Aragorn's Last Moments

Disclaimer: I don't own Lord of the Rings. Tolkien owns the books and New Line Cinema Owns the movies.

I sit on the chair in the houses of healing, holding his hand so tight

I know that he is leaving me to join his ancestors tonight.

He will reunite with his father and mother and their reunion will be a joyful one,

but for me my sorrows has just begun.

My adar has warned me that one day he will pass away,

and I will be alone spending countless years in grief.

My heart is shattering in a million pieces,

and my tears fall freely from my face;

it aches so bad I wonder if I will die from it.

How I wish he was immortal and wouldn't have to leave.

I know that he feels sorrowful for I can see it in his face.

He tells me that he will be happy and he does not want me

to cry,

but how can I not cry when he will no longer be with me.

I gave up the ship to enter Valinor to be with him,

and although I miss my family

I do not regret the decision that I have made

for my life would have been empty without him.

As I look into Aragorn's tear filled brown eyes, I see the love he has for me

deep inside.

These last few moments are precious to me,

for he is so dear to me.

I know that I soon he will close his eyes

and I will feel the emptiness that

my loneliness will produce,

for I will miss the hugs he gives me

and his kisses too; his gentle words

and kind actions;

but I am not alone, for Eru is with me.

He will sustain me, and make me strong;

he will make it bearable;

although I will spend years upon years in sorrows,

it will not be more than I can stand;

for he will comfort me

and let me know that I will not be completely alone.

I trust myself to Him.

I also know that someday

I will be reunited with my husband.

I will even be reunited with my family when Arda is remade

My heart is breaking into thousand of pieces right now

But someday it will be mended.