Chapter 1

Brynjolf gazed worriedly up at the clear night sky. He had tried not to worry about her, but he couldn't stop himself. Larka had been gone for far too long, a simple but specially requested burglary in Bruma didn't take nearly three weeks to complete. It was very unlike his Nord friend to be late while doing a job for the Guild.

'What could have gone wrong?' Brynjolf thought, studying the stars from where he was perched upon the roof of the Temple of Mara. She was strong, and very capable, but had sending Larka to Cyrodiil alone been a smart idea? Probably not.

The worried thief shook his head, auburn hair glistening in the light of the twin moons. Perhaps he was over-reacting, and worrying for nothing. His fellow thief would probably come dancing back into the Cistern tomorrow, and chiding him for his fears for her.

Brynjolf smiled to think of her. After her role in bringing the former Guildmaster, Mercer Frey's malicious plans to destroy the Guild for his own personal gain, to light, risking everything she had with the Guild and more, Larka had been offered Mercer's position as Leader of the Thieves Guild. She had declined, however, stating she was too young and the honor belong to someone who had been there longer and who had more experience.

The lass had been right, and he admired her for it.

Larka was only twenty, eight years his junior, and at that age, it was hard to turn down power. After a short Guild meeting, it was agreed by all the thieves, Delvin Malory was to be there new Guildmaster.

When Brynjolf had first met Larka, he hadn't thought much of her, only as a potential Guild recruit. He had thought her pretty, but a bit young and innocent. Gods, had he been wrong to think her incapable. All her jobs were clean and well executed, and she could fight. Over the few months after she had joined, the auburn-haired thief had begun to grow feelings for her. After Mercer was officially dealt with, and they shared the Nightingale secret, Brynjolf had tried to distance himself from her too avoid unwanted attention. It hurt him to and it seemed to hurt her as well. His automatic reply of 'Sorry lass, I've got important things to do. We'll speak another time.' to Larka's attempts to speak with him hit her hard. Eventually, she stopped trying. They had grown distant over the past couple of months.

Shaking his head again, Brynjolf pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes till he saw spots, and silently slid from the roof of the temple, making his way through the back passage into the Guild.

The Cistern was silent except for the continuous running of water through the room. The rest of the Guild members were asleep, save for those not present. Brynjolf had been made second-in-command after Delvin had been named Guildmaster, so he made his way to his own private quarters, round the circular room of snoring thieves. Down a hallway and through a heavy wooden door, the master thief locked the door and disposed of his light Guild armor on the table. Lighting a small fire in the hearth to dry the room out, Brynjolf lay on the double bed in a thin tunic and breaches.

The air was damp and cold, but slowly began to dry out with the fire. Not even bothering to get under the sheets and furs, the tired second-in-command drifted off into an uneasy sleep

Hey guys! It's Asleif (: this is not my first fic, but it is the first one that I have posted on a public domain. This is just chapter one, many more chapters have already been written and just need to be typed up. I will be posting regularly!