Rosie's Sorrows

Disclaimer: I don't own Lord of the Rings. Tolkien owns the books and New Line Cinema owns the movies.

I watch the stars glittering in the midnight sky

and the moon that gives a little light.

The shire has already said goodnight

with the candles snuffed out and everybody tucked in bed.

It is peaceful and silent as I look around.

I know that I should be sleeping to, but

I miss Sam, and I wish he were here with me;

I wish he could hold me in his arms

and gently kiss me.

I know that he is outside the shire somewhere

with Frodo, Merry, and Pippin on some important task;

for I heard at the Green Dragon that he entered that

dreadful forest where few ever returned.

Tears began to pour out of my eyes;

soaking my favorite dress,

favorite because it was the dress that I wore

the first time he court me.

How I wish he had never gone so far away.

I hope he will come back again some day.

They say that he won't come back alive

because the outside world is dangerous.

It is filled with elves, dwarves, big folks

and dragons and dreadful dark lords, orcs

and enemies too horrible to imagine.

I wonder what he is doing now,

and if he got passed that dreadful forest;

for it has been months

since I have last seen his smiling face and

Warm green eyes.

Sam is my hearts desire;

the only one for me.

That is why my heart

is shattered into a thousand pieces.

I hope he come back to me.