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Tala woke up nervous. He had been planning for this day for the last six months and he only hoped that his lover felt the same way he did. He turned over and stared at the blond beauty next to him. Max was curled up next to Tala, his chest and back exposed and the sheet laid gently against his hips. The blond's smooth milky skin taunted the redhead, calling out to be caressed. Tala resisted the urge to touch the blond, choosing instead to slip out of bed and get dressed. It had started snowing the night before, unsurprisingly. Tala pressed his lips to Max's forehead before grabbing the last few presents he had for Max and leaving his room. Passing Kai's room he peered in to see his best friend cuddled up with the world champion and a smile tugged at his lips. He was extremely happy to see his friend in such a good mood and felt proud that he and Max were able to finally get the two together.

Tala continued on his way downstairs and put the presents under the tree next to the other presents that had been placed down the night before. After that he went into the kitchen and started the coffee pot. At the least the smell of coffee would wake Kai up. The smell of breakfast would hopefully wake up Tyson and Max. Not long after he started making food, Kai walked down, dragging a half asleep Tyson with him. Tala couldn't keep himself from smiling as he saw the two. Not far behind Tyson and Kai was Max who stumbled down the stairs sleepily. Tala finished breakfast and set the table while Kai helped. Max and Tyson were trying to keep themselves from falling asleep. Kai placed a cup of coffee in front of each teen, altered just to their liking, before going to make two more. Tala finished placing the food on the table and sat down as Kai placed the last two cups of coffee on the table.

After getting food their systems, the two younger boys were wide awake. After they helped clean up breakfast all four boys piled into the living room to open presents. Max grew extremely excited once he realized that it was Christmas day. He was literally the embodiment of a kid on Christmas. And his excitement was contagious as it put a smile on everyone's face. But it also made Tala even more nervous for what he had planned. Kai could see the nervousness glistening in Tala's eyes and smirked slightly. Kai and Tyson passed out presents, Kai making sure to leave the smallest present for Max until last. They took turns opening presents and taking pictures after each one.

Kenny had sent Kai a new set of beyblade parts and a new beyblade. He had sent the same thing to Tala, Max, and Tyson as well but no one was surprised by that. Hilary had sent each boy a sweater with their bitbeasts on it, and while none of the boys had planned on actually wearing them they liked them all the same. Ray had sent each trinkets from China where he had been staying for the last few months. Spencer and Bryan had gotten everyone gift cards, since neither had any idea what to get the teens. Tyson had gotten Max a mini statue of Draciel and Max had gotten Tyson a new snow globe, since it was something that Tyson had started collecting after the first tournament. Tyson gave Tala a plushy that looked similar to Wolborg, and no one could deny how hilarious his face looked as he opened it. It was a mix of confusion, excitement, and wonder. Tala secretly had a collection of stuffed animals but he wasn't aware that others knew about it, and he wasn't sure if it was Kai or Max who squealed on him. Just in case he sent a small glare to both before smiling at Tyson and thanking him. In return Tala had gotten Tyson a new jacket, remembering how much he had complained about his old one not being warm enough. Tala gave Kai more face paint and a new scarf; Kai gave Tala more hair gel, which made Tyson snort with laughter, and a framed picture of him and Max. Kai gave Max a picture frame set filled with pictures of him and Tala, him with his parents, the All Starz, and the Bladebreakers. Max had gotten Kai a few rocks and seashells from every beach he had visited.

Kai and Tyson finally exchanged their gifts and it seemed that they were on the same wave length when they had bought the presents. Kai gave a necklace with two charms on them, one was a star with a picture of Kai in it and the other was a dragon. Tyson got Kai a necklace with a phoenix charm and a heart with a picture of Tyson in it. It had caused both to laugh at how much they had thought alike. Kai pulled Tyson into a short kiss before helping Tyson put the necklace on. Tyson put Kai's necklace around the older teen's neck. Max watched them with a smile on his face, glad to see how happy they were. He turned to Tala and handed him his present, a blush burning on his cheeks. Tala opened it slowly, if only just to torture the blond. Max had gotten Tala a charm bracelet, with charms of the different places they had gone to in the last tournament. Tala' smiled at the blond as he put it around his wrist, his nervousness forgotten as he adored the bracelet.

Before he lost his nerve, Kai handed him the last and final present. Tala handed it to Max, who was sitting on the couch above him. His nervousness came back full force as Max unwrapped it and opened the box. Tala had moved so he was on one knee and bit his lip while he waited for Max's reaction. Max wasn't sure what to expect when he saw the jewelry box. And he couldn't fully comprehend what it had meant, even after he saw Tala kneeling in front of him. But he was surprised at the subtle beauty of the ring inside it. It was a simple silver band with a strip of diamonds going around the center.

"Max," Tala started, gathering Max's attention. As Max looked at him he took a deep breath and continued. "Will you marry me?"

Max's eyes widened as he stared at the redhead shocked. He couldn't speak as he nodded, tears gathering in his eyes. He pulled Tala into a hug, his tears spilling over, and Tyson cheered for the two. Kai wrapped his arms around Tyson as he watched his two friends kiss each other. When they pulled away, Tala took the ring out and slid it onto Max's left ring finger. Tyson turned to Kai, leaned up so his mouth was by his ear, and whispered how much he loved the older teen. Kai smiled wider and kissed Tyson again, a plan already forming in his mind for when his business here was over.

