Chapter 1: Mates and instinct

This is adopted from a brilliant writer: twitches456

Harry ran, he could hear the six wizards behind him chasing him, they had been sent by the ministry after he had been declared dark when the ministry became afraid of the power he held. Most of the wizarding public was siding with him but the ministry still held control. The wizards behind him had been sent to kill and not capture so he had no choice but to summon his staff (his wand wasn't powerful enough to harness his power). His staff was too far away so he ran, heading right towards a clearing, he had no idea that this clearing would change his life forever.

He entered the clearing and stopped in surprise. He looked around and realized that he had just run into a conflict between the Volturi vampire leaders and another group of vampires. 'S***" he said swearing to himself as they all looked at him, 'why do I always run into these things I swear it's like trouble follows me'. He looked around again before coming back to reality as he heard the wizards behind him. 'Sorry for interrupting, but if you'll excuse me', they looked shocked and the Volturi leaders seemed to want to say something. But he felt his staff coming towards him and quickly grabbed it and ran to the center of the clearing quickly taking a defensive stance towards the other wizards heading towards him.

They entered the clearing seconds later immediately attacking. The Volturi and the Cullens side watched interested and amazed at the power they witnessed this human was using, and realized the people he was fighting were also powerful but not even a tenth of the power of the young human that was using fighting them. The Volturi leaders realized this young man was their mate and were worried; Edward Cullen at the other side of the clearing startled at this and was quietly whispering to the other around him. Harry was to concentrated in the fight to realize the whispers, he was weakening and soon he might have to use his creature form to defeat them, 'yes you will have to use your creature form', Harry couldn't look to the form but heard a familiar voice, it sounded like his long lost twin sister, he realized this person was a seer and quickly concentrated on the fight, 'it's nice to meet another seer I had a twin sister who was a seer and one of my best friends was one as well, I will take your advice' harry worried about showing his true form to others but knew if he did not use it he would die.

Freezing his attackers for five seconds he started to gather his magic, the Volturi and others watched interested as a glow started to surround the young human. The all gasped in shock as his shirt disappeared and they saw the scars and tattooed wings on his back, of an angel and dragon wing. They all took a small steep back except his mates and the wings started to come to life and grow from his back, he grew in height and his hair also grew till it was flowing down his back, if you looked closely at his face you could see fangs and his eyes changing to red and white.

Harry was relieved when the transformation was finished, it was painful but he became extremely powerful in his true form also known as his creatures form, his instincts became more wild, but in his creature form he also became submissive to whoever his mates were and could not fight unless told with them nearby. He looked to his mates for permission and them realizing what he wanted nodded. He quickly tore apart the attacking wizards and then changed back. 'Sorry about that' he said to the surrounding vampires, but especially his mates. 'Come here' said one of his mates. He quickly walked over to his mates, allowing his instincts to take over, he felt slightly worried his mates would be angry because of him fighting even though he had gotten permission. He whimpered slightly when he reached his mate. His mate Aro sensing the reason spoke to him, 'We are not angry, our precious mate, my name is Aro and your other mates are Caius and Marcus'.

Harry's Pov

My mate who I now knew as Aro carefully lifted me up and held me against his chest. I could hear countless gasps as Aro claimed me as his and his brother's mate. I smiled and snuggled into Aro's chest perfectly content at being held by my mate. I heard Aro chuckle at my content feeling he was getting through the mate bond, but the next thing he said made me stiffen, 'I am sorry for the life you have led' I felt his sorrow through the mates bond and knew he spoke the truth, I felt him send my memories to my other bond mates and worried they would not like me because of my past. I quickly curled into a ball, tears running down my face. 'Shhh, little one we promise we do not care about your past you will always now and forever belong to us', this calmed me a bit and I relaxed a little into my mates arms.