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Tala and Kai stood in the airport waiting for the two boys they were expecting. To the untrained eye both would appear to be bored and unenthusiastic to be there but they were nervous. It had been a few months since they last saw the two, not since Halloween night. The flight was called and the two stood up straight to look for their lovers. Tala pointed to a section of the crowd where he saw a familiar head of blond hair being accompanied by his blue haired friend. Kai and Tala were able to push their way through the crowd towards the two younger boys. Max waved at the two Russian beybladers as he and Tyson saw the two older teens. Tyson ran up and hugged Kai happily making the older teen blush and hug him back awkwardly. Max hugged Tala tightly but understood how uncomfortable the older Russian felt about public displays of affection and let him go not long after. Tala smiled at the smaller blond before picking up one of Max's bags and grabbed the blonde's hand, entwining their fingers. Tyson had let go of Kai but insisted on holding the older teen's hand. The blush on Kai's face didn't die down as he lead Tyson out of the airport and out to the car. The two were followed very closely by Max and Tala who were having a quiet conversation.

Tala drove back to the rather large house that the Blitzkrieg Boys shared. The four would have it to themselves however, since everyone else was spending the holiday elsewhere. Well they would as soon as Bryan left for America. Spencer was already gone and Bryan had to leave for the airport later that afternoon. When the small group arrived, Bryan greeted them with a nod and a grin before retreating into his room. Kai took Tyson's hand and lead him to the room they'd be sharing. Tyson was in awe as he looked around the room while Kai shut the door behind him. As soon as it was shut Kai turned Tyson around and pulled him into a deep kiss. His arms wrapped around the blunette's waist pulling him closer. Tyson leaned into his older lover, wrapping his arms around his neck and kissing him back with need. Kai's hand slid down and groped Tyson's firm ass causing the younger teen to gasp out allowing Kai to slip his tongue into Tyson's mouth. As the two started a battle with their tongues, Kai picked up Tyson and carried him over to the bed. Laying Tyson down, Kai didn't break the kiss as he climbed on top of the younger boy. The two continued to kiss until they ran out of breath and had to pull apart.

"I missed you Kai" Tyson panted looking straight into the ruby eyes of his lover. Kai smiled down at him, keeping his eyes locked onto Tyson's chocolate ones.

"I missed you too Tyson" he whispered before moving down and started nipping at Tyson's neck. Tyson gave a soft moan, but Kai didn't go any further down. Instead he rolled over and held Tyson too him. Tyson rolled over in Kai's arms so he was facing him and gave him a soft kiss. Then before Kai could kiss him back he pulled away and nestled his head into Kai's shoulder. Kai smiled at the younger boy and kissed his head. It didn't take long for Tyson to fall asleep and for once Kai didn't get annoyed at him. He simply watched the teen sleep until he himself dozed off for a few hours. They wouldn't get to sleep the day away since they had plans with Tala and Max for dinner that night. Not that Max or Tyson knew that yet.

Tala smiled at the younger blond as he laughed at his former captain pulling his best friend up the stairs. Tala put Max's bags down near the couch before pulling the blonde into his chest. Max blushed as he looked up at the redhead. Tala's smile grew into a smirk as he pulled Max onto the couch and laid down with the blonde on top of him. Max gave a small scream that ended in giggles as he cuddled into the Russian wolf. Tala lifted the blonde's chin forcing Max to look at the redhead. Max smiled at him before Tala leaned up to kiss the blonde's sweet lips. Max kissed back pressing himself against Tala as much as he physically could. Tala nibbled at Max's lip pulling him closer with his arms wrapped around his waist. Before they went further Max pulled away. He smiled down at the redhead who smiled back ever so slightly.

"I'm glad to see you again Maxie" Tala muttered staring at the blonde. Max smiled again and cuddled into his chest again. Tala moved one of his hands up to run through Max's hair and kept the other around the blonde's waist. The two stayed like that talking quietly with each other and occasionally making out. For the most part they enjoyed each other's company until Tala stood up, taking Max with him.

"We have dinner plans" he said simply when the blonde looked at him. Max smiled widely and wiggled out of Tala's arms. Tala set him down but held his hand as he led him up to his room, grabbing the suitcase as he walked. Thankfully the bathroom was open still so after grabbing a couple of towels and setting Max's bags down he picked up the blonde and carried him into the bathroom. He set Max on the counter while he turned the shower on.

"Are you comfortable showering together?" Max asked quietly. Tala paused but smiled as he turned around to face Max. He walked up to the younger teen and pulled him closer. He kissed him again briefly and rested his forehead against Max's. His hands rested on either side of Max's face and Max had his hands hanging off of Tala's arms.

"Of course I am Maxie. Please don't doubt me" Tala mumbled closing his eyes. Max leaned up and placed a small kiss on Tala's lips before moving his hands to the zipper of Tala's jacket. He slowly brought it down as Tala opened his eyes again and watched the blonde.

