Nana: HI EVERYONE! Look who is back on scene!

Christ: ME!

Nana: Yes. This is one of my Christmas specials/sequels I'm making.

These weeks I'll be doing little works and ideas and sometimes asking authors (any kind of) to help me!

here I go! *Jumps to a book*

Chris POV:

I was with Christ fighting Zach and Val. We were losing and we don't had the others elements. Christ and I picked up the shadow gems and used them. We lose the battle. I saw all the darkness spreading and corrupting us. I never had felt sutch magic.

I woke up. A nightmare. I got up and raized the sun. Kate got up.

"Good morning!" she said.

"Good morning ,Kate. What do you want for breakfast?" I asked.

"Cereals ,plea-"

"Good morning everyone!" Martin said. "It's a nice day for cool day!"

"Yeah, yeah… I'm thinking on doing my-"

"Hiper special eggs with beacon? I want 2 plates!" My big bro said. I knew he love those. And all the team as well. I started making tones of it. My secret ingredient is using - made of my own magic.

"What is this wonderful smell? Es maravilhoso!" I heard Aviva from her room. Koki and JZ got up too. When they were all at the table I served the plate. We all started to ate. I got up to make some more but my head started to hurt hard.

"Daddy? What's wrong?" Kate asked me worried.

" It's just a little headache." I said trying to support it.

I started walking in my room's direction but I felt another big pain on my on my chest. I walked to the wall trying to keep me upright. My vision had become blurred and heard my friends as if they were far away. I barely could understand what they were saying.

'Chris…Mythical Garden with all…HELP ME!' a familiar voice said in my head.

Martin was near enough to caught me. I couldn't fight the pain anymore. I lost all my senses.

Martin POV.

'I'm pretty sure that it isn't a little pain since you're walking into your room.' I thought. Then I saw Chris walking into the wall wilde pressing with one arm his chest.

"Chris? Are you alright?" Jimmy asked. No answer. Something was wrong.

"Chris?" Aviva, Kate and Koki tried. He was breathing hard.

"Bro!" I walked in his direction. As I were near enough. He lost his senses and fell in my arms. His face was in pain.

"Is he going to be alright?" Kate asked.

"Sicerely... I have no idea."Koki said.

Nana: So... Did you thought that I would really reveal the secret behind the eggs and bacon? NEVER!