So...yeah, it's been over a year.

my only excuse(s): life, and an abundance of laziness/lack of ideas/other things to do

i got a promotion (if you could call being assigned two problem students as "apprentices" a promotion)

my parents are moving to the house they plan to retire in, so we've been busy packing/cleaning/making sure the builders don't screw up that badly

On the other hand, I'm also working as an intern at the high school I graduated from, leaving me less time to do anything.

Now, if you know me (which I highly doubt) i have a physical inability to plan very hard ahead (or at least my shrink thinks so) that extends to most areas of my life. Unfortunately, writing is one if hide things, if I have an idea, I just vomit it all over the nearest electronic device, but I don't have any idea what comes next. This story definitely falls under that, I have a vague, extremely ephemeral idea of what I want to happen, but no idea how to go about it

which is why I'm trying to enlist an old HS buddy to help me with this project, I dunno if he'll say yes, but he's one helluva writer, much better than me. BUT! He's also very busy, he's training to be a Civil Engineer, which takes up most of his time (as you can probably imagine)

i cant promise a definitive date for the next chapter, but I'm meeting my friend this Wednesday to hang out, and I'll bring up the topic then.

Until next time,