It was a Monday.

Jena Beeatrice Lewis was on her way to her public school in her the local hive in Youngstown park. Jena was a studious bee, Always at the top of all her classes. She never got less than an A or missed any school. This year that all would change when she met the bee of her dreams.

Jena stumbled into the school building with a yawn. She fluttered half asleep to her first class. The implications of Polinating.

"Good Morning " She says with a small smile as she flew to her desk and sat down.

"Good Morning Jena" replied.

Jena sighed as she pulled out her binder for the class. I wish this class was more adavnced.. These honeyfucks dont know a Flower from a blade of grass. She thought in irritation as she looked around the room at her beelow average classmates. Jena rolled her eyes beefor doing her Beellwork and getting her notes ready for the day.

"Excuse me class!" interupted. "Today we have new student who transfered from upstate. His name it Beert. Please treat him with the same respect you treat your other bees with." She announces as the tall, lanky bee enters the room.

Jena rolled her eyes uninterested in another beelow average milkdrinker; Until she looked up and saw him. Jena little Bee heart skipped a beeat. He was handsome. He had the most attracive black and yellow strips she had ever seen! His wings shimmered like morning dew on a spiders web.

Jena shook her head trying to clear her mind. No! I cant let this Beert distracte me from my important work! She thought, trying to convince herself that she didnt need no bee.

She watched as Beert took the seat next to hers. He looked over to her and gave her a smile, which made her heart flutter and soar like the wings on her very back.

This Bee was getting in her head! Jena huffed, irritated at herself. Listen me! You havent even talked to this Bee so get your shit together! She yelled at herself.

Jena rushed out of the class as soon as the beell rang. She had to get away from Beert and his charms. She let out a deep sigh of relife as she made it a few feet from the class.

"Alright now Jena Bean we can get to Bee theology and everything will be fine.." She whispered unsurely to herself.

This would be one long year. Time to Wing it!