"I've never doubted you Tala. I just want you to be comfortable" Max stated as he pulled Tala's jacket off. It fell to the floor and Max started pulling Tala's shirt up. Tala pulled it off before reaching for Max's sweater and pulling it off as well. Max slid off the counter and pulled off the shirt he had underneath it. The two boys worked on pulling off their own pants but before either really took in the sight of the other Tala pulled Max into the shower letting the warm water rush over them both. Tala took the soap and ran it all over Max's body slowly as Max grabbed the shampoo bottle and squeezed some into the redhead's hair. He gasped when he felt Tala grab onto his member and stroke it gently a couple of times before releasing it. Tala smirked, letting the water wash the shampoo and soap away. Max took the soap next and ran it over Tala's body while Tala lathered the shampoo into Max's hair. Both were enjoying being around the other, it was something they didn't get to do often.

Kai woke up when he heard the door slam shut, Bryan's tell-tale sign of leaving. Tyson was still cuddled into him sleeping and Kai couldn't help but watch him. He mumbled something about not wanting to get up and Kai had to suppress a chuckle. Tyson's sleep talking used to bother the ex-team captain. He wasn't even sure when that changed to be honest, all he knew was in this moment he found it extremely adorable. Kai tightened his arms around the bluenette and laid there watching the younger teen. He could hear the shower running indicating that either Tala or Max were showering. He had some time before he had to wake Tyson up to get ready.

Tyson turned over and cuddled even more into Kai mumbling more. Kai ran his hand through Tyson's hair and pulled him as close as he could. He had been waiting a month and a half just to see Tyson again. And now he got to spend the blunette's favorite holiday with him. Kai and Tala had fully expected Tyson and Max to decorate the house. The two Russians usually just put up a tree, maybe some garland, but they didn't go all out on the decorating. Not like Max and Tyson usually did. After spending fifteen minutes watching Tyson sleep, Kai shook the smaller teen and called his name to try to wake him up. When that didn't work he started kissing Tyson's neck. Tyson moaned but didn't wake up. Kai sighed, knowing it would be difficult to wake the bluenette. He smirked, remembering the one thing that had always gotten Tyson out of bed before.

"Tyson, if you don't get up now you'll miss dinner" Kai stated into Tyson's ear. That did the trick; Tyson sat up and almost hit Kai had the older teen not leaned back in time. Kai smiled at the younger teen before telling him to get out of bed. The two picked out clothes, under Kai's guidance, for their dinner date which Kai still hadn't revealed to Tyson yet. Once they were sure the bathroom was open, Kai grabbed towels and lead Tyson to the bathroom.

"Will you shower with me Kai?" Tyson asked as Kai turned to leave. The Russian stopped before he reached the door and smirked again. Turning to Tyson, who had already stripped down to his boxers, Kai licked his lips and nodded, his gaze burning into Tyson's dark skin hungrily.

Tala turned the water off after he and Max finished their shower. He wrapped a towel around Max and another around himself before picking up their clothes and guiding Max to his room. Max was shivering so Tala wrapped his arms around the younger teen, hugging him tightly. Max cuddled into Tala trying to get warm again. Tala grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around Max while he went to get clothes for the two of them. He pulled out the nice looking clothes that Max had packed and tossed them to him. Max started getting dressed while Tala picked out clothes from his closet. He quickly pulled them on before turning back to Max. As Max looked up from his own clothes, his breath caught in his throat. He had never seen Tala dressed up so nicely, not that his normal clothes didn't look good on him because only Tala could pull off orange and white that well. Tala stood before him in black dress slacks and a deep red button down shirt that was still unbuttoned. His red hair was still down and it framed his face perfectly. Max eyed Tala's abs greedily, not noticing that the tall redhead was watching him. Max hadn't put his shirt on before he had caught sight of his boyfriend.

A shiver ran down Max's spine as he finally caught Tala's burning gaze. The blonde blushed and hurriedly put his shirt on. Tala smirked as he watched the blonde become shy, it was something that Tala hadn't expected from the small blonde. Max had always been confident in every setting that Tala had seen him in. So when Max had become shy during their first date it took Tala aback, but it also made him even more attractive in the redhead's eyes. He loved the confident ex-world champion beyblader that Max was to the public and his friends but the shy and seemingly innocent teen he was when he was around Tala made the redhead fall for him even more.

Tala swiftly made his way over to the blonde on his bed and caught him in a searing kiss. Max pulled on the sides of Tala's shirt gently while Tala tangled his hands in Max's wet hair. The kiss lasted until both were out of breath and had to pull away. Both panted as they stared at each other still holding onto each other. It wasn't until Tala heard the shower turn off and Kai and Tyson walk past his door that he lifted himself off of Max. Max watched as Tala strutted away to fix his hair properly. Max watched him, adjusting his shirt again to make sure that it fit correctly. He felt a bit under dressed compared to Tala, wearing his best pair of pants and a dark green long sleeved shirt, and had wished that he had brought nicer clothes. Tala caught the look on his face through the mirror and smirked. He finished his hair, turned back to Max, and watched the blonde until he noticed the redhead's stare. He looked at him curiously, unsure of why Tala was staring at him so intently.

"You look so amazing right now. I kind of wish we hadn't made reservations just so I could spend all night devouring you." Tala said, his voice deep with lust, as he sauntered over to Max. Max blushed looking up at the redhead, feeling so small next to him. Tala leaned down and kissed Max softly, but pulled away and started buttoning his shirt.

