I had just woken up when I saw them.

It was morning, I had been stupid and had slept in. A Hunter had found me and tried to kill me. Tried.

They were coming off the highway. Whoever was driving must have figured cutting through the city was a better idea than doubling back from where they came.

I almost pitied them.

This was Pittsburgh, or as I like to call it, hell.

Name's Kenneth by the way.

I've been here for about a month now, unable to leave, constantly running and killing. Hunters and Infected alike.

A entire month without parents, siblings, guardians, friends. It was incredibly boring. I'm surprised I haven't gone mad yet. Then again, if I'm talking to you, I guess I probably have.

Anyways, the day is young, and I'm burning daylight. Seeing as the Hunters found my last hidey-hole I'm going to have to move again.

Maybe I'll stumble onto the trucker's corpses later, if the Hunters won't have picked them clean by then.

So yeah, that's my life.

Author's Note

Hi guys! This is a little taste of a new fic I'm writing. Hope you like it.