out to them "Hey!"

The monster turns around and greets Frisk "Ah, hello, Frisk! How're things?" as they wait for Frisk to catch up so they can talk while walking

"I'm fine, kid. And you?" Frisk answers.

"I'm good! What're you doing at this time of night?" they reply.

"Oh, I'm going to Grillby's for a sort of welcome party. Are you also going to it?"

"Me? I gotta do another favour for my sister before I'm able to go anywhere" the kid mutters loud enough for Frisk to hear "But I'll definitely be there later!"

"Alright I'll see you there!" Frisk exclaims, liking how nicely they're conversing with the locals "No offence kid, but I still haven't got your name…" Frisk comments, causing the kid to stop.

"Huh? But don't you already know my name?" The monster kid exclaims, tilting to the side.

"No? You never introduced yourself when we first met…" Frisk answers, then noticing a huge grin on the monster's face.

"Hehe! It's Kidd! Like Captain Kidd, the famous pirate!" Kidd states proudly, acting all high and mighty "I got named after him! Since me and my family love pirates!"

"Heh, is that so Kidd?" Frisk asks, as they can probably guess what his Halloween costume will be this year.

"Yup! Hey, we're at Grillby's! I'll see you later Frisk!" Kidd states as they run off, tripping but catching himself.

"Heh, Asriel was right. This whole town is like a huge family. Perks of being small, I guess. Okay Frisk, deep breaths…" Frisk thinks as they walk into Grillby's, bumping into none other than their extremely cute secretary, who falls from surprise "Oh, sorry, Asriel! You alright?" Frisk asks, holding out a hand

"I'm fine, I'm fi- Oh! Mayor Frisk! I didn't expect you so soon!" Asriel says, straightening himself (and his tie).

"Well, I like to be early." Frisk says, flashing a small grin.

"Well that's always good! I've got an errand to do, and the party hasn't really started yet, so why don't you say 'Hi' to Grillby and Muffet? They're over there." He says as he points to the bar where there's a cutely dressed-up spider conversing with… someone who's on fire?! Oh it's a fire-monster.

"Okay, I will! Thanks Asriel." Frisk says as they see off Asriel, who seems to be in a hurry. As they are walking over to greet the owners, they get stopped by-

"HALT" … that. Someone yells it as Frisk passes by, who immediately stops and turns towards the origin of the voice.

"Is someone there?" A black and white dog appears from behind a bar table, looking around for the origin of the voice, even though it's perfectly clear Frisk is right in front of him.

"?" Frisk just questioningly looks at the other patrons at the table, which seem to be two dogs who most definitely are in love and a frankly absurdly LARGE dog, clad in battle armor, who is smiling at Frisk.

"You'll have to not mind Doggo, chum." The giant dog says to Frisk, wagging his tail while his spearwinks at Frisk "He can only see moving objects. And that includes new people."

"I see…" Frisk says as they move closer to Doggo, waving a hand in front of his face, getting his attention "Hi there, My name's Frisk, and I'm the new mayor here in New Home." they say to Doggo, holding out a hand and trying to stay in motion the whole time they're talking to him

"Ah, there you are! You kept blipping in and out of existence!" Doggo replies, shaking Frisk's hand "The name's Doggo, chum! I'm the watcher of New Home! I should probably introduce you to the rest of the gang, shouldn't I? Dogamy! Dogaressa! Where are you two?"

"We're right here, Doggo!" the male dog of the couple replies, taking his eyes away from his partner for an agonizing second. "Ah, you're the new mayor, yes?" They say to Frisk, but don't put out a hand, as both are currently in the middle of holding his partner "My name's Dogamy, friend! And this is my lovely wife, Dogaressa!"

"(I can introduce myself, hubby!)" the female one says to Dogamy, chiding him. "(I believe you're the new mayor, yes? We are the gate guards of New Town. You'll see us at the gate far north of here.)" Dogaressa explains as they continue to nuzzle Dogamy.

"Yup, I'm Mayor Frisk. But you all can just call me Frisk. It's nice to meet you all." Frisk say to all the dogs, then turn to the large one. "And do you have a name?"

"Yup! You can just call me Greater Dog." The large one answers. "Oh, but I should probably meet you down there, shouldn't I? Excuse me for a second…" They say as they somehow disappearinside the armor, appearing out of a side compartment, much smaller than before. "Sorry for the wait! Put'er there!" They exclaim as they hold out a hand (well… 'paw').

"That's quite the magic trick, isn't it?" Frisk comments as they shake the small dog's paw.

"It ain't a magic trick, Frisk! It is magic! My armor actually has a mind of it's own. Say hello, Armor!" Greater Dog says to its armor as it turns towards Frisk and slowly lifts a hand, waving at them. "Well, that's the best it can do! It can't speak, being a suit of armor!" Greater Dog barks a laugh (A/N Sans, don't touch the keyboard!) "Me n' Lesser Dog run the Police Station stationed here in New Home." He points to the dog in question, who is playing poker… By himself… He seems to be losing… "Don't bother talking to him. He never responds to anyone. Also, don't pet him. You'll regret it." Greater Dog warns.

"Why would I- You know what, never mind. I don't want to know." Frisk says as they stare at Lesser Dog for a second. "Does he like playing poker?" They ask Greater Dog.

"Yeah, he does. But he's never good when we play with him."

"Why's that?"

"Every time he gets a good hand he wags his tail." Greater Dog looks at Frisk sternly. "Anyways, we'll see you around, alright?" Greater Dog says as he jumps back into his armor, instantly reappearing at the top.

"How does he do that…" Frisk thinks watching the spectacle. "Yeah I'll see you guys later!" Frisk calls as they return walking towards the owners, putting their hands on the bar table. "Hello there! My name's Frisk and I'm the new Mayor here."

"Ah, hello, darling!" The spider shakes their hand with not 1, not 2, but 6 hands of her own. "My name's Muffet, dearie! Me and the spiders here run the bakery half of the bar!" Muffet motions to the multitudes of spiders behind her, who are busy creating baked sweets with…themselves? "Would you care for a spider cake, dearie?" Muffet holds up a cupcake, which is still moving.

Frisk then spies the slogan she has for her bakery: "Spider bakery!: Made by spiders, for spiders, OF spiders!" "Yup. Not touching the stuff. I am not showing my friends with arachnophobia this…"Frisk thinks as they look up at Muffet and politely decline "I'm fine, Muffet. I've already eaten. And your name is?" Frisk asks the fire elemental, who momentarily stares at Frisk before resuming wiping dishes.

"Oh, his name's Grillby, and he doesn't talk much. Unless you're on REALLY good terms with him. He cooks a mean hamburger, too!" Muffet says as they help a customer, who actually eats the cupcake. "We'll be fine here, so you go and enjoy yourself, Frisk! I believe the party starts in… 10 minutes? I'll see you around, darling!~" Muffet says as they disappear behind the curtain to talk with some of the spiders.

"Alright. Thanks!" Frisk says as they take a seat and wait for the party to start…