"We should go play in the snow" Max suggested as he barely looked away from his new ring. Tala and Kai laughed as Tyson agreed cheerfully. The two young teens ran upstairs to put on warmer clothes. Tala and Kai followed not long after. Leave it to Max to divert the attention from himself by suggesting something to do. But neither were going to complain, it had been years since they actually played in the snow.

For a couple of hours the four boys played in the snow. They had a snowman competition, with Tala and Max going against Kai and Tyson and in the end neither snowman could beat the other. They called it a tie and the two Russians were going to suggest going inside before it got too much colder. But Tyson and Max had a better idea. Both dumped snow on their respective boyfriend/fiancé. That led to a snowball fight between Tala and Kai and Max and Tyson. Tala and Kai won when Kai tackled Tyson in the snow and tickled him until he surrendered. Tala caught Max, who had tried running away from the redhead, and carried him inside happily. He carried him all the way upstairs before dropping him on his bed. Tala kissed Max greedily before pulling off the wet clothes from them both.

"Tala?" Max called out after a moment of silence. The redhead looked up at him, smiling, as he took his jacket off.

"Yes love?" he asked crawling back onto the bed. He pulled Max into his arms and snuggled into him.

"You really want to get married?" Max asked as he turned around in Tala's arms. Tala smiled down at him.

"If I didn't, I wouldn't have asked. I love you and can't picture my life without you. I'm willing to give up anything to be with you, and I will do anything for you." Tala replied kissing Max again. "I even went so far as to talk to both of your parents about this. I've been planning this for months."

"Where would you want to live?" Max questioned.

"Wherever you want to. If you want to be close to your mom we can move to New York. If you want to be near your dad we can move to Japan. I'll go wherever you want."

"What if I want to stay here?" Max asked completely serious. It made Tala pause, not quite expecting Max to say that.

"If you want to we can stay here. I just thought you would want to be near one of your parents" Tala replied quietly. He had been preparing himself mentally to move to another country. He wasn't expecting Max to offer to stay out here in Russia.

"I want to do something for you. You do so much for me and while I appreciate it I want to spoil you just as much. So if you don't want to leave Russia I have no problem moving out here." Tala couldn't help but to smile at Max lovingly.

"I want you to be happy, that's what makes me happy. I know how important your family is to you. I don't have any family left and the only thing tying me here is the team. But so long as I keep my Russian citizenship I can remain on the team" Tala stated resting his head on Max's shoulder.

"Has anyone ever told you how selfless you are?" Max asked after a few more minutes of peace. Tala smirked.

"I believe you told me that when I asked you to go out with me. But yes I have been told that" Tala said cheekily.

"It's one of the reasons why I love you" Max replied nibbling gently at Tala's neck. Being together for almost a year and a half Max had learned all of Tala's sweet and weak spots. He could wrap the redhead around his finger easily. Tala couldn't suppress the moan that bubbled in his chest and he ran his hand up and down Max's abdomen and chest.

"Sorry to break you love birds up but lunch is ready" Kai said from the doorway. Tala rolled his eyes as Max blushed at his old team captain. Kai simply smirked before walking away. Tala and Max got up and made their way down stairs. Kai and Tyson had made soup and sandwiches and were sitting at the kitchen table eating and talking quietly. As Tala and Max sat across from them they finished their conversation and sparked a larger conversation for the entire group.

"Have you guys thought of where you want to live together?" Kai asked after the previous conversation died down. Both shook their heads no.

"We've got some time to think about it though" Max stated smiling over at the redhead.

"I had a feeling you hadn't. So as my last Christmas gift to both of you I bought you guys a house…well three houses really" Kai stated, ignoring the shocked looks from Tala and Max and the shit eating grin from Tyson.

"Kai you didn't have to do that…" Max trailed off not entirely sure what to say.

"I know, but how often do two of my best friends get engaged? And this way you have a place to stay in each of the places you wanted to be in that's all yours." Kai replied as he stood up and grabbed an envelope from the counter. He handed it to Tala who opened it with a surprised look. In the envelope was three sets of keys and a picture of each house. Tala showed Max who looked them over excitedly.

"Thank you Kai" Tala said gently. He hadn't expected Kai to do anything like that for them but it made sense to him. He had asked Tala's opinion about houses before but he had never looked at the location of those houses.

"Congratulations both of you" Kai replied, with Tyson nodding his agreement. After lunch, the couples went their separate ways again, with Tala and Max going back into Tala's room and Kai and Tyson staying in the living room to watch movies. Tala and Max looked over the houses and were debating on which one they thought they would move into. Kai and Tyson spent more time making out than watching the movie they had put on.

"Hey Kai, would you ever want to move in with me?" Tyson asked shyly. He wasn't sure if it was the right time to ask, but he really wanted to be near Kai every day.

"I promise you that as soon as the business with Biovolt is finished I will gladly move into a place with you" Kai replied, sealing his promise with another kiss. It was all Tyson could ask for, to spend every day with the older Russian.

"Hey Kai" Tyson said again after he pulled away. Kai smirked and looked him dead in the eye.

"Yes Tyson?"

"I love you" Tyson stated, kissing Kai again. When Kai pulled back he smiled at the bluenette.

"I love you too Tyson." They pressed their lips together once again.

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