Nana: I'm back! Well I didn't go anywhere but... You got it.

Serval boring 30 minutes later… Chris POV

I woke up in the main table my head still hurts but not bad as before.

"Chris, are you alright?" Koki asked me.

I didn't awnser. I run into my room and locked the door.I picked up my gem. It was with na fainy glow. For some reason I was weak. I opened the door.

"Guys… We need to talk.." I said.

I opened the portal and pulled them all in.(Nana: and they didn't ask anything!)As we were about to arrive I notice that the portal was in a different place… instead of we make a jump and fell up right the portal was in the middle of the sky! And I don't have power to move it!

Christ POV:

I was checking some books when heard a noise coming from the portal, witch one was over me, I gave a step to one of the sides and made an place to land. Then all the alternative WK arrived.

"What a surprise… I didn't heard you coming." I said with na ironic voice.

"Like if I would believe that." Chris said

"Ok, now you can tell me why we are here?" Martha asked me. "And… who are they?"

"First, I need to talk with my friend." Chris said.

In private…

"What is so important to bring them to here?" he asked me.

"Well… there is two reasons… Actually… uh…"

"Do I have to read your mind?"


He read my mind... And:

"WHAT?! Zach and Valerie are about to kill us in the past?! Not to say about the other thing!"

"I know! And the worst part is that we have to tell them!"

"TELL US ABOUT WHAT, CHRISTINE F. KRATT?" Martha said with Martin at her side. Everyone else appeard.

"Uh-oh..." Christ and I said.

'Any plan?' I asked through mind

'One that we don't like.' She awnsered. "Remember the past line of time ,memories pass through universes and...RISE!" She lanced a spell over all. They fell asleep. "Remembering spell."

In some minutes later they all woke up. They had saw everything that they felt and saw in our last adventure.

"All that...?" Martin asked.

"Looks like so..." Ivo said.

Nana: you may be askin-

Random person: Where is the epic battle?

Nana: next chapter... Probably

You: We heard that!