Look After Her?

A Fred Weasely POV story

So Ron was killed in the Battle of Hogwarts, before he died he made his big brother, Fred promise to look after a certain bushy haired witch, little did he know Fred had always looked out for her…. How could he not? She was beautiful…

Please enjoy!

Chapter One: A Promise That I Pledged to Keep

A year before he died Ron found me in the Hogwarts corridors after Dumbledore's funeral. "Hey Fred" he had shouted as I turned around to face him

"Yes Ron?" I chirped "What can I do for you?" I said as I sent him the trademark Weasely twin smirk.

"Fred... Uh... This could be a slightly personal thing to say but... Hermione… she uh..."

"Spit it out Ron!" I interrupted but he only glared at me and carried on.

"Fred! This is serious!" he sighs "Hermione… She likes you…. And um I might die soon and I like her but she doesn't like me she likes you and because I might die I just want to leave her happy…"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" I interrupted at this point "Of course I'll look after her! I like her too, and if you die we'll be devastated and so on…."

"Thanks" he replied laughing "I feel real reassured!"

"Your welcome" I said joining in with his laughter… for the last time…

A year later

I ran down the nearly destroyed Hogwarts corridors searching for a certain bushy haired witch. It had been an hour since we found out Ron had been killed… Nobody had seen her since and I was getting worried for her "MIA!" I yelled.

"Yes… Fred?" I heard a tiny hiccough coming from the dark classroom I had just entered "Lumos" I whispered. When the classroom lit up the image before me broke my heart. Hermione was crumpled in a corner crying… "Oh Hermione" I said opening my arms out to her "come here"

She slowly stood and walked over to me as I enveloped her in a hug. Ten minutes later I heard her murmuring "Promise me, promise me…" over and over again. "Promise you what Mia?" I ask curiously. "Don't leave me Fred, please… please!" She hiccoughed in reply this broke my heart even further… Shaking myself out of it however I made her look up at me: "Hermione Jean Granger… I Frederick Gideon Weasely promise that I will never leave you" I tell her ad I say in my head "I promise you I'll look after her for you Ron "Mia sweetheart…" I said "come on" as I stood up and gently pulled her toward Gryffindor tower. "I need to take her up for a rest" I told the door. "Hey, go up" it replied "you look like you could both do with a rest and I can tell she needs company, Go on up."

"Thanks" I say and take Hermione up to her dorm. "Hermione, I'll be over there okay?" I said pointing to a chair but as I stood up she pulled me back down. "Fred" she begged "please stay"

"Of course Hermione"

"Thank you" she replied

"Its okay" I told her kicking off my shoes and lying on her bed. She laid her head on my chest and I stroked her hair as she fell asleep. I don't think she got much sleep that night. I felt really sorry for her. Yes Ronald was my brother but I always thought he was closer to her then I was or ever would be. I was thankful to have her with me because to be perfectly honest her presence always calmed me… she knew of this but she didn't know why just yet although she would know sooner or later… I wanted it to be later but we can't always get what we want can we? And this time it was all thanks to my twin George Weasely…. Thank you Georgie… Thanks a lot!

Thank you for reading and I will update soon! Rates and reviews appreciated!