Kai resisted the urge to jump on Tyson as they walked back to Kai's room quickly. Tyson had done his best to turn Kai on, from slowly cleaning Kai's body to "accidently" bumping into Kai's groin during the entire shower. But they wouldn't have time for Kai to relieve himself before they had to leave. So instead he did his best to keep his mind off of his raging hard on while he and Tyson got dressed. Kai had chosen a pair of nice looking black jeans and a button down dark purple long sleeve shirt. Tyson wore his best pair of dark jeans and a dark blue t-shirt. The bluenette frowned when he saw how dressy Kai was and wondered if he should have packed nicer clothes. But he wasn't one to wear such clothes so he didn't own any.

"You look fine Tyson. We're going out to dinner, but it isn't such a fancy restaurant that you guys will be under dressed. I doubt that you and Max would feel comfortable in a fancy restaurant anyways." Kai said noticing Tyson staring at the clothes he was wearing upset. Tyson smiled and nodded before finishing getting ready. Kai did the same, finishing quicker than Tyson did. He left off his face paint and put one of his earrings in. after quickly drying his hair and brushing through it, Kai was done. He watched Tyson do the same before the two made their way downstairs. Max and Tala were already there waiting for them.

"So where exactly are we going?" Max asked as Kai led them out to Tala's car again. The climbed in, with Max sitting next to Tala up front and Kai and Tyson in the back.

"It's a surprise" Tala said simply. Max and Tyson groaned, making the two Russians laugh. It didn't take long for Tala to arrive at a semi-fancy restaurant. They walked into the restaurant and, after Kai gave his name to the hostess, were seated immediately. They were further away from many of the other patrons.

"This is a nice place" Tyson said looking around. Max agreed, stunned by the string lights that were hanging all over the place, as well as the murals all over the walls.

"It's one of the few restaurants here that have menus in other languages and most of the servers speak different languages. And they have amazing international food" Tala explained smiling at the two younger teens. Kai simply smirked and waited for them to get over their awe.

"It's so pretty" Tyson muttered, probably not meaning to. Max nodded in agreement before finally looking at the two Russians who were watching them. Max final opened is menu, looking up at Tala when he realized it was in English, and smiled. Tala smiled back before opening his own menu. Tyson, finally done staring at the d├ęcor of the restaurant turned his attention back to Kai, who simply smiled at Tyson before opening his menu. Tyson followed suit, seeing Max and Tala having theirs open as well, and was surprised to see his menu was also in English. He looked up at Kai curiously, but if the older teen noticed it he didn't show it.

Dinner past rather quickly. The two couples had fun, and Tyson didn't over eat like Kai had initially expected. After eating their desserts and talking for a few hours they finally decided to leave. Max looked about ready to fall asleep on Tala's shoulder and Tyson wasn't much better, regardless of his nap earlier. Kai paid the bill, leaving a generous tip to their quirky waitress who had gushed over the four beybladers, and made their way out of the restaurant. Tala, being slightly drunker than he had initially meant to get, tossed Kai his keys and pulled Max into the back seat. Kai smirked climbing into the front seat. He knew exactly how their night would end if Max didn't fall asleep on the ride home. Tyson slid into the passenger seat, surprised that Kai was sober enough to drive, but simply watched the scenery go by as Kai drove back to their house. Kai's good driving surprised Tyson to an extent, he had never seen the teen drive before and didn't even know he had a license. Kai was barely speeding as he went and he followed every law that Tyson could think of. He got around just fine in the snowy, dark streets and drove so calmly.

When they arrived home Tala pulled a still awake Max into the house, both stumbling as they went, while Kai and Tyson took their time getting in. By the time they were in and had shut the door, Tala and Max were upstairs. Kai just shook his head and pulled Tyson into the living room to watch a movie. The thought didn't last long, as Tyson fell asleep about twenty minutes into the movie, which Tyson himself had chosen. Kai just smiled and finished the movie while enjoying feeling Tyson lay on him like he was. It was a feeling he had missed. When the movie was over, Kai turned off the TV and picked Tyson up as he stood. He carried the sleeping teen upstairs to his room, with a slight amount of difficulty that he would never admit to anyone else, and placed him in his bed. He walked to the bathroom to brush his teeth, hearing absolutely nothing from Tala's room which had indicated that either Tala and Max were quick or they fell asleep quickly. Kai was willing to bet on the second one. Pushing those thoughts away, because he really didn't need to delve into the sex lives of two of his best friends, he brushed his teeth as quickly as he could before returning to his room. Tyson was sprawled out across his bed, his shirt riding up to show the smooth, sun-kissed skin of his stomach. Kai stripped down to his boxers before trying to strip Tyson, knowing how uncomfortable sleeping in jeans could be. He was barely able to get his jeans off before Tyson curled into a ball. Sighing, Kai climbed into bed next to him and pulled the blankets over them. Tyson was curled up in front of him and pressed his curved back into Kai's chest. Kai closed his eyes and threw an arm over Tyson before letting sleep claim him.

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