A swamp. Just a filthy, stinky and dirty swamp. The fairytale creatures of Duloc were kicked out by their ruler and forced onto the swamp. An ogre had just left and the fairytale creatures felt helpless, leaving a big and unfriendly battle ahead for our friends. Pinocchio helped carry the firewood and the others helped set up tents.

"We're gonna be stuck here forever!" cried Lee, the elf of a former shoemaker.

"Oh go ahead and cry about shorty" Laugh the wicked witch.

"Hey leave her alone! Can't you see she's terrified?"

She turned to see Pinocchio come over with a protective look on his face. He held the elf close as she cried into his neck. He felt bad for her. She was such a sweet elf and yet a couple of the others were already picking on her.

"Look lets just get sleeping partners" said the wolf.

Everyone started pairing up with one another, except for Pinocchio and Lee. The two looked at each other and he gave her a small little nudge. She gave a small giggle and smile as they both agreed to be sleeping buddies.

A bit later, Pinocchio and Lee went on a walk far away from the swamp. He could tell that she was having trouble with something, so they stopped at a small lake.

"Ok, what's wrong?" he asked once they sat by the shore.

Lee sighed and teared up, looking down at the ground for a moment, but then she looked at him.

"Pinocchio how long will this battle be?"

He frowned a bit. He knew that this was going to be a rough battle ahead to try to get their homes back.

"I honestly don't know lee. But I do know that we will get through this battle together"

Pinocchio clasped her hands in his. Both their hands trembled as they felt something go through them. What they didn't know was that the feeling they just experienced, was the beginning of Love.