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The Claw Of The Dark Knight

Batman and Robin were on the hunt for Catwoman. She was trying to complete her craziest plan yet: steal the red cat eye jewel; a jewel that was said to be cursed!

"There are no such things as curses," she hissed at them as she fought and scratched at them.

"Return the jewel, Catwoman!" Robin growled.

"Little bird, return to your nest; this is mine!"

"Do what he says, Catwoman…," a deep voice said out of the shadows. Everyone turned and saw Batman slowly walk out of the darkness. His appearance alone gave both of them a shudder.

"You don't frighten me, Batman…in the end I always get what I want," she replied as she dove off of the building.

"She is heading towards the outskirts of the city!" Batgirl called over the intercom.

"Robin, you stay here!"

"B-But Batman!"

"I don't want to risk you getting hurt now stay here!" Bruce commanded. At that moment, he and Batgirl headed towards the docks after Catwoman.

"They will never catch me…once I am on this ship to the Himalayan mountains, nothing can stop me!" Catwoman whispered to herself. She was almost to the ship when she felt something tackle her from the sky!

"NO!" She screamed. She then turned and she and Batgirl began to wrestle! "You're nothing but a mouse with wings; get off of me!"

"And you're nothing but a crazy cat lady! Give me the stone!" Batgirl growled as they began to fight and kick at each other. At that moment, the stone fell from Catwoman's hand and crashed harshly on the ground. It cracked open for a moment and then it shone brightly! Both women were stunned, but Batman ran and pushed them both out of the way and the cat eye jewel's red glow covered Batman all over! After a few moments, both women saw nothing but smoke.

"BATMAN!" Batgirl screamed.

"NO!" Catwoman bellowed. Batgirl was the first to run through the smoke and run to Batman, but there was something tremendously wrong: he was no longer a man! He was a six foot tall, black Panther! He had large green eyes and he had dark black fur. He slowly stood up on two feet and stared at them.

"Catwoman…Batgirl…what is it?" He said groggily.

"Oh no…," Batgirl whispered in horror. Batman was now a large black panther!

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