Chapter 5

Third POV

With that Harry left the field, the Cullens looked at the Volturi not really understanding what they should do without the smaller male there. Moving to defense mode, the Cullens tighten the group and Bella erected her shield just in case the Volturis decided to attack them. Aro, Caius and Marcus watch their little mate leave them but what hurt the most was the look he gave them before leaving; the look of absolute disappointment. Turning to look at each other they nod with united agreement; they need to fix this if they ever hope to gain their little one's forgiveness. However, that will have to wait, for they have to deal with the Cullens. Aro narrowed his eyes as he turned towards the group of stiff vampires across the field.

"Carlisle, come here." Aro beckon the blonde doctor over with his stern command. Carlisle walked briskly across to stand only a few feet in front of the vampire dictators. "Since our mate kindly pointed out that your granddaughter is not an immortal child but a hybrid, we'll let this go." Carlisle's eyes widen as Aro continued. "We will also be staying here for an indefinite amount of time since it seems that our mate will be here for a while."

The wolves growled upon hearing that the Volturis will be staying here and the Cullens looked at each other with a grim face to the thought of them staying on the land. Carlisle tried not to wince at the last part. "Are all of you staying here? Where will you be staying?" he asked Aro.

"No, just Marcus, Caius, Jane, Alex, Demetri, Felix and I will be staying here. We will be staying at the Seattle Inn and we'll be checking up on you Cullens." Aro smirked as he heard the wolves grind their teeth and the Cullens breath deeply. Aro waved a hand and those who were not on the list to stay turned to leave. "Alex, Jane." The twins stepped forward. "Go book us some rooms in the hotel." They nodded before leaving in a blur.

Marcus POV

"Aro, what are you planning? We need to go slow with our young mate. What you have done is not helping at all." Marcus chastised his brother harshly just as the twins have left to go book them some rooms. He was not pleased with his brother after what he had done with their mate. Their relationship bond was barely there to begin with and after what Aro had done now they would be lucky that the thin, faded line hasn't already started to break.

"Marcus, I know I screw up with our little one. I'll fix it brother. We'll court him and show him how special he means to us." Aro apprised his brother about what he was devising for their delicate mate.

Marcus glared at his brother before letting out a soft huff. "And prey tell, does these plans involve us? We are in this together and right now you're not the only one sharing his anger."

"Of course it requires all of our efforts. He is ours, ours only."

Marcus narrowed his eyes, "It's best that he gets comfortable with me first, brother. Our Harry needs to know us better one on one first before all three of us move in on him together."

Caius growled, "Why do you get to go first?"

Marcus snarled back, "I'm not the one he's mad at," he looked at Aro, "for the moment and I'm not the one who sided with Aro when it clearly seems that all Harry wants was to be his own person," he looked at Marcus as he finished his point.

"I wasn't siding with Aro," Caius spat out tightly. "Harry needs to learn that what we were doing was for his safety and well being."

Marcus pointed towards the Cullen's and the wolves, "He didn't want us to protect him like a infant. Harry had things under control and he was not in danger at any point that we were here."

"Exactly, he was safe when we were here," Aro pointed out.

"We should end them where they stand just to make sure," Caius looked furiously towards the other side.

"This is what I mean. What you two are doing is driving our mate away from us. He wants us to be compassionate and be fair when we pass judgement that doesn't make us seem like tyrants." Marcus tried explaining to his brothers.

"This is how we rule for hundreds of years, brother. He will learn to accept what we do since we're his mates." Aro stated firmly.

Third POV

As the three argue on what to do with their little mate, the Cullens and their allies shift uneasily on their feet. They didn't know what to do and out of fear, they didn't move from their spot even though they have an upper hand should a fight break out between them. Carlisle jesters for them to slowly move back.

"We should leave them to their bickering." Carlisle said softly as he move back. Tugging with a strong grip on Edward and Rosalie's arm, he pulled them with him as he move. As one, the whole group inch back.

Caius watched them before letting a feral grin show, "It seems that our prey wants to leave." The group froze with a hint of fear showing through from its younger ones.

Marcus looked at them, "Let them go. We have other things to worry about and since the child isn't an immortal child, they have broken no laws, Caius." He put a hand on the blonde's arm, stopping him if he decided to retaliate against the Cullens. "Harry would be disappointed in you if you destroy them."

Hearing that about their mate, Caius relaxed his posture. "Go." He motion the large group to leave. "Be warned that if you step out of line, we will end you without a second thought, with or without our mate's approval."

The Cullen's left quickly with their allies following behind them.

Caius POV

As much as he hate to disappoint his mate, he didn't like it any less that they had to let the Cullens go. Sighing he turned to his brothers, "It's best that we discuss this somewhere else. We don't know who's listening and as much as I like to claim our Harry to everyone, our bond is still incomplete and he could be use as leverage against us."

Aro and Marcus nodded and the three of them begin to make their way to Seattle. By the time they were out of the Olympic National Park, the Cullens territory, Alex and Jane appeared before them.

"Masters, we've gotten you a room in the Inn, however, there wasn't enough rooms available so we got you the largest room while we too the others." Jane looked like she smelt one of the shifters when she gave them the news about their temporary living arrangement since she had to share a building with prey.

Aro smiled and petted Jane's head, "It's fine, Jane. We won't be there for long. Once we find a house around the area we won't have to stay with the humans any longer than necessary."

Jane smiled and lead them to the Inn with Alex. "Masters, is it alright for us to interact with your mate? We do want to get to know him better since he will be living with us soon."

Aro hummed. "That would be a good idea. Maybe you two can convince him to come with us and show the more 'human' side of our coven."

Caius narrowed his eyes and watched the twins while thinking over what Aro said. "And how long do you think we will stay here brother? A week? A month? A year?"

That last part he hissed with disgust. He didn't want to stay near the humans, Cullens or shifters any longer than he should. "We have better not take more than a month brother or I will care less of what our little one thinks and take him by force back to Volterra."

Marcus glared at Caius while Aro gave him an approving nod.

Harry's POV

After leaving the field, Harry made his way towards town. He didn't want to be near his so called mates. How could they even think of harming a child, any child. Immortal or not, they are none the less a child and knowing that they were mates their child had a very good chance of being half immortal, just like Renesmee. Harry looked around the small town that was Forks and he found a local bakery shop not far from where he stood. Digging around his pocket, he found his wallet, stroking it, he made his way out of the edge of the woods, across the street towards the shop. Walking in he went up towards the counter to get a warm up of hot chocolate and a blueberry muffin. He took a seat near the window and sip on his drink.

He sat there thinking about his new life now that he knew who his mates were. It changes things back in England, his job and most importantly, Teddy. His Teddy will have three father figures but only when the three have more of an open mind first. After the war had ended, Edward Remus Lupin was left an orphan and as his godfather he and his grandmother raised him. He want his cub to be able to have a family but not when his mates are being arseholes. They've been through enough and they don't need them if they can't live under the same roof as a big happy family.

Harry finished his muffin and drink before leaving the shop. Once he was outside, he made his way towards the woods and pulled out his portkey given to him by Kingsley in case of emergencies.


Unknown to him, someone saw him vanish and the three kings were not happy about their mate leaving without telling them.