Look After Her!

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Chapter 2: My Secret Crush is Outed

She found out. She found out because of my faithful brother let it slip one day at work – After Ron died we gave her a job to help keep her busy mum was happy with us for that!- Hermione finds out about my feelings for her because of my charming but ugly twin brother George.

"hey Granger" he had said "have you seen my twin lately?"

"No George I haven't" she replied "Why?"

"Ah... He wanted to ask you to the Leaky Cauldron for dinner tonight. He's been building up the courage for weeks."

"Wait, Fred wants to ask me to dinner?"

"Oh yeah" he said as Hermione stood and ran out of the shop before apperating to Ron's graveside where she knew I'd be "hey Weasley" she said quietly.

"Huh? Oh hey Granger! You scared me, what's up? Problem with the Weasley twin empire or just missing my devilishly good looks? Hermione laughed and replied "George told me you want to ask me to the Leaky Cauldron for dinner but don't have the courage yet." she said looking at the grave we were stood in front of. "Reminds me of someone." she said shaking her head as if to clear it. "Anyway, in answer to your yet unaskec question, yes I'd love to go to dinner with you at The Leaky Cauldron! Pick me up at seven." and with that she apperated back to the shop to continue with her days work. Before following her to do the same, I sat down next to where Ron was lying in eternal sleep and promised him what I had promised her the night after the battle in which he had tradgically lost his life. " I'll look after her, I'll never hurt her and Ron I swear to Merlin I'll never leave her!" With that I conjoured some spiders and a flower on his grave and apperated away back to work where the only thing on my very vast mind was the only girl I had ever truly cared for- Hermione Jean Granger. The muggleborn extordenaire-

That afternoon it really didn't help that she was in the shop. In the end I sent her home early hoping to Merlin that it would clear my head, telling her to get some rest because dinner with Fred Weasley was not an easy task!

It really did not help... I spent the rest of my afternoon asking GEORGE of all people for advice on girls (he's terrable, prefers Quiddich...)

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