A/N This is my first fanfiction ever. This is rather short and has a few sentence structure problems so bear with me. I would really really appreciate it if you leave me a few reviews. Anyways on with the story

Blinding light. That is the first thing you will see when you step out of the vault into the wasteland. Leaving the safety of the vaults behind. As you slowly adjust to the blinding light you will take in the surroundings. You notice it is far worse than what they teach you underground. The education is fine and they describe everything adequately. But nothing can truly prepare you for the horror called the wasteland. Nearly everything from the pre-war days are gone. Only things that remains are the crumbling ruins of national monuments and buildings. It's a depressing sight to see. Mutated monsters roam the land. Even dogs seemed not to be untouched. I have heard tales through my travels of robotic canines. Sort of like those cyborgs from the old days. Sometimes I wish I never came out of that bloody vault. I always wished I had a choice.

We went into the vault about 200 years ago. I was damned lucky to be given a space in one of those vaults. I felt there was something wrong when there were only a hundred of us in the vault. Something was off. Vault Tec boasted that they could fit thousands in one vault. I shrugged it off at that time. Then the bomb fell. All suspicions were quickly brushed off. Oddly enough. I felt serene. As though it was a dream. Millions of people dying outside and I felt an odd sense of peace. Then I heard loud cries of sorrow from a few from the crowd. Their loved ones probably died up top. I don't remember whether I cared for anyone before the war. I rather not remember actually. I have to keep moving or so they say.

The overseer led us into the cryogenic pods. They would freeze us until it was time they said. We consented. Unbeknownst the overseer was a sadistic fuck. He would thaw one of us out and drag us to his office to be tortured. Then they would be killed. What in the world is the point in that Vault Tec? I have heard of their experiments on other vaults but this was just odd. Perhaps the overseer disobeyed their orders. Perhaps we were meant to prosper and live. In any case that never happened. I was the last to be thawed out. Perhaps he was a little off guard from all those years of helpless victims because when I saw his face I simply reacted.

How could the overseer live for so long you may ask? Well. He brought experimental drugs with him into the vault. It was meant to extend his life span. What he didn't know was that the drug would mar his face and turn him into what the people of the wasteland call "Ghouls." I thought at first they were some sort of psychopaths due to my experience in the vault. That view was changed when one saved my life. But that's a story for another day. Anyways, I grabbed the metal pipe he was holding and beat him to death.

When I finally stopped I felt unmeasurable guilt at what I did. All of that vanished when I was gathering supplies and hacked into his office. I found what happened to the other vault dwellers through various holotapes and theā€¦ evidence. I was rather disgusted or so to say and ran out of the office. Spewing on the floor as I went. I couldn't stay in there. There was not enough supplies like food to get me going. We were never meant to stay in this vault this long. So I gathered what meagre supplies were left including a Pip-Boy 3000 and left the vault behind.

I went on to have many adventures etc. some of them involving a super mutant called Frank but unfortunately that's a story for another day.